Imlie 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie teaches dance to Aditya

Imlie 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The host is about to declare the winner. Anu says that the rules were to make a western dish, but Imlie made an Indian dish only. Hence, that dish is disqualified. Aparna says they lost in first round only. Rupali tells Aditya that Anu won’t let them win. Anu says that according to them, the winner is Prachi. Mrs. Arora praises Prachi and taunts Aparna that not as a bahu, but Imlie should know how to cook as a maid. She asks Aparna what punishment she will give. She will cut her salary? Or send her back to her mother’s home. Anu adds more insult to it calling Imlie a ‘gawar’ (village girl). Pallavi comes forward saying she is a professional cook and she can tell that Imlie’s dish is western. She made same what Prachi did. But they are more interested in background of the cook instead the food itself. Other 2 judges agree with Pallavi and say that Imlie’s dish’s taste was the best and they declare her as a winner. Everyone claps for Imlie. Anu is furious. The host says that the first round ends here. Tomorrow there will be a dance competition. All wives will perform with their husbands. Few ladies tell Mrs. Arora that tomorrow only Prachi will win as ‘gawar’ Imlie wouldn’t know the dance. Mrs. Arora agrees that Imlie and Aditya won’t be able to match a single dance move. Rupali tells Imlie not to pay attention to them.

At home, Imlie says sorry to Pallavi for getting her disqualified. Pallavi says to forget all that. Aparna says Imlie is used to doing a mistake and then saying sorry. Aparna then asks Pallavi what was she doing there? It’s Imlie who does cheating and all. Pallavi says neither of them were cheating. She felt bad when she got disqualified, but Imlie won in end. The trophy will come in that house only. Imlie will bring it. Aparna leaves from there. Rupali says that the matter has gone out of the hands now. She tells Imlie to rehearse well and make sure she wins. They wonder who will help them. Sundar comes and teaches dance to Imlie and Aditya. Aditya says he won’t be able to do all that, he will become a joke in front of the society and they will laugh at him. Family motivates him, but Sundar says his dance was very bad. Family again gets behind Aditya. He says that he will give it a last shot. He keeps turning to a wrong side and bumps into Imlie. Imlie tells him to do properly. Aditya asks for simpler steps. Sundar says if he practices, then he will be able to do it. Aditya gives up and says sorry to Imlie that she will lose because of him. He leaves from there. Imlie goes to talk to him.

Imlie asks Aditya what happened? Aditya says that he doesn’t understand how a dance will prove that she’s the best bahu. Today, he is alive because of her. She has done so much for that house. He doesn’t think any other bahu did that much. It’s sad that his family has forgotten everything. He tells her that she doesn’t need to do all this. No matter how hard she tries, it won’t matter to his family. His mother and aunt will still keep taunting her. She says competition might be childish to him, but not to them and she wants to win it for them. He tells her that she can do anything, but he is not able to support her. She says that she will teach him dance. He’s still hesitating. She gives him a hand. He holds it. She teaches him the dance. They get close. Aparna and Radha are passing by from their room. They watch them. Radha tells Aparna that Aditya is trapped more than what they thought. Aparna says but he refuses to accept it. Imlie continues to teach dance and Aditya is learning well. Aparna says if tomorrow they come out as husband and wife, then they will lose all the respect that they earned for past years. They must stop them somehow. Aditya is enjoying the dance now and is getting confidence.

Anu is furious. She says today Imlie won the competition because of sympathy, but tomorrow it won’t repeat. She proudly calls Tripathis her family. Now she will use her family against her.

Precap: Aparna locks Aditya in a room. Aditya and Imlie are called for their performance. Anu says if they can’t come on time, then they should be disqualified.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Lol…dough + veges on top = tada 👉 Pizza 😁

    Loving the ‘me’ time with Adi 🤗 …sooo, the Choreographer Gashu doesn’t know how to dance 😂 he has a dance school for pete’s sake 💃🙌

    Where is daddy Dev ?? 🤔 and didi Malini ?? 🤔 … probably on vacation with Kunal 🙄😔

    Aparna and Radha… two little mice running thru the house looking to make mischief 🤓 … as tho Anu isn’t terror enough for Adi and Imlie 🙄 … Can you imagine Aparna and Radha teaming up with Anu to try to destroy adilie 😲

