Immortal love (Epi-17)

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The episode starts with Ranveer shouts oh no she left me. He saw divorce papers signed and a letter written:
Dear Ranveer,
The day when I learned the meaning of love u became my life. We always loved each other unconditionally and I always wished for u a peaceful life which u can live only without me. I wish u marry someone perfect with all qualities a healthy girl. My love is always with u. I’m going far away from u. Before writing this letter I consulted a gynecologist . She said there are no chances of this baby alive, so I can’t give u the baby also. Ishani says u have to be strong for me and move on succeed in life find a perfect partner and have many children and live prosperous life.
Ranveer cries seeing the letter and says how can u think of it. Ranveer sees Ishani laptop. He opens it and sees she had booked a ticket of Boston. He checks the flight timing which is six am. Ranveer immediately rushes to airport and stops Ishaani.

Ishani says u over here. Ranveer says these were the divorce papers which u signed. He tears it and says it doesn’t matter to me at all. And throws it in the bin. In this letter u wrote live peacefully marry some another girl . Wow don’t u know what u matter for me. I said I don’t care if u give me kids or not. I have always loved u. Infact i took consultations from many doctors and they said after treatment u will become fine. Ishani says but I don’t want u to become any burden on u, Ranveer says I have promised to always be with u in happiness as well as problems. And then for me u tolerated the torture from nirbhay u went to him leaving me. Then why did u leave.
Ishani says plz try to understand. Ranveer says that good I saw ur chrome tab open n ur passport was missing. Ishani says okay I’m ready to come with u. Ranveer says if u weren’t then I would have dragged to in the car. She smiles.

After 6 years ,
Ishveer is seen in San Francisco in a house . Their looks have changed. Ranveer in normal t shirt and a jacket and Ishani in off sleve top and jeggings.Rv was busy decorating their house. Ranveer is seen decorating the house putting the huge photo frame of his family- Ranveer,Ishani and 5 year old kiyan and a new born baby girl some 2 months aashka . Ishani enters the house with a stroller in her hand. Ranveer says learn from him he is very energetic. Ranveer says and a five years old boy with football in his hand and says catch dad. Ranveer says hey! Champ. Ishani says I have done his beautiful nomenclature of him. He is my kiyan . Ranveer says and I did his nomenclature as champ. Ishani says ull don’t shout my aashka is sleeping. Ranveer says oh my aashka and who are we then. Ishani goes and hugs them and says some strangers harassing me. Ranveer says ohh. Ishaani says Ranveer today it’s ur chance of preparing the breakfast and my chance of making the rooms. Kiyan says I will take care of my sister. I will take her for walk I mean in the stroller. Ranveer says only in house garden no need of going in the restaurant. He goes.

Ishani says due to my cancer with pregnancy treatment we came here and due to business failure we again came here. It’s such a beautiful place but I miss India. Ranveer says I remember due to those major conflicts they expelled me n thought that I’m doing wrong against them n didn’t trust me. Ranveer says but then they again came to apologize me and only on ur saying I forgiven them. But I can’t forget it. Ishani says mistake can be committed by anyone n it wasn’t mom’s mistake . Ranveer says plz don’t tell me to return to her because she didnt support me. I m very happy here with my wife and children over here. Even ur family has recently shifted in Los angles.

So is there anything missing I mean at least today we have everything we have our restaurant n food processing business. We have good healthy family n few friends. What else u need. Ranveer exclaims ohh! He holds her waist and brings her close. Ishani says stop it kiyan must be returning. Ranveer says okay I will be more quick and kisses her. There share liplock. Ishani blushes n says I m very hungry quickly prepare an Indian meal and let me complete my work later I have to go to restaurant. Ranveer says it’s behind our house only. Ishani says but today is Sunday and people over here just crave for Indian special lunch of Sunday. He says very true n smiles. Kiyan shouts dad come out let’s play basketball. Ranveer says sure my boy n runs out. Ishani says okay go today afterwards u will make rooms and I’m preparing breakfast. Ranveer says Thanks ish and kisses her cheeks and rushes out.

Precap:- some more description about their life

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode dear i am happy that there is no tragedy …..

  2. Harisha39

    Ah…It was a great thing to know she is alive and so do their children…Wonderful epi…Amazing work!!!Waiting for the next);?

  3. nic episode

  4. Very nice episode loved it update the next soon


  6. I didn’t wanna disappoint ull so I cancelled the horrifying leap
    And I then brought their children into picture


    Great update…. Ranveer & Ishaani r fine & blessed with children…… They r leading a happy life now????….what else r needed??…..again a cool update u have given sis….looking forward for the next update??????

  8. wow thats great update

  9. Wow Vaidehi you turned your ff very cleverly in a good track I love this track it is just amazing just keep it up I really appreciate your writing skill ?

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    oh how cute ishveer blessed with two babies

  11. Nice episode

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