In love with you (ATBA FF) – Part 25

Sorry for not uploading new parts for a while becauof some issues . But now I’ll be uploading regularly as earlier .

Epi starts….

Veer leaves for hospital and Vikram leaves for court .

In the evening …

Rani calls Veer ….

Rani – When you’re coming home?

Veer – Well not now .

Rani – Why

Veer – I’m having some work so I’ll do it and then come home

Rani – Mr Rajawat. I am giving you an hour to complete your work and come home otherwise be ready for my anger .

Veer – Its not possible.

Meanwhile vikram in court….

He was laughing with some people .

Man 1 – Finally we did it .

Man 2 – All because of Vikram

Vikram- Don’t give all credit to me . It was our teamwork who led us

Man 3 – To win the case

Man 1 – We should party

Man 2 – In the club

Vikram- Yes . Lets go

They go to the club …

They drink ..

After 2 hrs ….

Veer comes home ….


Rani was sitting in her room .

Veer entered – OMG ! Someone is looking s*xy 😍

Rani throws a cushion on him

Veer – What happened to my sweetheart

Rani goes out of room

Veer – Shit man ! I should’ve took care . Rani’s anger . Hmm

Vikram comes home and went to his room ….

Precap – Rani ignores Veer . Veer goes romantic. Vikram and kiara have a romantic moment…

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