Imlie 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Aryan Rescues Imlie

Imlie 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie sleeps on a park bench after Aryan catches her sleeping in office and ousts her. Three goons notice and misbehave with her. She warns them to mind their own business. They pull their dupatta away. Aryan catches dupatta, drapes it over Imlie, and warns them to spare a lonely girl. Goons ask if he knows who they are. Aryan clicks their pics, checks their profiles on app, and reveals their whole biodata leaving them tensed. He warns that they all 3 may kill him, but whoever touches him first will die. They all 3 walk towards him, but then identify him the one who defeated wrestler Kooka in fight club and escape from there. Imlie thanks him. He offers her water.

Anu tells Malini that driver will drop her safely home. Malini hopes watching Imlie sleeping at a roadside and feel peace. Dev enters and asks if they are talking about Imlie, what did they do to her. Anu confronts him that he is worried only about his illegitimate daughter and not bothered her ruining his legitimate daughter’s life. Dev warns her to shut up. Malini confronts him next that he loves only Imlie and silently watched Imlie ruining her life. He says she is misunderstanding him. She walks away angrily.

Aryan offers Imlie to stay at his house until she finds a proper place to stay. She says she will not sacrifice her self-respect and can manage by herself. He writes down a rental agreement in his diary and says he will deduct 5000 rs from her salary every month till she stays in his house; asks why she doesn’t want to stay in his house without paying rent. She says even a stone gets hurt. He remembers Arvind’s car accident and says stone doesn’t speak. Their chatting continues. He opens car door and asks her to sit in. Malini notices that and thinks don’t know what magic Imlie does on men that they fall for her easily. She picks a puppy and clicks their pics in lieu of taking selfie and thinks she will enjoy Imlie’s lavish life.

Adi misses Imlie while having dinner and remembers their argument. Malini shows him her selfie with a puppy. She asks Aparna if its cute, she loved it so much and thought of bringing him home. Rupali comments. Aditya notices Imlie in background, checks photo and says she is with Aryan. Malini asks what is Imlie doing with CEO at night. Aparna says they must be working, she shouldn’t bother. Malini says its not good to be CEO at night. Pankaj worries for Imlie. Adi calls hostel and finds out that Imlie left hostel 2 days ago. He gets worried for Imlie and says she should have come home. Aparna asks him to go and find her out as Imlie is suffering between their tussle. Malini says Imlie must be with a good man, maybe Aryan. Adi walks to his room feeling jealous.

At Aryan’s house, Narmada throws a party to girls to perform Aryan’s swayamvar, evaluates each girl, and tells Arpita that nobody is fit to be her bahu and hopes Aryan brings a good girl home. Aryan brings Imlie along.

Precap: Aryan tells Imlie that whoever told her not to change herself or learn new things is an idiot.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I can never understand this show. Just for the sake of depicting the main female lead as pious, the makers make the parallel lead stoop low in every possible manner. πŸ™„ Both of them are not only poorly written but also exhibit a ridiculous amount of dead tropes of ITV land. One is a mary sue with no personality or ambitions while the other is a hardcore hypocrite, who carries the banner of “My self respect is my self respect, none of your self respect.” for some reason. (What even the heck that is even supposed to mean).πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

    This show glossed over infedility just like in the worst possible manner, the characters were much more concerned that the male lead’s second wife was a maid instead of questioning his audacity of practicing bigamy. πŸ˜’It even glossed over marital rape…I don’t even want to start on that. Not even a single character is realistic, let even makes sense. They all are just a decorated plancks of wood who react to situations and lurk around the houses without jobs. The only thing good about this show is its cinematography and the actors, who are trying way to hard to give justice to the written source material, which is non-existent.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

    1. Malini was his second wife not imlie

    2. πŸ‘…that still doesn’t change anything.

  2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Finally show is taking a turn for the better for Imlie πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    It’s called independence…
    Thank you writers for giving her character it’s worth in gold…
    Much like AnupamaπŸ‘€… the knight in shining armor is rich and powerful…
    And even tho the character of Aryan is supposed to be negative… he is showing signs of sympathy… which in turn will allow him to fall in love with the victim of the circumstance… Imlie πŸ’—
    Of course Imlie’s husband is still around… and still clueless πŸ™„… and we also know he still loves her… only her πŸ˜’
    However, the third party has other things in mind for this couple… (another Love triangle πŸ˜πŸ”Ί)
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what writers have in store for us… in trying to keep us glued to our tv-sets… as well as keeping trp’s in the 2.5+ average πŸ™

  3. Why do Indian writers and viewers love betrayals and unacceptable relationships, or does equality between men and women give them both the freedom to betray and make unimportant relationships and also for me the worst character of a woman in history is Emily and the superhero needs a man other than her husband to save her she did what the police didn’t do, this show is really disgusting

    1. It’s all about cashgrab and ratings my dearπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ….this trend is giving them the required results so the makers go with flow. None are here to tell meaningful stories, let alone try.

  4. Pankaj Vatish

    None and nothing is perfect in this world. Everyone and everything is a mixture of Good and Bad. But our writers make one Character too good and the other too bad that none of them is found in our surroundings. This results in the downfall of the viewership and also makes the serial unable to leave any message for the society.
    I request the writers to choose the characters from our surroundings, so that the society may learn the desired lesson from it.

