IMMJ After 7 Years #RIANSH – Episode 3

Thanks for all the comments. I do realize that there are some similarities in the storyline of this story with another FF but I’m not copying anything from it. Since the leap has kicked off just now it might seem slightly familiar but I’ve a completely different plot in mind. Sorry if it felt unnecessary but just had to get it out of my way and clarify just in case.

The episode starts with…

(At Riddhima’s home…)

Riddhima reached home and found the house completely empty so she decided to wait for the both of them. She sat down on one of the sofas to relax but heard the sofa creaking so she stood up but then heard the echo of laughter around the room and realized that she’d been trapped in a prank. She pulls out the cover and sees chips strewn all over the place.

Riddhima: Fine you can come out now.

A girl of about six-year-old comes out and laughs at Riddhima and then hugs her. Riddhima hugged her back and thinks of the prank that she had pulled up realizing how notorious she’d become.

Riddhima: Have you been troubling Sejal Aunty also this way Pakhi?

Pakhi: No way! You can ask her I’m the sweetest kid and she was the one who helped me with the chips.

Riddhima: okay if she comes back to us again then I’d know. Now let me change and then we can have lunch together.

Pakhi: Mumma today’s movie night also and tomorrow I’m going to drop Sejal Aunty to airport.

Riddhima: Ha I remember the movie night but no one’s missing school for that. I’ll cancel the movie plan otherwise.

Pakhi (pouts): You’re so boring Mumma (Riddhima looks at her) Fine!

Riddhima goes inside to change and Sejal and Pakhi clear the sofa and trash the chips in the bin. The three of them have lunch together and spend time together. Then they pick a movie to watch at night.

(At a Conference meet…)

Journalist: Aryan Sir how do you feel now that your business has ranked one of the best in the category of event management?

Aryan: I am very proud of it. I think everyone who works in our company gives in their best efforts and that’s why we’re here today but there’s a lot more that is to be achieved and we plan to expand our business. Although none of this would have been possible without Bhai so I’ll allow him to speak now.

Aryan leaves the pedestal to Vansh and allows him to continue the conference further.

Vansh: That’s not true Aryan is just being humble. Sure I helped him start the business in this niche but he has worked very diligently to bring success to this company, so this is a success for both us brothers and for the Raisinghanias.

Another Journalist: Sir so would you like to attribute this success to anyone special in your life? We’ve heard that you’ve plans to marry in the coming days.

Vansh suddenly remembers about Riddhima and thinks of all the special moments he’d spent with her and how he’d loved her so truly but then he remembers how he’d cheated her and feels frustrated. He feels irked at the journalist for invading his privacy and reminding him of the past.

Vansh: That’d be it for this conference. Thanks to everyone for coming!

Aryan and Vansh walk out of the office and head back home. In the car Aryan thinks of how Vansh reacted in the conference and empathizes with him for his grief.

Aryan: So many years have passed but everything still reminds you of Riddhima. You’ve always done so much for this family but we’ve never been of any help for you. But don’t worry Bhai I’ve been trying to look for her and she’ll come back to us very soon. All the days she was with us I tried ways for her to leave your life but I can see what she meant to you and I’m going to bring her back.

(At VR Mansion…)

Vansh and Aryan reach home and find the family members in the hall waiting for them. Dadi does their aarti and casts off any evil eye and lets them inside. Everyone congratulates both the brothers for their success and they enjoy the time together thinking of ways to celebrate.

Dadi: I think the best way would be to get Aryan engaged. I’ve talked to Sania’s parents there’s a very good date next week. What do you say Vansh?

Vansh (smiles): I’m no one to say Dadi. Ask the two of them if they’re fine then we can go ahead.

Dadi: Aryan always has something or the other so I’m only going to ask Sania. Sania, what do you say?

Sania: I’m sure whatever you elders decide for us that’d be for the best Dadi.

Dadi: Fine next week we’ll finish the engagement and then we’ll see dates for the marriage too. I’ve seen a small event management company who dedicatedly work for marital events so I’ll talk to them.

Aryan: Arey Dadi why do we need to hire someone else for this? Our business is there na…

Dadi: You will keep working through your engagement also then.

The family members laugh and celebrate the news of Aryan’s engagement. Suddenly two kids come running (one boy and one girl) and tug on Vansh’s blazer. Vansh smiles and picks up the girl in his arms and sits down next to the boy.

