Imlie 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Aatank Fixes Bomb In Aditya’s Ear

Imlie 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie tells team that Aryan and terrorist Aatank’s interview hasn’t ended yet. Aryan says this is not the time. Aatank reveals that he has replaced his earpiece with a bomb. Everyone are shocked hearing that. Aatank presses a remote button, and Adi writhes with headache. T family and Imlie get concerned seeing that. Aatank addresses viewers and asks if he should blast Adi’s head and reverse counts. Adi tries to remove his earpiece. Aatank warns him to dare not do that or else bomb will blast right away. Aryan rushes out to seek help. Imlie gets angry and tongue lashes her colleagues hearing them discussing that Aditya played a good game to increase channel’s TRPs. Aryan contacts commissioner office and asks them to inform commissioner to contact him soon. Editor says situation is worse and they should stop broadcast as their 3 team members’ lives are at stake. Aryan says broadcasting shouldn’t stop as terrorist is displaying his weakness and frustration in front of camera and once they stop broadcasting, he will panic and take extreme steps. Editor apologizes him for misunderstanding him. Imlie walks in and alleges Aryan that he is just bothered about channel TRPs and filling up his pockets and not his team’s lives. Editor says she is misunderstanding. Imlie continues. Aryan asks editor to continue broadcast. Imlie continues yelling at Aryan calling him a monster. Aryan gets commissioner’s call and walks out of his cabin locking Imlie in while she still continues yelling.

Tripathis get concerned for Aditya and think Aryan will not help. Radha cries to do something and arrange ransom money. Pankaj asks how will they arrange 100 crores, they can mortgage their house and arrange some money, and asks Harish to bring property documents Harish thinks how will he get papers when he has given them to his creditors. Nishant walks behind Harish and asks if he found papers. Harish lies that he kept them in locker. Nishant says they all trust him. Harish breaks down thinking their trust will break soon. Nishant consoles him and takes him down. Malini hearing their conversation seeks Anu’s help.

Aatank says he has placed bomb around whole village. Imlie tries to call Meethi and when she doesn’t pick call gets frustrated and tries to get out of room via AC duct.
Anu enters T house and offers to help them. Tripathis deny her help. Harish says they should accept her help forgetting their differences to save Adi. Malini asks why others are standing silent. Nishant says they know Anu’s selfishness and asks her not to act as hero as she is not Imlie. Malini says they still are blindfolded with Imlie mania and think she would rescue him with her stupidity, but the truth is Adi is in trouble because of her as she must have forced her boyfriend to send Adi to PGD. Anu says Malini is right, Aditya is in trouble because of servant Imlie. Malini walks away angrily asking them to continue their ego. Anu says her cheque book is still on table, the cannot do anything without her help. Aparna says she is still same, they would have accepted her help if she had come here as a mother.

Imlie gets out of office building via AC duct. Inspector walks in and asks if she is Imlie, they came to arrest her. Aryan walks out seeing that and asks inspector what happened. Imlie alleges him that he called police when he couldn’t stop her. Malini walks in and says she complained against her as she has conspired against Aditya, she is from PGD, her stepfather is rebel Satyakam, Aatank must be her distant cousin, her stepfather tried to kill Adi twice, she couldn’t stop her and Aditya’s marriage and tried her best to separate them, etc. Police arrests Imlie while Imlie resists. Aryan asks her to calm down and answer only what they ask, he will not let her stay inside for long. She pleads to save Aditya even if he doesn’t bail her out. Malini tells Aryan that she doesn’t need his help to rescue her husband, he will be safe when Imlie is in jail. Aryan says she is fool to think so and if she really cares for her husband, she would have been in PGD by now, so she should carry her drama somewhere else.

