In the Name of Love – Chapter 18

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Short Recap [for all those who forgot what this story was about (hehe)]
Riddhima is a medical student whose mother is found to be dead near a mall, and her father has disappeared. She thinks her greedy uncle and aunt could be behind this. Vansh’s Dadi, who is their distant and foster relative, takes pity on Riddhima and her brother, and invites them to live at VR Mansion. Initially, Vansh and Riddhima are found to be at loggerheads with each other, but with each passing event, Vansh’s heart softens for Riddhima. He goes out of his way to help Riddhima out and even takes up her parents’ case under his wing. He apparently has found out that a woman named Kamala Devi is the clue to this case. But unbeknownst to him, Riddhima is already in love with Kabir and is dating him.

Chapter 18

When Riddhima was called downstairs into the living room, she saw everyone shooting weird stares in her direction.

“Whatever Sia said, is that true?” asked Rudra.

Riddhima realized that Sia had told everyone about her relationship. She felt disappointed with her.

“We send this girl to college so that she can study and become a good doctor, and this is what she does behind our backs?” taunted Chanchal.

“To love someone is not a crime,” Riddhima pointed out. “I don’t think I did anything that I should be ashamed of.”

Vansh who had been quietly watching the entire scene, could not bear the suspense more and decided to speak up. “Who is it?” he asked with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

Riddhima hesitated under Vansh’s unwavering gaze. To share a part of her private life was something she didn’t believe in, but now it seemed that she had no other choice. “He is my father’s friend’s son.”

As soon as she said that, Vansh’s expressions changed. He didn’t know why he had even expected her to take his name. Because now it caused him immense pain to see his hopes shattered.
But he soon composed himself, hiding his ache in a deeper corner of his heart.
“Are you serious about him, or is it just a casual fling?” he asked.

“I don’t do the ‘casual’ stuff,” said Riddhima, getting a little defensive. “Of course, I love him for real.”

“And what about him? Does he love you too, or are you just a means of pastime for him?” said Vansh.
Just because he was feeling hurt at the moment, didn’t mean that he had lost his senses too. He was still the sharp, witty and authoritative Vansh that the world knew him for, and no amount of useless emotions could change that.

“He loves me too, and is very serious about me,” said Riddhima sharply.

“Fine then. If that is how it is, then I’d like to meet him tomorrow evening, sharp 7pm, at Blue Moon CafΓ©,” Vansh announced, turning around to leave.

Riddhima tried to say, “But why do you want to…..”

“Can you for once not argue with me and listen to what I asked you to do?” Vansh blasted her.

Riddhima was startled. She had already seen the angry side of Vansh during the initial days, but lately he had been behaving really sweetly towards her. But now he was back to his original self again. Why did Vansh have such a contrasting set of confusing personalities?


Vansh was strolling in his room, reminiscing about his past moments with Riddhima and also about whatever happened today.

“Oh of course she has a boyfriend! What was I even thinking!” he thought to himself. “The first time when I fell in love, I had been unlucky. And after many years, when I actually start to develop feelings for another girl again, I remain unlucky even now.
And whoever that guy is, if I find even a single flaw in him, I’ll outright reject him.”

Just then, he heard a knock. It was Angre. He looked grim.

“What is it Angre that you are disturbing me at this hour of time?” he said, clearly looking irritated.

Angre knew that Vansh was in a bad mood, and that made him stammer even more. “Boss….actually….”

“Just shoot and don’t waste my time,” ordered Vansh.

“Kamla Devi has escaped,” Angre finally managed to say with a quiver in his eyes.

“How the hell can this happen?” he shouted at the top of his voice. “She was the only clue to this case! Didn’t you appoint your men to watch her house?”

“Yes Boss, they were watching, but don’t know how she managed to run away from their sight,” said Angre.

Vansh continued to shout, “Sack those useless, good-for-nothing morons who couldn’t even do a single task properly! And you too Angre, just get lost from my sight!”

Angre hurriedly left from there, not wanting to face the brunt of his Boss’s anger anymore. Vansh seemed absolutely normal in the morning, but now all of a sudden was in a very bad mood. Angre understood that there was something else too that was troubling him.


When Sia went to Riddhima’s room, she was surprised to find it in a complete mess.
“Oh Lord! Looks like a wave of tsunami has passed by.”

“Shut up Sia!” Riddhima sounded annoyed. “Whenever I get nervous or panicked, I start scattering things around. It feels really liberating, you should try it too.”

