Incomplete Destiny- Mistakes- Part 4

Delhi prison
“Come you’ve been called for trial,” spoke the warden as the women got up. She was handcuffed by one of the officers as she was pulled out of the cold, steel bars of the cell. As she was escorted through the corridor, the other prisoners shouted in triumph as one of them was about to be free, fortunately one of them might be next. For 3 years she had been here, caged,and completing her time. As she arrived at the gate and exited it her vision was blinded. The scorching light was new for the eyes who hadn’t witnessed it for a whole year. She was then transported to court and after the last hearing set free.
As she came outside the court she inhaled her first breath of freedom. It felt great frankly. She called someone and spoke “I’m free.”
; Back to Mumbai
Abhi was in his lab examining the pictures of the bloodless body.

This guy, He is amazing. So much neatness, but he must have needed ample time to do this, or might have killed her somewhere and dumped her here. He will strike again, for sure. I need to check the owner of this brothel and the records of the customers.
Abhi‘s eyes moved up to see a camera.
CCTV footage, that’s it
Abhi went into the CCTV footage of the camera and found the guy who had left with the pr*stitute.
He then scanned the face to match with anyone in their records.
The thing about serial killers is that they at times don’t pay heed to small detail and about the police that they are dumb.
Abhi got up, put his laptop back in his bag and headed out of the department.
Shreya was with rohit in the conference room looking at the pictures of all the pr*stitutes. They were on the board. All had been pr*stitutes, chopped off but this particular one was bloodless. Shreya saw abhi leaving so called him out.
“Hey Abhi where to?” she asked.
“Got some work will be back?” said abhi.
“Got anything on the latest body?” she asked

“Nothing much, it’s the same. The postmortem shows that she was stabbed 5 times and then chopped off like the others,” he said
“bubye Bro,” she said and went back to the conference room.
“got some ideas,well I’ve got one” asked Shreya.
“hey there guys,” said purab as he walked inside. “so listen the body was bloodless,” said purab trying to hint them when shreya responded “that means she was not killed here.”
“yeah and the killer must have had all the time to do so,” said Purab.
“we should check the footage, Purab You’re a genius,” she said and kissed his cheek and rushed to the surveillance room. Purab on the other hand touched his cheek while smiling dreamily. He too followed behind.
In the evening abhi reached the club cum brothel. He looked around the bar. Women dancing, half naked while men staring at them shamelessly. Abhi moved up to the bar, being as discreet as possible.
5 killings from the same brothel.Must be a man at home eh.Knows the brothel well. Hardy Jahdav’s oh boy where are you
Abhi moved around the crowd and saw jahdav, sitting with a bottle of beer in hand in one of the booths. Abhi approached him and grabbed him by the collar.
“Women are devils. Brats show themselves to the world. Shameless bithes,” said Jahdav as he gulped down another sip.
“oye….hey…ho..ow da…re you touc..touch me,” said jahdav as abhi’s grip tightened on his collar as he dragged him out.
“let’s have a chat shall we?” said abhi as he took out a syringe and injected him on the neck.

Jahdav opened his eyes to find himself wrapped up in plastic sheets and duct tape. His lips sealed by a piece of duct tape. He looked terrified and struggled, trying to get free but in vain.
“Women, behind every successful man is a woman although if he isn’t successful still the woman is there. They are a man’s respect and so one should respect them. You a*sh*le, did you forget that even you were born out of a woman’s womb,” said abhi as he came into view setting his knives on the table.
“pr*stitutes have their reasons to be here, they don’t have a choice, but we men do and what do we do? We come here by our own decision,” he spoke as he lifted the machete and ran a finger down the blade.
“chopped those five off didn’t you after their death, well I am going to chop you bit by bit, piece by piece, and that too alive,” said abhi as he began his work.
After sometime abhi was completely covered in blood while a trash bag was on the table. Abhi changed into a white t-shirt and blue jeans walking out with the bag.
It was about 8 pm.
He went to the docks and boarded his boat. In the middle of the sea he dumped and returned back.
Ronit’s code is fulfilled again

He then returned to his house and slept. In the morning he reached the police department to find Shreya a little too happy and excited.
She was moving in her things to a table.
“heysre,” said abhi as he greeted shreya.
“yo bro,” said shreya as she placed a photo frame of her and abhi on the table.
“someone looks really happy,” he said.
“well the pr*stitute case closed as the major suspect, ok not suspect but killer has like disappeared of his whereabouts, Hardy Jahdav, a guy with a record of killing his wife, abusing her daughter and spending half of his life in this brothel. They say a man came and took him and after that nowhere to be found. Even his mobile is untracked but whatever happened so happened and you know what I got promoted from vice to homicide,” shreya said and hugged abhi.
“well done sister,” said abhi as he broke the hug and moved out. Everyone came in to congratulate shreya and welcome her.
Humans! A speices I shall never be able to understand. When happy they cry, when sad they cry. Want to live forever but can’t. Emotions, sadness and crying are alien to me.

In the evening abhi was at the party of shreya, promotion party. Even Kanchi was there. She and abhi had a nice long conversation, lighthearted one.
Do I love her? Nah can’t be love, but a habit. She has become a habit of mine in these years, why not make it a good one
Then everyone rounded up for the toast. They lifted their champagne glasses. “toshreya,” spoke abhi as everyone sipped their drinks.
They then had a dance and the party ended. In Abhi’s apartment
“I think I might move out abhi,” said shreya.
“is there any problem” said abhi with concern.
“nah, just want to have a house where I am the boss, kidding man just want to give you space,” she said in a teasing tone.
“raaaa!!! Mad, you’re mad,” said abhi as he took another sip of his coffee.
“good night bro,” said shreya as she retired to her room.
Abhi moved towards his study. He removed the front the ac compartment to reveal another secret compartment. He took out the box and placed the blood side in it.
In a market a girl walked through the shops. She had covered herself with a hijab and only her face was visible. It was the same girl from the prison.
I am not able to update guys due to college reopening plus bad internet. Will be ending MM within this week probably and bring in something new. Guys I am really sad. All MY favorite stories are not being updated plus the updates are so less in a day. Only a few stories are updated. The notifications that used to be full of stories are now full of voting notifies. It’s my humble request to all the authors to update.i am not updating due to internet problems

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