Indiawaali Maa 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update: Kaku succeeds in earning tax amount for Anand Nagar

Indiawaali Maa 1st February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaku and Cheenu sat with wife of Mr. Gawara who appreciates the taste. Kaku requests her to speak to her husband. If he ask his contractor shopkeepers, they can sell their Dhaipla and pickle. The wife was not ready to interfere. Mr. Gawara was in a press conference. They spot Mr. Gawara in a press conference. Cheenu urges Kaku to go to Mr. Gawara and convey her message before he leaves. Mr. Gawara calls security. As the security man comes, Kaku hurriedly transfers her message. Mr. Gawara sends her outside with security.

Meenu was with Rohan in the room. She holds his hand and says Cheenu and his parents left him, but she will never leave his side. Because I love you. Rohan was shocked to hear this. Meenu hugs Rohan. Rohan was in a shock, and asks what Cheenu will think if she knows. Meenu tells Rohan that she knows about her feelings, and Cheenu has no problem.

Kaku and Cheenu were walking on the street. Kaku was determined to do anything but save this society. They reach the society. The ladies were concerned and cry. Kaku speaks to the ladies that they will go for home service and sell the pickle and Dhaipla, but they will save the society. Cheenu films the conversation.

At night, Cheenu was watching the video clip on her laptop. Rohan comes there and was concerned what this is about. This might disgrace his parents. Cheenu says it is possible this raises their respect in society. She reminds Rohan of a time when he compelled Kaku to do home catering and lend all her money to Rohan, he managed even then. Cheenu says tax does not matter, but Kaku’s courage does. One day she will not be dependent on anyone, not even her own son. Rohan was annoyed and sure that his mother is completely lost, she will be able to do nothing. He says it was his mistake to send her there. But she can hurt him in any way possible; first his parents and then Meenu. He complains that Meenu has feelings for him, and Cheenu is ok with it. He asks her to delete the video if she has a minor care for him.
Mr. Gawara watches a video on his mobile about the society women working under Kaku.

Kaku returns to society with her bags. The residents of society were there. Lakshmi counts that they sold home-to-home and could only collect 25k. Their total is 30k, but they need seventy thousand. Where they will get the money. The people of society were thankful for Kaku to teach them how to dream and aspire for bigger goals. The people in society touched Kaku’s feet for blessings and thankfulness. They say builder has bribed the tax office and they will not give them any concessions. They were ready to leave.

Cheenu comes running to Kaku and the people. She tells Kaku that their video went viral, and she is receiving a number of calls and messages for help. She shows the video to them. Kaku was crying. She asks Cheenu if this is possible. Cheenu tells Kaku that they are getting multiple orders for pickle and Dhaipla. The society residents cheer up. Cheenu says their requisite money is already received in advance. They will even get more than that. Everyone dance cheerfully. Kaku was thankful to Cheenu. Cheenu appreciates Kaku’s courage, and inspiration she is for everyone. She is the best. Kaku replies no, we all are best.

Mr. Murti was furious over his team. He questions how it is possible that they people gathered seventy thousand in 24 hours. Rohan says they must have taken loan. But they will not be able to gather any more loan, and pay full amount. Mr. Murti tells his men to find out who is helping the people there; and even take goons. Rohan requests Mr. Murti to give him a chance. He wants to go and speak to the people there. Mr. Murti lends him a single chance. Rohan calls Kaku to meet him in coffee shop near Anand Nagar. Kaku was clear that she will not come out of the society, he must come inside Anand Nagar to meet her.

PRECAP: Rohan comes to meet Kaku in the dark of night. Kaku was waiting for him. She says she knew Rohan will never come in day light, but in the dark of night he will surely come to meet her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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