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mohan look rudra with confused face.. ask u know mr.bhalla na..rudra reply ya…but..
paro said rudra i’m going to officer sir house with mohan..rudra look mohan ( only face expression tell no..) mohan reply paro i have important work go tmrw..paro reply important work ka told route i will go.. mohan said paro this is new place
rudra said mohan u late na i will drop u in ur office..rudra & mohan leave…

In bsd …
mr.bhalla met rudra ask some case details.
rudra give files to see him rudra sad face..his eyes full tears..ask y u stand the same place…rudra reply in my last breath i will stand same place… mr.bhalla said life not have reward option only have forward boy move forward think ur family…rudra angrily leave room..aman (rudra colleague) see him.. said god will give all happiness back sir..i will wait to see my old officer…

In mohan office..
megha enter mohan cabin..see irritated..all things full dust..megha take all the things from table to put floor.. clean table & other files..neatly arrange all things in table and lastly put shiv family god idol. mohan toss bike key enter cabin.. (inner voice: this is not my cabin..fully clean..files r in file rack.. wall super frame..) shockly see cabin.. call peon.. megha enter cabin collide mohan.. mohan shout ..( coffee filled with mohan shirt ) mohan feel heat.. mohan shout.. megha ask sorry..try to clean his shirt.. loudly simile.. mohan ask y u r simile loudly.. megha rely go to washroom look ur shirt in mirror.. mohan fastly go washroom see him shirt in mirror..simling see coffee dots r create smilee… megha sit in her chair.. mohan enter cabin with coffee glass. look her simling… mohan sit in table near megha chair.. mohan phone rings.. mohan drop coffee glass on megha chair side… megha loudly shout her.. all staffs are hear her sound.. all staffs ask whathappen mohan. megha look tensely mohan.. mohan said she affraid.. all staffs are simile to leave.. megha angrily leave cabin.. mohan said sorry to himself..

mohan phone rings..paro speak…paro said u know na officer sir address…u know he is very important person in life… mohan reply come outside house..don’t tell anyone.. mohan leave office …

megha see mohan leave office..megha take permission to leave office…

In megha’s house
mohan & paro come in megha house…
door bell rings.. megha open door ..see paro..ask who r u..paro said mr.bhalla..
megha said come in.. megha try to close door.. paro said my friend wait outside.. megha reply sit i will him inside house.. megha go outside house doesn’t see mohan face..tell come in.. mohan turn to see megha said u.. megha reply i’m not feeling well so take permission… mohan simile..

mr.bhalla chat with paro..introduce all family members to paro…and tell ur same as like my daughter…megha closed paro..paro and megha chit chat with mohan.. megha mom ask her which place u stay here..paro said officer…mohan interupt said my house… paro look mohan.
mohan nods him head.. megha give milk to mohan..paro ask how do u know..he don’t drink coffee..megha similingly said he is my boss…(rakashasan said low voice mohan only here..). mr.bhalla ask megha yesterday u broke all things reason mohan na… mohan look megha.. paro tell late .. mohan and paro leave…

In bsd office..
rudra call mohan ask u don’t tell anything about na..mohan reply ya..i don’t tell anything…rudra relax..rudra cut the call.. (fb..mohan said rudra paro is adamand to go officer house.. rudra said go..don’t tell anything about me my name also..)

ranawat house..
In dining table see the palak paneer mr.ranawat take the bowl put dustbin..tell don’t do the mistake again..same time mr.bhalla think mr.ranawat words..noone will break u and me relation..


mohan console rudra..paro feed food to rudra..

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