Imlie 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Jyoti Spoils Aryan And Imlie’s Romantic Date

Imlie 19th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aryan looks into Imlie’s eyes. Imlie asks why is he hesitating to speak when he is always in a hurry and straightforward. Aryan feels anxious and says this is his life’s biggest truth and he knows that she knows about this truth and its difficult for him to speak, even then she is forcing him to say it. She walks closer to him and asks if he will say or not. He says he is Aryan Singh Rathore and can express everything without a word. She asks how. He gets more closer to her and dances with her looking into her eyes. Ye Tera Zikr Hai Ya Itr Hai.. song plays in the background. Imlie feels shy and walks aside.

Jyoti enters with a saw and cuts the tree house’s pillar. Tree house breaks, and Imlie falls towards a bog. Aryan holds her hand and tries to pull her up. Jyoti thinks let Imlie go. At Rathore mansion, Sundar prepares a special dinner for Arpita and serves her. Nila taunts Sundar that family’s son-in-law is wasting time in the kitchen instead of working outside the house. Arpita replies that when she and Aryan don’t have any problem with it, why does she brother. Sundar tries to manage the situation and offers Nila to have his prepared dishes. Narmada joins them. Gudiya says she doesn’t know if Aryan had dinner or not as Imlie wouldn’t have served him food. Nila says her Gudiya is so worried for Aryan and asks Narmada to call Aryan and find out. Arpita asks her to stop interfering and give them some privacy. Nila yells at her and orders Narmada to call Aryan.

Aryan struggles to pull Imlie up. He thinks the tree house cannot bear their weight, he will push Imlie towards the pole and himself will fall into the bog. Ilie’s hand slips and she falls down on the ground first, hitting her head, and then slips into the bog. Aryan jumps into the bog and searches for Imlie. Tree House also falls into bog. Narmada calls Aryan repeatedly and finds his number switched off. Arpita says maybe there is no network. Nila yells that Imlie must have asked Aryan not to pick his mother’s call. Arpita asks her to stop provoking Narmada against Imlie. Sundar asks Arpita to calm down and enjoy the dinner. Jyoti returns home. Sundar asks her to tell them to speak positively. Jyoti says they will get positive energy with positive thinking and goes to burn camphor.

Aryan gets unconscious Imlie out of the bog and performs her CPR. Gudiya asks Jyoti why she came alone and didn’t bring Aryan and Imlie along. Jyoti silently burns camphor. Nila asks if her plan failed. Jyoti says she cannot understand what she means. Gudiya asks what she really did. Jyoti says soon Aryan and Imlie will separate. Aryan pleads Imlie to open her eyes and asks why did she come into his life and became his partner. He continues expressing his feelings for her and crying hugging her.
Precap: Aryan cries holding Imlie and says he loves her.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Wonderful Just wonderful… 😍 ❤️
    So much intensity Between Aryan and Imlie….Is breathtaking 😍
    I think the cuteness of Aryan and Imlie will make me die…..❤️
    So beautifully written characters Aryan and Imlie❤️
    So powerful dialogues❤️
    So Beautiful decorated moments of Aryan and Imlie in a frame ❤️❤️
    GulKhan Thank You for Making this master series Imlie❤️
    I Am just happily lost in the Vibes of Aryan and Imlie’s beautiful Confession that has yet to take a dimension❤️❤️
    The show deserves an applause …………❤️

  2. 💙💙💙❤💛💚💚💚💚💛❤💙💜💜💛

  3. The forum seems to be being used by the makers as a Resuscitation campaign for a dying serial.

    1. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  4. Metin

    First Kiss is the kiss of life 😂😂😂👍🏻

  5. Metin

    Aditya is so desperately showing his naked photos .😂😂😂😂😂
    Whats next?
    Softporn of gashmeer?😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪
    What a coincidence… Many news about him at the time of love confession. Gashmeer did you give money for those ads of yourself?
    Try harder ,buddy . 🙃😎

    1. @Metin

    2. What naked photos 😱
      Is Gashmeer doing a bare all??

    3. @Metin. Why not a hardcore porn by Imlie n Aryan with their favorite Devi doing a strip tease in background blessing their love making? Even no story would be required, and the serial will run endlessly.Why only 200 episodes?

    4. @Kally,
      I guess Metin is talking about the news article posted on Gashmeer, day yesterday or day before yesterday in tellyupdates in Imlie forum.
      Check that…
      It seems like an old photoshoot session for me with abs and 6 packs and all (so common in men photoshoots now).
      Now Gashmeer is much active in web series and movies and thus many interviews are going on with him.
      He is not surely paying money for the ads 😅😂
      The public, the praja are very interested about how Gashmeer is feeling on quitting the show, hence the interviews.

