My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 6

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Lavanya: Diya Lets go..Mam saying that bus should leave before 9 pm. So that we go to our next stop at time..

Diya: Pls Pls..just two more nd wallet

Lavanya: i said to propose him..but u doing shopping..what’s  all these?

Diya: Actually u r right..i should propose love for him was so so much..that’s  why i cant stop with only few things to gift him..

Lavanya : u impossible .ok fine..hurry up..i will go nd handle mam..

Scene shifted to Arjun

Arya: Arjun..what u going to gift her?

Arjun: Typical Girly thing..but i want her to think about me every day …nd at the same time i don’t want her to became bore by seeing the one gift..

Arya : so what if its all over..i mean..

Arjun:simple.. i will gift her again..i know only presenting doesn’t prove love..but i want to show my love with these small small things ..which make her happy nd think about me everyday..

They both step out from the shop..

Arjun thought by himself
” Diya ..i know u love me i decided to say my love finally..nd now i can’t wait for u to come..pls come soon my love..”

Arya: Sir..could u start the bike?? I should eat
Something..i was so hungry..u don’t even allow me to eat pls..

Arjun smiled nd started..

Scene shifted Diya..

Diya finally bought all the things..for Arjun..

Nd think about how to propose..

Lavanya gave her so many Ideas,,but she didn’t convinced for anything.

Suddenly She got a call from Arjun..

Diya signalled her shshhh..

Diya: Hello

Arjun: what Hello? I said u to call before sleeping na?

Diya: but i am not sleeping..i thought to call u before going to sleep..

Arjun: its 10 pm..what u doing till now?

Diya: Thinking.

Arjun: about what?

Diya : U..

Arjun: what? Really?

Diya: No..i meant to say? What u doing now? I mean why don’t u sleep?

Arjun: i don’t feel like sleeping..

Diya: why?

Arjun: i am thinking about one thing..

Diya: what?

Arjun: there is one surprise for u..

Diya: Really? I too have a surprise..

Arjun: what’s that?

Diya: don’t u hear? Its surprise..

Arjun: ok..i will say u after u came..

Diya: too..

Arjun: ok Then??

Diya: Then??

Diya realised that Lavanya was hearing her conversations..

Diya: Arjun i will call u tomorrow..i can’t  speak right now..

Arjun : i know..that’s  Lavanya ..hena??

Diya smiled nd said “Yes..will call u bye”

Arjun: Bye..sleep well..

Lavanya smiled..nd said
i won’t hear this time..u continue..see i am going to sleep..”

She pretended like sleeping..

Diya threw pillow at her nd said..
i know u Culprit”

Lavanya faked like she was sad..
Then Diya hugged her nd they went to sleep..

Scene shifted to Arjun

Arjun saw her photo ..nd said
” Love u sweet heart..nd soon i am going to say this to u..waiting for u come soon”


                          To be Continue…

  1. Swethaa

    part 5 and 6 are same dear
    love the concern of arjun by the way

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ..yeah is some network that i have posted got published as Part 5 nd Part 6..actually i have written only Part 5

  2. Riya5794

    Wow next is confession??? waiting for it…???

  3. Farie

    thank u dear 🙂 🙂

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