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Exactly….Gashmeer is a choreographer and he is shown in serial as if he doesn’t know how to dance. A professional in dancing acted like he doesn’t know how to dance, throwing his hands and legs like anything 😂.
      But I have seen his choreography and dance. He is such a fab choreographer and an actor too ! Multitalented as he seems ! And yes, he has a dance school too and we are fools here…😂
      He has an acting school too ! And he is a play director too when he first went into theatres ! Super multitalented 💯❤️

    2. Yes, but regardless of what his real life situation is, we’re judging the characters within this drama.
      We’re fools in that he has been shown to dance in earlier episodes!
      Now we’re shown he’s got 2 left feet🙄

    3. This is serial fool not take in mind

    4. This is a serial fool not take in mind

  2. Omg I am getting tired of imlie and Tripathis drama 🥱🥱 why can’t makers focus on KC and Malini cause they are the only reason I watch this I don’t even know what to call this serial anymore
    All they do is show us imlie and aditya are innocent, selfless and greatness

    Also I saw some comments saying that aditya is the best husband 😂😂 when he was taking imlie to his room

    1. @Tara, I too feel the same but whilst Aparna and Radha are not accepting Adilie, for whatever reason, I actually like them too 🤣
      I pray that the whole week is not going to be all about this effing competition.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if this competition now gets adopted across whole of India as a national competition for real 🙄
      I pity the bahus, but one day they will revolt and refuse to marry those precious sons 🤣😂

  3. What the heck flatbread and some veggies on top is a winning dish wow I think only paid the judges where she did get that much amount of money I think she steal from tripathis, tripathis check their lockers 😂

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      You might think so that how will some roties and veggies on top make it a good dish. But since I got on experience, I think what you make doesn’t matter but taste matters. One day, me and my mother were going to a market through the village near our locality. When we were coming back via same route, there was a Vitthal temple. We thought of going in and worshipping ! Then when we were coming out of temple, villagers there said that today is an auspicious day, since today is when the temple was constructed according to tithi. So they invited us to eat temple food behind the temple area. Actually we thought that they might be thinking that we belong to the village and we said we are not from this village. They said it doesn’t matter but today we are equal to their guests. That gesture of villagers did melt us and as it was nearly 7.30 p.m. around, so we thought let’s go and eat then.
      Villagers served us daal, rice, gulab jamun and papad. But the taste of food especially the food items which we think to be plain, i.e, daal and rice, that day is what I can’t forget even now. I had never ate that type of daal and rice ever in my life. Even my mother agrees that. Not only we but many who were being served food that day, were very content with the food !
      Even courteousness adds the taste to the food but belive me, the food was really good.
      So, I think that roti and some veggies on top can be awesome even though we may think it so simple !
      Never disrespect food and the one who cooks it 😂
      I didn’t mean about Imlie but everyone who cooks food in general

    2. Temple food, Gurdwara food is always delicious and is also blessed food.

    3. Just watched the episode as this comments forum uploads before I can view episode.
      Sundar was teaching them a bit of Rock Roll and disco.
      Fast forward to Imlie teaching Aditya and it’s bits of ballroom and a section from The Sound of Music (one of my favourite movies).
      How the hell does this young girl from village suddenly know this kind of dance and so expertly???
      Waste of an episode 😡😡😡😡

    4. Arey yaar she is imlie, she knows everything out of now where, this girl don’t know how to speak n behave but have learnt to dance expertly that too very close.

  4. Imli and Aditya know well how to romance while dancing and this college going girl knows how to get close with middle aged man,Radha aparna can see only imli trapping Aditya but they cant see your son is involved too
    Who the hell people find this scene romantic oh I see only adilie lovers can find it

    1. Hey! Was it uh who commented in Ghum Hai’s today’s episode?

    2. Yeah

    3. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      More than romantic or things, I think dance steps needs to be praised and respected. There the talent is being shown but I don’t understand why to attribute the name of romance in everything. For once, pls understand that they are practicing dance not romancing ! People are hell bent towards praising romance or hating romance but for once see it as some practice for dance !
      In dance,there is nothing like you ae dancing witha younger person or older one, dance is an art beyond all !

