Indiawaali Maa 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku’s new plan for Rohan and Cheenu

Indiawaali Maa 30th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaku convincing Cheenu and Rohan to accompany her. Balli introduces himself to Rohan. He asks shall we play ludo, its a long journey of five hours. Cheenu drives. Kaku looks at Rohan and Cheenu. Balli coughs. Kaku asks are you fine. Balli says we have to go to the doctor. Cheenu says we are on the way to your doctor. Kaku says we will call the doctor. She acts to make a call to Balli’s doctor. She says I m getting your patient Balwinder. Balli asks Cheenu to drop them. Rohan asks Kaku to go with Cheenu, he will take Balli. Kaku says its tough to sit for long hours, I have knee pain, I will better take him. Balli takes Rohan’s phone also. Kaku takes him. Rohan sits in back seat. Cheenu says I m not your driver. Rohan sits in front seat. Kaku and Balli laugh. She thanks him. Balli smiles seeing her.

She gets Hasmukh’s call. She says I have sent Rohan and Cheenu together. Hasmukh says well done. She says I don’t know if this will work. He reminds her their love story. FB shows the moment of their meeting. He asks her not to worry. She ends the call and prays for Rohan and Cheenu. Cheenu’s car breaks down. She says I will call the mechanic, I forgot to get my phone from Kaku, can I borrow your phone. Rohan looks for his phone. Balli gives Rohan’s phone to Kaku. Kaku says they both are without their phones. Kesar calls her. Kaku says yes, they will reach you soon. Cheenu and Rohan ask each other how can they be so careless.

He says we have to reach Kesar Maasi some way. They go to a tea stall and take help from someone. She borrows a phone and asks Rohan to call Kaku, at least she will inform Kesar. He asks for Kaku’s number. Rohan sees the man’s scooter. Cheenu says no way, I won’t sit on it. The man charges money. Rohan pays him. Cheenu says I said I won’t sit. Rohan asks why, Kesar and everyone are waiting. She asks how will we get them here on the scooter. He says they would be worried, they can see us and find a way, wait here, Kesar will get irritated and go back, I really don’t care. He goes and sits in the car. He gets a book. He says its Balli’s diary, he is quite a romantic.

Murthy says Akshay, understand Kaku’s plan, she will unite Rohan and Cheenu, make Kaku and Rohan out. Akshay says okay. He asks Fawad to send Cheenu to his office. Fawad says she isn’t here. Akshay calls Cheenu. Kaku gets the phone ringing. He asks where is Cheenu, how did you get the phone. She says she went to station to get the workers. He asks did she go alone. She says no, Rohan is with her. He asks which station did they go. She says I don’t remember. He asks her to say truth. She says I heard that name for the first time, I m saying the truth. He goes. Balli comes and asks what happened. She says I have lied a lot here.

Rohan reads the poetry from his diary. Cheenu says stop it, lets go. Rohan takes his jacket and wears it. Rohan races the bike. They leave. She asks him to stop. He stops and asks what happened. She says you are so cheap, you are applying brakes so that I fall on you. Rohan asks her to clear the dirt from her mind, the engine has dirt, its getting stuck. She says we shall see, I will drive. He says you can’t drive a two wheeler. She says I will drive, sit back. She drives. He asks her to be careful. He prays. They fall down. They get hurt. He says I told you, you can’t do this. She says what, I said I won’t sit on it. He lifts her. Her sleeve gets torn. He covers her with his jacket.

They pull the scooty. They reach a dhaba and market place. He buys a shirt for her. She goes to change. She gets hurt while removing the shirt. He helps her. Mai tumhara….plays…

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Update Credit to: Amena

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