Imlie 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie Rejects Tauji’s Requests And Stays In Hostel Instead

Imlie 1st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya tells Prakash that he is Imlie’s husband and has first right on her, Prakash is just his friend and will always be a friend. Tauji notices Imlie and gets happy seeing her. Imlie walks to him and asks what is he doing here. He asks why did she leave home without informing if something happened. She says she got some work in village, so she had gone there. She asks if he came for a smoke here. He says he cannot smoke even if he wants to as all shopkeepers are afraid of her and shut dooor on him. Their conversation continues. He sees Prakash and asks who is he. She says his friend and dadda/uncle’s son. He says let us go home as everyone would be happy seeing her and its a festival tomorrow. Imlie says she doesn’t want to got his house. He requests Prakash to come along and forcefully takes bag from her. She holds his hand and says she got a lot of respect in his family, but she can’t go to his house. Prakash says they are getting late. He agrees and asks to take care of herself. Imlie leaves. Adi watches hiding.

Nidhi and Rupal discuss that they don’t feel like playing holi even seeing colors. Nishant says he is here this year for festival, but feels something is missing. Taiji agrees. Sundar serves them gujia/sweets. Rupal says he is speaking a lot in Imlie’s absence. Each family member misses Imlie and discuss what she would have done if she was here. Sundar repeats that he prepared gujia for them and they are ignoring him. Malini says Sundar is missing Imlie more. He walks away shy. Nidhi tells Malini that she must be more excited as its her first holi after marriage with Adi. Malini says she doesn’t know if Adi will celebrate holi with her or not. Aparna says first holi after marriage is very special and Adi will play holi with Malini for sure. Taiji asks Malini to invite her parents for celebration.

Imlie goes to hostel for admission. Warden says she needs her identity card. Imlie says she needs 5 years for her own identity, etc. Warden says there are some rules which they have to follow. Imlie starts her usual long blabbering and impresses warden. Warden agrees to give her admission without identity card. Prakash says she will get her adhaar card soon.

Tauji returns home and informs that he met Imlie in busstand and asked her to return home, but she denied and insisted not to force her. Aparna says how can she do that, they all will go and bring her home. Tauji says he doesn’t think she will come. Aparna asks Adi to go and bring Imlie home as she listens to him. She says why will she when he is no one to her. Aparna says he is rude always. Malini thinks she thought Imlie and Adi have reconciled, if he is angry on her or himself, and hopes his mood is better during festival tomorrow.

Prakash asks Imlie not to meet or try to contact Adi again. Imlie reminiscing busstand incident says she doesn’t think he will meet her again. Prakash says its good if he doesn’t meet her as Malini is Adi’s legal wife and Imlie will always be called a second woman and will not be respected like her mother. Imlie gives her long justification. Prakash says if Adi’s family finds out that she is Adi’s second wife, they will support Malini and kick her out of house. He then says he is just worried for her and walks away asking to take care of herself. Imlie thinks she cannot celebrate festival like a suhagan even after being a suhagan.

Adi returns to his room and thinks his life was colorless before meeting Imlie and her color will not go way from his life forever. He looks at Imlie’s lipstick mark on his shirt and reminiscing the incident thinks if Imlie doesn’t want to meet her, how will he stay without meeting her, etc.

Next morning, Malini gets ready for festival and reminiscing Aparna’s words this mom was right, she got too emotional with sindhoor and mangalsutra even being well educated and cannot deny now that sindhoor is a first color which makes a woman suhagan and she wants Adi to apply it on her. She searches Adi. Aparna walks to her and praising her beauty wishes her first holi after marriage. Malini thanks her and asks if she saw Adi. Dhruv wishes Aparna happily holi, applies color on her cheek and takes her blessings. He then tries to color Malini’s cheek when she stops him and says she wants Adi to color her first and asks if he saw Adi. He says he went out some time ago. Aparna says he must have gone to bring a special gift for her. Malini thinks where did Adi go early morning. Adi reaches hostel and hopes Imlie is here. Imlie sadly watches girls playing holi. Her room mate suggests her to play holi with others and socialize with them. Imlie says she knows, but doesn’t want to play holi. Room mate insists. Imlie says she is having headache and will come in some time. Room mate leaves. Imlie thinks holi is her favorite festival, but feels each color is bland, they play holi with family and she cannot return to amma. Adi enters and asks why don’t she play holi with him. She asks why did he come here, what if someone sees him. He says let them see him.