    4. Hey @shrisharishta I am not saying u can’t dance with younger or older if you read this update it’s clearly return they are getting closer so I am talking about that and I haven’t seen the episode at so I can’t praise dancing without seeing it
      I dance as an hobby and I know how to give respect to dancers and how to praise them as a BTS army I support great talent and dancers
      I am not hating the romance but it’s too discussing to watch a teen and a middle aged man romance
      Just stating facts

    5. *written

    6. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      BTS even I didn’t attribute you only ! I talked about people in general, I don’t attack people 😂
      Going through all the comments, I noticed that skill is not being seen but romance is discussed, and I generally hate discussion on Romance, so …went a little hyper 😂
      Don’t take it to heart 😜

    7. Never dear do u really think I take comments to my heart and I want to spell disgusting and autocorrect spell it discussing

  5. Pathetic storyline 😡 now we have Aditya not being able to dance and Imlie comforting him and building up his already inflated ego🤮
    We’ve seen them dance in previous episodes 😂🤣.
    The judges should be judging and I have never seen a competition where the competitors and public are allowed to speak directly to them!
    The judges make the decision between themselves and give the verdict – end off.
    Decisions can be overturned, for example following drugs testing etc, but this is just a stupid Best Bahu competition!
    Makes me dislike Adilie more as they’re trying to make us believe that Adilie are suffering awfully for their love!
    Maybe after the dance section (Anu may accidentally throw broken glass on stage and Imlie may do dance Sholay style), we can see Imlie really walking over hot coals 🤣

  6. What a wasted episode nothing to be entertained about old man staring at a teenage who thinks she’s the best & knowledgeable person Why has not there been a case against this old man he needs to locked up that too by Anu & Malini This best Bahu competition is boring Imlie is not even considered by the in-laws as a bahu so WTF (sorry but couldn’t find any other description 🤣)

    1. @Cj 😂🤣. Competition might have been more interesting if Malini had also taken part, she too is bahu as divorce is pending.
      Malini would have won hands down and proved that she’s best bahu, what would Imlie have done? 🙄
      But then maybe not, as effing writers will have made sure Imlie won, even if cheating was involved😡

    2. 100% right. First Adi must be get published for ruining Maalini’s life and then Imli also punished for do like this.
      They both characters are big cheaters,selfish and overclever. There is nothing in this serial that proves greatness of Aaditya and Imli.
      In my views,Totally senseless, directionless, baseless serial.

    3. @Kally, exactly. In fact Malini would have been humiliated more if she did come. These toxic people do nothing but use her. It’s better for her to just keep away and have a good time with her parents and Kunal. Imlie would have won anyway, as you say. It’s no surprise. Are the makers not tired of showing the same pathetic track over n over again? The ultimate motive of every situation in the show is to prove Imlie’s mahaanta. What happened to her studies and ambitions? 🤨

  7. These people in this forum are really funny they will search a single bad scene in the episode just to bash adilie i don’t how they get so free time to come here everyday and write the same thing again and again Rofl rather than bashing adilie they should have once praised Malini or mayuri’s acting but no by doing this they won’t get the attention nah anywaz m happy that even today we got didi free episode i really hope this week we will not get to see her. Finally maker’s have realized that by binging her between they are losing their TRP. Missing kunal

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      I agree in this with you ! More than bashing Adilie, they can appreciate everyone’s acting skills because an actor is an actor, no matter what role he or she gets ! Bashing anyone is a real negativity and finding good even in bad makes sense. And life thodi everytime logics se chalti hai. People around us are so obsessed with logics that they forget the thing that ome things are meant for entertainment only , not stressing oneself ! I know ki tumne pehle bahut izzat se baat ki but what you got in return is objection from others. I have also observed that when you revolted that you were just sharing your views, people said that it is our freedom to comment here ! Objecting anyone’s opinion by expressing our opinion doesn’t make sense ! Like everyone can read the comment and then evaluate how much truth is in the comment ignoring few things which hurt their views ! Absorbing the fact is less here but getting hurt when objected is what weighs more here !
      I mean logon ko samajhna important hai, ek mere show ke liye frustrate hone se jyada !
      And I really agree with what you spoke ! Today, you have put forth your comment without any vile language, and I appreciate that too. I know that you used vile language only for tit for tat purpose, so I don’t completely hold you wrong here, situations forced to some extent ! And until you or anyone speak with respectable language, even I am here to support you and also others, may it be Malini fans or show fans when I feel their view is to be appreciated !
      And today, my appreciation goes to you !
      To me, show is fantabulous ! Show deserves views. Infact show is giving importance to both Malini fans or Imlie fans or Aditya fans or show fans. Infact chaahe all are very angry and remorseful about the show, still all of them are hooked to the serial in anticipation. And I think that’s the win of the show ! And personally, I like all the actors and their acting skills ! In that sense, I am simply the show’s fan ! I like Malini’s acting too because her dialogues match her emotions and make me feel as if we are living in her reality, Kunal is at another level with his superior jokes, Aditya is a king of facial expressions and dialogues, while Imlie is a champion in using the difficult vil!age language and her emotions are too at another level, the way she analyses things and doesn’t blame Tripathi’s even when they are wrong ! I mean everyone’s acting is so realistic. Only thing is that plot is not realistic because perhaps Aditya would have died or told truth to Malini and family, and may things would have took turn but there may be some real life case like this !

