Indiawaali Maa 2nd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Mr. Murti finds out about Kaku’s business

Indiawaali Maa 2nd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohan calling Kaku to meet him. Kaku was not ready to meet him outside the society. Cheenu comes home. Rohan asks Cheenu if she is happy now, his parents are endangered because Abba wants to send goons to the society. Cheenu challenges Rohan to face the threat, stand with his parents and support them; let Abba play his games then.

It was dark at night. Rohan hides his face when he comes to the society. Kaku was waiting outside. She says she knew Rohan will come to meet her, in the dark of night. Why he hid his face with the cloth-piece? He must not be liking the smell of this society. This is the filth of true world, and those who live in fake world are unable to bear it. Rohan warns Kaku that this place is not safe for her, Mr. Murti can do anything to get this place. He requests them to come along him. Kaku asks if he wants them to leave this society, so that Mr. Murti can play with lives of this place. She asks if Rohan still writes his name as Rohan Gadhvi, or has changed it to Rohan Murti. She announces her decision to Rohan that she will not move. She will live in Anand Nagar. Rohan warns her against a problem. Kaku says she has welcomed the problem. She tells Rohan to go away. Before he leaves, she serves Rohan Basundi she prepared for the residents of society. He turns his face away. Kaku brings the lunch box back to the bench.

Rohan goes into a flashback of Kaku and her love. He sat on his study table in the room, and sips Basundi from his hand. Cheenu watches his from the door. Meenu place a hand over Rohan’s shoulder to console him and wipes his tears. Rohan cries hugging Meenu. Cheenu watches through the door. She turns around to hit a table, then rushes into the room. Ravi watches Meenu and Rohan together.

The next morning, Kaku greets Cheenu happily and tells her about all the orders they received. Cheenu smiles vaguely, complementing it is good. Kaku notices her sadness and inquires what the matter is.

Vasu was angry at Meenu and asks what she did, Ravi and his family left and no more wants to marry her. Meenu was happy. A servant was cleaning the room and mistakenly plays Kaku’s video. Vasu watches this.

Kaku asks Cheenu if she and Hasmukh are creating differences between Rohan and Cheenu. She does not like it. Cheenu tells Kaku that Rohan has fallen astray while living with her Abba. She has decided to move on, and opted a different path for herself by taking the internship offer. She wants to spend more of her time with Kaku now. She moves ahead to help ladies. Kaku comes to Hasmukh and questions what has happened to their Rohan. If he has forgotten everything, right or wrong, good or bad; what exactly this success is. She prays for Rohan’s well-being.

Mr. Murti asks Rohan what he found, that who is helping the society ladies. Rohan says the ladies have started a small business. He assures their work will not stop. Mr. Murti shouts at Rohan to shut up, he knows who is behind the ladies. Mr. Murti plays the video to Rohan and says he wondered why he was busy protecting the society residents. He cancels all partnerships with Rohan. Meenu interferes and tells Abba if she is a bit important for him, he shouldn’t treat Rohan like this. Otherwise he might lose his other daughter as well. She says I love Rohan. Vasu and Mr. Murti were shocked. Meenu sits in his feet and requests Mr. Murti to give Rohan a chance. She has always been an obedient daughter. At least once he can fulfil her wish. Mr. Murti agrees to lend a last chance to Rohan. He orders Rohan to burn the society, which should appear as an accident. Only then, the residents of society will understand the consequences of their stubbornness.

PRECAP: Rohan bribes the businessmen to cancel the orders of Anand Nagar’s ladies. The ladies at society were worried when Rohan arrives.

Update Credit to: Sona

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