Precap: Adi enjoys playing holi with Imlie while Malini hopes he applies color on her first.

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  1. Dev did wrong to Mithi and his daughter (Malini) got Karma attack. At least now Mithi choose a good path after learning that Dev has a different family. I wish both Imlie and Malini would do the same and focus on their life and make themselves better instead of letting Aditya ruin their lives. I get that Imlie and Malini are right if we look at them from their perspectives, at the end of the show I wish we could see all 4 ladies (Mithi, Anu, Malini, and Imlie) living happily without Dev and Aditya.

    1. This will be better, but no adilie is end game thus is for sure

  2. This slow torture for Malini is killing me. I hope they reveal the truth soon

    1. Hope so, I can’t stand this adithya cringe love sick teenager act ewww

  3. Feeling too too bad for malini, she dont deserve this shit, all blind adilie shipper’s are bashing malini for no fault of hers n tainting her like villain,are this people even real? They can understand adilie even if they are wrong n flawed n feel sympathy for them but can’t understand Malini character,

  4. Why is imli doing so much drama,why can’t she simply accept that she wants adi,and tells Malini the truth about their marriage etc….

    1. Because she is mahhan aatma, her mahanness will give pain to her as well as others, I don’t hate her, she is unrealistic character, I don’t connect with mahaan character

    2. I agree with Deepz on this. That whole mahaan character and i will sacrifice my love blah blah. She is actually just making adi come closer to her by playing all hard to get.

  5. @Priya Singh, @Tara
    In yesterday’s page, you posted that forced marriage and bigamy are grounds for jail in India which is true. But if you look at it from a legal pov, i doubt that the villagers ever registered imlie and Adi’s marriage which means they are not married in Indian law, only according to Hindu customs and scriptures. So it cannot be counted as bigamy. As for forced marriage, Both Adi and Imlie were victims there which means they won’t be arrested again. It would be that nani and everyone else.

    Whatever Adi is doing now is adultery, not bigamy which is not a criminal act. It just serves as grounds for divorce. He will have to register his marriage with Imlie after that for it to be legal. However, if the villagers have registered his marriage with Imlie, Adi will go to jail as he deliberately married another woman but I doubt it in this case as their marriage is registered already. While I was researching this, I found that 56% of Indians apparently engage in extramarital affairs. Can you believe it? It’s so common 😮

    1. I wonder if most of them are from arranged marriages? So many must be marrying the wrong people for them and that is why they seek love elsewhere. If you marry for seven lifetimes you have to wait each life for to find the partner from your previous life and arranged marriages stop that happening.

  6. @Deepz
    I actually don’t mind Adi and Imlie getting together. But I do wish they would get over the Malini will be hurt. Let’s hide the truth from her. That’s just cowardice. The sooner they tell her, the faster they can move on with their lives and the faster Malini can become stronger. Like I said, this everyday torture is killing Malini and is killing me.

    1. Agree, I don’t care for adi nor imlie, but yes its killing me to see Malini like this. Still I think Malini will be the one who will catch them redhanded, adithya will never open his damn mouth,if he get spine imlie won’t allow him to tell.

