Innocent Steps (Kanchi) episode 11 by ziya

Hello guys, as promised, here’s the next episode. And thank you all for your love and support. And those who dislike, pls feel free to drop your reasons in the comment box so that I can improve…once again thanku all and love you guys????
The next day morning sanchi wakes up to the sunrays on her face . She stretches her arms and slowly opens her eyes. She sees Kabir standing near the window gazing outside. She just smiles at him not knowing why she is happy to see him first in the morning. Kabir notices her and wishes her a good morning and leaves.
Sanchi comes down beautifully dressed. Gayatri compliments her. Riya is irked. “ Ajkal Gayatri mantra ki jagah yeh sanchi mantra sun ne ko mil Raha Hain…”
Kabir and sanchi leave together.kabir drops her in college. Sanchi just leaves without even wishing him. He finds her odd.
Ishagya are eagerly waiting for sanchi to know about her first birthday after marriage. They want to know what surprise Kabir gave her. Sanchi is furious. She just leaves from there cursing every one.
Pragya: arre, yeh aaj phoolan Devi kyu Hain…
Isha: looks like Kabir doesn’t even know about her birthday
Pragya: arre Woh koyi antaryaami Hain kya. He’ll know only if she says na
Just then they spot Kabir coming to return sanchi’s phone. They both turn around as if they didn’t see him
Isha: what do you think Kabir jiju would have gifted sanchi on her birthday
Kabir, “ oh, toh today is sanchi’s birthday”
Pragya: I’m sure he might have given her a diamond ring
Isha: but that is so old fashioned. You know, diamond pendants are more romantic. Especially when you you tie Orly around her kneck
Pragya: I think he is more like a flower guy. He might have gifted her flowers
Isha: but I didn’t see any flower in her hands.
Pragya: may be he is planning a surprise date for sanchi. A perfect romantic dinner, and outing. Like in the movies.
Isha: wow, sanchi has never been on a date before. It’s been her wish to go out with her so called special person on a dream date and watch fireworks together..
Kabir: uhm uhm
Ishagya turn around and act surprised: arre jiju, aap kab aye. Should we call sanchi
Kabir hands them her phone: no, just return this to her.
He leaves. Ishagya just jump in joy and squeel on how intelligent they are. Kabir watches them through the rear view mirror and smiles before driving away. (May be he understood their planning)

