In Love Revolution Can’t be Done It just happen itself (TWINJ)- Happy B’Day Priya & Nisha

Hello friends, I’m back with another OS.. Hope you would like it. It’s a birthday treat for PRIYA & NISHA.
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PRIYA (Sorry couldn’t wish you on your b’day personally)
May good time always smile on both of you. May happiness always come your way. May God fulfill your all wishes nd dreams. Wishing you both a wonderful life ahead. Be happy nd stay blessed.

(P.S.- I want to clear something to you all that this is the first story written by me.. I mean, I started my journey as writer on TU with this story only.. But I’ve posted it from my old account with different title which I’ve deleted permanently.. but now reposting it with this account as I wasn’t getting time to think about a new one.. so who has read it already don’t misunderstood me that I’ve copied someone else story)..

So let’s start with a smile….

*City school of Chandigadh*

A girl entered in school nd went in a class. It was Class-11. She was searching for a seat bcz all were full with students except one in 3rd row, on which a boy was seated. So she went to him…

Girl :- “May I’ve a seat here?”

Boy :- “Yeah sure…”

Girl :- “Thanks..” she took her seat nd then introduced herself to him..

Girl :- “Hi myself TWINKLE TANEJA”

Boy :- “Hi I’m KUNJ SARNA.. are u new here?”

Twinkle :- “Yeah I’m new here… I’m from Amritsar nd my papa is a Doctor nd transferred from Amritsar to Chandigarh last month nd we sifted here last week.”…

Kunj :- “Wow I’m also from Amritsar but I stay in the hostel .Actually my papa is a businessman nd he is very strict about my study nd thinks that I’ll destroy my life in Amritsar with my friends that why he send me here.. but I don’t know anyone here…” after a little silence “u r math student or bio?”

Twinkle :- “Bio n you?”

Kunj :- “Me too.. so Friends (stretching his hand).”
Twinkle :- “Yeah friends..” she shakes her hand with him.. time went on nd they became best friend. They shares everything with each other, study together, fight with each other, always support to one another nd like this both completed their 12th.. it was the day of their result..

Kunj :- “Hey twinkle! now what have you decided for further studies?..”

Twinkle :- “Kunj papa want me to do MBBS nd for that he has decided to send me Delhi for coaching so that I’ll get help to clear my entrance exam.. but I don’t want to go bcz I’ll lose my best friend forever but I can’t do anything”.. she said making a sad face..

Kunj (exited) :- “Wow.. that’s great Twinkle.. you don’t need to be sad bcz I’m also going Delhi for coaching as my papa also want same..”.. listening this Twinkle smiles in happiness nd hugs kunj

Twinkle (breaking their hug) :- “It’s mean we’ll study together there also… I’m so happy nd excited… thank you so much Kunj for this news.. you know what I was very upset since Papa told me about his decision.. but now I’m so happy”..

Kunj :- “Me too Twinkle.. I didn’t wanted to go there but I can’t even refuse to Papa.. I was very sad.. but now I’m happy too..”..after some days they went to Delhi with their resp. parents. Twinkle got her admission in Kunj’s coaching bcz it was best coaching center. There also time went on with their strong bond nd no doubt that their bond has been turned into more than ‘just a friends’.. both were fallen in love.. bot never told about it to each other or may be both has started to realize it now.
Both were good in studies so finally after one year they got admission in same medical college.. It was 1st year of their college nd Valentine day. Kunj calls twinkle..

Kunj :- “Hello twinkle! will u come XYZ park today evening at 5 pm?

Twinkle :- “Why.. is something special there?”..

Kunj :- “First you come, you’ll get your answer.. it’s a surprise.. pls?”

Twinkle :- “Ok fine I’ll be there at 5pm”.

*XYZ Park*

Twinkle reached there wearing a red colour one piece till her knee with silver sandle n diamond earrings with her hair open in curl looking breathtaking gorgeous. She was amused with the scenario which was the date setup. She called for kunj moving here nd there nd when she turn back she found Kunj, who was dressed in red shirt with its two upper button open nd black jeans with black shoes, sitting on his knees..

Kunj :- “Twinkle I don’t know when n how this happened.. how my feelings changed for you.. but I know only thing that you are not just a friend for me anymore but more than this. Twinkle now i love to live with you, I love to spend time with you, I love your company with me every time nd every thing which is related with you. Twikle now you have become my habit nd I don’t want to change my this habit bcz can’t imagine my life without you. Twinkle…… I LOVE U.. I REALLY LOVE YOU SO MUCH…. WILL U BE MY VALENTINE FOREVER….. WILL U ADD MY NAME WITH YOURS ….? WILL YOU BE MRS. KUNJ SARNA..?? WILL YOU GIVE RIGHT TO SHOW MY RIGHT ON YOU..?? WILL U MARRY ME TWINKLE..??”.. he shows her a beautiful ring to make her wear..

