Imlie 27th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie Shatters Seeing Aditya’s Love For Malini

Imlie 27th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malini goes to meet Imlie. Imlie asks why did she come to her after incurring so many injuries. Malini emotionally says they are all her dear ones and asks what would Adi reply to her mother if something had happened to her. Imlie reminisces Mithi giving Imlie’s responsibility to Adi. Malini says they all love her, she is her younger sister and shouldn’t do any herogiri again. Imlie says she is very sweet, sees Daadi and Dev and asks why are they emotional. Dev thinks his daughter is very cute. Tauji asks why she was determined to get injured. Aparna says she is a habitual intriguer. Imlie says she will get well soon by having milk daily and will feed even Malini. Malini says she will force her to have milk. Imlie says she lifted a tree with the strength from milk. Rupal says Adi saved her and they all saw on TV how he was running holding her.

Dev with Naani walk to Malini’s room and seeing Anu packing clothes asks what is she doing. Anu says she doesn’t Malini stay here, so she is packing her clothes. Dev says she should be thankful to Imlie for saving Malini’s life and instead she is hating her. Anu continues venting out her anger and confronting them and finally says she got married to her daughter Tripathi family and not a servant. Dev says Tripathy considers Imlie as family member. Malini enters. Anu says she will take her home and take care of her as everyone are busy with Imlie and nobody bothers about her. Malini says Imlie saved her life, etc., and she will stay here with her family, so they all 3 can go. Anu asks again who will take care of her. Adi enters and says he will take care of moon. Anu says she saw his care on TV while he was running holding Imlie ignoring Malini, he and his family are only worried for Imlie. Malini asks not to start again and asks Dev to take mom and daadi home. They all 3 leave.

Aparna feeds Imlie and says she will inform her amma how bravely she saved Adi’s wife. Imlie nervously requests not to inform her amma. Malini with Adi enters and asks why shouldn’t they inform about her bravery to her amma, her amma will be very proud of her. Imlie says amma will be worried if she hears about her injuries and will stop having food. Aparna says then they will not and force feeds Imlie again. Malini says she got her admission form and will get her college admission soon. Imlie says she will get healthy having so much food and will study so well that whole college will praise her.

Daadi thanks god for saving her both granddaughters and prays god to protect them. Dev informs that he spoke to Malini and she told her pain is less with medicines. Daadi asks him to come and pray god. He asks if he should thank god that his both daughters are safe or mourn that they don’t know that they are sisters, what will he tell Malini about Imlie. Daadi says he should be thankful that his daughters are following their sisterly duties even after not knowing about it. He says she is right as always and prays god to keep his daughters safe and united

Adi prepares turmeric milk for Imlie and asks Sundar to give it to Imlie. Sundar asks what else. Adi asks if he did his job right. Sundar says Malini madam will like his gift. Adi then takes milk for Malini. Malini says she doesn’t want to have milk. He shows popcorn and switches on movie. She gets happy. He says he will get all the culprits of bridge collapse punished. Malini asks if he got afraid. He says a lot and he thought he would lose her, he tries to get intimate. She says someone will see them. He says let them see, nobody will come between them. Sundar gives milk to Imlie. Imlie thinks of giving milk to Malini and takes it to her room. She stands sad seeing Adi hugging Malini and saying he loves only her and will always be only hers. She says she knows that he is only hers and collides her head to his. He gets concerned and asks if she is fine. She says like their love, their relationship will never end or else she will die. He asks not to say that and gets angry. She convinces him and watches movie leaning on his shoulder. Imlie shatters seeing that and falls down tryin to return to her room. Malini tells Adi that she told him to close the door. Adi with Malini walks out and seeing Imlie asks what happened. Imlie turns. He asks if she is fine, if she is having pain. Imlie says she brought milk for Malini. Adi says he prepared milk for her and Malini. Malini says he must have left gas on and goes to check. Adi insists Imlie to have milk in front of him. She says she will later. He says she takes responsibility of whole world and even has to prepare for her studies. He force feeds her and says she enjoys complicating things. She walks away. He thinks if she felt awkward seeing him and Malini together.

