Imlie 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan and Imlie Meet After 5 Years

Imlie 2nd August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeni cries recalling villager’s bitter words for her. Rajat looks at her recalling Malini’s order to kill Cheeni if he needs a job at Bhaskar Times. He burns the hut and leaves thinking Cheeni will die in a fire accident. Cheeni panics seeing fire all around her and calls Imlie for help. Aryan and Imlie return to Imlie’s house and seeing the house burning run towards it to save Cheeni. Aryan enters the house first and wraps a blanket over Cheeni. Imlie enters next, drops water on Cheeni. Aryan and Imlie both hold Cheeni’s hand and walk out of house. They then slump and fall down and ask Cheen if she is fine. They are shocked to see each other after 5 years and recall the events from their firs meeting, their marriage, their romance, to their separation.

They both emotionally hug each other. Tu Mere Paas Hai Abhi.. song plays in the background. They both express their concern for each other. Imlie says he has injured himself a lot. He hates himself for letting her go. She asks why did he let her go then. He says his dreams had shattered because of her one dream. He leaves her hand and says his love died after her one mistake. Imlie says she had to repeatedly remind her that even she lost her baby and asks if he will hold her hand. Aryan recalls asking her to hold his hand and share his pain. They get out of their imagination when Cheeni speaks and says they met at last. Aryan asks Imlie if she is that journalist. Imlie asks if he came from Bhaskar Times.

Aryan notices Imlie holding his watch. Cheeni says he told his watch will return to him and addressing Seeta maiya’s idol tells Imlie that she got what always belonged to her. She exchanges watch and idol. Imlie tries to leave with Cheeni. Aryan stops her and says he needs to have an important talk. Imlie says later as Cheeni is tired. Cheeni says she is not, so they can speak. Imlie says may years passed without speaking, she doesn’t mind if another 1-2 nights pass. She takes Cheeni home. After sometime, she talks about the the internal wounds one faces. Cheeni asks why did she cry seeing Aryan. Imlie says she doesn’t know why. Cheeni asks she was eager to meet city man, then why didnt’ she speak to him when she met him today. Aryan also thinks he was ager to meet her since years and when he met her, he couldn’t speak.

Cheeni reveals how Aryan rescued her from monkey mask man and how she saved Narmada’s life with her herbal remedy and how rude Malini was over phone. Imlie thinks she was rounding in a circle since 5 years and fears if Aryan found out who Cheeni is. Aryan thinks Cheeni didn’t say that Imlie is her mother but said she is everything, he doesn’t care how they are related. Rajat calls Malini and informs her what she did. Malini praises him and says now mannerless and arrogant little girl Cheeni will be in a fear and thinking 10 times before speaking arrogantly. Cheeni tells Imlie that someone must have set fire into the hut purposefully. Imlie says it must be an accident. Cheeni recalls villagers bullying her and says they told that she is an illegitimate child and doesn’t have a father. Imlie gets angry and says she will confront villagers. Cheeni stops her and asks her to inform who her father is.

Precap: Imlie asks Aryan why would she risk her village children’s lives, she is not wrong. Aryan says she doesn’t have any proof as usual. Imlie says she proved her innocence. Aryan calls police, asks Imlie to prove her innocence in front of everyone, and gets her arrested.

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  1. Anamika_Megh_

    Cheeni has a father and his name is Aditya Kumar Tripathi.
    Having a family still she is addressing as Illegal!
    This serial has nothing to give us now. Each of the characters are horrible.
    I can’t tolerate them anymore.
    Malini turned Anu 2.0
    Cheeni turned Imlie 2.0
    Imlie turned Meethi 2.0
    But all of them had a life!
    I am hating both Malini and Imlie now.
    1) Malini tried to kill a child. She can’t get Justice this time. Her problem was with Imlie, Imlie was a reason. But not that baby. So Malini’s deed can’t be justify from hereon.
    2) Imlie purposely damaged Cheeni’s life. Cheeni has everythings. But how poor a life she is leading only for Imli’e adamant. Let cheeni be with her real family. She is having trouble only for Imlie.
    She had no right to bring her here. She must left her with T family and should seek forgiveness from aryan. As aryan wasn’t wrong that time.
    Anyway i’m quiting this show.

    1. Hahahahah dont go ….just dont watch but read the writings and come back when the story becomes good same i did when Malanie was a b*t*h heheeheheh

    2. Exactly I agree with you about Cheeni; I still wonder why Imlie didn’t go to the Triphati when she found the child? in addition the Tripathi house belongs to her This is where we understand that it’s just a show because it’s obvious that she didn’t go there because the whole Tripathi family left the show;
      But why did she go to Pangandia? An experienced journalist, why didn’t she try to create a career in Delhi? Well I think the writer have to review the sense of what they are writing ; Does Imlie have to live just like that with a child that isn’t hers? Frankly, I think they have to change her character a bit to build a career for herself ; I m quite tired to see a village girl with the same old dresses.
      She wan Award, she is very intelligent and smart , what is she doing in a village?

