Imlie 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Anu’s Plan To Get Truth Out From Aditya


Imlie 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie packs her clothes. Sundar asks if she is mad to go to Anu’s house, she should oppose if she doesn’t want to, even bosses ordered her to leave. Imlie says they are not her bosses but family. He asks which family does this. Rupali walks in, and Sundar leaves. She asks Imlie not to leave till Adi comes. Imlie says she doesn’t want to create more problems. Rupali asks how can she sacrifice her right, she is jhalli/stupid. Imlie says she cannot snatch Malini’s right. rupali says she should leave if she cannot fight for herself. Imlie asks her not to get angry and wish her bye bye. Rupali says when she doesn’t want her to go, why should she bye bye her. Aparna tells Anu that Imlie is like her daughter, so Anu should take good care of her. Anu says its weird that they consider a servant as their daughter. Dev asks her to behave and says if she doesn’t like to take Imlie home, Imlie has other places to stay. Tauji says this is Imlie’s house and he is letting them take Imlie on their insistence. Pankaj says they will let Imlie go with them only if assure that nothing wrong will happen with her there or else they will not. Anu says she will make sure Imlie gets all the facilities she gets here, but she will not get a daughterly love. Dev says Imlie will get that love from him as she is like a daughter to him and he is taking her on his assurance. Imlie walks to them with her bag/potli.

Adi stops car midway and walks out telling Malini that he will come in 2 minutes. Anu tells Dev that they should leave before Malini and Aditya come here. Tauji asks Imlie to concentrate on her studies whatever may happen. Imlie touches his feet, and he hugs her emotionally. She then meets each Nishi and then touches Aparna, Pankaj, and Taiji’s feet. They both hug him and assure not to worry and take care of herself. Imlie then walks to Rupali who cries hugging her and asks to call her if she has any problem. Adi returns with jalebi. Malini asks if he brought it for her. He says street food is not allowed for her, its for other fmaily members. Imlie leaves with Dev and Anu.

Aparna hearing door bell gets excited thinking Adi and Malini came and asks Sundar to bring aarti thali. He offers her aarti thali instantly. She calls other family members. Dev and Anu take Imlie home. Daadi performs her aarti. Anu says she will call all servant and Daadi can perform all servant’s aarti together. Dev yells to stop her rubbish as he brought Imlie as a guest. Imlie says she will never consider servant as guest, throws away aarti thali, warns Imlie not to forget her place. On the other side, Aparna performs Malini and Adi’s aarti. Malini notices Imlie missing and thinks she didn’t like her coming home. Adi thinks Imlie was excited to welcome Malini, where did she go then. Dev and Daadi yell at Anu that she is doing wrong. Anu replies not to teach her. Dev and Daadi tell Imlie that they prepared room for her. Anu says this girl’s room is at store room as she knew they want to give Malini’s next room. Dev shouts if she has gone mad. Anu says they cannot consider everyone as guests and she knows Imlie will feel good in guest room. Dev frowns. Anu calls servant and orders him to show store room to this girl. Servant rudely asks Imlie to follow him. Dev shouts to behave with this girl as this girl’s name is Imlie. Servant apologizes and asks Imlie madam to follow him. Anu warns Imlie that she interfered between Malini and Adi and shouldn’t dare come between her and her husband. Imlie tells Seeta Maiya that she can tolerate Eglish madam’s taunts for Adi and Malini’s sake, she will return to college and study well, god should control her tears.

Aparna tells Malini that she will take care of Malini’s each necessity. Tauji says he will take her for a morning walk. Aparna asks Sundar to bring juice for Malini. He brings it and asks how is she. Malini says she is fine. Adi thinks whole family is here while Imlie is in kitchen making juice. Malini asks where is Imlie. Aparna says she is in kitchen. Nishant gifts Kerala honeymoon trip tickets for Malini and Adi. Malini says she cannot go as she has taken a lot of leaves and should return to college. Pankaj says they will stop her work then. Adi concerned about Imlie asks Sundar why is Imlie not helping him. Rupali says everyone sent her to Malini’s parent’s house. Malini asks why. Rupali says they all don’t want her to stay here when Malini is here. Aparna says Dev and Anu insisted to send Imlie with thiam for sometime. Adi yells they let her go with Anu even after knowing about her repeated insult. Nishant says they requested. Adi says they shouldn’t have sent her with Anu. Malini thinks Imlie is suffering because of her; she is here until Adi tells truth. Adi thinks Imlie goes to Anu’s house repeatedly to get insulted without thinking what he feels.

