Imlie 28th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Nishant Finds Out Imlie And Aditya’s Truth

Imlie 28th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nishant proposes Pallavi for marriage and fixes ring in her finer. Everyone clap, but Imlie continues clapping in excitement. Pallavi says its okay be to excited as Anu girl would like to propose her this way. Harish and Pankaj says someone will propose even her with a ring, but she shouldn’t agree easily. Sundar says he will propose her and kneeling down asks will she do jhadu pocha/brooming and mopping with her. She angrily hits him, and he goes to check hearing door bell. Everyone laugh. Aparna asks Pushpha if she will cancel this alliance seeing their family drama. Pushpha says she is happy that her daughter will be happy always. Aparna says she dreams that whoever comes to their house should never leave, she wants to give immense love to her children that they don’t think of leaving. Malini feels sad hearing that.

Sundar returns with KC. KC calls Malini. Everyone look in surprise. Sundar says he is a advocate. Pankaj asks Malini if she called him here. Imlie thinks family will create issue if they find out that he is Malini’s Kunal Chauhan and says he is Satyakam’s lawyer KC. KC asks if he came at the wrong time. Adi says he can come here anytime and asks reason for coming. KC informs that Satyakam will be released from jail tomorrow. Imli jumps in happiness hearing that. Harish says he made their Imlie happy, so he should attend their family function and then leave. KC says he is busy. Panjak says when he came so far to inform Imlie, he must be having sometime to join them in their happiness. Harish says he cannot reject elders’ request.
Adi says they will not agree, so he should stay back. KC agrees to stay back.

Imlie prepares juice singing song in her usual style when she sees a ring and mimics how Adi would react seeing the ring. Adi walks in and acts as scolding her first, then kneels down and proposes her. She says she is honored with so much respect and says when he can kneel down in respect, even she will kneel down. He fixes ring in her finger. Nishant with Pallavi walk in there and is shocked to see that. He asks what joke is this, he never thought he would involve with a girl, that too Imlie; how can he ruin Imlie’s life. Adi says he is not. Nishant says everything is clear, he didn’t expect he and Imlie woudl have an illegal affair. Adi says its in illegal as neither him nor whole world can allege them, their relationship is pure and true as Imlie is his wife. Nishant stands more shocked. Imlie asks him to listen to Adi once. Adi says when Nishant returned home after 10 years, he didn’t find a chance to inform him. He starts his Pagdandiya story.

Malini thinks she cannot let Kunal near him fearing family. Kunal walks to him. She panics and says they shouldn’t meet like this or else family will find out truth. He asks which truth she is talking about, that he is her boyfriend KC, met her 1 week ago, he is fighting her divorce case, etc. She asks him to stop. He says she is here as she still loves Adi. She says she is not. He says then he needs to know whole truth. She says she and Adi both want divorce. He says why is she here with Adi’s family, she should try her best to save her family, he gives 100% to his job and will not if there is no hope of truth in it.

Adi finishes his story and says he is trying to get Imlie her right, but situation is always against him; situation was responsible for whatever happened in Pagdandiya/PD, but he is responsible for whatever happened in Delhi; he did wrong with Imlie, Malini, and his family, so he is Nishan’t culprit and not Imlie as Imlie always thinks of everyone and doesn’t want everyone to know the truth as they will get hurt, etc. Nishant asks Imlie if cool dude will become his cool bhabhi and apologizes for misunderstanding her and Adi’s relationship. Pallavi says she will always support Imlie and hugs her. Imlie thanks god that god gave her Nishant, Pallavi, and Rupali’s support and should not take back anything. Mithi reaches Delhi and goes to a boutique thinking of buying a gift for Imlie. She slips and holds a customer there. Anu turns and gets angry seeing her touching her shoulder.

Precap: Imlie tells Anu that she warned her to dare not misbehave with her family. Anu asks a woman who had an illegal affair with her husband doesn’t deserve respect, Imlie should know that her father’s name is Dev Chaturvedi.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Imlie safe card is working so well…
    First she melted Rupali, now Nishant-Pallavi๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ and later whole tripathi will accept her…
    2. So entry of Meethi will bring dev cheat and he is her father as well infront of Imlie๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”
    3. I really feel bad for Malini, but she is letting her right spoil herself๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”… Her lies are getting her stuck like web and she will be in pain due to all this…
    4. Imlie last dialogue, now i have 3 support๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ค as if she is preparing for war and gattering army on her side…
    5. I just like KC and Malini growing bonding.. i just read about show updates just becoz to know where KC-Malini story is heading towards๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

