You Are My Imperfect Girl – SS Part 1

Hello guys…i am here with my new SS…i am gonna write this for my lovable pair vikram and shivani…i love them to the core…my small try for them…hope you all will like it…

SS: My Imperfect Girl

Male lead : Vikram singh chauhan as Akash Mehra

Female lead : Shivani surve as Shivani

Okay let’s get into the update.

So, the award we are all waiting for this evening..

World’s Best Business Tycoon

And the award goes to none other than

Mr.Akash Mehra!!!

A lady said by clapping her hands.

Akash is in the award function and he is nominated for the award Best Business Tycoon

And yeah he won!!

Everyone in the hall stood and clapped their hands to welcome akash.

All the lights fell on akash’s face and he gave a little smile.

He stood from his place.

He looks so handsome in his black suit..

He went towards the stage to receive the award.

Though he is happy to get this award, but his heart feels very sad…his heart is longing for his love…he wants her love to be here…

Chief guest get him back to the reality by saying

Mr.Akash congratulations…said cheif guest and stretches his hands towards Akash

Yeah!! Thank you sir…he said by giving a smile

And he receives the award..

Mr.Akash would you lyk to say something…the lady who is organising the function asked.

Akash hold the mike.

Yeah…Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen…First of all Thank you so much for this award…And i am really very happy to receive this award..This is the best and wonderful moment in my life..

And yes i would like to thank my parents for making me to reach this place…now they are not with me…but i am sure i will always have their blessings with me…

Mr.Akash that was a very sweet note from …but in this moment would you like to share anything…just because we are hearing a news like you are in a serious relationship with someone…would you open-up that?? Organiser asked

Akash had a smile in his lips…and said

Well guys u heard ryt…yes i am in a relationship seriously and she is the one who made me to enter this field…i love her so much….i will officially announce it soon to you guyz..

Thank you…Thank you so much….akash said and left the stage..

Akash and neil his PA is stepping out from the hall..

News reporters surrounded akash and shoot their questions

Akash answered every questions patiently…and also they asked about what he just announced in the stage…but he gave a smile back for that question.

His PA clear the crowd by saying…okay enough…over…we have to leave….he said by making them move.

Akash is about to leave but he stopped by hearing his love’s voice

Excuse me!! Mr. Mehra?? I wanna full pose of yours…

A girl said by clearing the crowd.

Akash turned as soon as he heard her voice. His happiness clearly visible in his eyes…ryt now he wants to hug her…and wanna say this is all bcoz of you baby!!!

And the girl is none other than our shivani. Shivani wearing white wid sky blue colour salwar kameez…she looks very beautiful..And the hair which she set free is waving because of the wind made her to look even more beautiful.

Yes shivani is his love…they were in a relationship since from their college…After his parents death he lost all his hope on life…shivani made him to reach his goals…She made him move forward with his life..And he loves him so much from the day she proposed him…and…

Hello Mr. Mehra??? I am asking you…shivani waved her hands in front of his face

Shivani brought him back to the reality.

Though he is very happy to see her at last, but he is very angry on her for not being with him on his best moments.

Sorry…you are late…AndIWon’tWasteMySingleMomentForThoseWhoIsNotPunctual….akash said everything in one sentence and left from there by leaving shivani in a shock..

Shivani is still standing there with her O shaped mouth for his reply.

Akil tapped her shoulder and asks her to do something as they wants his interview.

Shivani working as a camera women for a private channel…yes that was her passion..she loves to do that..akash supports her very much in this…and now shivani is here with her colleague cum friend on behalf of their company…

And also the actual truth is she is here for her love..for his best moment…

Shivani he is leaving…do something,..said akil by againg tapping her shoulder..

Shivani came back to reality and goes near akash who is about to sit on his car.

Arey tum aise kaise jaa saktha ho??..don’t you have any worry about my job…My MD will throw me out and also him she points akil..akash stop…she said by pulling akash out from him car..

Voh aap ki problem hai…said akash by giving her his own smirk.

And he left from there..

Akil gets worry and curse his fate for being friend for shivani…

Arey kuch nahi hoga humko…shivani consoled him

Agar kuch hua toh?? He asked


Hey guys…how is the i said earlier i love vikram and shivani pair so much…and i really wanna write something on i just gave a try…please guyz support me with this…i need all your support…please do comment and hit the like ?…love you all???

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