Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 3

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Her eyes widened as she read it…he smirked watching her expression…thats your lovers signature isnt it??he scoffed…she was too shocked to can this happen she thought…no,sharad cant do this..yeh sab is rakshas ka hi chaal hoga..he snapped his fingers at her breaking her off her thoughts..kaha kho gayi madam?he scoffed…what do u think of us huh??you throw such fake papers at us nd we will listen to everything you say??she asked sternly..oye listen to me miss “watever you are,these papers wer signed by your lover and his friends before they took my car…i know you people have never seen or heard of anything called BMW but thats a pretty expensive car you know”…he pulled out another set of papers and continued”and these are papers saying that i have transferred it in their names…now if they are dead or alive i dont care..but they do have signed these land papers which now by law belongs to me..he said with a smug..

Krishna couldnt respond..she was certain that sharad would never stoop so low nd put the villagers lives at stake just for an expensive car….but she had to admit that the devil standing infront was too cunning to have left any loopholes in his plan….he had cleverly selected sons of the biggest landowners in their village and their signatures were enough for him to own half of their village land..

Kya hua beti??in kaagazon mein kya hai??yeh ladka kya bol raha hai..sharads dad cried,krishna couldnt find words to speak…she didnt know wat to do..sayyam simply stared at her,for the first time he had met someone who had gathered enough courage to speak to him that way,though it immenesely annoyed him,he somehow found it attractive..he felt his lips curve into a smile looking at her,he was surprised at himself,he couldnt remember the last time he had smiled that way…krishna felt his intense gaze,she closed her eyes and sharads lifeless body flashed in her mind…

she couldnt let him win..she opened her eyes nd locked his gaze with hers”u can fool these innocent people with this cunning game of urs,not me..lets take it the legal way then…u say this land belongs to you right…u can prove that in the court…she said..after a brief pause,she turned around and walked away..sayyam was irked by her cold behavior…had it been anyone else,he would have shown them his true colours..he turned towards his manager”find out everything about that girl,she has got to know who shes messing with..he said as a crooked smile crept over his face..

Tume usse woh sab kehne ki kya zaroorat thi?a worried kishen asked his daughter..
“Papa woh nakli papers dikhake hume damki dene ki koshish kar raha tha”krishna complained…aur ham darne walon mein se nahi hai ,she said sternly..par beta,woh kuch bhi kar sakta hai,he warned her…she placed her hands on his shoulder trying to assure him that she knew wat she was doing..”woh kuch bhi kar sakta hai,iska yeh matlab nahi hai ki hum sab chup chap uska bath mane..he is playing a dirty game..and eventhough i dont have any proof right now,iam sure he is behind sharads death…and i will not let him get away with it..she said with evident pain in her voice..kishen knew his daughter well”tumse bahas karne se koi faida nahi,he said with a smile…woh toh aapne sahi kaha she replied as she smiled back..

Her name is krishna bhatia,daughter of kishen bhatia..she is the only educated girl in the village…she was brought up in the city,thats where she went to college…she has completed her masters in buisness…she was a pretty intelligent student..and has even been called for few job interviews that she turned down due to her sudden wedding…she was about to get married to her childhood friend..the manager blurted out in a breath the information that he had been tirelessly collecting since morning…sayyam was lost in thoughts…mm,krishna bhatia,doesnt sound bad..i think its time to show her wat sayyam birla can do…he smirked…

Next day

Krishnas walking down the street..shes about to cross the road when a BMW stops right infront of her,blocking her way…sayyam gets down from the car,
“Going somewhere”he asks sarcastically,

She ignores him and tries to leave..he further blocks her way..”i was nt finished”he grumbles angrily…she glares at him…what do you want?she asks with anger gleaming in her eyes…he removes his goggles,and looks into her eyes…their eyes meet for the first time…there was something strange about his eyes..she felt intense pain in them..his eyes were not devilish like him..they showed emotions..her thoughts were broken by his abrubt words..”i know you are on your way to the court..i just wanted to show you something..before you take decisions that you would regret later”he scoffed..he pulls out his cell phone and plays a video..her eyes widen as she watches it…

Sharad and his friends are shown to be signing on the papers while sayyam hands them the cars keys…krishnas shocked.”no..this cant be true..she mumbles in denial…he puts his goggles back on,and looks at her..listen ,miss krishna bhatia..i really dont care if you believe it or not…the question is how would you prove it in the court??he smirks…shes too shocked to speak…she was right about him..he was indeed a devil..”what good can you get by sending those innocent people on the streets?she asked coldly,”do i look like i care about anyone in this world?he asked in his usual arrogant tone..

I cant say coz you seem to hide your emotions behind those goggles too well…she replied coldly,he was quite taken aback by her reply,no one ever dared to talk to him that way,or read his emotions like she did,the more he knew her,the more she surprised him..

He held her hand and pulled her towards him,she tried to losen his grip,he moved closer towards her”i could offer you a choice”he whispered…she gave him a puzzled look..

Work for me,he added and let go of her hand…she looked at him,what do you mean?she asked confused…”i follow my own rules,and make everyone else follow them too,your ego seems to annoy me to a level where i would love to crush it under my shoes..he sneered at her..i want you to work for me,as my personal assistant,and i will teach you how to flush your ego down the drain..he said mocking her…she looked at him sternly,i would rather be a maid than work for you,she said sternly..”you could be my maid,he sneered at her…the choice is yours,watch your lovers parents on the street,or work for me..he added in his arrogant tone..she looked at him,she didnt know wat to do…she knew wat he wanted was to torture her until she submitted to his arrogant she was not someone who could accept defeat so easily..nor could she let sharads family on the street…thats when it struck her,if she worked for him,that meant she would be around him and his people,she could easily look for evidence and find out about sharads death..her thoughts were broken by him”so is it a yes or a no he asked..

after a brief pause,she replied”yes i ll work for you..but how long will it be “she asked anxiously.

That depends on how long you can tolerate it,he smirked..if you would work for an entire year without quitting…then i might think about handing back the property papers to you…he added with a smirk…she let out a sigh…sayyam got into his car,the driver started the car,he rolled down the glasses and without lookin at her he said”tomorrow morning at 8 o clock sharp,i want to see you in my office..nd i hate late comers…

She stood there stairing at him,as his car slowly moved away…she was nt sure if she had done the right thing…but she was determined to find answers…if he was responsible for sharads death…she would definitely fight till she got justice…her phone rings..

Guys,yuvans charecter is included in this ff,bt im not sure if i should make his entry soon…please give your suggestions below…

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  1. So good. And yeah make yuvaans entry

    1. Rockstr

      Tysm dear..i ll make yuvans entry in next part then

  2. Fanficwriter518

    Loved it! Yes please make his entry soon!

    1. Rockstr

      Tysm dear…im planning to make his entry in next part..hope you like it

  3. Aarti32

    I luv d tashan Saiyyam n Krishna show to each other..

    1. Rockstr

      I lyk tashn wala love stories more…thats why i put too much tashn between them…nd dats da reason i lov kriyyam..dey hav a love-hate relationship.. 😉

  4. ??????wow they will surely fell in love with each other during work?

    1. Rockstr

      Tysm..glad u like it..da whole falling in love thing is gona take time…dey ll be having a love-relationship…

  5. Soo good loved it……plz update next ff quickly can’t wait dearrr

    1. Rockstr

      Tysm so glad you liked it..nd i ll try to update asap

  6. Upload the next part

  7. Shaani

    Soo good…

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