Precap: Malini over phone tells Anu that she is coming to her as Tripathis are not worried for Aditya. Anu informs that Imlie escaped from jail. Anu thanks god and prays to help Imlie rescue Aditya.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Star

    Who is aatank 🤣🤣
    The new protagonist? I wonder what kind of journalist is Mr AKT???
    Only exposes or writes about terrorists and his every mission starts from pagdandiya 🤣
    He doesn’t have social issues to cover…. As a reporter you have wife variety of topics to write about or many issues that should be addressed… But they follow the Lineage of Demon being in distress rather than the damsel

    1. I think aatank is satyakam adopted son I forgot his name yeah I remember prakash

    2. @Anju, I had the same thought, but apparently Imlie thinks he’s not from PGD… so🤔…

    3. Star, AKT is only focused at Bhasker times and Aditya coverage as he is trying to avenge Aditya

    4. If he is prakash maybe he want to take revenge on AKT for taking tarmind from him cuz he was Al’s in love with tarmind

    5. This series is getting boring with nagging stepdaughter and her mother.Please let’s concentrate on lmlie’s life as we are definitely mot interested in miserable characters, no wonder the cast are leaving the series

  2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    So is it just me or does anyone else think that if the bomb goes off in Aditya’s ears and blow away part of his face then *poof… in comes the new Aditya…with a slightly damaged face 🤔🙄😒

    1. That would be a rare case… someone that looks even better after a bomb blast than before 😁🤣.

    2. But I really hope they won’t resolve it that way.  In soap operas, you can just switch actors.  You don’t need anything dramatic…

      Anyway, even with a face-injury, the replacement would be an improvement at this point. Gashmeer has completely lost his charm here. He looks worn out and quite disheveled lately.

    3. Lin, poor actor Gashmeer. Agree the character is so boring and unattractive
      Will he go with a bang!!! a major injury but not with damaged face. The swapping over with plastic surgery face is so out dated
      My be the new replacement gets an emotional balance after the injury to the ear.

      One can lose hearing after ear injury and an emotional balance after major injury and rest
      Th soap character could learn to not be too hasty and reactionary

    4. Well they completely had Bani’s face bashed in in Kasam se, I can see this happening

    5. 🥱 anyone else watch Manifest? I love the Stone siblings but not the wife… Grace looks like Ben’s grandmother not his wife…. It’s good to watch shows with actual plots that don’t involve sisters playing marriage tennis with the most useless fictional reporter. They don’t involve Mary Sue’s like Imlie who think she’s village James Bond. Imlie is the most overhyped and annoying FL, I think she ties with Tejo with being irritating. See you guys maybe maybe not… depends on how bored I am.

  3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Lol…Tripathis would prefer to stick their heads up their heinies🙄 rather than take Anu’s money 😒 …even if it means that Aditya can die anytime… but more lol…because time and time again…they have always allowed Anu the right of way instead of protesting back then…but now they want to protest when death is at Adi’s door…….but i say dammit…..take that woman’s money !!! 😁

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      I forgot to mention the precap….
      Let the Imlie’s begin…sry I mean games… Let the games begin 😃

    2. Yolande
      Hee hee
      that would be funny,

  4. Shraddha

    Well today i kinda agree with Malini what she told to T family they are so dependent on Imlie for everything…
    For everything they go jaap of Imlie no wonder why Malini turned out like this now..

    Had seen Fahmaan’s stories seems like even he is going to PD

    1. Yes shraddha exactly. The makers are always making themselves look more dumb and sick by trying to whitewash imlie and aditya when they both have only done wrong things.

  5. Malini and anu should be in a mental hospital why complain against imlie stupid malini she needs electric shock treatment with her idiotic mum

  6. Palchin

    Imlie cud have broken window glass by chair instead going through like that.🤔

    How police know that from where imlie will come out? They directly reached at that place. And Malini too 😂😂.

    Earlier malini went to pd when she wanted to know abt imlie’s father. Now when adi is in danger she’s still in home. Aryan said correct.

    Anu and malini making plans to get adi in malini life forever but now Anu is not at all worried for her daughter. She’s not thinking that if adi dies wat will happen to malini.

    Instead of throwing check at them, she can directly approach atank and give money.

    Before precap…I was thinking that why imlie the super woman is with police. Why she dint run by pushing them like she do always.

    Imlie on another adi bachao mission.

    Bomb will blast for sure. And adi will b replaced.

    Now all t family including Aryan family will gather infront of Devi maa praying imlie ko Shakti dena maa and do Pooja.

    Imlie like jab tak apki Pooja khatam hogi tab tak adi ghar pe rahega.
    Like she said abt that kheer😂😂

    Adi be like humko pata tha imlie zarur ayegi.