  6. Metin

    Serial is not dying.
    They made whole New story.
    Actually if They find an interesting topic, it will go Like 200 more episodes.

  7. Metin

    Now its time for a TV movie.
    Make independent TV movie about imlie.
    1-imlies childhood. Effort,pain,struggle,fight for her right
    2-imlies fight vs. A powerful drugdealer politician.
    3-honeymoon with Aryan, happy ending.

    1. I think you are doing the same…………judging A person by her Horrible past……….And Aryan accepted her past……….As its easy to judge and comment……Aryan wants to give her a New Present and future……..everyone deserves HappyLife…….I love him

    2. Let me add on more script 😉
      4. Sudden misunderstanding (no logic ofcourse 😛)
      5. Separation of Arylie, Narmada wishes to marry him off to Gudiya or Jyoti.
      6. Ruining of characters (Aryan might seem like a gullible fool and Imlie stubborn and unforgiving) and prolonged chewing stretching storyline with evils winning.
      7. Late realisation with revelation of evils’ truth
      8. Too late to patch up
      9. Then mother in law Narmada will pine for Imlie and request Aryan to bring her back at any cost.
      10. Boom, new hero 😃😜😂 or Imlie will drop into a khaayi…down the cliff or migrate to some distant city 😂 and she will live with her child (if at all promo is true) all alone. Then she becomes a leading businesswoman, change her name.
      11. Sudden meet with Aryan after years 😂
      12. Pretending that she doesn’t know who he is.
      13. They patch up after a long drama just because of their child 😂
      14. Happy ending…. Do you think this is the end ?
      15. Now the mystical lover of Aryan will again return.
      16. Lover tries to separate them all over again.
      17. This time Aryan will get fooled completely by lover lady.
      18. Oust Imlie out of the house.
      19. Mother in law Narmada will request her son to bring Imlie back though she is not sure about who is evil or at fault.
      20. Aryan will be stubborn not to bring her back.
      21. Child at Aryan’s house will cry and request for Imlie to be back
      22. Imlie cleverly sneaks into the house just to meet her child.
      23. Imlie will become the girl’s nanny by changing Avatar. 😂
      24. Imlie will expose the evil lover lady in nanny Avatar.
      25. Arylie patch up.
      26. Happy ending….do you think this is the ending again ?😜😂
      (Only if TRP doesn’t fall by then, this will not be the happy ending for long 😂😂)

  8. Same old same old. Only difference is malini has been replaced by jyoti.

    1. Well, they have to keep something from the original concept, right 😃😂?

    2. Right @Lin 😂😂😂

  9. Drama! I think I’ll watch this one tonight. I’m looking forward to see my Sumbul in all these scenes. Although I think Fahmaan will have the most challenging part.
    I guess, I’ll just ignore that idiotic action with Jyoti and the most “silent“🤦‍♀️saw in the world🤣😂. And someone has to tell her that Imlie is the main character and can’t die that easily🤣😂…
    The question is what comes next:
    Memory loss, or Imlie blaming Aryan bcos he let her hand go? Or maybe a little bit happy time, after this dramatic revelation?
    Will someone investigate and notice the “clean” cut in that pillar?
    Will Jyoti throw her “soldats” (Blue,BD) under the bus for this😳😅?
    Actually they could do pretty much everything with this track.
    And I still think that the pregnancy promo was just a test.
    They threw a “bomb” to see how the audience is going to react. So based on the negative comments everywhere, I guess they’ll propably not go that way…

    But one thing they definitely got with this promo: Attention. So, it’s not that stupid after all…

  10. I was grinning like a fool for entire 6 minutes at the beginning 😁😁😁. I don’t what it it is but these two together something magical ❤. I remember once I wrote that even without him saying, she knows what he always lend (udhaar) without saying. It’s really satisfying when they prove me right 🤣. Ok enough of that.
    I actually expected more from Jyoti. I must say I’m pretty disappointed. The best idea she came up with is that Imlie will fall in to the big and die then Aryan will go to her? Like seriously? Is she delusional or what! She fled the crime scene without even knowing whether her plan worked or not. She thought Aryan will just let Imlie die and go home? And while cutting the tree support, why didn’t she think that it could harm Aryan? What if he fell instead of Imlie? I thought she loves him but it seems he can even hurt him as long as what she wants is achieved. But still she needs better ideas. (Not that I want any trouble for my darling Arylie, but this lunatic is the villain currently….)
    I know the last part was sad and emotional but when Aryan was asking Imlie “WHO ARE YOU TO MAKE ME FEEL THIS WAY??” imagine Imlie waking up and say “Hum Imliya hai!” 🤣🤣 that would’ve been funny!
    “Because I blo*dy love you!!”
    *wind blows strongly*
    Nah… she’s not gonna hear it is she? 🤔 I don’t think she’ll hear it. And how will she wake up? CPR didn’t work but we still have the magical tear!! Maybe that’ll work 😏

  11. @Lin. Just curiosity. Most of the Indian serials are notoriously nonsense, and Imlie, in my opinion now tops the list. I neither watch the serial nor read the written updates, but regularly read the comments. How come you, being a well read, well bred, pragmatic citizen from a nation with much different culture and entertainment trends and norms, find this serial worth your attention and interest?

