In love with angel – Ragsan- Part 7

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hi sissy’s.. here’s next part

Sanskar got shocked seeing Ragini’s photo named as dia.

San: Ragini. Wats this? R u dia? Is this ur village?

Rag: m not Diya. M Ragini.

San: then she might b ur look a like. We can take advantage of this. We can stay safe from mehra’s goons.

Goons ran away. All villagers come near Ragini. All one by one started showering their questions.

“Diya, where were u beta. We were worried”

“Anyone told u anything?”

“Tell us, we won’t leave them”

“How is ur health?”

Just then a couple came.

Lady hugs Ragini and cried.

Lady: where were u? Can’t u inform us? Can’t u think abt ur mother? How much I was tensed.?

Man: Diya beta. Atleast u cud have called us na?

Sanskar got worried thinking wat to answer them.

San: actually aunty, uncle. She met with an accident.

All: wat accident?

San: no need to wry. Now she’s alright. I was there when she met with accident. I took her to hospital. Doc said everything is fine but she lost her memory. She doesn’t remember anything.

They all got worried. They thanked sanskar for saving her.

Diya’s father: u saved our child. U shud stay here with us till she get fine, or atleast for few days as our guest.

Sanskar wanted this only. He agreed.

They went to diya’s home with her parents.



Diya was sleeping on bed. Father and mother were sitting either side of her caressing.

Rag: papa, u love Diya so much na?

Fat: y r u asking like this? U r our life. We r thankful to God that u safely reached us. Or else we had decided to suicide.

(While telling this both got teary eyed)

Rag: now m here na. Don’t wry.

She looked at diya’s photo which was hanged on wall.


Next day

Sanskar got up and came out of his room. He was searching Ragini. Diya’s mom came.

Mom: sanskar go and get fresh. Breakfast is ready.

San: ok aunty.

After getting fresh he came out he hears sweet voice of singing arti song. He goes to home temple and saw Ragini doing arti. She was wearing simple dress as village girls wear.

She was looking damn pretty in that. He lost in her beauty. She comes to sanskar with arti plate. Sanskar was lost in her. She tapped his shoulders then he came to sense.

Rag: how m looking in this dress?

San: like angel.

Rag: smiles. M angel only.

San smiles. They all gathered for breakfast. Diya’s dad tells Ragini to show village to sanskar. Ragini agreed.

Both were roaming in village. Ragini was very excited. Sanskar was looking her only.

Rag: sanskar, I loved this village very much. Everywhere is greenery. Fresh air. Cool climate.

Ragsan were roaming all around. In between some village people met Ragini and spoke abt her health and all. Ragini spoke with them by their name.

San in mind: how does she know every villager’s name? Is she Diya only? And acting infront of me as Ragini? She lied me. She’s Diya only.

San: ragini.

Rag turned back to sanskar.

Rag: wat happened? Lets go. Still a lot is there to see.

San: y did u lie?

Rag dint understand.

San: I know u r only diya. y u lied me that u r ragini? U r having lovely parents who cares u love u very much. And even all villagers also consider u as their daughter. Y did u leav this all and came to pune?

Rag: m telling truth sanskar. M ragini not diya.

San: then how do u know all villagers name?

Rag: will u believ if I tell.

San just looked at her.

Rag: diya was caring and bubbly girl who always loved others and cares all. Every Sunday she used to come to village. Every Sunday is like diwali for all villagers as diya brings happiness.


Ragini is playing with her friends in heaven. One girl comes to ragini.

Girl: ragini. One girl came to heaven from earth. She looks like u only.

Ragini gets interest and goes to see her. Ragini sees diya and sits infront of her. She gets amazed as she looks same like her. But she was confused to see her sad.

Rag: wats ur name? y r u sad? U came to heaven. Rarely human comes to heaven. See all r happy. Then y r u sad?

Diya: my name is diya. For me real heaven is on earth. We wil get caring, loving people there. They always spread happiness, especially my village. M sad that I cudnt complete my work which I had promised all. I was very near of my promise, but unfortunately died and came here.

Rag: wat promise?

FB in FB ( don’t get confused. Its diya’s FB for ragini. )

A girl is shown working on computer in a company. She’s revealed to be diya.

She was very busy in work that she dint notice its already late. Her frnd kavita came to her.

Kav: diya. Its already 6 pm. And its Saturday. All r leaving. Do u want to stay here only?

Diya looks at her watch: oops.. dint see time. Just 2 mins. Wil come.

Both came out of company.

Kav: so wats ur Sunday plan?

Diya: u know that every Sunday I go to my village to meet my parents and to spend a day with them.

Kav: ok. Bye. See u Monday.

Diya: bye.


@diya’s home.

Diya enters slowly and closes her mom’s eyes.

Mom: I know. Its u diya.

Diya: mom how do u know?

Mom: m ur mom. And its Sunday. Who else will come except u.

All family gathered and spent gud time. Then diya goes to all villagers and talks with them all. She gave some things which she brought from city to those people who needed.



Diya sees all villagers gathered at panchayat place. She goes to see.

Mr. khanna. A rich man of that village who gives loan to villagers on double interest. Villagers takes loan from him only as they have only him in village.

Diya’s father is panchayat leader.

Villagers: khanna is selling our property ( farms ) which is only source of our living.

Khanna: I’ll sell. Coz u dint paid installment. I had given time to all of u. none of u paid. So now its my property. I can do anything.

Villagers request to panchayat to give some more time. But khanna was not at all agreed for giving time.

Diya felt bad seeing this.

Diya: wait all of u. mr. khanna. Give me one week time. I’ll return all ur money and take all property papers.

Khanna didnt agree.

Diya: give last chance. If I don’t return money then u can do whatever u want. No one wil stop u.

Khanna: total amount is 3 lacs. Can u pay?

Diya: within a week I’ll transfer all money to ur account.

All request to khanna. He agreed to give last chance. He went from there.

All asked diya from where she’ll bring such a big amount as she just joined job.

Diya: don’t wry. I’ll manage. But remember. Next time don’t take loan from people like khanna. Government provides many facilities for farmer.

All agreed.

Diya went back to city by thinking how to arrange money.

hope u liked it

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love u all….

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