Imlie 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Imlie Meets Dev

Imlie 4th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya is busy in office when Malini calls him. He picks call, she asks if he remembered him, he says yes, she says so she came to his home, he asks what is she doing there, she says maa and Taiji called her for shopping, he gets tensed that Malini will meet Imlie and try to find out details about her. Malini walks in. Aparna, Taiji, Nidhi, and Parul greet her in and get along well. Malini gives chocs to children. Imlie looks at Malini hiding behind wall. Malini asks who is she. Rupali says she is Imlie, Aparna says Aditya brought her from Pagdandiya, Rupali says Malini is Aditya’s would be wife and her bhabhi. Malini reminisces Aditya speaking about Jhalli girl in Pagdandiya. Aparna says she feels like Malini is already her bahu and asks her to call her maa from hereon. Their bonding continues, Aparna asks Imlie to serve food and Taiji jokes to wipe table with cloth and not wash it instead. Malini thinks if Imlie is the jhalli girl Aditya was speaking about. She then gets along well with children.

Imlie serves food. Malini says she.. Aditya enters and says he came. Aparna asks what is he doing here. He says he came to have lunch. Aparna asks between his job? Nidhi says Aditya came for Malini and she feels he is already married to Malini. Malini looks at Imlie. Aditya asks her to try Badimaa’s prepared bharva bhindi and says she likes cold drinks during meals. Malini says not today and thinks why did Aditya hide from her about Imlie. Aditya thinks he wanted to inform her, but couldn’t. Imlie goes to call Tauji and sees him checking phone directory, asks what is it. He says he is searching phone numbers; she asks if it has PM’s phone number; he says don’t know about CM, but almost everyone’s from Delhi. After finishing food, Malini says food was tasty today. Aditya says even she prepares tasty food. Badimaa jokes with Aparna that her son is gone and is completely new. Aparna says she knew it would happen. Nidhi says let us go shopping before shops close. Aditya says he will accompany them and insists. Badimaa asks Imlie to take care of house and not to get afraid in their absence. Imlie says she is very brave and used to take care of whole Pagdandiya, she can even frighten cheetah. Nidhi jokes that just a few days ago a dacoit barged into neighbor’s house and looted everything, Rupali joins her and says his name is Bhoora daku. Imlie gets afraid and once they leave equips herself with spoons, knives and pans to fight with Bhoora daku.

Aditya accompanies Malini for jewelry shopping and checking an earring on her says it doesn’t suit her. She says hiding things from her doesn’t suit him. He asks we hat did he hide and walks away. On the other side, Imlie calls each number on phone directory and asks if her baba is there, gets weird replies. Finally, Dev’s phone rings. He picks call and speaks to Malini instead and asks if she is fine as she looks tensed. Malini says she is tensed as Aditya brought a girl from Pagdandiya who works as a maid, but didn’t inform her about it. Dev suggests her to speak to Aditya and clear her doubt. She asks Aditya to fix necklace on her neck and says he hid something important from her in 7 years. He asks why did he hide. She says Imlie. He says he didn’t feel Imlie is important as maids come and go, so he didn’t inform her about Imlie.

At home, Imlie continues calling numbers. Anu picks call, and Imlie asks if her baba is there. She hears door bell and walks away asking Anu hold the phone while she teaches Bhoora daku a lesson. She opens door and seeing Dev asks if he is Bhoora daku pointing knife at him. Dev says he is not. Imlie doesn’t let him speak and continues alleging that he is Bhoora/brown daku who is wearing brown clothes. He says his jeans is blue. Imlie doesn’t listen and says he is holding gun in his bag. Dev says its sweets, Imlie asks to taste it. He tastes it and thinks she looks like Mithi and speaks like her, maybe she knows about Mithi. He says Mithi. She says sweet is always mithi/sweet and taking sweet box from him asks him to go. He walks away thinking she reminds him of Mithi. Imlie thinks, she didn’t get baba but will eat sweet as his prasad.

Aditya with family ladies drops Malini home. Malini invites them in. Anu gets angry seeing them. They apologize for coming without informing her. Anu says she would have prepared servants as she needs to pay them in advance. Aparna and her team emotionally give a long lecture that their family runs on love and Anu’s on salary.

Precap: Nidhi informs Aparna that all cash and precious things are missing from home, Imlie must have eloped with them; they trusted Imlie, but she betrayed them. Aditya stands mum.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    I think Imlie hid them so the Bhoora daku could not steal them… already she thinks of them as her family… such innocence 🤗 … and Aditya already knows that she would never commit such a crime, so I know that he will defend her 😇

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