Malini returns to her room and reminisces her post-marriage nigth when Adi expresses her love for her. She thinks she thought she and Adi are same, but they are completely different. Anu calls her and asks how is feeling, if Adi is behaving well with her and taking care of her. Malini says she is fine, why did she take Imlie there. Anu says that girl should stay away from her. Malini asks why. Anu says she may find the proof which Malini is finding. Anu thinks what if Adi tells her truth before that and asks her not to misbehave with Imlie. Anu says she has given her a separate place to stay and a separate bathroom. Dev thinks if he can inform her that her mom say something and does something else. Malini says she is talk about her behavior. Anu asks when she was sacrificing her life because of Imlie, why she is still bothered about her, she can be Imlie’s elder sister, but I cannot behave like her mother; asks her to take care of herself and call her if needed. She thinks Aditya’s life is in parrot called Imlie and until she is here, he will not misbehave with Malini.

Adi thinks he wants to bring back Imlie home, but seeing Malini’s condition, he cannot create problems; he should call Imlie and ask her to come here though. Pankaj walks to him and asks what is he doing here. Adi says Imlie. Pankaj says even he is feeling bad like them, he should let them worry for Imlie and should support Malini instead who needs him. Adi thinks once he speaks to Imlie, he will go to Malini. He calls landline and disconnects it when Anu speaks. Anu thinks who is giving blank call. Adi thinks if he calls again, he will be caught, but he cannot be in peace until he finds out if Imlie is fine. He calls again. Imlie picks call, Anu notices that and picks another receiver.

Precap: Adi takes Imlie on his bike. Anu notices it.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Sunder was right on his way saying (though he is unaware of truth) but he was right, everyone is treating Imlie as doormate since start, earlier aditya now blaming Imlie for Malini condition…😒😒😒😒😒
    Though I know what she and aditya did is totally wrong, but Imlie doesn’t deserve humiliation atleast, instead Aditya should face all pain and both Imlie -Malini should leave him, as for him finding new love will be easy 😑😠😑😠😑😠😑😠😑😠😑

    2. Still Malini is not confronting Aditya😑😠😑😠 just thinking aditya will confess truth: Malini beware, he will not confess, rather your fake story will be against youπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

    3. Dev doesn’t have courage to stand for Imlie, he behave helpless as always, and then feel sorry😑😑😠😠😠😑😑😑😠😠
    We say like father like son, but here “Like Father-in-law Like Son-in-law”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. I just hope 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻 before anyone else either Methi come and confront Aditya while say truth or Anu find truth and expose Aditya-Imlie, before its toooooooo late😣😣😣😣😣😣

    1. I think the makers are just trying to show imlie as mahan and helpless and not a home breaker because she is the lead.
      But some of her decisions are wrong ..earlier…not allowing aditya to say truth..coming back from hostel..and now not taking stand for herself ..why doesnt she focus on her carrer and dreams and how can she give a better life to her mother instead of doing this sindoor drama..
      She doesnt want to leave the house ..and go to hostel..she accepts aadi ka pyaar but doesnt allow him to speak truth ..what does she want?? She thinks aadi her and malini should live toghter like a happy family!!
      If she really want aadi and malini to be toghter then she should have guts and walk off from that house and focus on herself …
      Makers plzz show malini as a strong character 😣😣
      Tripathi family kya hai bhai..someone committed sucide and still they have not talked clearly to thier son about problems going in his life….they dont even bother to confront him properly πŸ˜‘

    2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Writers πŸ‘….πŸ‘….πŸ‘…. (<— slow clapping) you never fail to surprise me… 😜
      Nishant's secret past is about to come forward.. let's see where this goes πŸ€”

  2. What the hell is precap, again Rona dhona of adilie ewww, good anu saw them, Though anu behaviour with imlie is harsh, any mother will behave like that if she feels that imlie is root cause for adini separation and for her daughter situation according to her imlie is mere servant, so as per real life mentality she is keeping imlie in her place, in real life this what happens nobody is lovely dovely to servant or treat them like family members. Anu is very realistic character