    1. So why are you reading the follow and comments as a good citizen?

    2. @Ravi. Thanks for your advice. Will abide by.

  12. Huh, a direct question. I’m not very good at avoiding them😅…

    Well, @Surabhi, first of all, you’ll find a lot of nonsense in pretty much every daily serial, all over the world. The question ist more whether you avoid them completely or not.

    However, if you genuinely want to know and not just criticize my taste, I’ll give you an honest answer, albeit a bit “complicated”.

    But first I have to tell how I came to the Indian series. I’ll try to keep it short (or maybe not😁)… It’s kind of necessary, to help you understand my pov…
    About 5 years ago, I came across some very interesting documentaries about Indian culture and history, during a research. Somehow, it kept playing in my head for quite a long time. I was all ears when a discussion about India came up. So I decided to find out more about it… in books, TV, internet… All about this country… as colorful as mysterious at the same time.
    At some point I found Star plus UK. I started watching various shows, as often as I could: Dance and casting shows, cocking shows etc.
    … The series came last… I couldn’t warm up to them…
    Until I stumbled upon IPKKND. A re-run. I remember laughing at first about a couple of “slowmo“😁 scenes where I almost felt the screen was frozen⏯

    But then I sat there for a few more minutes… And I stopped laughing😶…

    Smth special was in there… A rare chemistry… It made me curious about the story behind it… But of all shows, that one had no subtitles😶…

    So I searched the internet for videos with subtitles or updates… It wasn’t easy to find smth useful… So I gave up. I kept checking back at intervals and I also started to watch a few other shows but stopped due to time constraints.
    And then came the pandemic. Suddenly we all had a lot more time to sit around at home. And I came back to Indian serials.

    Being aware that they cannot depict the exact reality, I tried to read between the lines to better understand this mixed mentality (my perception). I didn’t really care that they weren’t perfect. The mix does it for me. And at some point I thought I had seen enough… and just as I thought I had seen enough
    But then I found this forum. The missing piece of the puzzle.
    And this is the answer to your question.

    You wanted to know why exactly “Imlie”?
    That’s it. This forum. Initially I was interested because of the topic, but I got stuck because of the forum😁…. So, I guess, it’s not much different than your case. It just works a little differently for me. I couldn’t keep up my interest in commenting if I didn’t catch a glimpse of the series from time to time… I agree, this show is a disappointment, we know that. But it still provides food for discussion. You can go see the other forums. Almost all opinions tends to go in the same direction.
    Not in this one… “Imlie“ still manages to polarize, although the initial controversy is gone…

    Personally, I feel that a show that sparks so much debate, might be of greater benefit to society than any other “correct“ show…

    And yeah, it’s a real pity that they couldn’t do justice to that serious topic.

    But somehow, I’ve learned to be a little more “lenient” about that😉, although I often criticize…
    Maybe making television in India is more challenging than in many other countries…
    It’s a huge country, with a very high population, countless groupings and different cultures and beliefs.
    I guess it’s a Herculean task to please everyone…
    And here another challenge that comes to my mind:
    We all know, in Indian series they avoid any kind of intimacy, … although they keep going in romance mood 😄.
    But joke aside… This is more difficult than one might think.

    Just imagine how they constantly have to come up with something to stop the romance and still try to keep the audience hooked… I guess at some point they really run out of ideas…

    Anyway, maybe after “Imlie“, I’ll close the chapter with Indian series. I tried some new shows lately but got also disappointed. Like you said, they’re all more or less on the same level. Many start with high hopes and end with disappointment. Btw, not an “exclusive” Indian phenomenon either 😉…

    I remember a sentence from an old comment of mine:
    I’m just getting tired of wasting time “familiarizing” myself with a new potential failure…
    So, @Surabhi I’m sure this was a longer answer than you expected😅.
    Sorry, I got carried away…
    Bu if you really like reading comments, I hope you don’t mind;)
    Have a nice evening:)

    1. *There’s a double sentence… kind of😄. I should have checked before I posted it🤦‍♀️. I guess I wanted to change it but gut interrupted🙃🙂…

      The correct sentence is: And just as I thought I had seen enough, I found this forum.

      Also apologies for any typos

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