In love with angel – Ragsan- Part 3

Hi sissy’s. m happy seeing ur response. Thanku so much. I thought u may get bored after knowing it’s a story of a movie. But m happy seeing ur comments. That’s y m continuing. keep supporting. Thanku so much. Let’s start.

Meh: this was one of big deal. After reaching Pune I’ll double the money price. He has to pay. (Smiles evilly)

Jaisan were in ambulance towards Pune. They saw police checking. Both scared little. Police come to thier ambulance.

Pol: get down and open the door. Show us Wats inside.

Jai: sir it’s a ambulance. Patient is there.

Pol: who knows. Now a days drugs and all buiseness r going through ambulance only. Come and open.

Both slowly get down slowly. They Luk at each other. San signs to jai through eyes.
Suddenly sanskar starts acting and saying loudly.

San: police sir, it’s my cousin inside. It’s really very urgent to go. Pls allow us.

But police dint agree. Then sanskar give his mob to jai.

San:(dramatically acting) jai record it. Dear frnds. My cousin health is serious and this police is not allowing us to go. This is against rule. Now they’ll ask money. Jai post it on social networks.

Pol: got scared. Ok ok. U go. Don’t post it. Del that video.

San: ok sir thanku.

They left. Police loudly to them.

Pol: don’t forget to del.

Jai: don’t wry sir. It’s not recorded.

Both do hi fi.

It was nearly nite.

Jai: sanskar I think u took wrong route. We missed way.

San: this was a short cut bro. But I too think we lost in forest. But no wry. Just after few mins we’ll join highway.

Suddenly they hear sound and there ambulance stopped with jumping due to stones. In this time that parcel comes outside and fell. They dint notice that. They come down and saw it punctured.

San: jai. Last time I had done. Now it’s ur turn to change.

Jai: hmmm. K. Before that let’s have a drink.

San glares.

Jai: only one drink bro.

San: ok make two glasses. One for me too. He winks.

Both started drinking. Slowly they drank full bottle. Jai changed puncture and slept there only due to drink effect. Sanskar got up and looked back and saw that parcel. He was fully drunk and staring. He went near that and unpacked it. He saw that idol and got mesmerized. He lost in that beauty.

San: (in drunk state only) wow. How beautiful u r. But Wats use. U r a simple stone. Idol. Which can b kept in one place.

He touched idol’s cheek. And sees it’s eyes.

San: ur eyes. Anyone can lost in this beautiful eyes. Eyes blinked once. As he’s drunk he didn’t notice that. He touched it’s lips.

San: it’s like a rose petals. Very smooth.

Lips turned little curved. He comes down to waist.

San: wat a waist. Even heroins also have to work a lot to get this figure. If u were alive then definitely I wud have married u.

Saying this he lost balance and slept there only due to drink effect. That idol starts to get shine and slowly it starts to turn into human form. It starts from legs to top. Now it fully turned into beautiful girl. Now we can see a beautiful angel standing Infront of us with smiling face.
That girl looked at sanskar. Smiled and left that place.

Next mrng both jaisan woke up yawning.

San: u changed? Let’s start our journey.

They were abt to start.

Jai: sanky. Parcel is not in its place. It’s empty.

San: wat? How can it b possible? It shud b here only somewhere. Search it. No one can come in middle nite to take. Search fast.

Both started searching. They got tired and sat. Sanskar luks at unpacked thing.

San: hey I think some one surely took idol as I had unpacked. Now wat to do. Jai it’s all coz of u. If we wud have not drunk, then this won’t b happened. This is first time happened with me that my work left undone.

Jai: that’s one side Bhai. But wat abt mehra. He’ll kill us if he doesn’t get idol.

San: hmmm… We’ll replace it with other idol.

Jai: gud idea.

Both went to shop. They started to see girl idol. But cudnt get beautiful one. But they didn’t have any option. Finally they select one and packed it then kept in there mini truck. They left ambulance and took mini truck as there r possibility of getting caught by police as they fooled them using ambulance.

They reached highway. They got mehra call.

Meh: sanskar. U told one day. When u r going to come?

San: we were hiding from police whole night. Now we left. Till evng we’ll reach.

Meh: ok gud. Be careful.

Sanskar cuts call and suddenly applied break as she saw girl came Infront of his truck.

San: hey idiot girl. U got my truck to suicide?

Girl: I was alone here. Not came for suicide.

Jai: I think she need lift.

San: leave jai. I don’t want to involve in any girl matter.

Jai: she’s alone Bhai. Let’s give lift na.

San: ok. Where u want to go?

Girl: where u r going?

Jai: Pune.

Girl: me too Pune.

Jai: come get in. We will leave u there.

Girl: thanku. Happily sits inside.

Jai: myself jai. He’s sanskar. U?

Girl: m Ragini.

Done with this. Leave ur likes and views.

Love you all 😘 😘

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  1. Jasminerahul

    sanskar getting impressed by the idol n describing each part of the idol n each part moving was the idol turned into a beautiful girl.guess its ragini.oh sanskar bought another idol.what will happen if they come to know that sanskar cheated them?finally sanskar met ragini n gave her lift without knowing that she is the idol.interesting

    1. Palchin

      Thanku very much Jasminerahul 🙂

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Anu 🙂

  2. Priyankashaurya

    SUperb Yar…. Post next part soon…… Itss a different story… Wanna know what happens next…

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Priyankashaurya 🙂

  3. Superb 👌

    1. Palchin

      Thanku geet 🙂

  4. Awesome di.. Waiting to know more

    1. Palchin

      Thanku ria 🙂

  5. Fantastic!!

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Aadya for commenting again 🙂

  6. Awesomee

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Keerthi 🙂

  7. Amazing sisssy. Its really different plot. Waiting to know how ragsan fall in love with each other. Again I’m holding my ears for not commenting regularly. Sorry 😘

    1. Palchin

      Thanku nive. But don’t repeat again 🙂

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Ishu 🙂

  8. Really an interesting story yaar. Looking forward to it.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Aditi 🙂

  9. Awesome waiting for next update 😀

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Tara

  10. Awesome Sry for late comment. From morning I can’t open tu page. I tried every one hour. Now only it opened 😈

    1. Palchin

      It’s ok. Thanku Vini. Even this happens with me too. When I post, sometimes it’ll b update soon. Sometimes whole day.,😒

  11. Awesome it’s not bored. Its totally different from other Ragsan stories.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Ragsan

  12. Awesome is ragini falling for sanskar in very first meeting?

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Shalini. No dear. She won’t.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku moni

  13. Amazinggggggggggg Amazinggggggggggg sanskar description of the statue was Amazinggggggggggggggggggggggg 🤩

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Ragsanian

  14. Amazing dear love it 😍😍😍.plz update your only mine ff next

    1. Palchin

      Thanku. Yes dear Wil update that soon 🙂

  15. Superbbbbbbb update tere ishq me jana.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku maha. Ya Wil update soon dear

  16. Amazing.. Please update tere ishq me jana.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Tanvi. Ya will update that soon.

  17. Wonderful chappy sis I’m loving this story 😍😍😍😍

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