My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 16


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Arjun can’t sit in one place..He was like..,walking from one side to another side.

Diya was wondering..suddenly what happened to him..Does Neha did something new ?

Oh My God!!

Arju! What happened to u? Why u so tensed?

Diya asked by holding notebook in one hand and pencil in other.

Arjun: Nothing..just thinking about ur exams..

Diya: Arju!! Don’t be the one going to write,.Not u..nd don’t worry..i will score good marks in Maths too..

Arjun smiled lightly..he can’t give her more than that..nd then he signalled her to concentrate on her studies..

After finishing all her doubts..Arjun dropped her at the end of the street..usually he used to drop her at that place..

Before going again he gave her a weak smile..

Diya was damn sure..Something is wrong with his mind..

But she didn’t ask..she don’t want to irritate him with her questions..

Few more steps ahead to her home..but before that..someone held her wrist…Hands felt soft,.but it was very tight grip..

Diya shocked nd irritated to see that face again ..

Its Neha..the one Diya hates more in this world..

Neha: Hi r you?

Diya: leave me..i don’t want to talk with u,.

Neha: Arrey..i came here..just to see you..i mean i have never been to these kind of place,.u know this place is full of u people living..

Before she could say..she freed her hand from her,.

Neha: ok sweet heart..don’t get angry..i just came to know something,.

Diya: listen..i don’t even want to see you,.

Neha: ahh..i don’t care..just say this,.how is ur tution today?

Diya: hey..what’s ur problem?

Neha: Answer me darlin? how was ur tution? How was Arjun today? Did he romantic or Sad or Angry or in some tension..

That’s it..that make Diya to catch the point..

So she was damn sure..that she was the who spoiled Arjun mood..nd that too with her..

But what’s the matter?

Neha: Don’t think too much..i will say..There is party tomorrow evening..Just office colleague get together..nd i arranged it..the beauty of the party is i invited everyone with their husbands nd wives..nd also girl friend…so its not a big deal..if he come alone..but u know what Arjun said a Big No to i feel like to take i said each nd everyone that Arjun loves someone..that was true..nd thank me i didn’t said anything about u like that girl was a small school girl..i am wondering what he will do tomorrow..i am sure that he will come alone..nd i will use that chance..u know what i mean right..

After that Diya decided what to do,.

She never gonna wait for Arjun Permission..

She now wanted to show her love for Arjun infront of Neha..

Next Day..Arjun tried to call Diya check whether she was studying..coz only one more day for her Maths exam..

But she didn’t pick..she doubts herself that she will spit her plans..

Somehow she knows the address of the party..

One hour to Go..PARTY..

But Arjun was not in the mood..

Neha called Arjun and irritates him more..that made him so angry..

at this time he was feeling like dumping DIYA..Coz he knows well..

Neha will do something like separating them..

moreover Diya not picking his call..

he was damn sure that Neha did something..

But what?

Arjun’s friends made his mind to get ready for Party..

Diya strictly said that he should come to the party.


Neha came to Arjun with her evil smile.

Before he move away..she held his wrist..

Neha: Hi Arjun..looking so hot!! 

he again tried to move..

Neha: that’s really very Bad Arjun..say something about me..i just came here to impress only you..nd this party..only for you..i am sure u know that u agree i am the best ..for u..Not that silly stupid..

before she completes..he freed his hand from her not making any scene ..he moved..

Neha “Go Arjun..u don’t have any other option today..Buzz i should mix this with your drink..then u will be mine forever”

someone whishpers in her ears.

“Its Impossible Darlin”




hello guys are you??? i missed u all ..its really after a long long update..nd i hope u like this..

So guys..i am planning to end this or give a leap..

i am not sure..still in thinking mode..

Coz i am really blank what to do with ARJUN ND DIYA after her board exams..

guys u can also give some ideas scenes for them or any some situation..i can use that ..

Once again thank u my readers..this fiction was closed to my heart..nd i was really happy u guys liked that..

love u guyzzz..keep supporting..



  1. Awesome…. Give them any family trip……. Lovely………. Neha ka bajega Band……

    1. Farie

      Thank u so much dear..nice idea..will use it definitely

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    Nice update…aap jo bhi kijiye…bas isse kadam mat karna…becoz i am loving this ff so much…don’t end it pls????

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      thank u dear..

  3. TUFriendsForever

    I want this ff to be continued plss continue IT I find it so amazing to read it yeah late update it’s okay but I am loving it today’s was too good i think Neha will get a big nose cut and Diya can understand Arjun will be waiting for the next keep writing

    1. Farie

      thank u dear..

  4. Pavithra1616

    Superb di… lovely update.. And i am extemely sorry for commenting so late… Update soon.. Luv u??

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