Twinkle was stood there numb.. she was shocked surprise as well as happy.. her eyes were filled with tears of happiness.. she nods her head in agreement while forwarding her hand …

Twinkle :- “YES KUNJ I’LL MARRY YOU”.. kunj smiles brightly nd made her wear that beautiful ring… then get up on his feet nd hug her tightly


Kunj :-I LOVE U TOO TWINKLE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”….. nd they shared some romantic moments there.
That day both decides that they’ll talk to their parents after completing their study nd getting a job.. time went on nd like this their final year also completed.. nd both got their job in different hospitals in their college placement nd both have to oine it after a mont.. so till then both went to their respective house.. Kunj went Amritsar nd Twinkle’s parents were already shifted in Amritsar.. so she also went their.. both were happy.. nd finally one day Twinkle told to her parents about their love..

Twinkle :- “Papa Mom I want to tell u something”…

RT :- “Yes beta say what happened??”

Twinkle (hesitatingly) :- “Papa I… I…I lo… Papa Mom I love someone”…. saying this she closed her eyes tightly..

RT n Leela (shocked) :- “Who is he..?”.. they asked very casually as they don’t have any problem with.. she was surprised with their behavior..

Twinkle :-“Papa Mom… you know him. He is Kunj.. my school n college friend. We love each other n want to marry.

RT :- “He really loves you? I mean are you sure he is not doing time pass with you?”

Leela :- “Are you sure he is perfect for you?”..

Twinkle :- “Yes papa mom, he truly loves me.. he is very nice nd caring nd kindhearted person nd I’ll be luckiest girl to have kunj in my life… he is perfect for me”..

RT :- “Ok fine if your happiness is with him only then we are ready for this marriage.. ask to kunj to talk his family then we elders will talk about this matter .OK?”… twinkle hugs both of them in happiness

On the other side kunj also comes to Usha n Manohar and tell them same as twinkle.

Manohar (angrily) :- “Kunj were you studying there or romancing??.. Kunj it’s 1st n last time you are talking about this to me but next time I don’t want to listen anything”..

Kunj :- “But papa I lo…”..(but he was interrupted by Manohar)

Manohar :- “Kunj I said no.. means no. You’ll marry the girl chosen by us only.. So no more discussion about this matter.. Do you get that?? Now u may go”.. he went from there angrily in his room.. He didn’t know how to say his parents decision to Twinkle.. he was heartbroken nd didn’t want Twinkle also suffer same but he had no other option to tell her truth.. so he calls twinkle nd told her everything nd Twinkle was crying badly nd so was Kunj but he was trying his best to control himself so that he can console her…

Kunj :- “Twinkle pls don’t cry.. we can’t lose our hope.. we’ve to do somethimg.. Twinkle I promise I’ll try my best to convince papa nd I’m sure one day he’ll agree”.. Days went on nd kunj always tried to convince manohar but all is vain. One day Usha comes to kunj.

Usha :- “Kunj tomorrow Mr. Khanna is coming with his family so please don’t go anywhere bcz we have fixed your alience with his daughter Maya nd tomorrow you are going to engage with her. It’s a small function where only family member will be present”…

Kunj :- “Mom.. why are you nd papa doing this with me??.. Jab mujhe shadi karni hi hai to mai usse kyu nahi kar sakta jisse mai pyaar karta hoon?”..

Usha :- “Kunj don’t be mad.. we are doing this only for ur happiness aur ye pyar vyar sab sirf filmi batein hain time pass hai shuru mein ye sab accha lagta hai lekin baad sirf pachtava hota hai . So pls ye pyar ki batein apne dimag se nikal do n do what we r saying”…. and she left from there.

Kunj :- “I’m sorry mom but if you don’t care for my feelings, my emotions nd my happiness then I’ll also do what I want to do”..

Kunj (on phone call) :- “Twinkle will you marry me?:..

Twinkle :- “Kunj what happened why are you asking this suddenly nd when you know my answer?”..

Kunj :- “Twinkle just tell me tu mujhse shadi karegi kal hi? Twinkle tell me yes or no?”..

Twinkle :- “Kunj kal? shadi?…… ok fine.. yes I’ll marry with you whenever you will tell. But pls tell me what’s the matter?”… then he told her everything nd twinkle was shock as well as heart broken..

Twinkle :- “Kunj how can they do this with you??.. it’s the matter of your whole life.. they should understand you.. anyways.. you don’t worry I’ll talk to mom nd papa nd I’m sure they’ll support us”…

Kunj :- “I hope so.. anyway we don’t have much time.. so be ready tomorrow nd comes to the court at 11 pm I’ll meet you there only.. ok??.