    2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Come to think of it.. you are so right with the adilie bashing…thank you for that perception 👍 … I will now look into this…daily 😁

      As for the Kunal thing, I think it would be better for him to interact more with Imlie… sorta like Sundar does 😁 … in-between entertainment, coupled with a little bit of humor 👍

    3. Dear Ahana, and how does it matter to you whether we spend time bashing Adilie or praising Malini? 😂 We will criticize Imlie as much as we want, and no one has a right to judge us for that. If you don’t want us replying to you, better stop dragging us in YOUR comments, you know. It’s never a one sided argument.

    4. And the double standard here, all adilie fans in twitter throw venom on malini, where this moral preaching went then

    5. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Deepz, when we are talking here something reasonable,why do you group us into Instagram or Twitter fans of Imlie ! Yaha ke logon ke baare mein bolo na ! Waha ka frustration yaha kyun ?

  8. And yeag mulr/miss kally m telling you in advance don’t reply me evrytime like i never interfere in your comment’s this is an open platform i can write anything unless i use vile word’s for the people . I’ve seen you always interfering between my comments. I don’t know how you get this much free time but m not like you i used to be very busy that’s why i don’t get the time to reply you. Meri khamoshi ko meri kamzori mat samajhna. Hope you understood

    1. @Ahana, don’t judge how I spend my time, you know nothing about me.
      Yes, it’s an open forum and not for personal attacks.
      If you don’t want responses to the storylines, than please refrain from commenting.
      Anyway, thanks for your advice, I shall skip reading your comments in future.
      Take care and God bless.

    2. @kally where are you from are u a Indian you are really active on this forum your comments are really interesting

    3. @Its – yes, I’m from India but been in UK since age 4. I am Sikh/Hindu/Christian as my father said, long as we know right from wrong it’s ok.
      I believe there is only 1 God but alot of teachers/prophets who try to teach the word of God, some of these are corrupt and political, which is sad.
      I love reading, and this forum is like actually having a chat with people as long as it’s about the program and no personal attacks.
      However, I am a Malini fan as what happened to her was unfair in the first instance. I accept people can fall in and out of love but the total disregard for her feelings and total disrespect for her situation makes me so mad.
      They could have handled this transition of hers far better.
      In real life, someone in her position could have fallen into depression and topped themselves! Doesn’t matter how strong or weak a person is. Being unwanted and unloved is a very cruel state.
      Imlie may be facing other hardships but she has Aditya, for her, a great position to be.

  9. This serial now becomes a big joke. Radha, Aparna & Anu indirectly accepted imli as Aaditya’s wife by giving her (Imli) chance to participate as Bahu competition.
    What is this???
    It seems, makers have no more solid/good story to carry-on this serial.
    Now,They should end this serial at once.

  10. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Lol.. I keep reading how certain commentators are saying “end this serial, end this serial” …but they are the ones to comment first 😂 …means they luv it and they know it.. and that peeps is why we are holding steady at #3 on the trp charts 💃🙌 …so keep on commenting (just mind the language ty 😁) 👍

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Actually ! I think I wrote this point somewhere here ! Or perhaps sometime back 💯

    2. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      You are so right !

  11. Last time I checked imlie didn’t know how to dance so aparna was teaching her and all of a sudden she can dance and is teaching aditya also?what the hell
    Do makers think we are fools?

