In those soulful eyes let it be a dream – Part 9

(STORY IN NUTSHELL : Bihan was living as an adopted son in pandey nivas.actually he was the twin brother of dhruv who is the son of vasu and balvender.they were unknown about that.Naman (balvendrs brother )kosi(his wife) played games in btween at the time of twins birth but they could only shift bihan.So dhruv grows as real son of vasu and balvender.Later balvender adopt bihan from somewhere(not revealed..from where in story)

Without knowing he is his own son.Bihan was a bright student but due to kosis evil plays he didnt study and decides to serve family by failing xams.teena and her famili cames to noida from other country. Bihan and teena meets on school on same class.Problms begin btwn them.she have stammering problm. Bihan changes her original name to thapki.They fights for a long time..Become frindz and then start to love each other. Thapki changes bihan a lot…Balvender was killed by someone..Bihan is blamed..( bihan was just 17 yearold  then)Bihan leave house..Police brings a dead body chrunned in a blast with bihans chain. Everyone belives bihan dead.Later afer 10years…. thapki goes to mumbay for an exam.Meanwhile bihan become a goon.Where bihan help her. Thapki didnt recognise him coz she belives that he is dead.Bihan gets hurt that thapki forget him. Missunderstandings occur btwn them thapki finally brings bihan back to home.Where he finds the truth from family that he was their real son. Twin of dhruv.naman and kosi punished killed bavuji and punished by god.

After a long time happiness grasps pandey family….Bihan and dhruvs birthday party is going on.) here is the story…Now coming to present….


Bihan looked himself in the mirror in the birthday wears …..
He goes to the balconey and takes his phone.
He calls paan
Bihan: are paan tu kaha he..pick up the call maann!!!
The call hangs …he calls again it rings but no answer….
“paaan..where are u! Its been a week that i heared your voice..are you ok or not…”bihan seems tensed..
“what are you doing here bihan?”dhruv comes in.
“bhai voo mera frnd naa..paan..i have told you right?he is not picking up his phone…iam just worried about him”
“you na bhai always find some reason to worry!! He may be busy ..just leave it”
” dhruv are only person who knows what my real problem is. And..why iam worriying this much…”bihan s tone was diped in anxiety.
Dhruv comes closer and place his hand on bihans shoulder
“haa..i know ! “he sighs
And continues”.bihan..nothing will happen just as you are thinking..paan will be alright please dont think too much..” dhruv smiles at him inorder to elite his mood..”look bihan today is the most beautiful day in our lives….all the bad times are over and we got our family back..its time to smile again with heart…..its time to live our lives ..its our birthday..!! Dont spoil it by overthinking …just cheerup mann!!”

Bihan shook his head and agrees.

Thapkis house
Adhiti gets ready and knocks on thapki s door.
“diii are you ready..its already late..”the door was not locked such that it opened..thapki was lying in the bed wrapped with blanket and was weak.
Aditi shoked and comes near her.
“dii what happened?”she touches her forehead “my god you are having temperatre..are you ok?”

” iam having headache..”

“come lets go to hospital..”

“no..i j..just need to take some rest..maa had gave me a medicine ,it will be a..alright after a sleep.”

“dii aj..bihan and dhruv…”

“i already..m..mera matlab…i know…..i will go on eve…you..p.people g.go and enjoy the party!!”

“ok then!bye dii take care”

Some where on agra.
A goon hits a man aggrasively in midst of a street.
The man falls down his head bleeds …the goon holds his collor and make him stand…
“abey bol wo kaha he..tera buddy..mumbay ki goon …mr B?
Where is him?”
“i dont know..!! “he replyed in a weak voice…the face is revealed as paan
“do you think that i will belive it ha?”the goon roared.
“i..said truth …i dont know!”
The man hits him again this time more badly..
Pan manages himself to get rid of him and runs away fastly..and goes into crowded area.
The goon takes his gun and shoots…!

At pandey nivas..the birthday party is about to start.
Vasundhara calls all family members to pooja hall and she does the arathi.
She takes prasad and gives to dhruv and bihan.
They recive her blessing.and blessings from dadi ma also.