    1. huh . The way she said that I have 3 peoples support is like she is going to demolish Malini . Now the only person whom I found sensible from those dumbheads tripathis nishant is going to join the T gang . Now Rupali is getting on my nerves because she knows that malini is innocent but she is provoking her family against her so that imlie will get her spot . Anyways I have left watching this 3rd grade show long back . I only read the update

    2. Comment number 4 rings so true. I always felt that Imlie did not want truth about marriage to come out until she was at least 95% sure she wouldn’t get rejected.
      Remember her nightmare from earlier episodes when she envisioned being rejected and thrown out by T family?
      Imlie not as innocent as she looks and Aditya is twisted around her little finger!

    3. Same..i just read the update skip everything nd read the part which has malini nd kc written on it๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚
      4 point. So valid. She doesnt want to say the truth so that nobody hates her ๐Ÿ˜..instead she should speak the truth nd face the consequences of her nd aditya lie.

      Hope that kc gives malini some sense and brings her innocence infront of everybody.i want both of them to become best friends nd then fall for each other.malini has my whole heart๐Ÿ’—

  2. ms. wolky dolky. if you have to roast this show then plz don’t watch the update also. we cant see our favourite show getting bad comments like you do. And imlie never said anything against malini as she considers her as her big sister. And nishant is still sensible that he understood their condition okay. and rupali is also not provoking her family . and If you don’t watch the show then how you know the story and also then uh lose the rights of giving your not needed advice to the viewers. next time plz, think twice before saying anything against the show.

    1. Dear sanem, everyone has the right to express their own opinion. You may like this show, some other may find it regressive. Its her choice if she wants to post a comment here or not

  3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Imlie and Sundar nok.jhok ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I just can’t ๐Ÿ˜†

    KC is probably thinking… what mess have I landed myself in ๐Ÿ˜‚ thank goodness there is a maiden in distress ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Satyakam is free…now Imlie has back-up for that venom woman Anu…

    As for Nishant…๐Ÿ™ like Imlie said, one at a time… don’t think he was really, really surprised tho… I’m sure he remembered Adi wanting to speak with him on an urgent issue….

    My goodness Meethi… was there no one else in the store for you to hold on to ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ฃ … that Anu is so psychotic and you are so naive, she will eat you alive…smh…now I wonder how Imlie will react knowing Dev’s truth… and if her relation with Adi will change as he kept this truth from her…It’s a really big truth to hide from someone, especially the one you trust the most…๐Ÿ˜ข

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Actually, even I am horrified with the thought that Meethi is going to be eaten alive by Ann’s psychotic behaviour. Atleast I am pleased to see that Anu didn’t kill Meethi as is evident from the precap. I am a little sad for Imlie, since a daughter who sees that her father (whom she doesn’t that he is the father) as an ideal being, will shatter when she knows that her father is the same one whom she trusted now and hated since her childhood. Its like a mental battle, really ! Things are difficult to mend this strained unknown relationship, but show makers will improvise it for our entertainment.

  4. I hope malini leaves that T zoo soon, orlse kunal can kidnap her from there I don’t mind.And I seriously hope after divorce there will no contact of malini with both adithya n imlie she can focus her life with kunal

    1. I hope the same but very well know it won’t happen. Makers want drama. If malini is out of picture how would they create drama!

    2. Ur right, but they can create drama with adilie n T zoo pls spare malini n give her parallel track

    3. But they want to torture malini๐Ÿ˜‚

    4. Yaar it’s torture for malini fans too, sadist maker.

    5. @Riya that what I was thinking as well.makers want to torture malini that why I think even kunal will betray you said they need drama and imlie-adithya are lead and claim “they are in love”so I don’t think they will betray each other.the t family are so far an unrealistic family with same thinking so they can’t create enough drama to keep the show going which leave only one character for drama( malini)but I hope I am wrong because even malini deserve happiness

    6. @natural i don’t know what will happen between kunal and malini. But I really hope malini finds happiness. She was betrayed by her husband and her dad. Still she is so pure and kind hearted. She deserves happiness

  5. @ShraddhaSharma392 did u heard the news about 8 years leap in barrister babu …i guess u always wanted a leap …but other fans bb watcher an sk are totally upset with leap…even i am have u watched the new promo
    Pls reply of u received my msg

