Indiawaali Maa 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan argues with Hasmukh


Indiawaali Maa 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshay coming to meet Cheenu’s family. Meenu asks him to help her and save her from Appa’s torture. Appa knows she is doing a drama. He welcomes Akshay. He says Meenu is doing a drama, cheenu used to do this before, I don’t want any history to be repeated. Akshay asks why are you upset. Appa says everything is upset here because of Cheenu. He tells what Rohan did. Akshay says my US trip was a success. Meenu asks where is my gift. Appa asks her to focus on her dance practice. Akshay says Cheenu is not happy, Rohan was taken by the police for defaulter case. Appa asks what, its a good news, I mean its good you are helping Cheenu, she will listen to you. Akshay says she is my childhood friend. Kaku asks Rohan to convince Cheenu. Rohan says she won’t forgive me, I have hurt her a lot. She says she will understand it if she sees your emotions, words won’t be needed, go. He goes to Cheenu. Cheenu asks him why is he behaving like this. He argues about Akshay. FB recalls Akshay proposing Cheenu on the call. Rohan overhears their talk.

Cheenu says Akshay told that on phone, he didn’t intend to hurt you, he didn’t know you are hearing it, what did I say, its not my mistake, I m with you even when you have hurt me a lot, I left Appa to be with you, I m still with you. He asks will you be with me always. She says of course, I have always loved you, why do you lie always, I still love you, you did wrong with Kaku, you don’t have any guilt, I didn’t miss dad, I felt like I want to be a mum like Kaku, seeing her dedication for you, she loves you, you don’t care for her, she has earned this money for you by cooking and cleaning, you didn’t spare her for jobs like cleaning, she was cleaning my vomit in front of everyone, I still love you, I m in this house just for Kaku’s sake, you have to apologize to her. She goes. He gets Hasmukh’s call and disconnects. He sits sad.

Kaku talks to Chandraprabha on phone. She says I can’t arrange two crores. Chandra says you won’t get time more than six months. Kaku ends call and says its very hard to arrange money soon. She worries. Hasmukh calls her and asks what happened to your voice. Kaku says I had drunk cold juice. He says what’s the matter of Rohan’s loan. Rohan hears them. Kaku asks what, loan, why. He asks don’t you know, some men came from American bank, they asked the price of my shop and house, I called Rohan, he didn’t answer or call back, what are they talking about. She says I don’t know anything, I will talk to Rohan and call, maybe they came by mistake. He says they came finding Rohan. She says fine. She disconnects.

Rohan comes to Kaku. Hasmukh calls her by other number and asks why did you disconnect the call. Kaku says network drops. He says I can see tension in your face, tell me, why did bank officials come, are you hiding something. She asks him not to eat spicy food. He says you have always hidden Rohan’s mistakes, its because of that donkey. She says he isn’t a donkey. She pushes Rohan away. She says Rohan took loan for his big business, bank men will come to get satisfied before giving money. He says maybe you are right, why did they ask about loan repayment, if Rohan told this, then there is no guarantee that he will succeed, what’s the need of loan, explain him. Rohan takes the call and says talk to me, don’t trouble mum, why shall I stay happy in average life, I won’t be middle class always, parents motivate children to dream big, you never did this. Kaku shouts on Rohan and asks him to get out. Hasmukh says I will talk later. She worries.

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