Vansh: Hi to you two! Where were you guys?

Anish (Angre and Ishani’s son): Ruhi was fighting with me, Mamu.

Ruhi: Papa he told me that he’d cut my hair and use it for some project of his.

Anish: Yes I did your hair looks like a bird’s nest. It’s going to help me.

Ruhi: ANISH!

Vansh: ok I’m here. Anish I’m going to get you what you need for your project but Ruhi you need to do something about your hair or else I will use it for some office work of mine.

Ruhi (laughing): Papa..

Vansh sends them off to play and looks at their figures as they run away and smiles to himself. Suddenly Ahana come to him and hugs him from behind.

Ahana: Congratulations Baby. I’m so happy for you. I can proudly say that you’re my husband.

Vansh (ridding himself): I need to talk to you. (holding her hand tightly) C’mon.

(At Vansh’s room…)

Vansh drags Ahana inside the room and leaves her hand suddenly and she falls on one of the chairs. He shuts the door behind himself and cages her between his arms burning in rage and fire.

Ahana: Baby what’re you doing?

Vansh: How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not your husband? You mean nothing to me and I can’t wait for the day when I’ll throw you out of this house.

Ahana: You know you can’t do that as long as Ruhi is here. You know how much she loves you right?

Vansh (gritting his teeth): I can’t believe you can stoop this low. How can you take advantage of your own child and use her in these games of yours?

Ahana wraps her arms around Vansh’s neck and tries getting closer to him but he moves away and stares at her in disgust. He blames himself for ever bringing her to this home and goes away to his study to work.

Ahana (thinking): For how long will you stay away Vansh? One or the other day you will have to come to me. If you don’t give me the identity of your wife I know how to snatch it from you.

(Later that night at Riddhima’s home…)

Riddhima was working on the designs for her client when Sejal brought her a cup of coffee and sat down next to her. She sipped on the coffee and continued working on the designs.

Riddhima: Did Pakhi sleep? She just didn’t want to stop talking about the movie.

Sejal: hm. (thoughtfully) Soham has been asking about your health. He talks to Sohail every now and then but he keeps telling me that you should shift back to Mumbai. Sohail isn’t a doctor to take care of you the entire year in Udaipur.

Riddhima: Doctors exist here also Sejal and I’m absolutely fine. You husband and wife need to stop worrying about me. Plus my entire life is in Udaipur why talk about Mumbai all the time?

Sejal: For how long are you going to ignore what happened with Vansh and the Raisinghanias? Pakhi has all the rights to know about her father.

Riddhima: Well she does know he’s extremely busy with work and doesn’t have time to meet us. I doubt Pakhi wants to know about her father anyway. Plus talking about rights I don’t think that man and his family has any right on my daughter.

Sejal: Fine but you can at least come stay with us. It’s not that you will meet him if you go there right?

Riddhima: Sejal we’re not having this discussion again (picking her phone) And excuse me I’ve to take this call.

Riddhima picks up the call and walks outside the room to attend while Sejal sits inside and thinks of how Riddhima has become extremely cold-hearted toward Vansh.

(On the call…)

Boss: Hello Riddhima, sorry to disturb you so late in the night.

Riddhima: That’s fine Sir I was just working on the designs I’ve to show the clients tomorrow. Is everything okay?

Boss: Oh we’ve a new client from Mumbai the Raisinghanias and they want us to manage one of their events in the coming week. I was wondering if you could try doing something over calls and meetings so we don’t lose the clients.

Riddhima had dropped her phone so she quickly picked it and heard what her Boss was expecting her to do. She had missed hearing the client’s name but she doesn’t bother asking again since she’d get to know of their names when she’d start working.

Riddhima: Sir let me talk to my team I think we can arrange something if we can coordinate with the Mumbai office. I’ll confirm it to you by tomorrow afternoon?

The two of them talk about a few more technical and official requirements that would be required to host the event before disconnecting the call and wrapping up for the day.

Precap: Riddhima collaborates and organizes for Aryan’s engagement. Aryan gets engaged to Sania. Vansh and Ahana talk about Ruhi. Aryan’s company proposes a merging contract with the owner of Riddhima’s company. Anupriya returns to VR Mansion?

That’s it for now hope you guys like it. Thanks for reading.

Since you guys are really good at guessing so a few more questions for you guys: Who is Ruhi? Would the Raisinghanias learn about Riddhima?

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