Inner Core of my Heart(A collection of Character Intros/Thoughts)(KRPKAB)

Hi Frndzz..This is HarShaN..Active writer most of the times but silent in reading bcoz of my appr3hrs Sleep daily..n difficult in understanding Hindi Too..I assure the CrystalClear Stories r coming for U..Before Long Weeks,I got more hours..Reading more Stories..They r too beautiful..It made me imagine n write..I believe my best frndzz too read tiz like before..

Berry Luv:
Dev’s eyes(only seen on Screen) see his open right hand n his fingers show The Veiled girl is going..His Eyes r Filled with Tear…
WhiteTSh,Jean 3/4th,Spanish Beard…
“I m Leaving,Sona” a mild voice of Dev by seeing her..(Lips only on Screen)..
The screen moves to The Face of Veiled Girl..
Veiled Girl,Sona’s eyes too filled with tear..
“I m Only waiting for Ur Saying” A bold voice comes on BG n a spinning card towards Sona by crossing Dev..
Without seeing,Dev stops the his fingers..n turns the card..
A Card of Joker…
Dev turns…
His masked like a clown…His touching makes the card Burn..
Dev sees the Person who spins the card towards Sona…

“Demonic Angel’s Monk”:
The Opening of a Door…
A Long Haired Romeo’s smile face…
Behind him,hands of the peoples r showing respect for Him…

On his Eyes,A WhiteTSh,Pink Frock Girl is standing on the centre of the room..
“Who r U?” A bold voice..from her…
“He is My Dev..” (Mild Voice with smile from her too…)…

“U crctly said,Kshi”.. Dev said by spinning the chair..there..n sits …
Dev’s fingers make sound in left shoes …..
His face smiles..Sona smiles with Fear from her Inside Soul…

” Z to A”
On a road..
” Pink Only More powerful Than Me” His fingers write on air..While writing,The Words r appear on real in Air n he touches the writing after writing…
The words r starts cycling n slowly starts disappearing one by one…

“Who R U?” (A Girl(Sona)’s voice on his back)…
He turns n said”I think U r the one I searched ..”..(Dev’s face…while turning)..

Dev:”U see my Invisible words”..(smile) n said “0 x 0″… (Smile)..

N starts walking…
Sona sees Dev with her sharp eyes ..n A Sound from her watch makes her watch…
” 0.00″(12) rings..
N she sees The Tower Clock Too..
From inside of the Clock,A small Toy comes n said “12”…
Sona reagain thinks ” 0″ n “12”..
” Who is he?” Sona again watches Dev..
Dev turns back n his side face watches her n he shows “0” by her right hand fingers…
In his Earphones “As Long As U Love Me”… is going….

Title Name:?
….?Dev’s smiley lips kiss the child’s forehead..n saying ” DevShi”..
Clapping Sounds…of People…


A collection of Screens while listening “RehnaTu” now…

Hope U like tiz frndzz…
Tanqq for Readingg..Kindly write ur thoughts after reading…
Tanqq Frndzz..Take Care Frndzz….

  1. Can’t understand…
    Plz improve ur writing skills….

    1. HarSHaN

      Sorry Yashika..Itz collection of Intros Only with separate titles..
      4 intros of 4 diff Stories..

  2. HarSHaN

    Frndzz..Separately read the Intros..Plz..4 intros here

  3. Rockzzzzzz

    I read but still i can’t understand…sorry
    i tried my best but…?

    1. HarSHaN

      Rockzz..Itz 4 Stories Intro..I write above as “Collection of Intros”..
      I always use Stylish intros..I know itz only easily catchable on Videos..I separated the stories by No’s n Titles.. Plz read once again like reading the Thriller Books or like seeing an Hero’s intro in the Films..Plz..

  4. Manya

    Sorry Harshan I also couldn’t understand this time?

    1. HarSHaN

      Sorry Ayushi..I give 4 intros of 4 stories..1-Berry Luv to 4-?..Separate 4 intros….of 4 stories..

