In love with you (ATBA FF) – Part 17

Hello everyone.. Hope everything is going well. Here I am back . Actually Gurunanak Jayanti was there so I was busy there. But now I am back.

Padmini – So how you and Rani were married
Veer – I think you know that .
Padmini – Beta actually she doesn’t have sense
Veer – What the hell
Padmini – whenever She is with you. She kiss you in front of everyone. She always sits near you . Keeps her hand on your chest . It doesn’t looks good . See I know its cool but we are from the past generation so this is not good for us .
Veer gets angry .

Veer – Mom is also from your generation. She is not awkward on that . And that’s our matter . She likes me so she is being close to me . That’s not a big deal.
Padmini moves on.

Rani comes with coffee .

Veer – What was that
Rani – Sorry
Veer – half an hour for making coffe . Seriously
Rani – Sorry na. Rani kiss him.
Veer hugs her.

At night
Veer comes to his Room . Rani throws a cushion on him .

Veer – What are you doing
Rani – What I am supposed to do
Veer – Rani . What happened
Rani – Nothing.
Veer – Why are you angry
Rani again throws a cushion on him .

Precap – Veer and Rani have a romantic moment. Vikram romances Kiara in front of Padmini .

Hi guys that’s a bit for now. So let me know your reviews either positive or negative. So hope its going well.

  1. ADP

    Nice update

  2. Let’s see now what padmini will tell to vikram while he is doing infront of her… N yes i think padmini might said something to raani about veer being angry on her

  3. This was nice.. I am liking this track…

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