    Mithi be like hum jaanat rahe k hamaar gudiya apne Prem ko bachave k khatir zarur ayegi.

  7. Malini and anu are hopeless. Just wear rich jewelry and act like they’re worth anything. Also, what’s wrong with Harish? To protect his secret, he’s willing to let his nephew die. No one is worth anything in this show

  8. Good Morning all from the UK – for your entertaining comments.

    Unfortunately, Imilie is aired almost 24 hours after its aired in India.
    I cant keep up with your comments except on Sundays. So my lengthy comments for now

    PS: I know it is only a soap – but it was very helpful during my 8 TO 10 weeks of isolation from 28 Nov until now…. IT KEPT ME OCCUPIED, ENTERTAINED AND HAPPY. I caught up on previous episodes until 10 November 21 – when Aryan was introduced

    I think the actress Imilie, Sumbul is beautiful and she is becoming an excellent actress at such a young age

    Aryan, with his baritone voice, the special strong “Model” type walk, attire – good dress sense ( until the orange suit) , body language and stony face glances is is is an adorable character.
    Q. Is he putting on weight round the tummy?

    I am looking forward to this weeks episodes.

    PS: It will be BORING if Adi is saved YET AGAIN by Imilie .
    Buy until next Sunday/Monday

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Welcome to the forum @Baat Bin 🤘
      So too in my region…the serial is aired after 24 hours…but what I do is I go online and type “Imlie serial” and the date I want to watch and 👍 …only problem is no English caption…so I just read updates from here then watch online… the day after i watch it on TV where I get the English caption and further clarification👌
      And yes..I too noticed the little protrusion around Fahmaan’s tummy area 😁 …good food…great company…and the pay must be pretty good too 🤑 so I guess this is what contentment does to us…plus the fact that they are always celebrating something whether birthday…Milestone…or just because…eating lots of 🎂🍩🍫 😃🤘

  9. Is no one gonna talk about how and why did they put a bomb in that pendullum adithyas ear!!!wtf kuch bhi dikha rhe hai makers😂😂😂

    1. ha ha ha

      In the previous episode they show a man in the white khadi /trouser and champals, walking to a drunk and unconscious Aditya, changing the ear plug.
      Was this man changing Adi blue tooth ear gadget?.
      This is implausible as there is no wifi in PD???
      was the man in khadi trousers Satyakam, changing the ear bomb over to a safe gadget?

  10. Aryan acts as such a hotshot but can’t do anything in front of malini and Anu. They just direct him like their puppet and he just carries on. Even now he has contacts with commissioners but when an inspector comes and arrests imlie on the instigation of malini he can’t even defend her or help her.

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @Razor 😃
      Firstly… I believe he respects the fact that they “pay handsomely” for his services… which is most imp to him 😁
      Secondly… It makes absolutely no sense arguing with that pair of witches (the word I mean sounds like witches butttt 😂)
      Thirdly… 🤔 well… I’ll have to get back to you on that one 😃🤘

    2. Hahah, good quote Yolande… The “third” reason, or more the first one in this case might be, he’s kinda okay with Imlie being locked up somewhere… The main thing is she doesn’t follow her babusaheb…

  11. And @Razor, I’m sure he could easily mop up the two 🧽🗑😀…
    Do you really think, he doesn’t know who paid for the hotel room on the day of Imlie and Ady’s wedding anniversary? Or, who locked Imlie in the car when she was trying to stop Malini and Ady’s wedding?
    I think he know all that and a lot more… The list of their crimes is now quite long…
    He could just expose them and have them punished too…
    But the thing is, that would soon clear up the misunderstandings between Aditya and Imlie as well. And we all know that’s the last thing he wants…

  12. Waiting for the payback time for all the negative characters.

  13. THANK YOU Yoande

    Yolande A.K.A. Naina 17th Jan 2022 – 11:04 pm
    Welcome to the forum @Baat Bin 🤘
    So too in my region…the serial is aired after 24 hours…but what I do is I go online and type “Imlie serial” and the date I want to watch and 👍 …only problem is no English caption…so I just read updates from here then watch online… the day after i watch it on TV where I get the English caption and further clarification👌

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