Imlie 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Dev’s Guilt

Imlie 28th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malini asks Imlie if she liked her village themed party idea. Imlie says very much. Pankaj says its Malini’s plan. Aparna offers laddoo to Imlie and asks how is it. Imlie tastes and falls. Pankaj holds her and says it doesn’t have sedative, why did she fall. She says its very tasty. Nidhi says they are other sweets for her. Anu with Dev enters and seeing the set up says these people didn’t work hard so much even during Malini’s wedding. Aparna seeing them greets them in. Adi walks to them and touching Dev’s feet and hugging him addressing as papa says he is good to see him here. He then greets Anu as Mrs. Chaturvedi. She frowns as usual. Dev asks about Imlie. Adi says she is fine and he can meet her. Dev walks to Imlie and says good to see her hale and healthy. Imlie says he is looking like Pagdandiya’s sarpanch and feels like dear one.

Family makes Imlie sit and dances on a Kala Chashma bhangra song. Imlie joins them and dances. Family enjoys dance and dances really well. Imlie slips and injures herself. Adi scolds her to be careful and when he warned her not to join them, why did she, what if her stitches would have broken, she should go and sit silently. Aparna makes Imlie sit on a charpai and asks Sundar to bring something for Imlie and snacks for them. Malini tells Adi that he shouldn’t have scolded Imlie so rudely. Children say they can dance at least and start dancing. Devi walks to Imlie and says he will dance with her, thinking he couldn’t hold her hand and teach her walking, but he can hold her hand and dance with her. Imlie asks if he will really dance with her. He says yes and dances holding her hand. Anu gets jealous seeing that and walks aide.

Malini walks behind Anu and asks if she is fine, she can share with her if she has any issue. Anu says a mother cannot share a few issues with her daughter, so she should go and enjoy dance. Malini goes to kitchen. Anu sees tiffin, which Dev took from home lying that he is taking food for roadside children, and asks if papa gave her this tiffin. Malini says Adi brought it from Imlie;’s hospital room as he found it there. Dev continues dancing with Imlie when Anu angrily throws tiffin in front of him and shouts that he lied that he took food for street children but took it for maid Imlie. Dev says Imlie is not a maid they can go home and speak. Anu continues shouting at him and asks why she is so attached to a maid, if he is so concerned, why don’t he adopt her and bring her home and throw it on her forever. Dev angrily raises hand, but stops and walks away embarrassed. Malini stands crying. Aparna consoles her. Taiji asks Anu to calm down. Pankaj and others run behind Dev and inform Adi that Dev is missing and asks Malini to call and find out where he is. Adi rushes searching. Nidhi asks to inform them once he finds Dev. Dev walks on road reminiscing Anu’s words and thinks she created such a big drama when he met his daughter, he is ruining even Malini’s life, so he should die. He walks in front of a truck when Imlie rescues him on time and they both fall down. She scolds him. He says he was in a thought and didn’t notice a truck. She says he should think about Malini as a father’s life is not only his but also belongs to his children. He says she is right. She asks him to return home and console Malini as she is in shock. He hugs her and thinks she is right, a father’s life belongs to his children and will be with his children, etc.

Precap: Adi tells Imlie that Mrs. Chaturdevi shouldn’t have insulted her. Iklie says she even insults him, but he doesn’t feel bad. Malini sees them together chatting smilingly and walks towards them.

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