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      @dikshita, yes I know about leap in BB…
      Though i am not following show anymore, but yes i wanted leap becoz writers were dragging same thing only, and bondita-Anirudh both were inq pain only all the time… Only leap can prove the theme of show barrister babu… But until bondita was young it was not possible….๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
      But yes i am sad also for aura will not be part of show anymore๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

  6. T family are far away from realistic,

  7. I got it why imlie is poking her nose in everyone business, she wants everyone to love her n supports for her only

    1. Next target is harish and imlie will have 4 support

      Honestly I didnโ€™t expect Nishant to accept imlie I thought he will at least feel bad for Malini
      I shouldโ€™ve expect that after imlie United him with pallavi

      Also I am so happy today episode was not focused on aditya and imlie only Iโ€™m in love with KC and Malini characters

    2. One think I like about nishanth, at least till now he respects malini n treat her like friend, I don’t know about future, but still he is better than that rupi.

    3. Very right @Amritha.judging by how things are going in imlie’s favor i think not just harish but the whole t family will soon join the team plus dev and daadi. and about you not expecting nishant to accept truth,you are not alone I myself wasn’t expecting this all

  8. T zoo will be worshipping imlie more n more on upcoming

  9. Are the makers really this dumb or they are just pretending to be? Like what the hell? Even nishant accept truth easily without confronting his brother just as that foolish rupali.they didn’t even bother to ask their characterless brother why he drag an innocent girl’s life into this mess and why he treated her so badly to the extent that she wanted to commit WHAT?
    But now my question is,if everyone is going to accept the truth at first hearing(malini,nishant,rupali,and soon the entire family) without even questioning the bigamist man and his little cheap niece then why the 200 episodes?why the drag?I am sooooooooo pised by today episode but I really felt very sorry for malini.I just wish she would stay away from the snakes and have some peace

    1. @Natural
      I feel exactly the same.
      They have knowingly ruined a young lady’s life.
      She had the wedding she always dreamed of, as do most girls, and then what happened, totally ruined in 7 months.
      Nobody seems to care apart from Anu who is trying to stand up for her daughter.
      Anu has never wavered and said it straight and for that she is called the vamp!

    2. Very true @kally.that why I want malini to listen to anu sometimes I know she is bitter and many a times create unnecessary drama but she is doing all this with malini interest at hand.even after imlie-aditya truth revelation anu will be alone against everyone.this story is so sickening,I feel headache whenever I read written update

    3. Agree with you guys. Only anu is loyal to malini. Thats how mothers are. Their love for their child is so pure. Anu may be bitter and sometimes cruel, but she loves malini unconditionally

    4. I disgaree somewhat here anu loves malini but not more than society n her classist attitude, remember how she is forcing malini to live with adithya forgetting kunal, did she think of her daughter happiness, at first she accepted adithya because her daughter loved him which I can agree, but now same daughter wants divorce now she is forcing her to live with adithya.

    5. @deepz i think she doesn’t fully believe malini’s story, thats why

    6. @deepz anu herself is a victim of infidelity. Now her daughter behaving exactly like mr. Dev, i think she couldn’t make peace with something like that

  10. Can’t get enough of adilie scene happy that Nishant is not stupid as the portray him get to see the truth and love they have for each other ๐Ÿฅฐ and for our mahaan didi i don’t know what she wants to proof saying something next doing something different such a confused woman despite been old she stil is behaving like a 8years child and pls kc you should be very careful cos she and her mom can only ruin innocent lives i really pity him

    1. Madam when did anu n malini ruined innocent life, leave anu how malini ruined innocent life are you watching same serial

    2. @Amina I donโ€™t think you watch the serial properly so go and watch than comment who is right and who is wrong

      Why should KC should be careful,
      Malini is the victim who go betrayed by husband and father I donโ€™t think she will ever trust men

    3. And pls imlie you should be very careful with adithya because you know how he is, and adithya you should also be very careful with imlie, because she is still a teenager anything can happen

    4. Miss priyanka malini is not a victim then now also cos whatever happens to her she bought it upon herself because I don’t support mahaan didi now I don’t watch even if I don’t that is not your cup of slush hmm ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    5. @Amina the problem is you donโ€™t even watch a single episode of it I think malini has every right to be desperate

      What you mean by she is running after a young looking man just to satisfy her ego aditya isnโ€™t young and if you are talking about KC is not young either

      I bet tomorrow you will say that imlie is older than aditya

    6. @Deepz your mahaan didi need this cos she is running after a young looking man just to satisfy her ego ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ anyways nothing to except from such desperate women like malini other than this ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ

