Imlie 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Pallavi Visits Tripathis

Imlie 17th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nishant opens door and stands speechless seeing Pallavi. Imlie thinks why are they not speaking. Pallavi nervously says she came to return Imlie’s book. Harish gets happy seeing Pallavi and asks how is she. She says she is fine. He insists her to come in as family will be happy seeing her. Imlie and Sundar’s nok jhok starts. Family gets very happy seeing Pallavi and asks why don’t she come to meet them. Pallavi says she doesn’t have any reason to come here, even now she came to return Imlie’s book. Rupali asks how does she know Imlie. Imlie says Pallavi is her canteen didi. Family gets more happy. Pallavi says she will go as Nishant doesn’t like her coming here. Pankaj says forget him, they are all happy to see her and wants to chat with her. Radha says she wants to know what Nishant told her 10 years ago. Nishant says Pallavi knows everything, he wanted to focus on his career and make new friends in US and there is nothing wrong in leaving old friends. Pallavi walks away hiding her tears. Pankaj asks Nishant why did he do that. Nishant says he doesn’t want them to get Pallavi married to a man whose life is of no guarantee and will die soon. Radha asks him not to say that. He pleads everyone not to tell truth to Pallavi about his illness as he cannot see her shattering.

Imlie to divert their attention stands on sofa, claps and says let us sing a song. They get confused. She sings it in English. Rupali says its her children’s poem. Family joins her and do jokergiri with her and drag even Nishant with them. He finally smiles. Adi enters clapping and scolds Imlie that she is enjoying instead of scolding, yells that she is seak in English and what will he say her amma and Dadda if she fails in her exam. Harish tries to defend Imlie. Adi says his leniance has spoilt Imlie and asks him to ask questions to her. Imlie gets down the sofa and says she will go and study. He orders her to stand right there and asks why was she was singing the song in Hindi instead of English, she will speak only in English from hereon. Pankaj says he is going overboard. He says this is the only way to teach her English and speaks in English. Imlie says I underistun and wlaks away. Aparna scolds him. Nishant says Imlie was cheering him up and informs Pallavi had come. Adi asks if his girlfriend Pallavi Thakur had come. Rupali says yes Nishant’s Pallavi to return Imlie’s book as she is Imlie’s canteen didi. Adi asks why will she come here to return book. Harish scolds him and walks away followed by family. Adi stands confused.

Imlie sadly looks Seeta maiya’s idol and speaks to her in broken English. Adi walks to her and says whatever he does is for her betterment. He asks if she knew that Pallavi had come, but Nishant doesn’t want her back in his life. She says he do not underistun harat philing. He says he understands it and asks if she called Pallavi here. Imlie in broken English says Pallavi’s love will encourage Nishant to fight against his illness. Adi says she is right, they get hope with loved one’s presence, they are all with Nishant, but he accepts her idea, so she should continue her plan but not let her studies affected. She continues her jokergiri.

Malini returns home. Anu asks where was she. Dev asks why did she come late as she left college long ago. Anu asks with whom she had been. Malini says with Kunal. Dev says she is daring to speak about her affair, its wrong. Imlie says children learn from parents, he is right that she did wrong by having a coffee with someone in a public place after finishing her work; they should teach her what is right while Dev betrayed an innocent villager for 20 years or Anu who spent 20 years taunting her husband and then venting out her frustration an innocent girl Imlie. She says she didn’t betray anyone, Adi and her relationship will not be bitter even after divorce like Anu and Dev’s relationship is; they both will respect each other unlike they both. Dev says they are just helping her. She asks if he thinks he did right by threatening Kunal. Anu says that boy is not good for her. Imlie says she doesn’t trust her judgement anymore after what she did with Imlie and Adi’s family. Anu warns if she ever goes again with Kunal, she will. Imlie says she will leave their house if they force her and threaten Kunal.

Precap: Imlie calls Adi as Mr. Tripathi and says thank you. He says your welcome. She says I love you. Family hears that and Aparna asks w hat did she say.

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  1. Malini part is so awesome, she showed her parents a mirror and took strong strand, she is becoming strong day by day, her character growth is great

    1. Yes…I love how Malini is becoming stronger and stronger

  2. Deepz I agree with you I mean really! Dev is judging KC if he is good or not
    the one who betrayed his wife and ruined mathi and imlie life he is even requested aditya not to divorce Malini what kind of father is he I bet he only cares about what will people say when they come to know about Malini’s fake affair

    1. Am hating dev, he is disgusting, how come anu n dev know that kunal is not good for her, one side am hating them for this, but at other side anu used to say same about adithya but malini went ahead n married him and that so called man betrayed her, hope it’s not the case with kunal,malini deserve happiness

    2. I think Malino is alone…. Everyone blaming her and she is the one who knows everything about Adi and Imlie and her parents issue….. Tripathi and chaturvedy both blaming only malini…… She is such a strong and kind girl…. I really feel bad for her as no one can understand her goodness….

    3. @Shruti i feel bad for her. Why do she have to be such a nice person!

  3. Lol, so having an affair is wrong, right dev? The audacity!

  4. Malini is getting stronger and i’m loving it. But she doesn’t need a man in her life right now. She needs time to heal. Btw, really unpopular opinion, i find this kunal guy creepy

    1. gul khan heroes are like that love hate wala type n manhandling type, though here kunal n malini are pretending so they need to act close,

    2. Hmmm, i hate those manhandling type guys😂

  5. Wow can’t get enough of adilie scene they look so take away

  6. Jopatricia

    I need the whole truth to come out, like NOW. i want Adi, Imlie, Milini to tell everything once and for all. Milini is getting stronger, but she is carrying the burden of the secrets and it’s not fair. I understand, Neeshat is sick, but Adi and Imlie need to let the truth finally come out, it’s to much sneaking around, trying to watch what you say, watch how you act etc…..
    I’m tired of this story line already – where is Saytakam let’s get him out of jail!!!

  7. Tripathi family is so dump

  8. Odiotic serial

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