    3. Anamika_Megh_

      @maggie, i didn’t watch it today. Still i am feeling frustrated even after reading update!!
      @mi, exactly! This serial is named after Imlie, r8? So then they must focused towards Imlie’s carer.
      Ok Let makers cheeni be with Imlie. But why they sent her in village?? I think Imlie didn’t completed hee study.
      As she is now 25years old. 5 years ago she was 21.
      So she was a University students that time..
      So let her completed her study. Then send her Delhi.
      Let her shine, let her become a big journalists.
      But NOOO…they made her an Independent journalists in her village with poor conditions!
      I mean, makers doesn’t want to progress Imlie without a Man! When She became adi’s wife, she had money!!
      Then she Married with Aryan, she became qween. Because Both adi & aryan had money!!
      Even dev also transfered a house by her name. She didn’t go there!!
      She damaged her life with also cheeni and meethi.
      Bechara meethi! She didn’t get anythings!!
      At least Maini is educated and she Doesn’t need Anu’s money. But why Imlie always need aryan or adi’s money to shine????
      Without aryan she is nothing actually!! Let cheeni be with her family. Send cheeni to her father.
      Imlie was educated still couldn’t get a better name for baby!! “Hum gaowale hain, gawar nahi”, doesn’t suit her this line. “parilikhi gawar” hain yeh ladki and also the makers.
      Imlie gawar hain kyun ki makers gawar hain.

    4. you said well👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

      dumb writer!!!she does not believe in the independence of women.
      ..she likes Imlie to be poor without husband!

    5. Imlie was wearing dirty and muddy clothes for a week 😭😭😭
      Aryan also…
      We should give charity to Gul Khan, so that she can buy some clothes for her actors!

    6. Exactly,I am so angry what a sad far departure from Ishbahz,Anika never made so stupid helpless and dependant on men,she left Shiva but survived well until they came back together

    7. Exactly,I mean what is their point, imlie still remains the same.

    8. This I agree with you. Why did she bring the child with her? Tripathis aren’t bad people they would have taken good care of the child. So it would’ve been better if she give the child to them than letting the child suffer with her. But I think if the child was with Tripathis then Malini would take her back again. Then there will be a fight between Tripathis and Chaturvedis. That would’ve been so interesting. But the 5 year leap they wanted won’t be necessary. Aryan and Imlie could be separated for a short time but they would solve their issues while Aryan- not turning into a complete mess and Imlie- not so poor but stable as an individual. Personally I would like if it was that way than this now. But do we get what we want? Nope, absolutely not!

  2. One Aryan’s major concerns now… “How sugar and Imlie are related? Did imlie marry again?”
    The child and sindoor are gonna mess up his mind. But did he forget they didn’t divorce? So how can she marry?
    That beautiful moment…. just their subconscious speaking with each other. But it at least showed that they both regret letting go of each other and blame themselves for it more than they blame each other. How nice it would have been if that part was real and not a dream… but no… never keep it simple. Always make it complicated 😒
    I always hoped for Malini to be at least a little bit good. Because her problem was with Imlie. But today she showed that she’s beyond repair. How could she hurt an unknown lil child? That’s just too messed up.
    And arrest Imlie? Really Aryan? You didn’t even think about getting your facts checked did ya? And she can’t even bail herself.
    Btw Aryan’s makeup artist is so awesome!!! So is his and others clothing designer. So why do they treat this bad with Imlie?

    1. Metin

      Village life.
      Makeup and outfit are burden for that.
      You need to be simple…

    2. That’s the problem Metin. Village life doesn’t always mean the people live in bad conditions. Even rural areas have people who life in better conditions. Hell Imlie’s all villagers seems like they live a better life than her. So why the educated girl with previous work experience is reduced to this? They could show Imlie living in the village but not such a harsh life. She can be shown living a life at least 10% better than her own childhood. But this seems like it’s worse than her childhood. There’s no point in just telling Imlie is a capable girl who can do anything on her own. They have to show us how she do it on her own. We need some progress.

  3. Jo bhi hai…bahutte badhiya hai………..hamko Bahut majja ….aa raha hai 😍😍

    1. Full hindi today sim? I don’t know way it reminds me of someone 🤣🤣

    2. Main……… mereko sab Ata hai malik…..Main expert hun ……Rajpal yadav Ko kuch nahi ata hai…..😅😅…..

    3. Sita Maiyya jaun sambhalat hain ! 🤪

    4. @. Je Baat……… 😍😍

  4. Finally aryan and imlie met but still there is more confusion in both of them and it might take cheeni to clear the misunderstandings.

  5. Gilberto Ryall

    en la historia original, (la novela Bengali) el salto temporal es de cinco años porque Imlie se va a estudiar al extranjero despues de separarse de Aditya, en esa historia el hijo de Malini no es de Aditya sino de otro hombre y Malini muere entonces Aditya e Imlie adoptan al niño y vuelven a casarse

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