Imlie 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Imlie Gets Praised For Her Intelligent Ideas

Imlie 3rd December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rupali walks to terrace and checks pickles kept under sun. She also see rice bottle with Aditya’s phone inside it. Imlie walks in and warns her to keep rice bottle down. Rupali asks what is Aditya’s mobile doing in rice bottle, if she has decided bear Aditya’s anger repeatedly. Imlie says she kept it for drying and sends her away. Rupali walks away thinking Aditya will scold Imlie again. On the other side, at Malini’s house, Dev asks her if she met Aditya and what did he say. Malini says Aditya informed that he met with a minor accident at Pagdandiya, but he is fine. Anu asks her to select a car. Malini says she bought a new car last month, why she needs another one. Anu says its another small wedding gift for her. Malini says she cannot accept it as she is happy with Aditya’s bike. Anu says she doesn’t want her to travel on worker’s bike and risk her life after hearing about Aditya’s bike accident. Malini says she doesn’t want to embarrass Adi’s family using a separate car. Dev asks Anu not to interfere in Malini’s life. Anu continues her argument.

Imlie returns Aditya’s phone and asks him to switch it on once. Aditya yells at her that spoilt his phone already. Rupali asks him to calm down as Imlie is just helping him. Family joins. Aditya walks toward door saying he will not get even 200 rs from mobile now. Aparna insists him to behave with Imlie and check phone once. He switches on phone and gets happy seeing it back to normal. Rupali praises Imlie’s idea and informs family. Aditya says he is hungry and asks Aparna to serve breakfast soon as he is getting late for office. Aparna asks Imlie to prepare rotis for Aditya. Imlie prepares rotis in her own village style singing a song. Aparna and her team seeing thick rotis laugh that Imlie prepared rotlas instead. Aditya calls Aparna to serve rotis soon. They all serve him roti and stand nervously. Aditya speaking over phone with his boss munches roti and after disconnecting call says its very tasty, if she got new atta, asks her to prepare rotis similarly everyday, and takes roti to his room. Aparna and her team relax hearing that. Imlie dances and sings again.

During breakfast, Malini informs parents that Aditya’s parents wants her to accompany them for wedding shopping and select her own jewelry. Anu throws tantrum again, but Dev asks her not to interfere in Malini’s happiness. Anu walks away fuming. Dev asks Malini to enjoy shopping and not let any third person/Anu intefere between her and Aditya’s happiness.

After sometime, Aditya gets Janendra’s call on landline who asks if he reached home safely, he heard that villagers forcefully got him married to Imlie. Aditya gets tensed seeing Aparna hearing their conversation on other receiver. Aparna says she can’t hear anything and walks away. Aditya tells Jananendra that he heard it wrong, though he faced a small issue but returned home, asks him to call on his mobile from here on and not on home’s landline. He reaches office and shows his Pagdandiya story on Satyakam to his team. Everyone clap and editor praises him that always proves him wrong and finds truth. Aditya rejoices hearing that.

Back at home, Aparna and team check saris they bought for Malini and hope she likes it or else they will exchange it of Malini’s choice when they take her for jewelry shopping. They see Imlie standing nearby and calling her say these saris are for Aditya’s bride, they are so pretty and will suit for Malini. Imlie runs to her room emotional and looking at her sari asks god that when only cotton sari is in her fate, asks god why she sent him here then when she didn’t ask and just wanted to study well and be with her amma. She gets worried for Mithi. In village, Mithi burns roti remembering Imlie. Dulari walks to her and yells that she burnt roti remembering her daughter just a day after she left married, asks if Imlie is working at her in-laws place like a maid or is given respect like a bahu. Mithi says she is given respect like a bahu. Dulari continues yelling and taunting and walks away. Mithi prays god for Imlie’s good faith and someone’s support when she is in pain. On the other side, Aparna and her team walk to her and ask why did she run away instead of seeing saris, she shouldn’t worry if she doesn’t have clothes as they will get her new clothes. Imlie continues crying. They try to cheer her up and ask reason. Imlie says she is remembering her mother. Aparna says a mother realizes when daughter cries and even her eyes tear, so she shouldn’t cry and cheer up. They hear door bell and say Malini must have come. Imlie wipes her tears and changing her tone asks them to go and welcome new bahu instead of sitting with her. They all laugh and walk away to welcome Malini.

Precap: Imlie watches Malini standing behind wall. Malini asks who is she.
Rupali says she is Imlie and Malini is her bhabhi. Aparna says Aditya brought Imlie from Pagdandiya.

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