Indiawaali Maa 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kirti conspires against Kaku

Indiawaali Maa 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Cheenu asking Akshay how can you give a job to Kaku. Akshay says she has stopped the clients from leaving, maybe she needs money, don’t be so heartless. Cheenu asks Kaku not to have hope about Rohan. Akshay welcomes Kaku to the office. He asks Kirti to keep an eye on Kaku. Cheenu says we are working together, it doesn’t mean Rohan and I can get back together. Kaku says okay. She thinks they will come back together on own. Akshay says Kaku is talented, she can help our company. Kirti says I got all the contracts for the company, if my position gets spoiled in this company, then I will have to think of the future. He says you know you are my fav employee, I will take care of you. He goes. Fawad asks what’s the scene.

Kirti says no. Cheenu calls him. She asks him to talk about Kaku, Cheenu’s behavior was odd, if my promotion is stopped, then you are gone. Cheenu asks Fawad to take Kaku to admin, she should join soon for the project. She says Kaku’s performance will decide if she gets permanent job. Kaku says fine, but your food…. is still there, have food. Cheenu asks Fawad to take Kaku. Fawad asks Kaku to come.

Balli says congrats for the job. Kaku thanks him for help. He asks her to sign on the form. She signs. Balli says your sign is so beautiful like an artist. He says I want your two photos, passport size. Kaku says I don’t have a passport. Balli says no, just passport size photo. She says fine, I will get photo clicked and get it. Fawad says you will get it in mins. Balli says I will take it in seconds, come here and stands near the wall, I will click it. Balli clicks pics and asks her to smile. Fawad asks him to just click pics. Balli says its done. Fawad says its great to have old experienced employee to the young employee. Kaku says you called me old, I don’t mind. Fawad asks do you know Cheenamma.

Kirti asks what, Kaku was becoming Cheenu’s mom in law, anyways, lets have some fun now, we will make aunty enjoy. Fawad says yes. Rohan gets drunk and comes home. He coughs and stumbles. He falls down unconscious. Cheenu asks Kaku to compile her ideas. Kaku asks what’s that. Cheenu says send me by mail, put it together in a ppt and mail me. Kaku asks ppt? Cheenu says powerpoint presentation, its made on computer. Kaku asks computer. Cheenu calls Fawad and asks him to help Kaku. She leaves.

Kaku says I will make tea for myself, where is the canteen. Fawad asks Manish to get tea for her. Kirti asks Kaku to come with her. She asks Kaku to sit on the chair. Kaku says it will be boss’ cabin, we have to work outside. Kirti says no, everyone sits here if they don’t want disturbance. Fawad says Akshay’s chair. Kirti says you know that, I know that, she doesn’t know it. Kaku likes the chair. Manish gets tea for her. She doesn’t like the tea. She says you didn’t add ginger, there is no taste, I will come and show. Fawad says we will do work first. He switches on the computer. Kaku says my son also uses it, what do I have to make. Kirti says presentation. Kaku says I know party present. Kirti says its like present also. Fawad says we will make it, you give me the ideas.

Kaku asks him to give her papers. Kirti says I will get best papers for you. She gives imp papers to Kaku. She gives scissors also. She goes. Fawad looks on. Kaku makes some designs and cuts the papers. Akshay comes. He asks Kirti to get the papers. Kirti says its kept on your desk in your cabin. He sees Kaku with the cut papers. He gets shocked. Kaku asks what happened, are you not fine, how is this, I m making this sample for that couple’s wedding, we will give this to the guest after marriage. Akshay says its very nice. He calls Balli and says take Kaku to her desk. Balli asks Kaku to come. She asks what happened. Balli says that’s Akshay’s cabin. She gets watchman’s call. He asks her to come soon, gas is leaking in her house, Rohan isn’t opening the door.

Kaku asks Cheenu to drop her home. She runs to the house. She sees Rohan fallen unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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