  7. Only malini has right to throw adi at jail for committing bigamy, because she is the person kept in dark n he married her second, and at end she can charge adi for destroying her life even imlie too at that case, because she is also at fault to let adithya marry malini,

    1. I agree with you but from a legal point, She will lose the case. It’s not feasible legally which is why they’ll never show it

  8. Aditya doesn’t desereve malini..even imli is also showing a lot of mhanta..itni hi mhan hai toh aditya ko stirctly bole khud se dur rhne…they both are torturing malini…i feel so bad for poor malini…phle adi ko malini se pyar tha or ab imli se…what a shit man

  9. @saira no dear u didnt understand my point..this cheap adi cant justify his lust in any way..forced marriage itself is a crime, so it wl never b legalised by court.. kitna bhi sita maiya,sindoor,suhaagan bla bla kar le ye imli, it is illegal.. n if it is illegal then adi wl go to jail fr adultery.. so in both cases he is a criminal.. if marriage is proved right ,he wl go to jail fr bigamy n if proved wrong he wl get punishment fr adultery.. he is a criminal in both cases.. bt dis crap serial wl never show practical n real thing,they wl justify their lust as true love🙄🙄🙄

  10. I hate how ppl are hating on Aditya for falling in love with #Imlie and ignoring Malini but do you know how it must feel not loving someone but being married to them. He’s under constant guilt that he did wrong with Malini☹️ I don’t think Aditya is wrong!

  11. @ekta.. exactly dis desperate imli intensionally came to delhi. She is so cunning n clever dat she doesnt want to go to tripathi house becoz she wl nt get chance there to romance adi openly in front of family members like she does staying away frm them frst in village n nw in hostel.. she knws dat her cheap characterless babusaheb wl come behind her waging his tail.. poor malini they wl torture her so badly dat she wl try to commit suicide..😔😔 people r saying nw dat adi never loved malini.. then why he married her,d way dis feku tripathi used to promise malini dat i wl never hurt u in my whole life,i wl never allow anyone to come in between us n bla bla was dat all fake.. if seven yrs old relationship ws fake then hw can people say dat this 2-3 months old lust is true love.. many times it happen dat people become friendly n comfortable wid frnds, colleagues, online frnds,(male or female) n start sharing secrets n like spending time wid them bt it doesnt mean dat they start cheating their spouses.. dis is just bullshit justification

  12. Aditiya is a closed book.from the beginning he told Imlie that he loves Malini and he is getting married to Malini. The last month of Imlies stay he was falling in love with her and he got to know her.Anu kept on saying he didn’t deserve Malini and I feel disrespect slowly crept into his mind. Malini is weak and Imlie is strong during crisis and she made him feel good demanding nothing from him. Aditiya does not want to hurt Malini and does nothing about it.

  13. Can’t wait for tomorrow episode i pray we get to see adilie romance more 😘🥰

    1. Amina 😌adilie forever

    2. @Amina this show is called emlie pas malini. hero is adi and emlie forever. 🤪😜 I am looking forward to the romance adilie his first wife. adi refuses to sit at the same table as malini, at least he’s loyal to emlie 👌🏻

  14. @Deepz and the others who are feeling so hurt for Malini, you need to understand Adi’s perspective. See him like a man and not just a character, which I think is well written. For the last 7 years Adi along with his family are being insulted by Anu without any valid reason. She constantly pointed out every shortcoming in from her POV about Adi. Men loves their egos to be stroked, they love to be treated like kings, They love moral support and even when they are not that great they love being told they are. Do you know what the type of insults Anu dishes out does to a man. With all the insults she dished for years at Adi Malini was not firm towards her mother as we saw, but only started after she got married.

    Men like Adi after being down-trodden for long, whenever they come across someone who respect them and has no expectation from them they can easily fall in love. With Imlie Adi does not have to change himself. He does not have to get her nothing expensive, her family treats him like God and he has never had that with Malini. I was hoping that he realised Malini was not right for him before the marriage but I guess his anger at what happened at Imlie’s village clouded his judgement. Yes he cares for Malini but I believe it is only as a friend. He was also trying to tell his family during all the function to stop bending to Malini’s mom’s whims and fancy but no one listened.