    1. @Deep.The fact that you think that any person should be treated the way Anu does with imlie,speaks so much about how women are embodied in Indian serials.Its so unfair

    2. When did I tell like that, she thinks that imlie is homewrecker, so how will a mom treat homewrecker of course she will keep them apart, regarding treating servant, nobody in real life treats servant like T family does,

    3. But this what happens in real life, I know anu is harsh to imlie, but this what happens

  3. So now adithya will reveal the truth to malini I think during honey moon of course its because of imlie, because adithya can’t live or breathe without imlie and he wants imlie in his home desperately.

  4. Waiting for SK anu n adi scene these three are fire

  5. If Imlie can’t fight for her self-respect or rights, she will be treated like this. At the hospital, she was eager to appear in front of Anu and get insulted. Why? Looks like she wanted this situation, cos no one is that dumb not to know when a person hates her. Anu shows it very openly. Let’s speak about Imlie. Though she says she doesn’t mind, I really never understand what exactly her character wants. Very eager to interfere everywhere and get insulted, then dwell in her own self-misery, get others to pity for her, tolerate everything silently & acting like a sacrifice Devi. What nonsense! A girl letting everywhere treat her like a doormat can’t be called brave. It questions her dignity! She wants to keep Aditya hanging between her and Malini, which’ll only make Malini more miserable. She expects him to be bigamist all life. I don’t get why she doesn’t stand by her words and support ONE side entirely instead of running back and forth, lying to everyone. She can’t state her wishes clearly to anyone but wants everything to go according to her. When she says “I’m leaving” she ALWAYS returns. A 19 year old teenager isn’t supposed to be that dumb. This is actually quite ridiculous. I feel like laughing. Such a mess they’ve made of Imlie’s character.

    1. Correct!!

    2. Tara, I made a similar comment on Friday or Saturday’s episode. I have watched this show from the beginning and noticed that Imilie seems to deliberately get herself in situations where she is humiliated and then she just stands there watches everyone fighting over her, instead of apologising and leaving the room (bedroom, hospital room, family discussions, functions; you name it and she appears out of nowhere). Her timing is unbelievable and then she says ‘Sita maiya sab sambalo’. How can she say her sindoor is a gift from sita maiya when all she’s done is create a web of lies in the name of her sindoor. Whatever happened to ‘thou shall not take god’s name in vain’?

      Anything for Adi’s attention and self-pity. Its no wonder he blindly jumps to her defence. I just don’t get her character. She is confused, totally lacks self-respect and independence. She could have told Aditya at the hostel that if he loved her, then he should respect her wishes and let her live her life with dignity. But instead, handed her reins completely to Aditya (too much emotion sickness I suppose). I do feel he enjoys seeing her being humiliated because he gets to be relevant and her superman. Whilst Malini its black and white. There’s no shade of grey. Beautiful, wealthy, financially independent and a professional. She was happy until he knowingly broke her emotionally driving her to suicide. He treats both women as weak and useless without him. Delusional indeed!

      What a shame.

    3. I agree @Anamika

  6. And I know that everyone is saying it’s easier to blame the woman not the man. It’s not due to the mindset. Man or woman, every wrong person deserves to be criticized by the viewers. And I can’t ignore Imlie’s mistakes just bcs she’s young or a villager. She played her own part and I won’t say she’s totally innocent. Just hope she stops this Devi act and admit the truth soon. Bastard Kumar Tripathi is forever more responsible and characterless in my eyes. Cruel, cowardly, selfish beast. I just can’t write another long paragraph for the fool who’s never gonna change. I do wish Malini will confess that her story was a lie. She doesn’t deserve to be wrongly judged for something she never did. The clowns are getting a free pass due to it. She needs to confront Aditya, not wait. How long will he keep giving excuses. Devil! I was really amazed how none of the useless Tripathis confronted Aditya and demanded the REAL truth.

    1. Right @Tara

  7. Precap is cringe. Overall, this show and Adilie sucks way more now. It’s very sad how stupid shows like ths are brainwashing Indian people and holding them back from modern thinking and progressing. Encouraging and glorifying crimes! UGH. I guess I should stop reading the written updates too. Reading books on Kindle and enjoying some ACTUAL stories is way better than this trash.

