Immortal love (Epi-21)

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Guys I’m in tenth and board exams are approaching soon so I may not be able to update it daily but I’m glad that there are silent readers who have start commenting below
It means a lot that ull comment n keep motivating me thank you guys

Next day since at night they were awake everyone kept sleeping till 7. Aashka was awake trying to get up the cradle. She crawled here n there. With support she stood up her hands got stuck in a toy due to imbalances she fell down on Ranveer’s bed side. He was close to Ishani so fortunately she didn’t fell down. But she started crying loudly. They wake up and get shocked. Ranveer takes her and sees cradle moving n her hands stuck in the toy. Ishani holds her n Ranveer carefully brakes the toy n her hands were free.

Ishani hugs her in embrace and says sorry due to our carelessness u fell down n cries.she rubs her head.ranveer says she is fine now, but why u always start crying and how can u do I mean a talent is required isn’t it. Ishani says if u weren’t close to my side then 4 month baby would have fallen on floor. Ranveer says that’s why I tell to be u know close. Aashka starts crying. She replies no my baby I’m only urs n bhai’s no stranger can come so close. Ranveer gives cold looks. She smirks. Aashka still continues crying. They get tensed. Ranveer says I think we should consult a pediatrician. She agrees n says let’s quickly get ready.

Later they go to a pediatric. He checks her and says not a major injury to any muscle. Just a little exercise today overhere They agree later he exercises her they pay the Doctor n leave.Aashka due to heavy crying went to sleep n Ishani felt so guilty. Ranveer was driving car n says it’s was an accident correct u need not worry now. Ishani says did u notice the cradle is good enough for her not to fall still she did. It’s means she stood of her own n shue smiles. Ranveer says about 4 months baby can even stand . Kiyan started at 8 months. My daughter is super awesome Ranveer says. She kisses her cheeks n says from now we have to take her to restaurant also. Ranveer says okay. Let’s go overthere. Ishani says it’s jut beside our house. Kiyan went to school while u were getting ready I’m made him ready n gave him breakfast. U n I will have it at restaurant.

They enter their restaurant. The set up was good. It was a good open space and a close space too was there. There was a small garden with fountain and some posters of India. They named it as Indian fusion. Ranveer says good morning to cooks n says u all in tune with the demands. They say yes. Ranveer says good. Ishani has tried some new fusion of chickpeas with some spinach bread. The cook says she is so talented . He checks weather everything is going well. Later hours prepares gulab jamun cake for a costumer n keeps it in restaurant fridge. In order to garnish it she was about o take it out, when she opened it she saw it was not there. She asks the cook did he se it. They say no. She asks waiter n later calls Ranveer whether he delivered it. Even he denied.

She quickly prepares a new one with cook’s help with the remaining ingredients and it was finally ready. Kiyan comes n says mumma gulab jamun cake was too tasty. Everyone starts laughing. The cook says kiyan it was for a costumer. Ranveer says now u will get punishment. You will write one to ten tables five times. He says that’s not fair n cries. Ishani says it’s okay we were just joking. She hugs her n says do u think the cake is more important than u. Kiyan says I hate aashka n runs to the house. Ranveer asks suddenly what happened. Ishani keeps her hands on his shoulders n says don’t worry I will find it. It when u will go to factory buy some toys from his fav shop, i will go n convince him.

Ishani goes to her house where kiyan was banging the basketball angrily on the walls of his room. Ishani goes to his room n sees his anger. Ishani thinks that his anger went on Ranveer since childhood i used to say anger has side effects too. Ishani goes to him n takes away the basketball from him n throws it aside. Ishani makes him his in her laps n says now say what happened. He angrily turns his face away n makes cute pup face. Ishani says u said u hate aashi. Yesterday u were most loving bro n now the most hating. Why. He finally says that u n dad don’t care anymore about me. Today also u went away leaving me alone at school bus stop. Because she is new child n I’m the old one so u forgot me. My friend James told me that even when his new brother came his parents ignore him. Ishani smartly replies okay so u think ur an old child. But dad n I believe old is good so even ur that much imp as aashi is for us. But she is so tiny that today morning she fell from cradle so we had to take to doctor. Kiyan says n why did ull make fun of me when I ate the cake. Ishani says aww kiyan we were just admiring ur cuteness I swear. Ishani kisses his cheeks and says come now . Kiyan hugs her. She says u n aashka both are equally important for me n when u were a baby we cared for u the same n even today we do the same.kiyan

Ranveer comes there with a new PS3. Kiyan says no dad I’m not like that . Ull thought I’m upset so ull gifted me this PS3 but I’ll have to swear ull won’t forget me. Ranveer says of course we won’t but now stop talking like girls n bye take care I’m going to Los Angeles for some delivery of food products. I will return tomorrow. He says even we will join u. Ranveer says fine. Kiyan says yipppeee. Ranveer says then we will have a mini vacations over there. I will tell the maids to clean our flat. Kiyan asks which flat? Ranveer replies I have bought a flat in LA. Kiyan jumps in happiness.

Precap:- vacations in Los Angeles followed by their romance and little arguements

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  1. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    al d best for your exams vinni i thought u r a clg girl but u r a little girl .u have awesome writing skils in such a smal age

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    such a wonderful episode waiting for the next episodes

  3. All best Vaidehi for your exams your episode was good as always and I can wait for your episodes if you are busy but don’t stop writing it?

  4. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Hi vini awesome update i thought u r elder than me as i m also in tenth. All the best for ur studies and update ur episodes whenever u get time.

  5. Nandana

    Nice one dear and studies is important so after studies when u gets time only u have to update dear as we can understand it and all the best for ur board exams dear….

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