    Adi was never given the opportunity to be THE man in his relationship with Malini but was always criticised. With Imlie and her family there is no expectation except that he takes care of her. As much as some people don’t like what is being shown it is what it is. No man likes going going back and forth with and disrespectful in-law and always being put down for years especially when he never did anything wrong in all those years. He will eventually go where there is no pressure on him and there he will move mountains on his own without being asked.

    1. @NaveenS they’ll never understand that instead they insult people for voicing out their opinion cos they think they are the ones right but whatever we said we are blind fan of imlie

    2. @naveens aapki soch pe mai kya kahun.kisne kahan aapse ki saas se na bane to wife badal lo. Har rishte me insaan ka kisi na kisi se ego clash rehta hi hai chahe saas,sasur,saala to kya insaan 4-5 shaadi karke ghumega. Kisne bola tha adi ko malini se shaadi karne,aaj malini ko door mat ki tarah treat kar rha hai pehle hi sach bata ke mana kar deta shaadi karne se. Kisne bola men r allowed to hurt women just fr ego satisfaction. Agar aisa hai to women can also do d same.80% ghar me saas bahu me nhi banti to kya auraten bhi husband badal le.aaplog aisa soch bhi kaise sakte ho. Adi ghatiya hai is baat ki koi safai nhi ho sakti

    3. Gosh, some people will never understand. Just like you can’t notice the faults or crimes of these characters, same, we will also not stop supporting Malini or get manipulated by your justifications. Hey Amina, why don’t you focus on your own comments instead of targeting other people and trying to prove them wrong. Well, Aditya is a cheater and deserves to treated like a criminal is treated at jail. He in NO WAY deserves to be called God. In a relationship, both the men and women have equal rights n freedom n all, why do men expect to be treated superior. Imlie’s family is just plain stupid. Guys, its 2021, and such men must change their old thinking bcs women are strong and independent nowadays. They won’t tolerate nonsense behavior from men, like Imlie does. She always keps her self respect down and forgetting everything, goes behind Aditya. Girls need to be strong, mature and self-reliant, not treat the man like GOD, though he may behave like a beast. I dislike Imlie type of girls, who act to be suffering, pretend to be great, and allow the wrong to happen. Zero self respect!! Aditya proves he has backward thinking, if he expects Malini to treat him like GOD, while he is horrible to her. He doesn’t deserve Malini at all, but the same Imlie type of girl who will go blindly with him and support her “babusaheb” in wrong. Aditya is characterless and devil of a man, who in NO WAY can be called a hero. He purposely married Malini to satisfy his ego n all. How can people justify him? Have they no hearts or brains at all? Can’t they see how unfairly Malini is being treated by the beast. She did nothing wrong, so why she should suffer and be miserable. I do agree Anu shouldn’t have been harsh on Tripathi family for being middle class. I really hate that, how, to prove Adilie love story right, makers are torturing Malini’s character each day, n the leads r getting more sickening, two faced characterless people each day. A horrible portrayal of love story. And u all r trying to justify this nonsense?? Wow, just wow! *slow claps*

  15. @amina aminaji aapko ye sab sahi lag rha hai kyunki aaplogo me ye sab chalta hai,3-4 shaadiyan bhi log kar lete hain.lekin humlogo me ye sab nhi chalta,humlog law ko maan ne wale hain,aaj ek ke paas kal dusre ke paas ye bilkul galat hai

  16. I am a man and my saala/brother in law always taunts me but it doesn’t affects my love for my wife. I madly love my wife so I can’t leave her because of her brother. Even my mother is rude to my wife, but she loves me. Ego is just like a parasite in the relation it destroys the relation. Any egocentric person like adi will never be able to have a good relation until his wife is like imli who has no self respect at all and will come towards him whenever he calls. How can imli get close to a man who romances another woman behind her back especially when she knows about it.

  17. @Raju and @Telly I totally agree…Glad to know that you people see the truth, and are honest about the characters, and do not try to cover up or justify the worst of the betrayers.

