An incident that Changed our lives (Part 7)

Hi ! Hola ! Sastriyakal , kemcho aap padh rahe hai #AnIncidentthatchangedOurLives by Arshiya 7th Part.Thank you so much for your response. Since most of you bad voted for option 2 this is the part

Let’s start
Sanskar was dressed in black shirt , black blazer and black pant with messy hair looking absolutely hot……???

On the other side

Swara was wearing a red sleeveless gown with deep back and red lipstick and a golden watch in her left hand , she had curled her hair and kept all her hair on her shoulder looking absolutely stunning.

When Swara was descending down the stairs our sansku came both had a beautiful eyelock but it was broken with the noise of claps.

Swara smiles and went towards Sanskar.

Sanskar forwarded his hands like a true gentleman and asked her for dance she agreed.

They both went on the dancefloor

(guys I am not good in writing the dance parts so please excuse me for that thing maybe some other time)

Sanskar while dancing touched her back as it was a partner dance. Which sent shivers to Swara and Sanskar felt a new feeling arise in him.

Swara while dancing.

Swa: good you didn’t brought that Lucky chukky to the party.

San: darling even if you had asked me then too I would have not brought that stupid brother of mine.

Swara smiles.

Sanskar sees that and says

San: someone is smiling today. Swara your smile is very precious to me please don’t loose it at any cost and for anyone kk.

Swara nodes looking in his eyes her eyes were a bit too teary.

Sanskar noticed it and tried to cheer her up.

San: Shona today you are looking like a red chilly , mirchy , and most importantly hot. Than why are your eyes teary ? The one who tries to trouble you should be teary eyes.

San twirls Swara while Swara smiled faintly and now their position and they were in a backhug Sanskar was hugging Swara.

San whispered in her ears softly.

San: what happened jaan ? Why are you sad you are not my bubbly swara

Swa: hearing your confession I felt sad. I don’t know what’s right or wrong ? Should I accept you or should I leave you.

Now swasan were in their normal position while dancing. Sanskar felt a bit no a lot sad he thought he was the reason.

San: fine Swara I guess the song has just got over so I should leave and just 2 min I will be back.

Before swara could say anything be left.
Swara felt bad

San went to the car and wrote a note he kept the note above the things he had brought for Swara and wrapped those things in a red glittering gift wrap with a white bow on top. He came inside and saw Swara was talking to some guests giving fake smiles her sadness was clearly visible.
San went towards her while holding the gift in two hands and told

San: miss. Kapoor can I have your two minutes if you don’t mind.

Swara felt that someone stabbed her heart she hated the fact that Sanskar was talking in that way.

She nodded

Swa: why are you talking like this to me Sanskar ? Have I done any wrong ?

San: why Swara aren’t you Ms. Kapoor. Don’t people call you that ? I was just trying to be a bit formal.

Swa: please don’t try to be a bit also formal you are my friend Sanskar you are special to me.

While she was saying all this Sanskar was looking in her eyes. Which went big and small as she told her words. San was smiling but his smile got vanished when Swara asked

Swa: why are you smiling tell me Na ! I will also a smile
and she started to search here and there as to why Sanskar was smiling.

San let a sigh out and told nothing he did not tell her the reason as he knew his confession would again bring tears in her eyes  he could not see his jaan crying. So he told

San: nothing Swara…. I have brought this gift for you.. For the most hot girl and my mirchi in the world (winks)

Hands her the gift and bids bye.

Swa: don’t go Na Sanskar wait till the end of the party I want you to stay with me please please.

San: Swara I really need to go. (Hugs her and mumbles bye)

Swara did not respond to the hug but neither did she broke she was just feeling the hot breath of Sanskar on her neck.
She felt relief after the hug.


Swara had tears  but she somehow manages and execuses herself to get water while bringing water she messaged Lucky that she was not going to tell Shweta about the rest of the parts as it will be too long and we all have to go to sleep Lucky agrees and Swara came back to her room and starts narrating the rest.
(This is the most interesting part of the past)

Swara was smilingly crossing the road to get some flowers whereas Sanskar was talking on the phone

Suddenly a truck was coming in full speed towards Swara. Sanskar saw this and pushed Swara and


The truck hit Sanskar instead of Swara.
Swara was lying with a little scratches on her elbow whereas Sanskar was lying in a pool of blood oozing from his head.

Sanskar was rushed to the hospital.

Swara called luck and he too went to the hospital.

There they came to know that Sanskar has forgot a part of his life and he would behave the way he was 10 years before

Swara asked Laksh

Swa: How was Sanskar 10 years before

Lak (sadly with a smile) he was like a saadhoon who always considered everyone as his brother or sister and never used to do any mischief.

Swara fell down thump.

Laksh holds her for support.

Swa: it’s all because of me.

Lak: no Swara it’s not because of you ! May be it was destined in bhai’s destiny. Now what we will do ?

Swa (with determined voice) : now we will do whatever mischief he did or whatever was his habits so that Sanskar can get his memory back.


Everybody was having tears.

Swara (gathered up some courage): I hope you have got all the answers to your questions shweta. Now it’s late in the night we will go back to our rooms.

The trio wished each other goodnight and went to sleep but sleep was far away from Laksh, shweta and Swara.

Next day

At breakfast table

Sujju: I need to speak to you Bhai sahaab

DD: yes speak

Sujju (in one go) : I want shweta and Sanskar to get married….