    1. Haha 😂 that’s right

    2. @Tara 😂😂😂🤣

    3. @Natural/Tara 😂🤣😂🤣
      You forgot to mention that Imlie was clumsy too following Sundar’s dance lesson, but between the time she left the hall and got to Aditya’s bedroom, she was proficient in ballroom and the Sound of Music moves 😂😂
      In the movie Sound of Music, this was the first dance Maria and Captain Von Trapp danced, he took over from his small son 💃🕺

  12. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Sooo… I am wondering if it is my mind “out-of-the-gutter” or if it’s certain minds “in-this-gutter” 🤔 … I have seen many remarks being made about ‘lust for Imlie’ or ‘wanting a young girl’ or ‘getting her in the bedroom at any cost’ 🙄 and poor me, here I am just seeing a man giving his wife the admiration she deserves after failing to understand her ‘now complicated life after a forced marriage’…that’s it….and I am still looking for the ‘lust’ spoken about 😐 … sometimes I see a hug (still looking for the lust in that) … holding hands (which symbolises friendship) … even if Adi gives Imlie a tender kiss “on her forehead” mind you, it is during a situation of hurt or abuse 😐 … to me, their love does not seem to be based on unbridled passion…as this passion would have already seen them consummate their marriage 🙄 …so I wonder at how such thoughts could even be commented when the tender moments are only brought on in desperate times and with the need for comfort 😕 idk irdk 😔 young girl, older man ??? Isn’t that how it is…that the man can be older than the woman??? Even younger than her for that matter… smh

    To me, it’s all in the perception of the mind by the person who foresees the circumstance…meaning, you can either see good or choose good…see bad or choose bad…it’s all in the perception…I believe one should evaluate and choose wisely… (btw… my thoughts are exactly that, my thoughts and if anyone is offended, sorry 🙏 …there is no need to identify with it, ty 🙏)

    the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.
    “the normal limits to human perception”
    the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses.
    “the perception of pain

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      I have no words left for this comment, Yolande aka Naina ! I am just surprised because I can agree with every point of yours also because mine viewpoints matches yours ! If Aditya was a real womaniser, he would have advanced to many things by now ! I really like seeing each other supporting each other. In an Indian society, which views Bahu as Bahu only and not a daughter, it is surprising to see a husband supporting a wife against his own family ! Bahu is always an outsider even for husband, and here we are witnessing something really unique !
      Abh age factor ki baat karein tho I have an example – there is a couple in our society whose age differs by 15 years ! Aren’t they happy ?
      Even in old ages, girls used to be marry men at mere 10 years of age, while their husbands were around 25 or so. Aren’t they successfully happy in their lives though it is a child marriage ?
      Ek banda 35 years ka ho aur bandi 19 years ki, it is not disgusting unless they are not married. You know disgusting is when one goes into physical with a woman in real terms without consent ! Is what we are seeing be termed as romance ?
      Wife and husband relationship is unique when one becomes a backbone to the other ! And what we are reading in the form of comments is that when a husband stands as a backbone, it is romance, it is disgusting, it is cheap and what not !
      I think everything lies in our perception. Socha sahi hai, tho sahi hai. Nahi hai, tho nahi ! Nazariya acche ho ya bura, wahi humari identity banti hai, it is not merely a choice, but an identity !
      When I say I like the show, jo banda mujhe sun raha hai, it is like positivity to him or her. Agar mein kahungi ki I hate the show, it generates negativity. Tikhe mann ko accha nahi lagta ho kuch concepts, storyline, acting tho jo accha lagta hai uss show mein, bolne mein kya buraayi hai ? Kyun jo nahi accha lagta ho, usi ki gungaan karni hai ?
      I know even Aditya is termed as bigamist and many people wish that he should be dumped in jail. But I want to raise one point !
      Kitne logon ko jail mein daloge ? 1, 2 or 3 ? Sochte jayein tho jail mein honge more than 50 percent of the population ! Do you think law is some game ki haan ek baar court ka chakkar lagaya, tho kam bann gaya. Not atleast in India, people ! In India, going to court is still now an indirect defamation to the family without committing anything wrong ! Sabh log ho ki ek mere show mein galti utha rahe ho, tho tikh hai, ek baar society mein jo galtiyaan hai, uss mudde ko uthao ! Shayad woh kaam ham karte, tho shayad abh tak kuch sudhaar aata yaha !
      We are seriously still stuck at the pointing fingers on serial but for once, society mein jo kuch buraayi hai, uss par uthao ungli ! Abh kisi ki ungli tho uthegi hi nahi na !
      Even for a mere show, i.e, SAAKH, everyone went behind instagram, Twitter and hulla macha diya ! But aise hi koi social evil happenings par karte hum kuch, tho might it be that some changes might come. This young generation has a power to do million of things, bas nazariye ko ghumana padega doosri disha mein, and sudhaar laya jaa sakta hai !
      People, it’s just my opinion too ! Perhaps ek bhi insaan padhkar kuch absorb kar pata hai, tho it is a win ! Please don’t get offended as it is an open forum too. And we are not contributing and conspiring against any personal attacks !
      And Yolande, I think I am really blessed to see your comment everyday !
      And I loved one thing beyond words which you stated above –