  18. I love adili’s Jodi😘😘😘☺️☺️☺️

  19. @Tara is it a crime if she follows her husband no it’s not he can do whatever he feels like cos he is her husband and not a stranger and the malini you are always covering what did she do nothing she is just sitting doing nothing who can he not fall for others since she is behaving like an illiterate behaving as if she is not educated i think she have mental issues

    1. Obsessed 😅🙄 Well can’t waste my time on you anymore.

    2. @Tara🤪😂

    3. @amina aminaji aisa english likhne se better hai aap hindi me hi likh lo

  20. this show is called emlie pas malini. hero is adi and emlie forever. 🤪😜 I am looking forward to the romance adilie his first wife. adi refuses to sit at the same table as malini, at least he’s loyal to emlie 👌🏻

  21. I will never justify behaviour of the characters in the show. These are not perfect but flawed people. And also there is no justification on falling in love with someone, relationship fails whether 7months or 7 years, only thing is Aditya should tell the truth to everyone and accept whatever consequences punishment he gets so that everyone can move on with their life. Aditya is not characterless man,as soon as he acknowledged his and Imlie marriage and admitted to himself that he is in love with her he is pulling back from Malini, yes I sympathize with Malini this is torture not knowing what is going wrong with their marriage. I hope when truth is revealed she is strong enough to handle herself and finally take control of her life. About imlie well she is small village girl grown with such matrimonial beliefs. Even in urban society divorce is hard decision and frown upon so how can we expect her to throw away her beliefs. Is it wrong for her to fall in love with her own husband at least she is clear that Yes she loves her husband and she is not doing anything wrong. When Aditya didn’t acknowledge their relationship don’t mean she also do the same. She knows the way their marriage happened was wrong so she let him be with the person he wanted , never forced him to accept her but that doesn’t mean she cant decide her life. For her Aditya is her husband that is her truth . How can people expect imlie to tell the truth to Malini, at that time everyone was stranger there.

    1. @Ashle 🥰💕

  22. A long time back Aditya told Imlie that if she told his family the truth they would throw her out, and that would still be in her thoughts, especially now they have got too fond of Malini and she has become his wife. Cannot blame her for just trying to get on with her studies, which was all she ever wanted. But I admit Adi is annoying me now as it is high time he bit the bullet and told the truth to everyone, as now he really is beginning to behave like an adulterer not a husband to Imlie. But I suppose the story makers just want to drag it out as long as they can. The story makers so often forget that stories become better once the drama is over and couples are finally together. So often when that happens they just finish the series, but that is when it gets interesting and should develop!