All were shocked
Except one person shweta she was damn happy…

Sujju remembered the past due to which she had to announce shwe_San wedding


After Sanskar’s flashback narrated by swara and Laksh

Shweta was going to her room when sujju came to take water she smirked and went to sujju and started to cry fakely

Shw (while crying): sujju aunty I got to know Sanskar’s past (sniffs) what a dreadful past he had I want to take care of Sanskar as long as I am in this world (sniffs) (says all this in one go) sujju aunty I want to be Sanskaar’s wife (keeps sujju’s hand on her head) aapko Meri KASAM hai (you have my swear) ki aapko mujhein Sanskar ki patni (wife) banana hoga kaise bhi karke……..

Sujju shock

Sujju: if I don’t make you Sanskar’s wife then ?

Shweta (claps her hands and Laughs sacarastically): if you don’t make me sanskar’s wife than let me tell you you are going to see the worst me and waise bhi I have heard that Dhanraj shares are going down in market if you don’t want to lose your company, house, family and relations. than make Sanskar marry me. Tomorrow you have to announce my and Sanskar’s marriage and day after tomorrow you have to make me and Sanskar married with full rituals do you get that?

Sujata nods her head

————–Flashback ends——————————

Sujju was remembering the past when she came back to sense on hearing dd’s angry shout

DD: How can you do this sujata? You know Na how much Sanskar loves Swara !???

Sujju: par Bhai sahaab now Sanskar likes shweta that’s why

Swa: mom can I speak to you for a minute alone please

Sw took sujju to a room

Swa: Mom what is this ? You very well know about me and Sanskar’s

Sujju (smiles and caresses her hair): LOVE. Right?

Swa: mom you know this much then what made you announced shweta and Sanskar’s marriage

Sujju narrated her shweta’s past

Swa: how could shweta stoop so low ? Chii

Sujju: didnt you tell about your and Sanskar’s relationship.

Shweta enters and smirks

Shweta: no aunty ! Bilkul bhi nahi ! Never and I was really bored listening to the chik- chik of Swara good you finished that crap story of your so called lover early and that time only I realised that how much I love Sanskar thank you for making me realise Swara (she tries to hold her hand but Swara raised her hand upwards to stop)

Swa: bas shweta ! Enough is enough ! Not a word now how can you think like that? You very well know that Sanskar loved me than what happened ? What got into you ? ( screams)

Shweta: stop scremaing even I know how to scream and correction I know Sanskar had a relation with you but it was past so I don’t give a damn to it. Fine ! I want Sanskar at any cost !??

Saying this she stormed out of the room.

Swara was shocked and Sujata Sat down on the sofa with the shock and tears started to roll from sujju’s eyes…..

Swa: don’t cry mom ? I will figure out some thing. Swara gets a plan and messages Laksh to come in the room….

Laksh comes in the room

Swara tells about Shweta’s past and her evilness. Laksh too gets shocked.

Later Swara explains Laksh about the plan and sujju about what move sujju has to take the trio smirks


Sujju announces

Sujju: I have spoken to Laksh and Swara respectively they have agreed so I want Laksh and Swara and also shweta and Sanskar to get married tomorrow itself and it has to be a simple wedding otherwise you all will see my dead face…………

All :sujata/aunty/chachi

Dd: Are you sure Swara, Laksh and shweta.

Trio: yes !

Dd (sadly): fine kk ask sanskar

Sujju asked Sanskar about the marriage proposal sujju had put additional maska polish and hence, sanskar agreed…….

On Marriage day

Both the brides and the grooms signed the marriage certificate (as Swara wanted to teach shweta a lesson and she knows what kind of a person is shweta) Swara smartly signed the papers where Sanskar signatures were there and
Laksh had signed the papers in which shweta had signed so shweta was married to Laksh and Sanskar was married to Swara ( I know many of you might or might not have the confusion of how can Sanskar sign the papers he can feel the paper our sansku is Intelligent so he can sign)

Both the brides and the grooms had wore the same dresses the grooms had wore sehra or the garland that covers their faces
Both brides were wearing their veil and sujju knew what to do she exchanged the brides

(Soooooooooooooo my dear readers the very very interesting part of the marriage)

So the pairs after sujju exchanged the brides were

SWARA will get married to SANSKAR

SHWETA will get married to LAKSH

Pandit starts with the mantras both the brides and the grooms took 7 pheras while taking pheras shweta was wondering why sanskar was not stumbling in anything she brushed the thoughts of thinking may be sanskar’s vision had got better whereas on the other side tears were flowing from the eyes of Swara and she gelped sanskar wherever he stumbled sanskar snjled at his wife’s care both the grooms made the brides wear mangalsutra…..

As soon as Laksh opens Shweta’s veil shweta gets shocked Sanskar opened Swara’s veil and filled the holy sindoor a lone tear escaped from Swara’s eye when shweta shouted
Shweta: LAKSH ! ???

On hearing Shweta’s scream Sanskar touched his bride’s face and came to know it’s swara

Sanskar (to himself): if Laksh has got married to shweta then definitely I have got married to Swara one sec let me touch her face. Kk ! I guess there is a lot of makeup…
Let me ask her

San: are you shweta or Swara please answer me whom am I married to ? I have the whole right to know please

Swa (cryingly): I am… swara

Sanskar gets a big shock of his life

San: whaaa….ttt ?

Screen freezes on the shocked faces of Shweta and Sanskar
Hi Guys ! I have spent a lot time writing this part and I need a lot of comments and 60+likes but I cannot promise whether the part will be big or small but I will post it if I get a good response shower your valuable comments below and yeah if you want any scenes to be added write it below so I will add it till that time. Bbye !?????


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