Indiawaali Maa 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku’s truth comes out


Indiawaali Maa 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaku hearing the staff talking about Rohan’s family missing in the function. She cries. Bua says I forgot you are fasting. Rohan says this baby is changing you. Cheenu says maybe, I wish someone told me how little things makes life special, Kaku told me its importance, so I m fasting. Rohan eats the sweets and thinks.

He asks who made this sheera. The man says there is a lady in the kitchen, she made it. Rohan asks can you make me meet her. He goes to see. Kaku sees him and hides. Bua takes Rohan with him. Rohan sits with Cheenu. He says I need to ask you something. Appa takes pics with Cheenu. Cheenu smiles. Rohan asks Cheenu what’s her Bua’s name. Cheenu says Rukmani balakrishnan. Rohan gets shocked and recalls the call. Kaku says I have to leave from here, if anyone sees me then… The lady stops her. Kaku says I m not feeling well, I have to go.

The lady says don’t come next time, I will cut your money. Chandra calls Kaku and says I have a bad news, bank people filed a police complaint against Rohan, do something, Rohan can get arrested any time. Kaku says no one can catch Rohan, I will fix everything. She takes the juice drinks outside. Rohan calls Kaku. He disconnects and looks around. Appa asks guests to make his son-in-law Rohan, he is from the land of colours, Gujarat, his family has a big textile business, Rohan stayed in New york for five years, he planned to expand his business here. The lady says very nice, your parents would feel proud seeing your progress. Kaku serves the drinks.

The man asks for ice. Kaku says this juice looks good without ice. The man scolds her. Rohan comes and says she is saying because she knows more about it. He sees Kaku in the uniform. He asks her to come with him. Kaku goes. Rohan says sorry, I didn’t know you are in this function, I got to know by having the sheera. Kaku smiles. Cheenu dances with Meenu and other girls. Cheenu feels uneasy. Rohan says you have to leave before anyone sees you. Kaku says yes, Chandraprabha had called. Cheenu vomits there. Rohan runs to her. Everyone worries for Cheenu. Kaku looks on.

Rohan asks for Cheenu’s medicine. Kaku recalls. She goes to get the medicine from her bag. She tries to sign Rohan. Rohan holds Cheenu. Kaku wears a shawl and comes there. She asks him to give the medicine to Cheenu. Cheenu sees her. She holds her shawl to stop her. The chawl falls down. Everyone gets shocked seeing Kaku.

Bua asks Kaku to clean the vomit. Cheenu stops her and says no way, you won’t do it, you are my….. Kaku says I m like your mum, right, you are like my daughter, then I can do this, what’s the big deal. She says not now Cheenu, get quiet for my sake. She says you take care, I can do this for you, its my daily work. Appa looks at Rohan. Rohan watches silently. The lady asks Kaku to hurry up, there is much work inside. Kaku cleans the floor.

Cheenu looks at Rohan. He turns away. Kaku goes to the kitchen and washes her face. The lady says the food was so delicious, from where did you order. Bua says a special cook is there, she is very good. Cheenu asks Rohan what is Kaku doing here, you didn’t even react.

Vasudha scolds Kaku for coming at her sister-in-law’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. The ladies who come to cook do not have to clean vomit. They only do what they come for. Help is hard to come by. And owners can’t I’ll treat them. This is true . Makers are overly dramatizing.

    1. Yes I agree. They only cook and leave. But here, in previous episode they had asked the cook has to clean for which Rohan agreed and Kaku heard the same and agreed too.

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