Everyone assembled in the hall .
Adhiti andpoonam and krishnakanth comes in.
Vasu comes to greet them
“Come come… ”
Kk: where is the birthday boys?
Poonam: ji there they are..
Bihan and dhruv came near them
Adhiti: Happy birthday to my sweetest bhaiyas!! Seriously you both are looking soo handome!
Dhruv: thank you adhiti…
Bihan: haa you too looking so beautiful adithi
Adhiti: bihan bhaya..! It may be beacause thapki didi is not here.. Aditi smriks.
They all laughs.
Kk: beta why are you always teasing him in her name! He na bihan?
They all laugh again.
Bihan blushes slightly.
Dhruv: vese uncle he too likes the teasing.
Bihans eyes was wandering for thapki all the time..
Aditi waves her hands in front of his face..
“arey what are you searching for?”
“then ok”
Vasu : poonam ji..where is she?
Poonam: ji ..
Aditi: didi is sick aunty..she is having fever thats why didnt came with us..

Bihan: fever? She was all right till yesterday night …bihan stops abruptly. I mean till yesterday.

Kk: today morning she felt sick .

Bihan: is she alright uncle.took medicines? Did she eat anything?is her condition is normal? Did doctor visited her? What did he said?
Dhruv: bihan if you ask al the ques then what will we people do?

Poonam: its just a small fever .she took medicines and will be alright on need to worry..

Aditi:are you now ok bihan bhai?

Vasu: come its time to start.

They cut the cake and feeds vasu and then each other….
They kiss on her cheek..vasu was in tears..
“oh God please bring all the happines to my family..”she preyed on her mind..
Everyone moved on to the food section..
Dhruv: is thapki angry on you?
Bihan: what? Why are u asking so?
Dhruv: coz she called me today morning to wish me and told that she is sick and will not come.. i thought you too know that.
Dhruv: what happened? She was good till she is sick..and that too after meeting you…tell me the truth..what did you done to her?
He asked with his naughty face.
Bihan remembered that kiss and the way he made her angry.but hide it safely with his expression.

Bihan: dhruv ! How devil your thoughts are…

Dhruv: oh excuse me..i didnt have any devil thoughts..its you said it..!
I only asked with pure intensions… Dhruv giggles…and bihan gets irritated..

“Oh arey bhai dont you understand she is angry on you .i dont know why..but i think so..just go to her home and make her happy..she is your girlfrnd he na..atleast do it for her..when will you learn all these…”

Bihan: i will manage but one sec..who told u that she is my girl frnd ha?

Dhruv: or what? Is she your sister ? Bolo bihan..

Bihan: You know something i need to go now..Bye..He whispered..

Dhruv: arey bihan…. Bhai..Rok…

Bihan rushes to the bike…..

Dhruv looks at him and smiles..

Thapki gets shoked to see a bunch of red roses near her.She quicly get up and looked around..And astonished to see bihan sitting on the chair near her.

She asked him in anger getting up from the bed..


“O..Ohh..Really..”thapki glares at him fuming in anger..

“H..How did you c..Come inside?? Ahh…and.. Why….stay out…. I just dont want to see you..”

“Why thapki???”

“D..Dont you know why…What h..happened on yesterday..I said you clearly naa”

“What? What happened yesterday? “

“Dont act over… “she pushes him towards the door”..J..Just go away now..Iam not intrested in talking to you..”

Bihan walk backwards step by step looking deep to her eyes..But she was unable to look at his eyes…

“But why thapki..Just because i kissed you..But yaar it was just a small cheek kiss..Bihan giggles..”

Thapki got more irritated and she pushes him hard with anger..
“Care full girjayege yaar thapki..”

Bihan stops her by strongly grabbing her shoulders and pushes her against the wall..

“Problem kya he thapki.. Dont i have the right to touch you or what…??”

Thapki remains silent..

“Kuch to bolo… Am asking for a long time..Its my birthday..First time am celebrating it..You made it special.You brought back my life..You give me my family back..i got all my happiness only because of you and now…With out you how could that party become compleate?? “

“So came here for….”

“Exactly for what you are thinking..Come with me..Without you….. “

“With out me what?? What bihan..Tell me…Do you know what iam feeling now?? I did everything for your happiness… That birthday surprise was my dream…I was soo happy…But at the end you distroyed everything……I was observing you for past  few days…You were keeping distance with me..But yesterday night i was soo happy that i got my bihan back…but…”

“But what thapki…I just kissed you thapki…is that a sin..?..Dont i have the right to kiss you or what?,,,, And what are you saying…. I dont understand..You wants my closeness..But the same you is angry about it…Whats this”

“Aree tume ab bhi nahi samach mei ayaa?? Ki why iam behaving like this..? Dont you understand?”

