Indiawaali Maa 3rd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Rohan gets Kaku’s orders cancelled

Indiawaali Maa 3rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mr. Murti tells Rohan to burn the society. Rohan says he cannot do this. Mr. Murti asks if his parents live there, is the reason. He tells Meenu to break all relations from him, as being in relation with a loser is all in vain. Meenu brings Rohan outside. Rohan was annoyed and asks how he can burn the society, and what Meenu was saying inside. Meenu tries to convince Rohan but he leaves.

Vasu speaks to Mr. Murti that this is unfair. Rohan’s parents live in Anand Nagar, then how he can suggest him to burn the society. What if his daughters had done the same? Mr. Murti taunts Vasu of being infertile, then how she can advise Mr. Murti for his business.

Cheenu comes to the room. Rohan was there. She says the guests have left, now it is not needed for them to pretend. Rohan was angry that Cheenu and his mother have ruined his life, he is only here for a work. Cheenu says Kaku is doing all this to teach him a lesson, he has fallen astray and turned to a monster. She pushes Rohan out of her room, forbidding him to enter again with the intention of her help.

The next morning, Cheenu assisted Kaku pack their order. Kaku feeds Cheenu with her own hand. Cheenu takes a pack. She cheers and tells the women to hurry up, their first order from Shetty brothers. Rohan was at Shetty’s office and asks him to cancel his order to Anand Nagar ladies. Mr. Shetty was not ready to cooperate, and says this order is necessary for the poor women. Rohan says one of the women is his mother, and her life is endangered. It will cause them little loss, but it is necessary for her safety.

Kaku and Cheenu were set to deliver the order. Mr. Shetty calls Kaku to cancel the order, as their shop will remain closed for a few days and pickles and Dhaipla will go stale. Cheenu argues that it is against their business rule. Rohan approves of the Mr. Shetty.

The people of society were gathered together, everyone with the same complain and their orders cancelled. Cheenu doubts that Rohan is behind all this, it is not possible every order is cancelled altogether. Kaku disagrees, as Rohan cannot fall to such lows. The builder’s man come to the society residents and inquires about the next installment. Kaku replies they will arrange till it is due date. He says builder is offering them a new place to live, and here they want to live in this filthy Anand Nagar. Cheenu tells Kaku she will dig out who is behind this.

Rohan comes home, thankful for Meenu’s idea. He hugs Meenu emotionally. He now realizes and turns to leave apologetically. Meenu requests Rohan to be hers.

Kaku convince the residents that this man is with builders and wants to snatch their land, and nothing else. Lakshmi and everyone turn to leave, as selling the pickle was their last hope. A car stops by. Rohan comes out and announces that they will provide a new house to each family, and provide monetary assistance in shifting and settlement in the new place. It is a new opportunity for all of them. He presents a file, and asks them to take the file. It has documents of their new houses.

Kaku forbids the residents not to fall astray. They are still not confirm what they will get. She convince the residents emotionally not to leave their memories behind. They can pay the tax money, but why leave their houses. Lakshmi thanks Kaku for all her help, but there is no way out. Rohan smirks as everyone leaves Kaku behind and go to take files from Rohan. Rohan distributes the files, and stares at Kaku victoriously. He walks to Kaku and insist to come along, he came to take her and Hasmukh. Kaku did not want to go.

PRECAP: Kaku sets to convince the society residents against vacating their houses. It is their land, they must not leave it. Mr. Murti hires goons to remove Kaushalia Gadhvi and her goons from his way.

Update Credit to: Sona

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