      To me, it’s all in the perception of the mind by the person who foresees the circumstance…meaning, you can either see good or choose good…see bad or choose bad…it’s all in the perception…I believe one should evaluate and choose wisely… (btw… my thoughts are exactly that, my thoughts and if anyone is offended, sorry 🙏 …there is no need to identify with it, ty 🙏)

    2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Shriharshita, I really liked the comparison you made with the age gap 🙏
      … I have a close male family (50+) with an 18+ years age gap to his wife… they are very very content with their life, plus they have two children who are very intelligent 🤗 so I will throw that thought in the garage with the other junk 😁…yes, fact 👍

      Haan, I often see the word ‘cheap’ in comments knowing that they are husband and wife, and sometimes wonder if we all are watching the same serial 🙄 🤔

      And while I do understand the word ‘bigamist’ 🙄 I still wonder if ppl feel that Adi deliberately married Imlie, then came with intentions to just “marry another gal” for the sake of his ego or something lol…you know, it was Malini his fiance… and she passed out when she had only heard part of his story soooo 🤷 then he had to face Anu 🙄 and now look how they are being treated as truth is out!! I mean “damn if you do”…and “damn if you don’t” 🙄😔 …plus, around that time I seem to recall certain comments where they approved her marriage to Adi and everyone was all smiles 😁 look how beautiful the bride is…and what a lovely wedding gown…oh and…Imlie’s wedding dress was lame compared to hers 😬 or something like that 🙄😔 …. pretty much village wedding versus city/town wedding 🙄 …one of those society thingies again 😬…some of the comments you wrote are like trying to encrypt a code or something 😂 I still have to learn to write in hindi…I have learned a little Arabic, am versed in Spanish and French … started writing Hindi but had to stop due to time restrictions… hopefully later this year I will have more free time to continue the online class 🙏 …but I know that you are sentimental about this show and I get the gist of what you were trying to relate 🙌💕

      sentiments (plural noun)
      a view of or attitude toward a situation or event; an opinion.
      “I agree with your sentiments regarding the road bridge”
      view · point of view · way of thinking · feeling · attitude · thought · opinion · belief · idea
      general feeling or opinion.
      “public sentiment was on the side of reform”
      a feeling or emotion.

      the substance or essence of a speech or text.
      “she noted the gist of each message”
      essence · substance · quintessence · main idea/theme · [more]
      the real point of an action.

      Stay safe chica… 😷🤗

    3. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Actually I got the idea that many a times, people are not able to understand my Hindi ! It happens ! Because I use complex Hindi words…it’s the influence of neighbours belonging to Mathura during my childhood say from 1-8 or 9 years ! I have the capability of speaking Hindi without bringing even one English word or any other language. Same goes with my mother language, Telugu ! Staying in Mumbai, I just love speaking in Hindi outside, but in my house, I only speak complete Telugu. And there are two reasons why I type Hindi here. One, I fear that I might forget Hindi or English due to this lockdown ! Secondly, some words can be absorbed highly in Indian languages only ! For example, in English, one will say ‘you’ to denote some other individual with whom he or she is speaking. But in Hindi for example, we can say tu, tum, aap, etc (I personally hate using tu, but example is example, right 😂). All refer to degree of respect you give while denoting others. So, that’s the main reason I love using Hindi. And also Telugu. Thirdly, place factor plays a role and environment where you grow also !
      But I will try my best to use Hindi as less as I can or use less complex words !
      Because here my main person is puting forth my opinion where everyone can understand my language ! You know, even people near me say how do you speak Hindi without even a single English word in between. And I am like – It’s very simple and natural !

  13. Ravij bhuarya

    Kitne galat sochte hai ye log padke aisa lagta hai sabke sab Misses chaturvedi hai kuch to raham karo.

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Exactly ! Aap logh sabh kahi chuke ho kya ? Roj aate rahiye ! Humare view points completely one sided hogaye ! And we want more people here jo bas burayi hi na kare, acchayi bhi kuch bole !

  14. Sati. Maharaj

    Howhas Imlie become Imlie Tripati?dontyou have to be legally married tocarry a man’s name?Aditya is not divorced so this Bigamy relationship is being accepted by society?kya nonsense hai Rupali deserves to be alone sheis a fickled minded b*t*h

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