  8. Deepz who think ill treating servant bad is okay. They work for you they r not ur slaves. Speaks lot about Tara and Deepz. I’m ashamed to know their women s happy and justify treating another woman badly

    1. Lol why are you making them understand,,, When adi was with malini than for them adi was the best man in this world and now when he understood that he loves imlie not that fragile doll than suddenly adi became selfish wow great… Disgusting people had disgust mentality… i laughed everyday seeing them barking in the comment section even without watching the show but it’s ok how much they will bark that much our shows trp will rise…. Keep barking fragile doll slaves and we’ll enjoy πŸ˜‰

    2. @akriti Well, you keep talking about barking. Looks like you know a lot about it. How come?

    3. @women why are you personally attacking other commentators? You are twisting their words. They never said you should treat domestic helps like slaves. Nobody wants a domestic help who unnecessarily poke her nose into family matters. This is the reality. Why are you using woman card here? What does that tell about you???

    4. Akriti, don’t even get me started on you. A person who comes here only to spit venom at others. It’d be better you don’t dare attack other commentators. Otherwise you’ll soon be blocked by Admin for using this abusive language. Bullies like you can only spread hate online. Will you be able to say all this rubbish to me face to face. Why do you have so much personal issues with other people. Bullies are cowards in real life. It seems like you’re really frustrated that everyone is taking a stand for Malini.

    5. Leave it yaar, I have seen that person barking and bashing real people everywhere who are against adilie.

  9. Personal attack

    1. Yes!!! Administrator should block the people attacking others and using foul words. This Akriti bully is way too toxic. Why she has so much personal issues with us. We can say whatever we want. She should show her frustration and hate somewhere else

  10. I have domestic help as well and we share a good relationship. I am good to her and she is loyal to me. I take care of her just as much as she takes care of my household. But never does she jump into my personal conversation with her opinion nor occupy my personal space. She gives me her opinion when I ask for one. Often, we enjoy a cup of tea together and have a laugh over serials, her kids and life in general without discussing anything personal. She knows her place and her job well. I have mutual respect for her. She doesn’t jump around the house pocking her nose in my business or just barging into my bedroom. If she did, off course I would politely tell her off (not in an Anu style), but I would have a word. My boss would do the same if I barged into his office.

    We were raised to treat domestic help with respect but, if I had someone like Imlie, I would have fired her on day one. Her behaviour is not cute from any angle but just loud and annoying. Her accent gives me a headache.

    Tara and Deepz are trying to say the same thing. You let your domestic help look after your home and not take over your personal life. Imlie may be Adi’s first wife (illegally), but he himself brought her to his house as a domestic help right? And Anu (as a mother) thinks that this young girl, who happens to be the T family’s maid, has her sights set on her SIL and his home. Adi’s behaviour doesn’t help either. The T family are so unreal. Yes, nobody treats their domestic help like they do, no matter how nice you are. The T family don’t know anything about Imlie, never met her mother, even Adi hated her immensely and then suddenly without explanation grew soft towards Imlie. None of this was ever questioned by the T family. So it is very unrealistic. Even the banter between Sundar and Imlie in front of the T family is unrealistic. So is Rupali. She should really support Malini (the real victim) not Imlie and confronted her brother by now to tell the truth to his family.

    However, the only person ever to speak up over Adi’s behaviour towards Imlie was Malini. It was because of Malini that Imlie took her first step into their bedroom. And he had the audacity to accuse her for being like Anu? Malini should have asked him who was he being when he use to illtreat Imlie.

    If Adi is so passionate about Imlie and cant bare to see her being treated like a servant, then he should speak the truth and put everyone out of their misery. But he is a coward. All smoke no fire.

    However, as much as I love Malini (and the actress), why on earth did the makers come up with this false story. Why not a confrontation instead and tell Adi that she wont leave him or the T house until he tells her the truth? Now that would have been an interesting track. Seeing Malini strong and taking a stand for herself (though ADILIE fans would have hated Malini even more). Right now this track is so toxic and unnecessary.