Precap: Adi knocks door and asks Imlie to open it. Imlie opens eyes and he sings I love you. Imlie gets happy hearing that. Malini notices them.

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  1. malini you rocked it you a lot.

  2. Best actor award should be given to jerk adithya, how much more will he lie n pretend to care n love malini when he doesn’t even care for her, more emotional cheating is on the way I think, disgusting show, disappointed with malini today, how can she be OK with whatever happened in front of her eyes, and she didn’t even question adithya, adithya is so fake whenever he talks its words are full of lies n lies only he is not a truthful nor righteous man. He is pathetic

  3. This is why I dislike imlie, she is coming between the couples, why she is feeing sad to see them together, did she started to love him, why can’t she get out from the house n live her life,

  4. Malini don’t trust this pathetic man too much, he is not worth it, the nerve of this man romancing malini and the next day will romance imlie,how pathetic he can get, its only 86 episode and I can’t stand him, don’t know how much creep he will get in future

    1. Very very true. She had seen his true colors yesterday only when he left her dying for his “Precious” Imlie. Instead of romancing him, she should throw divorce papers in his face and leave that house where everyone is more concerned for the maid instead of the bahu. Malini, you don’t need to tolerate your husband with Imlie and you should get away from that stupid pair, move on and find someone better in your life. You’ll only get a heartbreak with Adi. And yes, howw can this shitty man even think of being close and romantic to two women behind each other’s back. Disgusting piece of trash, this Aditya.

    2. Family members taking care of imlie, its expected because she saved malini by risking her life so they are showing some gratitude by taking care of her

  5. I agree with you Dd. She always spoils their beautiful moment

  6. This Imlie is a damn irritating drama queen who wants to be the center of attraction always. What’s wrong if a husband and wife are romancing? What problem she has? Why she wants to come in between them? Oh, Imlie do you expect Adi to love and romance you too as he is doing for Malini? “Mahaan Samajhdar Gyani” Imlie, won’t that be called an extra marital affair? If you can’t tolerate Adi with someone else, what was the need to be so “Mahaan” on his wedding day and let him get married to Malini as well? Adi and Imlie , you both are unnecessarily complicating Malini’s life and in the end she will be left shattered. I should call this Imlie a house breaker. This cheap two-faced man Aditya doesn’t even deserve my words. As much as I dislike GHKKPM, that show is a lot better than this crap. Atleast they are not promoting extra marital affairs. A husband is falling in love with his one and only wife and there’s nothing wrong with that. But here, a shitty husband is trying to be close to both the women in his life, ruining an innocent girl’s life deliberately, and having an affair with one woman. Anu was right that here everyone is too concerned for that Imlie, they don’t care for Malini as much. And BTW, illogical, immoral, stupid show makers, who treats a maid like this in real life? celebrate her birthday, give her expensive gifts, admit her in colleges?? Who does all this stupid things and gives a maid that much importance. I hate hate Imlie’s double standards. First she acts “mahaan” and lets Adi marry Malini, then she can’t tolerate Malini, and behind her back, will have an affair with that cheap man.
    Is this “love” according to u makers?

    1. Adi should stop playing with two women’s life, all mess is created by him, he too is giving hopes to imlie by showing affection and care to her more than necessary. I hope imlie walks out from that home, I cant understand this imlie character, but what I dislike with her is this unwanted jealousy, makers are clearly making her in coming between the couples, adi n malini relationship is going to break due to imlie only

    2. Ya @Dd…Adi is the worst character here and he’s so cheap that I have no words for him. But Imlie is also at fault very much. She is coming between a couple and feeling jealous for no reason. If she can’t see Adi with Malini,why she became so “mahaan” and let him marry Malini. She hid from Malini that she was also married to Adi. This is really a damn irritating stupid girl, unnecessarily ruining Malini’s life, while acting to be “Too Great”.

    3. That time she didn’t feel anything for adi, because he always used to be rude n yell at her but now, she started to have feeing because he is showing care n affection to her, in this too adi is responsible, I think it should be adi who should tell the truth to malini.