Twinkle :- “Ok I’m going to talk my parents”… She comes to her parent’s room and told them everything..

Twinkle :- “Maa papa will you support us ?

RT :- “I’m sorry beta but I don’t think this is right decision I mean going against to his parent is not good. It’s marriage, life’s most important decision where parents blessings are very important.. I think both of you should wait until they agree otherwise move on in your lives”…

Twinkle (shocked n angry) :- “Papa I’ve not expected this from you… how can you say to me to move on without my Kunj??.. no I’ll never forget him”.. she runs from there.. In morning Twinkle wake up nd gets ready nd again went to her parents to ask their decision but their answer was same.. so she went back in her to pack her bag.. she was sad, heartbroken..

Twinkle :- “Mom I’m going to enter in my new life.. nd I’ll be waiting for you to come in my marriage nd give us your blessings”..

Leela :- “Twinkle, please try to understand.. don’t take such big step in hurry.. no one will be happy with it..pls puttar apne papa ki gal samajhne ki koshis kar”..

RT :- “Twinkle, if you’ll go from here then never come back in this house nd in our life ever.. bhool jana ki hum tere maa baap hain”..she was crying.. nothing can be worse for a girl than it..

Twinkle :- “Papa I can’t understand why two lovers are not allowed to marry with their love? why we are always forced to marry with the person, we don’t know?”.. he was speechless..

Twinkle :- “I know you don’t have any answer of it.. but its ok.. I know it’s the so called rule of our society nd it happen with almost all lovers.. nd if you want me to choose anyone b/w you nd kunj then this is most difficult for me Papa.. bcz I love you nd mom so much nd your presence in my life matter most.. I have always wish you both be in my life’s every special moment.. but I love Kunj also with the same intensity same passion I do you.. nd I’ve promise to him that I’ll always be by his side always be with him in his every decision nd today he has taken a biggest decision against his parents, just on my trust.. nd I can’t break his trust.. I’ll go with kunj Papa bcz one day I’ve to live my whole life with my life partner only” .. saying this she was waiting for their response but when she found nothing, she left in her room to take her bag nd took her parents blessings while touching their feet but RT didn’t let her do that.. before she could touch his feet he left from their.. she also walkout of house heartbroken, shattered.. she was crying badly…

After sometime she reached the court where kunj was already present.. both were sad bcz of their such action but both have no other option.. she hugged him tightly nd cries badly so did Kunj… After some time both composes themselves… Both went to the lawyer.. Kunj has discussed everything with him.. both completed all the formalities of the marriage in the presence of their two friends and were declared as husband nd wife… Kunj has not told to his family about this bcz he knew they won’t let him to do this.. they will stop him anyhow so he left a letter for them before leaving his house.. as both knew that can’t go back to their house so decided to stay in PG…

Both has taken one more important decision that they won’t take their relation to the next level until their parents will accept their marriage.. Nd like this both were living their married life happily but no doubt that the guilt of cheating their parents nd going against them was daily killing them from inside.. well time went on with their cute nd romantic moments..

After 2 years
Now twinj were working in same hospital of Chandigarh in different branches.. but it was like their was life was stop.. One day bebe, who was living in village, came to manohar nd usha to talk to them about Kunj nd talks them rudely

Bebe :- “Wah monu nd usha what a great parents you are.. tell me one thing, is Kunj your own son? bcz the way you both are behaving with him, I don’t think so… just tell me what was his fault? just he wanted to marry with the girl he loved so much? I agree that all love marriage doesn’t get successful but you also can’t refuse that arranged marriage has also no proof to make it successful.. nd what’s the guarantee that after marrying to Maya he would live his life happily?.. ya phir ye kahun ki tumhei uski khushi ki nahi apne rules aur maan samman aur parampara ki chinta hai.. Arrey put your ego aside nd accept both of them.. you also know that both will be unhappy until you accept them from your heart”.. scold them a lot nd they were just listening her.. nd don’t know it was their guilt or something else but both thought about this matter a lot.. nd finally after some days nd thinking so much they decided to accept their love.. so firstly both went to Leela nd RT to discuss on this matter nd convince them..

Finally both families were ready.. nd one day they reached Chandigarh surprising to Twinj.. Twinj apologies to them nd took their blessings both were longing for.. their parents gives them a grand reception party nd finally these two lover became one…

So how was it? hope it was worth enough to read. Sorry if it was boring.
Do drop down your comments nd share your views about the concept of this story.. 

Sorry for grammatical nd typing error.

Nd also really very sorry to all the writers for not reading nd commenting your stories.. I’ve some personal issues due which I was not active on TU nd wouldn’t be active for some more days. Hope you’ll understand.

Lots of Love

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