In love with angel – Ragsan- Part 6

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Mehra angrily reaches sanskar’s place with some goons. Sanskar was not there. He found jai and ragini there. He went and holds jai’s collar.

Meh: how dare u to cheat me? I trusted u and gave u responsibility and u cheated me. Where is sanskar?

Jai(scared): he is outside. He can come anytime. Plz leav me.

Mehra looked at ragini who was smiling innocently.
Meh to jai: who is she?

Jai: I don’t know. We just found her on road.

Meh: she might be sanskar’s girlfrnd.

He tells to goons.

Meh: take her with us. Sanskar wil automatically come.

They took ragini with them. After some times sanskar comes to home. He sees jai scared.

San: wat happened.?

Jai: mehra had come. He came to know abt idol.

San: where is ragini?

Jai: he took her with him.

San: wat ? y?

Jai: he thought her as ur gf so he took her. Let it b bro. she’s mad y to think of her?

San gets angry. He shouts at jai.

San: do u even know how dangerous mehra is? And u let ragini go with him?

Jai: u only tld while giving lift that u don’t want other prob.

San: ya. But that situation different. Now we only brought her here coz of our selfishness, till she is here she’s our responsibility. U had to stop them.

Jai: m so sry.

San: laev it. I’ll go to him to bring her. U pack ur things and go to ur aunt home for few days. He shud not find u also.

Jai: ok.


Sanskar reaches mehra place.

Meh: welcome sanskar. I knew u will come.

San: mehra. Whatever prob is there its between us. Leav this girl. Don’t involve her in this.

Meh: who is she to u?

San: I don’t know. She’s unknown to me.

Meh: if unknown then y u care for her? First tell me where is my idol?

Rag: (smiling)m here.

Both look at her. And again he asks.

Meh: tell me where is idol?

Ragini comes to them.

Rag: m only that idol.

San: hey mental, keep quite. Mehra actually it lost from us. U needed idol and I gav u.

Meh: I want my idol which I gave u.

Rag: its me only.

Again both look at her.

San: she’s crack. Don’t listen her.

Meh: I need my idol. U cheated me. I wont leav u.

He told goons to beat sanskar. He fought with them.

San: I cant beat all of them alone. I have to think ragini’s safety also.

He holds ragini’s hand and stared running.

Rag: y we r running? Beat them na. ur fight was looking nice.

San: nice? M getting beaten from them and its nice for u? just run. I cant mangae it alone for long time.

Both starts running holding hands. They entered in jungle.

Rag: it looks like filmy. I love earth.

San gives her unbelievable look. Soon they reach main road. Both were breathing heavily. Ragini sees little blood on sanskar’s head. She started to clean it with his jacket only. Sanskar for a while lost in her. She was blowing it. He lost in her cute eyes. He came to sense by sound of vehicles.

San: we have to take lift from here or else goons reach us.

They tried. Many vehicles went but none of them stopped. Ragini was wearing sanskar’s shirt only. He sees one lady selling water melon. Then sanskar got idea. He took one of them and told ragini to place in shirt so that she looks like pregnant. She did.

Rag: y this?

San: just see.

Soon a bus stop infront of them to give lift. It was junior(students) doctor’s bus who just started practicing. All were going back to city after finishing there camp. They gave lift thinking ragini is pregnant.
They sat in bus.

Doc1: wat r u doing here?

San: doc had told us to walk for her.

Doc1: this much far?

San(thinks): he dint tell how much to walk.

Doc2: which month?

San not getting wat to say: I think 4 or 5 or 6 and…

Senior doc of that team ( he thinks himself smart): its 6th month and 4 days.

San: he’s rite.

Doc1: how can u say that sir?

Sen: y do u come for college? We shud tell by seeing situation only.

Ragsan look at him strangely.

Sen: take all of u pen and note. Start noting. I’ll tell how to handle situation like this.

All opened book and pen. San got scared, while rag was smiling only as everything seems interesting to her.
Sen took his stethoscope and was abt to keep on her stomach.

San screams: no.

All looked at him.

San normally: she’s 100% pregnant doc.

Sen: that I’ll check.

He keeps stethoscope. San turns his face to other side thinking they caught them.

Sen: give sweets.

San: murmuring. Wat sweets.

Sen : give sweets. Congrats. Its twins.

San got shocked.

San: twins?

All congratulated him.

Sen: 1 girl and a boy. Boy wud b like u. reddish as ur cheeks seems red.

San in mind ( if we cut watermelon, from inside it wud b red only.)

Sen: doesn’t he kick?

Rag acts like holding stomach that he kicks.

Sen: if u do walk everything will b fine. All of u sit in ur place. U walk in bus only from here to there.

Ragini started walking. Driver applied brake suddenly and ragini fell down. broken water melon comes out .

Sen doc: scream: its abortion.

San stood. Slowly to that sen.

San: tell honestly. U took reference for passing doctorate na.

Sen: no no my dad paid 60 lakhs for my seat.

San: u wasted ur dad money.

Doc1: its watermelon.

Sen: wat?

All : u lied us. U don’t know anything.

And started to beat him. Here both ragsan got down.


At other place goons were searching ragsan in all places.

Ragsan were walking on road. Ragini saw a pregnant lady standing.

Rag: sankar see watermelon.

She went near to that lady.

Rag: its watermelon rite?

Lad: no. its my stomach.

Rag: u r lying. Its watermelon.

Lad: its my stomach. She shows ragini her stomach.

San goes to them.

San: sry madam.

He drags ragini telling

San: all don’t keep watermelon like u. lets move from here.

Goons saw ragsan coming.

Goon: hey look there they r.

They ran towards them and blocked them from all sides. This times there r many goons.

Goon: we r searching for u like dogs and u r enjoying. Hey all take them.

A goon was coming near ragini. Sanskar pushes him and starts fighting with all. But as they were many sanskar was getting beaten. They were in a middle of a village now.

Some of village people saw them.

Villager: hey see there. our daughter is in problem. Lets save them.
All villagers started to beat goons. Sanskar gets amazed.

San: y they r fighting for us.

Just then he saw a photo of ragini on a wall with written something below. He reads that.


San got schoked.

Precap: who’s diya?

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