In love with you (ATBA FF) – Part 18


Hello everyone how are you . Just came here to step to one more stair of our story . So in the last part I ended that Rani throws a cushion on Veer when he comes . She declines to tell him what is the cause of her anger.

Now ….

Veer goes and sits beside Rani and take her in his arms . Rani declines to do so .

Veer : What happened to my sweetheart
Rani : You don’t love me anymore
Veer : Who told you this . I love you a lot .
Rani : Then if I am telling you for more than a week to take me out for a date. Then whats your problem.
Veer – Ok . We’ll go tomorrow.
Rani kisses him
Veer hugs her.
Rani keeps her head on his chest and closes her eyes .
Veer closes his eyes too .
They sleep .

Next day…

Rani sa was sitting in the living room. Vikram comes and asks for kiara .

Rani sa : We won’t charge you if you sit with us .
Vikram : I will come back here only.

He goes to kitchen and does not notice Padmini there.

Precap – Padmini says she will be back soon

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