Innocent Steps (Kanchi) episode 13 by ziya

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Sanchi sits on her usual hang out place on the terrace, watching the stars. Veer joins her.
Veer: aapko taare ginne Ka BHI shauk Hain
Sanchi: tumse matlab
Veer: come on Bhabhi, ur still miffed with me? I was just pulling your leg.
He holds his ears and do sit ups.
Sanchi looks the other way and hides her smile.
Veer: I heard someone loves chocolates. So I bought these special hand made chocolates for you.
Now that is something sanchi can’t resist. She accepts them.
Ve ER: so friends?
He forwards his hand
Sanchi: I’ll think about it
Veer: sochlo Bhabhi…you won’t get such a dashing friend in the whole country
Sanchi: ok then, call me sanchi. We are of the same age. Intact, you are elder
Veer: ( putting his hand around her shoulder) does mom know that you have nicknamed her Hitler mom
Sanchi looks at him horrified and pushes him down.
Sanchi angrily leaves
Veer: arre Bhabhi…I mean sanchi. I was kidding
Sanchi: u r still not my friend
Veer smiles seeing her leave: she’s cute. Bhai, she’s gonna drive you crazy…
As the days pass by, sanchi and veer get close. She finds a good friend in him. They share a good chemistry.
One fine day, sunny comes to visit sanchi. Sanchi is not much pleased.
Sunny: this letter came for you.
Sanchi: thank you.
Sunny: I’m leaving for my studies next week.
Sanchi: congratulations, you have always dreamed of studying abroad. Papas business is also stable now. You all must be really happy now. Thank you once again for bringing this.

Just then gayatri comes.
Gayatri: sunny
Sunny: hi aunty
Gayatri: sit down. What brings you here.
Sunny: a letter came for sanchi Di. I thought I can meet her also.
Gayatri: good. Do join us for dinner
Sanchi: he won’t be able to join for dinner. Actually he has to arrange for his journey next week.
Sunny: oh yes, I was about to go. Actually I got admission in xyz university in Australia. So I’ll be leavinext week.
Gayatri: well, congratulations. Have a good flight. And work hard.
Sunny: thank you aunty. Bye sanchi
He looks longingly at her
Sanchi leaves for her room. She opens the letter and is happy. She smiles brightly. She immediately calls pragya and both jump with joy.
During dinner, Gayatri asks sanchi about her letter.
Sanchi: I had applied for internship at citco telecom. And it was my acceptance letter.
Kabir raises his eyebrows and veer looks at him in amusement.
Gayatri: wow, that’spretty good. I think this is the perfect opportunity to mark your entry in the company. You can begin as an intern and learn and earn your way up. Since the letter must be by Ur maiden name, you can join as sanchi Mishra and no one will recognise you. This way no one will recognise you and you will work won’t get any special treatment also. (Veer is enjoying all this untill gayatri drops the bomb) and that applies to you too veer. (And now it’s sanchis time to smile) you can join kabirs company as an assistant general manager. What do you think Kabir
Kabir; that’s great ma. I’ll ask sathyasheel hi to do the necessary arrangements. You both can start from Monday onwards.
Sanchi and veer hangout at their favourite spot on the terrace
Sanchi: Monday is gonna be fun. I always wanted to work at citco telecom, but never expected so many twists and turns
Veer: are you happy
Sanchi: ofcourse, I mean, I feel like my wishes are finally coming true
Veer: good. You have two more days. Be happy to your heart’s fullest. Because after that, you’ll forget what is enjoying
Sanchi: uhh?
Veer: well, working under bhaiya is just a nightmare.
Sanchi: you shouldn’tbe so rude. Come on , he’s your brother.
Veer: in office, no relations work. You just heard them downstairs. And Bhai and all his employs are just workaholic. It’s a turmoil of work work and only work. And once you get in, there is no escape. You slowly become like them. They work 42 hours a day
Sanchi: wait, but there are only 24 hours in a day.
Veer: they do double work at a time. That’s what that place makes you into. They go to toilets with their laptops.
Sanchi: sounds scary. But Kabir , I know he’s a workaholic. But also he’s a wonderful person.
Veer: wow, yeh pehle pehle pyaar Ka…meetha SA…
Sanchi hits him: shut up you Dumbo.
Veer: tell me something honestly, weren’t you sad when you had to marry someone double your age. You must have been angry with everyone around you.
Sanchi: truly speaking, I was. And I still am sometimes, when I think about it. I always wanted to meet a guy, fall in love and do all those crazy things with him in love. Going out for dates, movies, long drives. Hanging out with friends on a group date. But now when I think of it, may be it’s not bad to fall in love after marriage also. And as I get to know these new sides of Kabir every day, I feel attracted to him. May be that’s what they call love. Isn’t it. What do you think.
Veer: ya, I always find attracted…in love
Sanchi: to whom
Veer: (he starts counting on his fingers) kareena, Meena….then ya, the last one was sheena
Sanchi: what? You are sick. I’m leaving . Good night
Veer(calling after her) : arre where are you going, there’s still fifty more
Sanchi: just msg me
Veer: sweet dreams..
Veer lays down and gaze at the stars….
Veer: it’s time to find a love veer….

Precap: time for some office romance…..
And now it’s time to kick start our story. Everyone and everything is in place. It’s time for some office romcom. So wait for some fireworks from the next episode onwards…???

  1. AAYU

    The bonding between Sanchi and Veer was superb
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    1. Ziyarasheed

      Thanku dear. Along with the beautiful bond of love between Kanchi, I’m also doing a parallel track showing the friendship bond bn sanveer. And by now you will have understood that both are equally crazy…

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    Haannn?? What was that?? Ziyu….means honestly speaking veer’s this nature I onnllyyy read or I can say saw in this FF….and start liking him…yesss but dear As a bhai…but yarr I’m speechless…How beautifully u described their bonding…after that no one remain to fall for veer….Superbbb….mindblowing….come soon with another beutifull update…and before completing this comment i want request you something…please start veer’s Love story also with veer’s type girl with thier sweet nok jhok..I want to veer fall for girl than he will share his feelings with saanchi and saanchi help him for confessing his love to her….today no comment for kaanchi…because i wasn’t saw kaanchi in this part….bye tc.

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Actually, I have the exact thing planned for veer as you had requested, so keep waiting…and thanku…

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    Superb and fantastic episode yaar……….I like veer and sanchi’s bonding so so much i always want that bonding but cvs not fulfill my wish but fulfill my wish dear……. Thanks dear so so much……. eagerly waiting for the next ……….post soon ziyu…… u dear……tc yaar…….

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Now that Isha is out of the picture for a while, veer will be going to fill in the save to complete the three musketeers, and the crazy trio are going to turn the whole office upside down…??

  5. Such a lovely bond between sanchi nd veer, everything is going well, waiting for next part, do post soon

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    Sanchi and Veer’s bonding is so cute. Seeing the precap, I think…… things are gonna be lot more interesting ???

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      Thanku dear. It’s so good to hear from you after so long☺☺

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