  23. You can keep criticizing Imlie or Malini as much as you want depending on who you support. But like I said earlier, they are all flawed characters unlike Naira from YRKKH who has to be right everytime. But let’s move on.
    Yes, I completely agree that Imlie and Adithya have done a great wrong by keeping secrets after secrets, telling lies after lies but that does not mean they are characterless. They are cowards, not characterless. Characterless is a very grave accusation that you can’t go throwing around just because you’re pissed off at them or you hate them. Imlie got very unlucky and she didn’t know who to tell anything to. She couldn’t tell her mother, her dadda because she was afraid they would kill Adi making this entire story pointless. She couldn’t tell Adi’s family for obvious reasons. Now, I’m wondering if this Prakash was in Delhi only, then how come she didn’t tell him? Or how come she didn’t at least try to call him. He could have helped her as much as he could. I understand that Imlie is young, blah blah and she felt it was easier to just listen to other’s decisions and give up her rights. But continuing to live in that house as a servant etc etc was just wrong.
    Malini does not deserve any of this. She deserves so much better than Adithya but she is also a modern educated woman who can do better than to keep thinking about him. I get it that she just went through a trauma not knowing where he was but she made it such a huge deal which was annoying. She’s too dependent, first on Adi and then the other family members. I get it that this is because of her parents, but it’s also why she can’t see that staying with Adi has changed her. She stopped herself from playing Holi because he doesn’t like it, she probably doesn’t do a lot of stuff because of Adi. Why? You can’t tell she loves him and that’s why she did all this sacrifice. If she did all that for him, then Imlie’s sacrifice cannot be called as mahanta.
    I really really wish this game of hide and seek ends and Malini is allowed to live her life freely. Knowing her, she would even leave Adi cheerfully for his happiness but this Anu won’t leave anyone
    The two cowards have to get over their fear of telling the truth and do it fast. Whatever Adi is doing now, it is definitely not fair to both Imlie and Malini. I don’t think it is fair to accuse Imlie right now because she is staying away from him, everyone and focusing on her studies. Yes, she does miss him but why fault her when Malini was doing the same thing a few days ago? They both love him. But Imlie also had the strength to stay away and to leave from the bus stop even when tauji stopped her. Malini on the other hand was so scared that she forgave Adi for all his mistakes and just said to be with her forever. Isn’t this also Mahanta? I was very annoyed when I saw her hugging him instead of asking him point blank. Even if she is emotionally weak, this was a mark against her.
    Adi seriously needs to grow a pair. He realised he loves Imlie, not Malini. Ok good, yay. Whatever. But now he’s insulting his true love and his affection and responsibilities by ignoring his family and going after Imlie. If he really wants Imlie to come back, why go after her now? Let her continue studying. Go tell Malini the truth, go tell the entire family the truth and face the consequences. Listen to Malini’s decision, then follow what she says. Probably she will ask you to go to Imlie as she is a very kind-hearted woman who is capable of making that decision. I won’t call it a sacrifice because she deserves better. It will be hard to tell the truth, I know. But it will make your life and everyone’s life easier.
    I’m not saying all this as a supporter for any of the characters. I’ve written good and bad things about each. It is really sad to see people so ready to bash the characters forgetting their good things and only focusing on the bad. I’ve tried to give as unbiased an opinion as I could and I really think you all must be agreeing to some of the points that I’ve made if not more.

  24. Yesterday said that he would talk to Malini ‘this evening’, but it is now Holi, the next day, so what happened? She should have waited for him to come home and then made him sit down and talk, but she didn’t, she just watched him walk off – so she is at fault for not taking him to task right then. But that would have spoiled the Holi episode, na? So as well as Adi and Malini avoiding confrontation, the viewers are being manipulated too. I want to know what happened to the tray of food Adi left on the step of the bus. Just no continuity in these stories!

  25. Absolute TRASH – Indian TV is terrible.

    So I’m in the UK and I’m frankly astounded that the team behind this ridiculous excuse for a show are trying to justify and indeed validate a “love story” borne out of characters that were forced into marriage. In the modern world and in a civil society such a union is absolutely illegal.

    I can only imagine those that are titillated by the romance of the two lead characters are entirely backward in their thinking.

  26. Sati. Maharaj

    This is real madness the entire Tripati Family how can a maid take precedence over everything else I can understand you care for your maids etc but this family suffers from an obsession. I am disgusted by Imlie being potrayed as the sacrificial lamb when actually she is the one who is causing great pain to Malini .Aditya is a person of no character toying with the feelings of two women by lying and cheating .Any woman looking at this serial will feel very upset it’s disturbing and shameless.what is Malini’s fault ? No way can Adi justify his actions.he is a crazy egotistical poor excuse for a human

  27. Imlie is the remake of ishtikutum. According to ishtikutum, Imlie will be the life partner of aditya and there will be another hero for malini.Guys this is nothing but a show so you should stop arguing..
    Ishtikutum was the most popular show of that time.These team got many awards like best husband (Archi) best wife (Baha) best couple (archi-baha) best father(moon’s father)best family (archi’s family) best uncle(archi’s uncle) etc even if they had some haters
    Wee watch every show for entertainment, if we didn’t get entertainment we should stop watching that show
    We Won’t get anything by arguing..

    1. Ishti khutum was hated n trashed badly by viewers, viewers rejected it,

  28. I hate Aditya n imli..dis kind of relationship promotes adultery..aditya is a coward..if it is a real life story I feel pity for malini..

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