After college sanchi suggests going out partying
Isha: abbey apni saasu mom ke hathon se Marne Ka itna shauk Hain kya tujhe…
Pragya: arre iski life main Kam se Kam SAAS bahu serial toh chal Raha Hain. Hamari life kitni boring Hain..
Sanchi: I just asked you a simple question. Let’s party. And what are you guys doing.
Isha: no, I don’t want to party today.
Sanchi: ok then, I’m going home. Lagta Hain meri Zindagi main saare boring log hi Likha Hain.
She turns to go. She receives sunils call.
Sanchi: papa….
Sunil: happy birthday beta. Abhi BHI naaraz ho?
Sanchi: Woh…I was just busy with a few things.
Sunil: how are you?
Sanchi: you all are happy na. That’s all what matters most. Then I should also be happy
Sunil: talk to your mother. She is beside me
Jaya: hello, sanchi beta
Sanchi just cuts the call
Jaya sadly gives the phone back to Sunil
Sunil consoles her: you know how adamant she is. She won’t be able to stay like this for long without talking to you.
Back at the college ishagya chases after sanchi.
Isha: why are you in a hurry. Let’s talk for some time na.
Pragya: ha..waise BHI it’s been long since we chatted
Sanchi: are you guys sick..what do you mean…talking is what we do all day. And we even got kicked out of class today for talking.
Isha: exams are approaching, let’s discuss portions na
Pragya: great idea. Let’s go to the library. Waise BHI I couldn’t sleep well last night.
Sanchi just rolls her eyes in disbelief t her friends odd behaviour and turns to go. Just then Kabir arrives to pick her. He comes out with a beautiful bouquet in his hand. He approached her.
Kabir: I hope I’m not interfering your fun moment.
Sanchi: these flowers?
Kabir: these are for you. Happy birthday sanchi…
Sanchi’s face beam with joy as she takes the flower from him. Ishagya do a fist bump. Sanchi smells the flowers and Kabir motions his lips to thank ishagya. They give him a thumbs up.
Ishagya comes to sanchi.
Kabir: and if you ladies don’t mind, I’d like to take away your friend.
Ishagya: ofcourse, if you promise to treat her well.
Kabir opens the door for sanchi. Ishagya are crazy as Kabir rides away with sanchi.
Kanchi arrive at a beautiful restaurant. He takes her to the special deck which has been specially arranged for her. He seats her at the table. The whole ambience is so romantic with warm lightings twinkling here and there, roses and candles and the still water body reflecting the lights. The waiter brings sanchi her birthday cake. Sanchi closes her eyes to make her wish, “ I want to spend my life with the person I love”. She blows the candle. Kabir gets up and stands behind her. He puts on a beautiful pendant around her neck. Sanchi feels the pendant and smiles happily.
Sanchi: I didn’t know you knew my birthday
Kabir: well to be honest, I didn’t know it was your birthday today. But your besties were not ready to let me slide.
Sanchi smiles at the thought of them. They enjoy the sunset and their champagne. Kabir asks her for a dance. They dance on the deck happily.
Kabir: well, I heard you have never been on a date before
Sanchi: did they tell you..
Kabir: not exactly. So, how is your first date
Sanchi: just like in fairy tales. Thank you so much such a wonderful evening at such a wonderful place. It feels like a dream. The prince gifts her flowers, takes her to a beautiful place, dances with her and kisses her..
Sanchi realises what she said and sees Kabir staring at her with a frown on his face. She just lowers her head . Kabir smiles and places a soft kiss on his forehead. Sanchi is touched by the sudden gesture. She blushes.
Kabir: we should leave. Or well be late.
The ride home was silent. Sanchi is still blushing. Kabirs robot mode was on.
Gayatri asks them to freshen up and join for dinner
Kabir: we had dinner outside. Sorry ma, I couldn’t inform you
Gayatri: it’s ok Kabir. It’s a good thing. You don’t have to be sorry.
Gayatri watches them leave.
Riya: I think mom your choice is the best. (Gayatri smirks) I think bhaiya is moving on from jenny’s memories. Soon sanchi will snatch him from your control also.
Gayatri just stares at her firing daggers. Riya leaves immediately smirking.
Sanchi is sitting with her books open, trying hard to concentrate. But she can’t stop thinking about kabir and their date.
(Ham tumhe kaise bataaien tum main kya kya BAAT Hain….
Tumse Dil main shayari Hain, ishq ki sougath Hain….. plays in the background)
Kabir sits in his study and opens his drawer. He takes out a small box and opens it. He looks at the ring inside..
Jenny: (handing over the ring to him) let’s break up Kabir
Kabir: stop Joking. And put it back.
Jenny keeps it on his hand
Jenny: I’m nt joking Kabir. I mean it. Let’s separate.
Kabir is in tears.
Kabir: but why Jenny. You know I love you, and I love only you. Then how can we.. did I do something wrong. Why are you being like this .
Jenny: I know Kabir. But I don’t want to continue this relationship. It’s best for both of us.
Kabir: how can you decide what is best for me. Tell me something, was I a toy for you?
Jenny cups his face.
Jenny: Kabir, look at me listen to me. Remember, we decided that if one of us want to end this relationship, then we won’t question the person. Well break up. So why are you being like this now.
Jenny hugs him tight
Kabir: what will I do without you. Will I be able to find someone like you…will I be able to love someone like I love you…
Jenny wipes his tears and kisses him on his cheek and walks away….
In the present Kabir wipes his tears and smiles….

Precap: Isha leaves for abroad.

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