Imlie 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Pallavi Confronts Nishant

Imlie 19th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie says I love you to each Tripathi family member for their unconditional love for her. They stand seriously and then at once says we love you too Imlie. Radha with Aparna arranges breakfast on dining table and says she felt bad yesterday for Pallavi as she doesn’t know why Nishant left her. Rupali says Nishant doesn’t want Pallavi to suffer like him. Radha says god snatched her son’s long life and now trying to snatch his love. Imlie says she will reunite Nishant and Pallavi at any cost. Aparna asks what will she do. Imlie says they should wait and watch. Rupali says she should concentrate on her exam or else Adi will scold her. Aparna feeds her sweet curd and wishes best of luck for her exam. Imlie says she needs luck to reunite love birds today. Adi ready for office says he will drop her to college. Imlie insists that Nishant will drop her. Adi asks if she has gone mad in the morning. She says if she doesn’t take Nishant to college, how will he meet Pallavi. He continues acting and walks away wishing her good lucky and smiling. Nishant says he will have breakfast later and hurries with Imlie.

Malini’s lawyer Desai warns KC to stop seeing Malini. KC says he is not holding anyone. Desai says Dev saw him with Malini in cafeteria yesterday and he is ruining a married woman’s life and is also tarnishing their profession. Malini walks in and confronts him for informing her each personal detail she told him as a client to her parents breaching his professional ethics and trouble a good man KC who is fighting a rebel’s case. Desai says he is worried for her as she is like his daughter, but ifs he doesn’t want to, he will leave her case. She says as he wishes, and he walks away. She then apologizes KC for all the problems he is facing because of her.

Nishant drops Imlie to college and wishes her all the best for her test. She searches Pallavi, finds her unloading canteen goods from a van and walks to her for help. Pallavi asks her to attend her exam. Imlie calls Nishant for help. Nishant walks to Pallavi. Pallavi says she told Imlie that she will be late for exam. Nishant says Imlie won’t be late and picks cartons brushing Pallavis’s hand and asks where to keep them. Pallavis says in the store room. Imlie loads more cartoons and says he is very strong. Nishant says its carton. Pallavi takes them to store room. Imlie walks away locking store room door from outside and runs for her exam.

KC apologizes Malini for whatever happened in his cabin. She says she is sorry for the problems he faced because of her lies. He says when Desai left her case, whom she will hire now. She says she will figure out. He says he knows a best lawyer and gives his card saying according to him, he is the best. She hesitates to accept is offer. He says he will take a huge fees from her and is just helping her. She agrees.

Pallavi knocks door and seeks for help. Nishant trying to call via his mobile asks her to stop pounding the door as he is getting headache. She argues and says he gets irritated whenever he is hungry, he must not have had his breakfast yet. He says when she knows, why don’t she feed him, he still misses his strawberry cake as he couldn’t find its taste in USA. She says he would have changed the taste then and insists him to tell why he rejected her love. He says he cannot answer and knocks door hard. She asks to stop. He says he is incapable of answering her. She cries why don’t she love him anymore, why he left her. He tries to console her. She continues crying that she loves him immensely. He collapses. She rushes to him concerned. Imlie happily walks out after finishing her exam. Malini meets her and seeing her happy says she is sure her exam went well. Imlie says she is also happy as she found who Nishant’s Pallavi is. Malini asks who is she. Imlie says she is canteen didi and says she knows they both still love each other, so she is trying to reunite them. Malini says she knows her intentions are genuine to help people, but she cannot force her decisions on others as she doesn’t know what the other person wants like in her and Adi’s case. Imlie says maybe she is wrong, but she there is nothing wrong in trying. She takes her to store room saying let us see what lovebirds are doing. Malini asks if she seriously locked them here. Pallavi pleads for help. Malini rushes to her seeing Nishant lying unconscious on floor. Pallavi says something happened to him and she is trying to wake him up since 1 hour. Malini calls ambulance. Imlie stands shocked seeing her plan backired.

Precap: Radha asks Imlie why she locked Nishant and Pallavi in a room, slaps her and says she cannot interfere in every family issue. Malini defends Imlie and says her intention was right. Radha says even she shouldn’t interfere in this family issue as she doesn’t have any place in this house anymore.

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  1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

    I just wonder ki how Imlie got the key of the storeroom. Storeroom ke keys tho surely storeroom ke andar nahi honge. Kuch kuch logic ke bina jana padta haiπŸ˜‚

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Now I can understand why Imlie is getting a slap. Mistake is mistake. Milane ke chakkar mein jaan daav par daal diya Nishant kaπŸ˜‚. Yaha she deserves a slap but Radha reprimanding Malini to interfere in their family matters is also wrong, yaar !!

  2. Tripathi family are all nutcase, they don’t even notice what is going between adilie, imlie n malini conversation is nice, loved malini advice to imlie as a elder sister, nishanth n pallavi scene is also decent.