  11. @amina pray that you’re never in Malini’s shoes.
    If you do ever find yourself in a similar position, please let us know how you handle it.
    I know someone who was married in India, her husband made her pregnant and it was then she found out he was already married with a child.
    Oh yes, he went back to FIRST wife, but you’d justify that as they were in love, was first wife etc ๐Ÿ™„

    1. Fictional or not, a woman finding happiness in other woman’s misery is so disturbing. Malini is the victim here. She was in love with a man for 7 years. That man betrayed her, tossed her out like trash. He committed bigamy. Married her hiding the truth about his marrital status. Still some people find fault with the woman! Seriously!! To not feel empathy is a terrible state

    2. And something she told in last line like kc should be careful with malini because she n anu ruins innocent life, did I miss out something when did that happen, what i see is her life is ruined by adithya and imlie

    3. @Deepz no you didn’t miss anything. Warning KC ridiculous, Anu and Malini have not ruined an innocent life but are just trying to get people to reveal the truth, perhaps not the way certain people would like.

    4. @riya Krishna
      That’s how I feel. The proposal leaves me feeling cold and sick, I cannot see that it’s romantic, especially with the fact that the marriage has not been exposed and Malini is in the other room, not yet divorced.
      Issues needed to be resolved before any proposal being done in total honesty, then it might have been considered romantic and a matter of rejoicing.
      There should be some legal punishment for this couple, a crime has been committed and needs to be addressed.

    5. I agree with u all nishanth didn’t even question his brother, once the truth is out he supported adilie as if its not big deal, and what he is saying that adithya is having EMA n spoiling imlie life, didn’t he see how poor imlie is giving awe look n looking at her bs lovingly when he is putting her the ring

    6. Remember, aditya is still legally married to malini. Can’t he wait a little more, can’t he just wait for the damn divorce! This man is making me sick. Pathetic human being!

    7. Exactly,

    8. Comment edited.

      Note: Debate is okay but please no fun or mocking opposing views.

  12. Wish adithya @ malini reunite. Hope malini cancels her divorce.imlie @ adithya are not innocent.

    1. @sushi I hope not as Malini could never trust Aditya again, once trust is gone it’s very hard to trust again and can also lead to misery.
      Just want Malini to be happy but not with Aditya. A sorry example of a man.

    2. @Ashlie don’t agree with you on everything.
      Imlie came into that house knowing she wife and letting Malini marriage go ahead.
      She came in as a maid and did everything to ensure her place.
      She never acted as a maid.
      Always lurked around the bedroom, interrupted everyone until they did what she wanted.
      In real life it takes a long time to trust a maid to that extent and especially to treat her like a daughter.
      Anu has her faults but maybe, just maybe she knew that Aditya was not right.
      Look at him doing proposal before divorce, very callous!

  13. What is wrong with wanting support and acceptance from family you love? Why imlie is blamed for that. She has considered enough about Malini till Malini herself pushed her towards Aditya. She never once demanded from Aditya to give her anything. She has never tried to seduced Aditya. Adini relationship was flawed from the start her mother knew and tried to prevent but then her overbearing attitude and condescending behaviour towards Aditya and his family also became one of the reason for seperation. Adini fights started from Anu not imlie. It was long before imlie became reason for their fights. Anu instigating even there was nothing between adilie and insulting imlie at every chance forced Aditya to take stand for imlie as there was nobody to do that. And somewhere he felt responsible for her. Defending wife’s honour is husband’s first duty and Anu literally forced him to acknowledge and defend her so unknowingly Anu has become the reason for seperation.

    1. And tell me whose fault it was to marry someone hiding his marrital status? Did anu cause that too?

    2. Did anu make imlie keep mum? Why didn’t imlie stop aditya-malini’s marriage if she considered aditya as her husband? Why let her husband marry another woman?

  14. When imlie came into house she was completely out of place I am not saying she is flawless she has made her share of mistakes keeping silent on marriage was wrong but at that time she herself was overwhelmed with what happened with them and she witnessed Malini hospitalized after Aditya tried to reveal truth. Adini marriage happened within few days once they got back. If they had at least some time to reflect and accept everything I am very sure adini marriage would never have happened if it did happen it will have after everyone aware of everything and after making sure imlie would not suffer.