“But may I ask what are you getting nervous for?”

“The fact that Mr. Raisinghania all of a sudden wants to meet Kabir!” replied Riddhima.

“Ohh, so his name is Kabir,” chuckled Sia. “How does RIDHBIR sound?”

“What’s Ridhbir?” asked Riddhima, appearing confused.

“Riddhima plus Kabir, RIDHBIR!”

Riddhima rolled her eyes at Sia. “Can we get serious please?”

“Riddhima, you don’t need to get worried at all. This is not the first time Bhai is doing something like this. Whenever Ishani had boyfriends, he always insisted upon meeting them so that he could personally approve them. And once the guy gets approved, he gets a free pass to visit VR Mansion as and when he likes, can you believe it!”

“Really?” Riddhima’s face glowed up.

Sia explained, “Yes. Just imagine, Kapil or Kabir, whatever that guy’s name is, he’ll be invited to all the parties and festivals, you can go on dates with him without taking anyone’s permission, and most importantly, you’ll get to spend a lot of quality time with him without any restrictions. Just imagine, how cool and romantic that would be?”

A wide smile started lingering on Riddhima’s face, when abruptly she got nervous again. “And what if Mr. Raisinghania rejects him?”

Sia fell quiet as she realized that this could be very much possible, but she didn’t want to make Riddhima more panicky.
“Why would Bhai reject him if he’s a nice guy, and genuinely loves you with his whole heart? Just remain optimistic, and don’t let any negative thoughts boggle your mind, okay?”

“Okay,” smiled Riddhima.

Next evening, by exact 7 pm, Vansh had brought Riddhima to Blue Moon Cafe. She found the cafe to be unusually empty, but later realised that perhaps Vansh had booked the entire restaurant to ensure a more private affair.

They sat down at a table and soon after, a waitress came upto them to collect their order.

“Black coffee,” ordered Vansh.
“Cappucino for me please,” said Riddhima.

Vansh irritatedly glanced at his watch. “It’s already five minutes past seven. This guy seems to be highly impunctual, and I hate impunctual people.”

Riddhima tried to defend him. “You know how unpredictable Mumbai’s traffic can be right.”

“I’m not going to wait for more than ten minutes for him,” warned Vansh.

Riddhima excused herself and called Kabir up. “What is taking you so long? If you don’t come within ten minutes, Vansh is going to leave. He absolutely dislikes impunctuality.”

Kabir abruptly stopped the car that he was driving. “His name is Vansh?”

Riddhima became worried. She had not yet disclosed about Vansh’s real identity in front of Kabir. She remembered how Kabir had once told her that he hated rich and famous people.
Apparently, a really powerful person had wronged his family, and to this day, he held grudges against the higher class society.
She didn’t want Kabir to come with a preconcieved bad notion about Vansh, because even if he was rich, famous and a bit arrogant too, still she couldn’t deny the fact that he was actually a big-hearted person.

“Yes, what about that?” she asked.

Kabir realised that there could be many people with the name Vansh, it need not necessarily beΒ that VanshΒ only.
Dismissing all doubts, he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll reach there by time.”

When Riddhima returned to her seat, Vansh smirked at her, “Is your so-called boyfriend even coming or not? Or did he get frightened just by hearing my name?”

“Why do you have this misconception that everyone around you, fears you? Many people don’t,” said Riddhima.

“Like you,” said Vansh, sipping his coffee. “By the way, what does your boyfriend do? I mean, is he still studying or working somewhere?”

“He is working,” came the reply.

“Where?” The next question was shot immediately.

Riddhima nervously tucked her hair behind her ears. Just like how she had hidden about Vansh’s real identity and powerful status from Kabir, similarly she felt the need to hide the fact that Kabir served in the police, considering how strongly Vansh detested that profession. If she disclosed about Kabir’s occupation right now, Vansh would reject him even before taking a glance at him!

“He…works as an accountant in a real estate company.” She felt that she would soon get tangled in her own web of lies.

Vansh pointed towards the large clock hanging on the wall. “Only one minute left. If he still doesn’t come until then, we’re off from here.”

Riddhima anxiously kept staring at the door, waiting for Kabir to come by.

Vansh started doing the countdown. “Last five seconds left. Four, three, two and one. Oops! Time’s up and we need to leave right now. That irresponsible guy neither deserves my precious time, nor does he deserve you….”

At that very instant, Kabir appeared at the door, and Riddhima happily said, “He’s here!”

