Immortal love (Epi-20)

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Ishani goes to his room and sees kiyan scared. She hugs him n says no I’m not angry with u. U need not worry. She makes him sleep in her lap and says sorry kiyan and covers him with a blanket and kisses him. Kiyan says why do ull fight so much Ishani says ur dad always blames me for everything. Tomorrow when a disaster would occur he would say because of u. If it starts raining suddenly it would be because of me. Anyway ur small go to sleep. Later she wanted aashka’s dippers which was in their room. Hesitantly she went there n sees Ranveer doing some work she pretends to ignore him and takes the dippers n goes. Ranveer too pretends to ignore her but he was secretly watching her. She says next time we won’t argue in such a loud tone because kiyan go so scared. Ranveer says done we will argue in a locked room. Ishani says hmm n goes.

Ishani thinks this man has such ego that he didn’t apologized to me. Ranveer thinks she didn’t even know how to converse. . Later at 1:00am she jerked Ranveer n says wake up . Ranveer says at night also u won’t let be sleep peacefully. Ishani says if ur done then give me medicine for fever. Ranveer checks her neck and forehead and says oh u need for mental sickness n not for fever! U don’t have any fever. Ishani says u dumb it’s not for me kiyan. Ranveer says oh sorry. She leaves and put the wet cloth strip on his stomach n forehead. Later he comes with Medicine n water. Ishani makes him eat the medicine. Ishani says u take aashka from here or due to infection even she may fall ill. Ranveer says even u go from here I’ll take care of him. She stares at him. She says no. Ranveer says I’m going to murder him. Ish says it’s all because of ur heated arguments. Kiyan wakes up and says plz mom dad don’t fight again. He says of course we won’t n says where there is love there are fights. Ranveer hugs her. She gets shocked but later she too hugs him n says can’t stay angry for long time.

He kisses her forehead n says see champ we patched up with each other. Ranveer says sorry. Ishani says even I’m sorry. Kiyan gets happy. Kiyan says even I’m sorry. He says I used some heat lotion in order to fell ill. They get shocked. Ranveer says from where did u get it? He replies I won a game contest today in the mall. So I got some stuff in which there was such type of lotion n fake thermometer. Ishani says so u ate that medicine. He says no I hid it. Ranveer says why did u do it. He replies mom was very tensed and she was crying so in order to console her i did it. She hugs him. Ranveer says ur brilliant n ur idea was awesome. Ishani pulls kiyan ears n says not at all. Did u imagine how tensed we were. He says okay sorry I’ll wash this cream n come. Ranveer says later share it with me even I will try my luck. Ish stares her. He says Now ull go from here. I’m grown up now I don’t want mumma to sleep with me. She asks why? He replies I’m grown up now.they get shocked hearing this n laughs. Kiyan says no it’s my room, and the bed is lil narrow. Ranveer says okay champ u sleep alone. Kiyan says now go I want to sleep.

Ishani says okay good night. They lie down in he bed. Ranveer says do u think still I’m an alcoholic. Ishani say ya may be. Ranveer says I have stopped taking it since kiyan was born. Ya sometimes during parties that too in wine or else no. Ishani says you seriously made my day. I didn’t like that alcoholic avatar of urs. Ranveer says sorry as I take out my anger on you. She says from tomorrow I have decided we both will do some yoga. Ranveer says sure. Ishani says I also want to change ur egoism. Ranveer says done, and what else. Ishani says what about me. Ranveer says umm ur so dominating I mean some times u don’t get my point of view clearly n also not my emotions. Ishani says for sure I will work on tolerance but what is this emotion. Ranveer says u didn’t get. She replies no. He says ohh really and comes closer to her n says these emotions. She blushes.

Ishani says ohh not that I mean it’s not that I don’t come close to u. Even during our valentines or anniversary, come on u don’t make me say all this. Ranveer smiles. Ish says I like ur way of getting problems sored through conversation. Even I don’t like to quarrel but I like too argue a lot. He gets shocked n says u like to argue. She says I mean to get my view clear. Ranveer climbs on her n says that’s why ur so dominating n kisses her lips n they sleep intimately

Precap:- aashka’s leg to stuck in toy n she falls from cradle.

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