    2. HarSHaN

      Happieee to See ur Comment after some epis..

  5. Hey there!
    Well, this is the first time I’m commenting on a post of yours and I hope I do not hurt you at any point throughout this comment…
    Now, I really apologise for this, but I never seem to be able to understand your writings…I agree they must be beautifully crafted and thought of, however, the concept and idea isn’t well understood by the people here, atleast most of them.
    I really look forward to learn about the story, as I wouldn’t really like missing a story on Devakshi, but the thoughts scripted by you are different from the rest of the writings and are unlikely, different.
    If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to pass on a suggestion to you: In order to engross the readers in your works and get the number of comments increased, do try to express your thoughts in a manner which can be understood by all. I would recommend you to go through the ffs of other fellow readers and have look at the way they write, which is well understood by all readers. And it need not be written in Hindi, of course. There are a few ffs which are completely scripted in English while there are a few which include English subtitles as well. Do try to script your story that way if possible!
    I’m really sorry if I’ve hurt you…
    Take care!<3

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Anshita..for ur valuable one..Ya..I understood..Don’t mistake me..I write most of the times without wishing Reviews..I believe a writer has the power to create magic if he/she give his/her imagine…to readers..Sometimes I too wish the reviews..Ya..I know I update my Diff thinking as it is..I didn’t moderate into normal one..S.. I ll follow in nxt..Hope our frndzz like that..

    2. Well, I’m glad you understood my point of view…I’ll be waiting for the next one!

    3. HarSHaN

      I ll change the style in nxt epi

  6. Taneeshasethi

    Sorry for the. Negative response but as an author u have to make people happy of your stories/fan fictions.. and u should know how to accept negative as well as positive response..
    in the comments down below I guess u were rude towards everyone who were giving u a negative one… I didn’t mean to hurt you.. but saying the truth may it be bitter or sweet.. coming to whatever. U have written I really can’t understand unlike other people..


    1. HarSHaN

      Jahanvi..U think Am I Rude??Maybe If my Co-Frndzz see tiz,They r asking”R U Rude” surprisingly..Happy to see Ur comment like my view..I mostly write negative comments in mind after getting others than my Positive ones..It makes me Enrich my Works..If U read my previous stories,U realize what I am saying..Sometimes I wrote my stories by my view like describing view,That epi got more comments”U should enrich”..BT before that I made some epis(maybe its gud said by readers) it only read by Some frndzz..n said”Gud one..Make it soon”..As always I said,My mind views describes like the dreams only..I accept my story epis r not continuous in every track…..
      For ex..As I said above in Intros,He wrote lines on air..n push the words..The words r cycling n disappears..Itz gud for viewing.. BT not for reading as it is..Tats my Pblm..Ya..I know My ideas r more critical ..Tatsy I m taking new style of original style just wants some time..I wish U read my previous story “I m ur cute magic”.. Plz ..Then U ll get what genre of story I ll write in the next..I accepted U Jahanvi..Sorry..I m saying not for hurting..Just saying the past..I strongly believe An artist doesn’t consider The audience..I m only sad bcoz our frndzz didnt consider gud ones for reading bt read my critical ones..What am I doing after tiz..Still Trying to find an ans..I experience it mostly the past..

    2. HarSHaN

      Maybe itz my 3rd Long Comment in Typing..!!

  7. Rockzzzzzz

    Hey i read ur previous ff..its good and yes i once again tried reading ur this intro…i tried my best to imagine myself like i am watching all this on t.v. i understood around 10% of it and yes i have to tell u that i still have lot of confusion and i guess when u post the next episode ..i may understand ur ff… the way what’s ur age(if u don’t mind)ur thoughts are completely different na so……i hope u post ur episode soon….waiting for it.?

    1. HarSHaN

      22!!Happy to hear U understood..Ya..I started writing now..The story contains DevShi n their little child Anu…Hope our frndzz like the coming epi..

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