  3. After that slap imlie got I have feeling that T family will learn the truth very soon

    And what the hell is wrong with that lawyer Desai I know he is a dev friend and Malini is like daughter to him but who is he to judging KC and Malini affair and informing dev everything like seriously she is his client everything about the case should stay between them

  4. I have my doubts on that slap scene, but still I think its justified from radha side, imlie has messes it up badly, she should learn her lesson and not to poke her nose in others life, I don’t like radha scolding for malini too, but she is right in her place, malini is no one in that family this is harsh truth

    1. Yes deepz, malini should take a cue and should not engage her with t family politics

  5. Loved kunmun scenes

  6. Some people already predicted that Imlie devi will interfere and sort out NishVi problems. Now Nishu will also worship her. Watching for Malini only. Aditya and Imlie doesn’t deserve happiness. They are cheaters. Imlie is double faced. Aditya treated Malini like a trash, broke her trust and heart. Even now he isn’t revealing the truth. These two should suffer insults and heart broks. I hate them to the core. I don’t even watch their scenes.
    After snatching Malini’s hus Imlie is being lovey dovey hunky Dory to Malini without any shame. Malini loser is getting insults without any reason. Hope the puck worthy holy Adilie relation comes out soon

  7. Imlie did not snatch anyone husband because wether you people like it or not, Imlie is Adi first and lawful wife,the person at fault is Adi because he didn’t report the forceful marriage to get it annulled before marrying Malini.Imilie is free of all guilt because she was just a village girl that knew nothing about the law unlike Aditya a well k ow journalist.All Imlie knew is that when such marriages take place in their village it is deemed valid by all.
    By not reporting or annulling it in time ,it has become valid, which gives Imlie the right now as Adi’s wife, remember Imlie had a dream in the beginning too,she was always running away from Vermillion because she didn’t want to be bound down like her mom,so her dream was destroyed too,and she never liked Aditya in the live manner at first but only develop those feelings after staying a while with Adi and his family.All this could have been avoided by just one right action of Aditya,I remember his boss suggesting it to him when he found out about the forced marriage but our hero paid a deaf ear,in my honest opinion both Imlie and Malini are the victims while Aditya is the real villian like Dev

  8. I came here after 2 weeks n continued reading updates frm jail scenes.. n ws nt at all surprised to see dat makers n writers r stooping low wid each episode.. i thought dat they wl show dat malini saved dumb tripathis bt they showed imli devi saving them.. grtπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ n dat too by illegally entering sumone’s house n dat too in private area as cctv footages r confidential wid passwords n all.. bt she arranged everything.. it means she enters everyone’s house wid wrong intentions n keeps eyes on everything.. it is also considered as crime n anu shud also file case on her fr theft n all..imli madam is so called “nyaay ki devi” na so she shud also tell everyone dat becoz of her,her criminal dadda buried adi alive then we wl see hw tripathis react.. dis cunning girl uses everyone n every incidence according to her own plan..n this t family is so hypocrite dat even after noticing adi’s changed rude behaviour n malini’s suffering(even her suicide attempt)believed so easily dat malini is characterless n having affair.. even dis cruel rupali didnt say anything still knwing whole truth.. today wen radha’s son suffered becoz of imli devi then her slap is justified bt this selfish family never tried to understand anu’s pain, becoz of this despo cunning girl her daughter commited suicide n her rage as a mother shud also b justified.. bt they r alwys ready to make anu vamp even her own daughter.. today radha is giving gyan dat imli shud nt interfere in every matter,bt no one cared wen imli slowly spoiled malini n adi’s relationship wid her evil plans n antics..imli is nothing bt a sweet poison..i even hate dis dumb malini as she cares fr everyone except her mother.. hate d writers fr making dis show cheap,senseless n boring wid each episode..

  9. Dis characterless adi is romancing despo imli so freely n shamelessly without even divorcing malini.. both family r blaming malini n considering her charcterless..aur ye dono besharam khule aam romance kr rhe hain.. n nw shameless adi wants malini to delay divorce becoz nishant is sick.. wats d point man.. his dumb family already hate malini.. n they hav already started their cheap romance to ab to malini ko use karna chhoro..πŸ™„πŸ™„

  10. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    I like the silent communication between husband and wife a.k.a. Aditya and Imlie πŸ’—πŸ’• when they disagree, the making up is really sweet awww πŸ’˜ … It was good to see that Malini reprimanded their lawyer’s breach of confidence and was able to apologize to Kunal in front of the lawyer as well as firing him on this basis… I am sure Kunal will be more than willing to take up her case as well πŸ˜‡… sorry for Nishant’s demise… at least Pallavi will now learn his truth πŸ™ … as for the slap 😐 still gets a No from me… Not my place to hit another parent’s child… Reprimand yes, giving a very strong worded lecture (by strong I mean in a raised voice, no bad’s how I was brought up) whilst explaining the do’s and don’ts of certain illnesses and the consequences of a wrong judgement… clearly Radha spoke to both Imlie and Malini out of her frustration, which happens in these types of situations whether personal or professional… still not gonna raise my hand to none, except my own 🀐

    Shriharshita, nice to see you.. missed your comment yesterday…😎

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