    1. So they thought stopping a marriage is difficult but continuing bigamy is easy! Really! They could have done things differently. They didn’t reveal the truth fearing the reaction from everyone. It takes guts to take responsibility of ones own actions. But sadly, our hero is a coward

  15. Then i think aditya should stay with malini and left imlie. Then like mohi imlie will be successful and it will become a flop serial like mohi . When malini left home her parents insisted to stay with them . Also she has kunal’s support . But imlie who doesn’t got support from her father nor husband is wrong. Why?Malini is not wrong . But she can alone in society because she is rich ,Daughter of a man who has power but imlie can’t get enough support. When now when her husband is supporting her you are abusing. Why?

    1. Malini is rich so she should tolerate any injustice! What logic is that? Aditya didn’t even wait for his divorce before proposing imlie. No decent human being would do such a thing. Who made imlie a maid? Who refused togive her the right of a wife? It was aditya. He is the culprit

    2. @rooplekha wait until truth is out and you will know who have support and who doesn’ malini is the only victim without any support and the fact that she is rich doesn’t have anything to do with this,even rich people deserve happiness and Justice

  16. Why so much focus on proposal. He has accepted her as his wife in front of villagers, strangers and Malini proposal is just a formality. That too he said he will do it right way with real ring infront of whole family without hiding from anyone. Today’s scene was just indulgence into imlie’s girlish fantacy. Come on Malini is roaming with KC going on dates or so they think so why such little personal moments between them should be problematic. They are all within their limits not indulging in any improper indecent behaviour.. there’s no hugs and kisses no fall and catch ott drama not dupattas hair flying moments just little personal conversation between two people in love at respectable distance.

    1. Malini and kc are not on a ‘real’ date. Proposal is not just a ‘little personal conversation’.if aditya really liked to keep a ‘respectable distance’, he wouldn’t have proposed imlie before his divorce. But doing respectable things are not aditya’s cup of tea. Oh yes, he is the one who had two wives at the same time, so, this is just a silly matter for him

    2. #Ashlie but he has not conducted marriage in front of family, friends and his society!
      That’s why it’s wrong.
      He married Malini in front of both families and with consent.
      Now also doing proposal in secret, not in front of family and friends.

  17. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

    Riya Krishna and Deepz, no one is opposing your comment until you are rejecting or objecting any other people’s comment. You be with your opinion, no one is stopping you infact. Serial ke chakkar mein, kyun hi tum kisi aur ke comment ko object karkar unhen hurt kar rahe ho. As you have your own opinion, others are stuck to their own opinion, right ? So, write your comments but don’t reply anyone in the effort to hurt anyone’s opinion. That is a request. Fighting among ourselves for a petty show which will someday end, is not logical. What does it matter if someone is Imlie’s fan or Malini’s fan ? All are connected to the show, right ? Also, always a show is not watched for justifying the morality of the show, many a times, people are only in for entertainment.
    And yaar Imlie fans. Kyun Imlie ko bada dikhane ke chakkar mein Malini ko nicha dikhakar, khud gir rahe ho ? Why do you want to be like other fans by bad mouthing Malini for no other reason. Each and every cast is doing a good job. They are doing what they are told to do. Shikayat tho logon ko show makers ya storyline se honi chahiye, na ki cast members par !

    1. This is a platform for discussion. Let us do what we want to do. I don’t think anyone need to say what we should or shouldn’t comment. To reply to a comment or not, its our choice

  18. As this serial has progressed, it has become blatantly obvious that Malini was a very bad fit for both Aditya and the Tripathi family. Her parents are psychotic snobs who don’t think even an accomplished lawyer is good enough for her! And far from being nice, she goes to Pagdandyia to find out the truth for herself, no-one else, lies to Meethi about her name and who she is, and works hard to deceive everybody. Her ‘suicide’ was just showing off and every time something went wrong in her marriage she went running home – such a drama queen! No wonder KC is already fed up with her as she lies all the time, for her own benefit. Imlie lies to avoid shocking or hurting the family, she doesn’t have a devious bone in her body. Hopefully tomorrow Meethi will find out the truth, that both Dev AND his daughter Malini are cheats and liars. I hope Imlie rejects both of them, but she is so soft on Malini she probably won’t. It was a good episode, though I would have preferred Aditya not to have had his story interrupted by the Malini scene. Also very good to have put Nishant straight about the Adilie relationship, I was getting so tired of his tutting and shaking his head in disgust. His shock finding they were married was the best look I have ever seen on his face! I look forward to more fireworks tomorrow. Best serial I have seen for a very long time.

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