Immortal love (Epi-22)

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Ranveer says so are you going to do shopping? Ishani says yesterday only we went to mall remember I hope you do n there we did shopping. Ranveer says then we will go to Arizona at Grand Canyon. Ishani says okay. Ishani says so are we leaving this evening? He says yes I’ve hired a driver.

He says let’s quickly do the packing. She was removing some accessories from cupboard. There she saw her dove ring. She recalls her first marriage receptions(same as it was in original show). Ranveer too sees it n smiles. Ishani says u remember this ring. Ranveer says ya I made it wear to my wild cat bride.

Ishani says ur impossible n she fumes n says how dare u say that word. Ranveer says which word. Ishani pulls his ears n asks u really don’t know. Ranveer says oh wild cat. Ishani gets more angry n jerks him away from her. Ranveer snatches the ring and says it’s for my real wife. He sits on his knees n holds Ishaani hands. He makes him wear the ring n kisses her hands. Kiyan comes there n sees Ranveer and Ishani moves away. He asks dad what are you doing wait let me guess oh ur proposing my mumma. Ranveer says yes right guess. Ishani says a ur a 5 year kid n u know proposing n all. Ur dad has made u a brat.

Ranveer winks to kiyan to irritate Ishani more. Kiyan tickles her, Ishani laughs n says stop it. Ranveer too joins them n kiyan gives them a jerk n both fell in the bed. Kiyan says well I have to select my clothes I’m leaving. Ishani n Ranveer share eyelock. She fell on him. Her hair was coming in front. Ranveer press her hair behind her ears n brought n more closer. He flipped her n came above her he came closed to him. Ishani says I have to do packing n bath aashka so that she sleeps peacefully n gets up.

He thinks till when u will run from me. He calls someone n says is the set up same as I said good. He thinks Ishani till when ull run from me
Later they next day the reach Los Angeles. Kiyan says I just love this city is too amazing. Ishani says every time I come here I fall in love with the city. They come to their flat. Ishani says Ranveer u finish the work then we will go to meet my family. Ranveer nods.

Then he returns from the factory. Kiyan demands that he want to go to Parekh family. Ishani says sure n they meet them n they convince ishveer to drop kiyan and aashka here for a day since even he can enjoy with his cousins. They agree.

Precap:- ishveer to date like unmarried boyfriend girlfriend n romance

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  1. Niz update dr
    loved it
    waiting for next
    Keep smiling and take care

  2. Cooool epi… Bt was lil short… Waiting for the next.. Tc.. ?

  3. Nandana

    Nice dear i really liked it and waiting for the next dear ….

  4. It was nice dear update the next soooo soon ?

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