Vansh’s back was turned towards the door, and he sat there itself, waiting for the concerned person to come to the table. On the other hand, Riddhima excitedly went towards the door.

“I’m sorry Riddhima for being late,” said Kabir, who could only see Vansh’s back.

Vansh became startled on hearing him speak. He could recognize that voice anytime and anywhere.

When Vansh turned around to face him, Kabir fell in a stupor to see who it was. “Vansh Raisinghania…” he muttered under his breath, but loud enough to be heard by others.

“Inspector Kabir Sharma,” said Vansh fiercely.

They kept glaring at each other for a minute without saying a word.

Riddhima on the other hand was equally shocked to see that they both knew each other. She could see both their faces turning red in anger.
“Oh God! What will happen now?” she thought.

“Uhm, well, it’s really nice that you guys know each other from before,” Riddhima tried to lighten the atmosphere, but had to quickly shut her mouth when Vansh shot her a furious look.

Vansh finally cleared his throat, and spoke in his signature dangerous tone. “Stay away from Riddhima, Inspector Kabir Sharma. If I see you loitering anywhere around her, I also don’t know what I might end up doing with you.”

Kabir said, “And what makes you think that I will blindly obey your command? We both love each other and you’ve no right to separate us.”

Vansh stepped closer. “Do not challenge me Kabir, or else…..”

Kabir also stepped closer, and now they were just a few centimeters apart. “Try me!”

Looking at the dangerous proximity between them, Riddhima was afraid of a physical fight brewing up.

Just then, Vansh grabbed her hand. “From today onwards, you’re not going to have any relation with him, or else you will have to face dire consequences. Let us leave now!”

Kabir blocked their way. “Leave her alone, I say!”

Vansh snapped his fingers and in an instant, few men clad in suits surrounded them.
“Boys, take care of him,” said Vansh dragging a resisting Riddhima along with him.

“Riddhima!” Kabir tried to stop them. But just then, a hard blow landed over his face, and he fell to the ground.

“Kabir!” Riddhima tried to run towards him, but Vansh continued dragging her by the hand outside the cafe.

With a lot of difficult, she managed to jerk her hand off from his grip, and pushed him away.
When he tried to hold her again, she warned, “Don’t touch me!”

“I’ve no interest in touching you,” said Vansh looking away. “It’s getting late and we need to reach home immediately, or else we would be late for dinner.”

“I can’t believe it! On one side you are literally playing with my life, and on the other you are more concerned about having dinner on time? I don’t even understand what is going on!”

“There’s no need for you to even understand anything,” said Vansh. “What’s happened in the past has happened. But now, if I ever catch you trying to stay in touch with Kabir, either personally or via phone calls, you’d be severely punished.”

Riddhima clapped her hands. “What a hypocrite you’re, Mr. Raisinghania!You don’t want anyone else to interfere in your personal life, but you consider it absolutely alright when you start controlling someone else’s life!”

“Of course I do have a right on you! You are my responsibility, and I will do whatever I think is right for you, and nobody can stop me,” Vansh spoke sternly. “Also better keep your misbehaviour in control.”

“Misbehaviour? You should be thankful that I haven’t actually started ‘misbehaving’ with you, or else I still wouldn’t be referring to you as ‘Mr. Raisinghania’,” said Riddhima. “Also I now understood why you have a problem with Kabir – because he’s a police officer. And I really cannot understand what kind of allergy you have with the police. Do you know who hates the police? A criminal and a thief! Are you one Mr. Raisinghania?”

“Mind your language, young lady,” growled Vansh. “Nobody speaks to me in that tone.” Saying this he angrily tried to grasp her arms, but she jerked off his hands.

“Don’t touch me, I said,” she pointed a finger in his direction.

Vansh smirked at her. “Not only touch, but I’m planning to actually lift you up in my arms. What say?”

Riddhima looked at him mortified.
Vansh enjoyed the effect he had on her.

“If you don’t want any such thing to happen, quietly listen to me and sit in the car. Right now,” said Vansh.

Even though Riddhima was trained in karate, but Vansh was much of an expert as compared to her. His grip on her was so strong that she had found it very difficult to free herself.

She looked at him in contempt, and sat in the car without saying any further word. But from inside, she wanted to scream and shout. She had always been a strong and independent girl, and this dominance over her was tearing her apart.

Precap :

Vansh imposes stricter rules upon Riddhima and tells her that he will closely spy upon her.

Kabir secretly tries to meet Riddhima and informs her that Vansh belongs to the Mafia.

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