“Sach mei..I dont understand whats ur problm”

Thapki looks him with pain on her eyes…she gets emotional

” ok you came here to bring me to your birthday party right? Ok..I will come..But you tell me…Shall i come as your family friend?? Or
as your friend? Or as some body else?? Tell me who iam to you…Tell me what is in between us?
I declared my love towards you everytime when i see u…but you are always relectent to say whats inside old bihan loved me soo much and he expressed it in front of the  whole world..But now you….Look at you… when i found you back.. Its me said that i love you..You didnt said anything..Iam always trying to make you open up your feelings.. Trying to open up your heart….Yesterdays birthday surprise was aslo a desperate attempt…Coz i wanna hear it from you…….Because all these 10yrs i was loving u only…” tears rolled out from her eyes….”i want to know who iam to you now…I really want to know that you love me or not…”
Bihan listens to her with shock…
“Iam sorry thapki”he said

Thapki gets uttershoked..
She wants him to confess his feelings but now…. She felt her heart is breaking…..

He continues..”iam sorry thapki…Sorry for entering into your life..Sorry for teasing you on our schooldays….Just because of me you have to change your name from teena to thapki….Sorry… ”
memmories flooded over her she began to weep..Warm tears from her heart came out through eyes..

“Sorry for those school days in which we fall for each other…Sorry for leaving you after bavujis death…Sorry for hurting you…For your lost 10years….”

“B..Bihan…What are you saying..Dont you have any feeings for me..?”
Thapki poured her heart out.. bihan cupps her face with his hands..His heart overflowed…

“Muche maaph karna thapki..Pls forgive me…Forgive me for making you to feel insecure…How could you even think that i will be happy without you…forgive me for last night..I should have said you my feelings… I should have confessed…iam a fool i just kissed you..And didnt said anything……
Ab suno…Thapki….He pushed her hard against the wall ,  moved his hands such that…Palms on her jaw line… Fingers behind  ears, deep inside her hair… toching nape of her neck…His hands firm…That warmth made her feel special…He looked deep into her eyes…They were  just like…craving… and dying for that moment…..He moved much closer to her…..
“look thapki you know who you are to me…What you mean to me…We both know what is in between was in our teenage we found eachother…Now 10 years  had passed…. We got seperated for 10 years….Everything around us changed..Our worlds turned upside down…..But something remained unchanged…Your love thapki!!! Your love for me…Everyone believed that iam dead.. but Still you didnt forget me.. her tears touched his palm she just bend her head and looked down…Bihan lifts her chin up with his hands and made her look at him…..Look at me…. bihan is alive…Sase le raha hei…just because of you..His voice get intence….Even when the whole world blamed me…I had only you….I lived every moment in a hope that my thapki will never blame me…And i was right…..everyone mayvthink that how on earth it is possible for two people to love each other unconditionally..Even in their absence for a long time…but thapki…I should say now that our love Succeded the test of time….
May the whole universe change but nothing changed in btwn us…Bihans eyes became wet…

Bihan pandey LOVES THAPKI…Forever…..Till the end of life….I love you…

Thapki gets astonished by his words….
“B..Bihaan…..”she sobbed……. she fell to his chest wrapping her hands around him….Bihan wraps his hand around her…Caressing her head…..“Love you…!!”,
She looked up with grasping him
Bihan kissed on her forhead with his tears rolling down from his eyes… With great passion and affection that he hide inside him…He showered kisses on her forhead and head…Thapki closes her eyes and melted on his presence…
I LOVE YOU!!! He said again…
Love u too….
Thapki smiled in tears…

Bihan mind voice: i am sorry dear for behaving like this…I just dont wanted to put you in danger…But now iam helpless your love made me confess my feelings…Now i want to live thapki….I want to throw my past and live our dream life…I will never allow nothing to harm you and our love….

.He couldnt resist himself from confessing his love… Even after knowing that it will harm her…But for that moment he forgot every odds… Because he couldnt do injustice to thapki any more… in that moment there was only his thapki,infront of him nothing else.. who he wants to live with his whole life…Who is the first love of his life…The only love of his life…He ignored all the possible consequences….Including the threat of his life……..

“Could you please leave me you are wetting my shirt with tears…”
They were hugging each other…
“Is it….Then i am not going to leave you”
“Hmm ok..Your kajal marks will spoil my shirt…Others will get an oppertunity to think that…Something had happened bwn us…He giggles.”
“Chiii…”she punches onhis chest and  cuts the hug…
“Ooch thapki slowly…You may break my heart….”
“You are hillarious…”
Bihan and thapki reaches pandey nivas

Precap: bihan gets shoked after recieving a gift next day..

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