    4. Adi n malini relationship has many flaws, if makers want to make adilie as end pair they should have logically handled well, by showing how adi n malini are unfit for each other, but nah makers want to promote extra marital affairs n cheating,

    5. Whether she felt anything for Adi that time or not, that’s absolutely no reason to hide such a big truth from Malini which’ll shatter her life. Imlie never had any self respect. If she was married to Adi, then either be clear about it to all his family members, and live with all the rights of a wife, or file for a divorce after reaching the city. Either way, everything would have sorted out. But no, they hid the truth from everyone and then Adi married Malini. They didn’t once think that such a big thing can’t be hidden and sooner or later Malini will find out their cheat, and how she’ll shatter! Had they no sense at all? Really selfish behavior, while pretending that they’re so “sacrificial”. This village girl deliberately ruined Malini’s life and now living like a sad “bechari” maid with no self respect, and no rights. Whatever anyone says, or defends Imlie, this fact can’t be denied that she played a very big role in this blunder.

    6. I don’t know whom to blame, the situation is such a complete mess, adi tagged innocent malini into this mess which is total wrong,if only he didn’t marry her and told her the truth that he is already married to imlie, somehow he should have stopped his marriage,

    7. Yeah, that one could have been better but I don’t blame imlie for all this she is innocent.
      She finds herself in this mess which she can not come out of it because she loves adi and also malini, she can not control it she is just confused

    8. I am very disappointed with Imlie. Aditya is a man who cares only for his own happiness. Even after being married to Imlie, he never treated her with respect or gave her any rights. He married Malini (hiding the truth from her) so that he gets bliss in his life, not caring that this decision would ruin both the girls’ lives. And Imlie never took a stand for herself or any of her rights. As I said, she just pretends to be so “great” “bechari” and “sacrificial” at the same time, while actually being stupid, and now soon she’ll have an affair with Adi. Oh god, there is a limit of stupidity and selfishness!!

  7. I totally agree with you @Dd

  8. malini did so much fr imli…bt imli is snatching her husband behind her back…such a heinous village girl with double standards…she want adi to say i luv u to her behind his wife’s back…disgusting…malini should leave this pathetic cheap pair alone and leave that house…she deserves so mch better…

    1. Did you guys even watch the show Imlie is Aditya first wife but Aditya wanted to be ungrateful and got married to malini. You guys can’t always blame Imlie she’s trying and don’t forget she’s 19 still a teenager who is confused. Also the family loves her but she still gets hate from Aditya and malini mom

  9. I used to watch dis serial just becoz of malini, bt d day i came to knw dat dis serial is a remake of bengali show “ishti kutum” i stopped watching.. i checked ishti kutum’s wiki n got shocked dat hw can they make such a crap.. they wl show dat imli n adi wl fall fr each other n dis idiot adi wl tell malini dat i consider u as a frnd.. den malini wl try to commit suicide bt afterwards let adi marry imliπŸ˜”πŸ˜”and nt only dat she wl tell her father to giv imli her daughter’s right.. sum other guy wl come in her life n marry her bt still dis cunning imli wl ruin malini’s life n second marriage by her so called devi actπŸ™„πŸ™„.. then even dev wl get angry n disown dis chalu imli.. n at last poor malini wl die..πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” i hate the maker who wrote dis crap.. my frnd who is a bengali even said dat ishti kutum ws very controversial show n even many cases were registered against it as people said this show is showing village girls as characterless n home breaker and promoting extra marital affair.. bt still makers r remaking it..πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  10. I m surprised, hw so many shows like imli,mohi,gustakh dil and dil se dil tak were made who show specially the village girls(except dsdk whr teni ws a small town gujrati girl) as over cute,over bubblyπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„,over intelligent,over bechaari n then suddenly they become home breakers with their over nautanki n bechaari type antics😏😏😏.. wat the makers try to show n wat msg they r giving to viewers.. after watching all dis shit even normal people wl start doubting their maidsπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ n never help poor or village girls.. why the makers cant set example by showing village girls turning into educated,self independent good girls, why they need to b home breaker alwys..

    1. completely agree with ur last 4 lines Priya!