    1. I couldn’t agree more @Anamika. Perfect analysis of this toxic show.

    2. Perfectly said @Anamika. Imlie always pokes her nose in the family’s private matters. She always interrupts their family time and barges in out of nowhere and then stands like a victim when told off. We also treat our maid with respect, and care. But not like those Tripathis. They took in a tribal girl without enquiring about her family or village. Then they allow her to interfere in their personal matters. For all they know she might be a thief. Their sending Imlie to college is fine, but why not the same with Sundar too. Hypocrisy! Grand celebrations, parties and expensive gifts for a maid. LOL. And now they don’t even realize that their maid has become the son’s priority. They never question it. Tripathi family is seriously unrealistic and annoying. Treating a house help with respect is good but there are some limits. She must know her place in the house and act accordingly. A maid can’t compare herself to the house’s DIL and expect to be treated the same way. Imlie used to get upset whenever family praised Malini. I would also fire such a disturbing weird maid immediately.

  11. Seems you all are encouraging suicide and emotional blackmail.
    When Aditya and imli agreed for telling the truth(next day), malini’s suicide attempt comes and now everyone concentrate on malini’s well-being.
    Aditya tried telling truth b4 marriage and malini gets low blood pressure and got marriage as reward, come on writers pls don’t encourage such kind of behaviour.
    @Aditya if you really want to be ethical, you should not wait until you fall in love!!!
    @malini if you really want to know the truth, don’t do suicide attempt!!!!
    @imali if you really care for malini be practical and help her in finding real love and happiness.(you want to do something with your life and be independent then why do you want someone to get pitying life/love)

    1. PRS, you got it right. I concur with most of the comments above. Adi and Imli were forced to get married. But imli coming from a traditional family, considers Adi as her husband for life, but still ready to sacrifice her love for Malini and Adi as they had been in love since long. But one CAN fall out of love which is happening to Adi. And the fact that Imli is around makes it easier. It’s hard for Adi to live with a lie, he is struggling within. He cannot take action towards the truth because Malini, though well educated, strong and intelligent, is a fragile doll as someone put it. Why would a smart woman want to commit suicide? Move on. There’s life out there. Stop dreaming about ideal love which doesn’t exist. Why does Dev put up with a woman like ANU! But this TV.
      Anyway, so much more drama coming up. Wait until Imli and Malini find out they are sisters; until they find out that Imli is the first wife; until they find out Dev is Imli’s father; until they find out that Nishant has a terminal disease. Ouf!

  12. I’m amazed that viewers can still blame Imlie and say she had sights on the Tripathi home. She NEVER had sights on it, she didn’t even want to go there! She was forced there by circumstance so she had to pretend she wanted a job as Aditya would not let her go in as his wife. She was never a true servant. As for Anu, she deserves a sound beating, she is such a liar she even lies to her own daughter! She is totally shameful, I would disown such a mother, she doesn’t deserve to be called one. But it is all down to Dev and Aditya, if they don’t man up and admit their truths nothing will improve. I am sick of people here blaming Imlie. We had servants when I was a child and never treated them badly, they looked after me and got into all sorts of mischief but my parent’s would not have dreamed of sacking them, nor did they sleep in dusty storerooms. I would like to see Anu treated as a servant, she deserves it, the stuck up cheating disgusting excuse for a woman.

    1. Silwni, a servant doesn’t interfere family’s private time. A servant knows her place, and doesn’t get upset when the DIL is being praised. A servant doesn’t speak between husband and wife, LOL. Imlie IS a servant for the family. They don’t know the truth. Do you even know how a mother would feel when their daughter tried to commit suicide. I can understand Anu’s pain. No person can be that great to like a woman who ruined their daughter’s marriage. We aren’t saying that Imlie shouldn’t be treated with respect. But if she can’t fight for herself, this is to be expected. No person can take stands for her the whole life. She lacks self-respect. Why she is playing the victim card. She knowingly stepped in this situation and it’s the result of her own deeds. She’s not a toy to be controlled by others. She could very well say NO to this decision and stay at the hostel instead. But nah, she has to be sacrifice Devi na. I suggest stop feeling pity for Imlie bcs she doesn’t deserve it. She deliberately entered Chaturvedi house and now will have to face the situation.

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