    1. Hmm…. realistic or morally grey characters are pretty much nonexistent in ITV land. The only time ITV ever tried and was also successful in ratings was in beyhadh and KRPKAB, rest of the shows got themselves axed within months.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  5. Sakeenah

    I just wish the Maha episode will show Adi and imlie getting divorce Malini and Adi trying to make their marriage work, making Aryan to start falling in love with imlie slowly cause I really want Aryan and imlie as a couple now…..

    1. Yes absolutely cause malini and Aditya deserve each other and I’m loving imlie and aryan’s chemistry hopefully they end up being a couple.

    2. I am also loving aryan and imlie more i feel like aryan would be more appropriate for imlie not because he’s rich but he teaches her that things dont just fall in your lap if you want be successful starting working for it rather than asking for sympathy. He is also changing her not encouraging her sometimes junglee behavior.

  6. @Tara If by chance you ever come here…
    How was your exam? And your set number as well, it might have been 4 againπŸ˜…
    The paper was easy but section B was moderately tough as per me.
    Do let me know your view as well and if you have matched your answers.

    1. hii @board exams 😊
      I’m still here. Yes, I got set 4 today also πŸ˜‚.
      Well, the exam was much better than IT. Some questions were a bit twisted, but overall it went quite well, better than I was expecting. However, in the answer key I’m getting (on internet, as well as sent by my teacher) I have doubts in a few questions. Assertion based. Don’t you think qs 35 and 25 both have the answer ‘b’? But its being given ‘a’ everywhere which doesn’t make sense.
      Did your exam go as per your expectations?
      (Ps- I know it’s silly for me to be ranting about my doubts here on Imlie forum, but I just can’t stop myself πŸ˜‚)

  7. @Tara yeah many answers in answer key are wrong. Both 25 and 35 should have the answer b. However, I hadn’t attempted 35. I recommend you to watch Shubham Pathak ma’am’s analysis of the paper on YouTube, she has explained every answer and I think that all those answers are meant to be correct!
    If I go as per the answer key, I am getting 39.2 and if by Shubham ma’am’s analysis then 40. Shobhit bhaiya hasn’t yet uploaded his analysis otherwise I would have been assured from both the sides ( 25 makes this difference)πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    1. Wow, congrats ❀ You are getting amazing marks in all subjects. You must have really studied very hard.
      Haha, what a coincidence πŸ˜‚ that my mum was just watching the SAME video (Shubham Pathak) for answer key and she told me about it and I’ll be checking it out later myself.
      Next up is science, the toughest nut to crack. (for me) The frustrating thing is they’ve given only one preparatory leave each for crucial subjects like science, maths and 4-5 days’ leave for English and Hindi.
      Best wishes for science exam! May you perform your very best 😊

    2. @Tara yeah that’s the most frustrating thing, infact I have got 6 days gap b/w Maths and English as I don’t have Hindi whereas for Science and Maths we just have one day gap for each😑😑😑
      But anyways,
      Sab CBSE ki maaya
      Kisi ka ek board bhi nahi karaya
      Kisi ko 2-2 baar chakaaya πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      All the best for the upcoming exam may you give your bestπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
      Today you know what we were given q paper 1 hour late due to CBSE’s delay in sending questions on time after that printing also took time.
      Did something of this sort also happen with you?

    3. @Board exams I’m pissed off too due to the f**ked up datesheet πŸ™„ only got one day for political science exam ….. On 15 I have economics and on 17 political science and I’m really annoyed due to this… Should have given atleast 2 days. But what can students do instead to bear the problems 😩 anyways, glad to know that your Exam went really well πŸ€—
      Hope yours and @Tara’s all exams go well ❀️

    4. Metin

      i m counting on you.
      you are the best.
      you will crash them all.
      i gave you gas (gasoline) (native joke)
      you work hard and will give us good news.

    5. Metin

      give a few days to pos first.
      than forget it and go after eco with full of you.
      last day your brain will give you pos work back.
      i did it at my time with 4-5 consecutive exams and it worked for me.
      hope it helps for you..

    6. Oh god πŸ˜‚ I am pretty sure I had written a reply back last night, but I just came here to find nothing of the sort…how did it disappear? well, let’s wait for today’s episode update. Then we can continue our discussion.
      Hey @star, all the best for your pol science and economics exams ❀️

  8. I hope Malini is bumped off. She has become unbearable. Better that she’s crushed under a car so that we are spared

  9. Metin

    story is like 10 times better than prior nowadays.
    write it more imlie style like last episodes , less malini nonsense.
    make malini have proper , real life goals.
    give us free , young independent spirit with courage.
    dont pity on bumps like aditya,
    promote aryan to the spot as close friend not lover.
    make the love story secondary.
    enough with shitty , cheap love triangle stories.
    people might think many tv spectators like trio.
    BE the ONE who cut this crap.

  10. Adi is stupid not to realize tat Malini is purposely showing him the photo of Aryan n Imlie !! Adi nvr suspects Malini is always aftr Imlie whether she is in the house or even aftr she left the house!! Did he or the family realize tat how come Malini is always at the right place in the right time where Imlie is??? BTW if Malini really loves Adi she wouldn’t sees Adi is hurting n is not happy without Imlie n continues to cling on to him !!!

  11. Why is Imlie always shown as carrying her belongings in a gatri(bundle)? Is it to be understood that that the Tripathis never bought her a decent suitcase? Imlie is shown carrying a mirror worked handbag. Then why a gatri always? These small pinpricks should be removed.

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