    2. @arista thank uu

  11. To me I think Adi is the problem of all things and imilie as now started to love Adi and she has been jealous which shouldn’t has happened,to me I think it high time everyone knows Adi n imilie secret,hope Malini would be able to cope with it

  12. Let all blames go to Adi and not Imlie.Is it forbidden for Adi to speak the truth?what else do you want her to do?Dont spoil the show for other people watching it.The whole world is watching the show not only Indians from Nigeria

  13. Imlie will get hate, because she has been projected as other women who is breaking the couples, though she is his first secret wife, its obvious they will have affair

  14. First clear it to me someone that who is Adi’s real wife ? First he married Imlie, then Malini. So I think his wedding with Malini must not be legal, right? Imlie should be his real wife. So why they’re pretending that Malini is his real wife?

    1. Imlie n adi marriage is forced, yes she is his first wife, and malini his second wife, Here marriage itself a mess,malini can complaint against him n throw him at jai because she has been kept in dark, though imlie is his first wife, the makers are making her as third wheel between adi n malini, I just want malini to move out from that house n divorce that cheater adithya

    2. exactly.. forced marriage is itself a crime..n there r laws fr dat also..hw can some random people force two unknown persons to marry without their wish n dat too on gun point.. is it a joke.. these things shud nt b promoted on national television as already in many ways these type of crimes r on its peak nowadays.. just applying sindoor n wearing mangalsutra n dat too without sumone’s wish, cant make a marriage legalπŸ™„πŸ™„ so according to me malini is his legal wife becoz dat ws done with their consent n in presence of family n society.. as they both r qualified n belong to educated family they must hav done legal formalities also.. so according to me imli’s marriage ws just a nonsense n they cant hide their infidelity by giving this excuseπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  15. Here’s a piece of information copy-pasted from google πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ (Bigamy is a crime which occurs when a person is married to two different people at the same time)
    “The punishment for bigamy is imprisonment, which may extend till 7 years or fine or both. In case the person charged of bigamy has performed the second marriage by hiding the fact of first marriage, then he shall be punished with imprisonment of up to 10 years or fine or both.”
    So here, the second case describes Aditya’s situation well. And he should be severely punished by the law for his cheat and crime. They can’t just show him marrying Imlie after throwing out Malini and divorcing her, and then living happily with Imlie. He has done a crime (Imlie also partially supported him) and this is not a light thing. He deserves to be punished with the 10 year imprisonment rather than the fine. And it would be the best punishment for Imlie to have to stay away from her so called “love” for the first 10 years of her marital life. These selfish people can’t expect to enjoy life after divorcing Malini. I wish the serial shows Aditya getting severely punished for this offence so that the show does not promote this type of crimes to the audience.

    1. @jozie.. u nailed it girlπŸ˜…πŸ˜… epic n best comment till dateπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. And also I want some one new for malini, she deserve happy ending n true love

  16. I think Aditia and Imlie married twice? 1st time was forced then married Malini, went back to that village and remarried Imlie, so that makes his marriage to Malini totally irrelevant. What in the world are the writers promoting? I have stopped watching this show now

  17. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    I am just glued to the TV set to see what these writers are going to end with… I also think that this show will end differently to the others, because this will cause a lot of controversy with the viewers…

    On another note… Adi is wrong for keeping his first forced marriage a secret… also wrong to marry another woman without telling her about it… even more wrong for allowing Imlie to live with him and lying about her status to his own family… and lastly, for scaring Imlie so much that she kept quiet and is now taking advantage of the fact that she cannot return to her village, so she has to act as a maid… Adi is solely at fault and should face all consequences of what is to come… Not Imlie… smh… so what if she now falls in love with her husband, she is still a child and learning of these feelings… as for Malini, I can only feel sorry for her, she has a lot of disappointment ahead… 😞

  18. Fardowsa aden

    Imli am fan love you

  19. SHAINOOR shabbir mohammed

    Poor imlie I feel sad for her can’t even express

  20. Guys plz don’t blame any characters of this show, the one and only person you need to blame is the STORY WRITER πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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