Imlie 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Rupal Reveals Her Truth To Malini

Imlie 16th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya follows ritual and keeping his hand on Imlie’s head takes oath and says Moon/Malini instead of Imlie. Satyakam’s men point gun at him. Dulari asks who is this moon. Imlie says Adi calls her Moon like Amma calls her Bitiya. Dulari shouts she is lying. Imlie asks Chandu what is his real name. He says Jigneshwar Prasad, but his mother calls him as Chandu. Imlie says her husband calls her moon seeing her glowing face. Dulari yells. Satyakam warns her to stop. Babaji asks Imlie to repeat the oath keeping her hand on Adi’s head. She repeats and takes Adi’s name. Babaji says now they both are together forever. Adi thinks he feels suffocated continuing this lie, if Imlie also feels suffocated. Friends congratulate Imlie that her jodi will be forever now, asks if her in-laws love her. Imlie makes a story that her in-laws love her a lot and do even her work, they prepared feast when she left and she enjoys cinema and kulfi with her husband and brings kulfi for whole family. Adi thinks she is lying so easily, doesn’t she feel guilty. Imlie thinks she has to lie to protect Adi from Satyakam.

Tripathi family walk to Rupal seeing her sad. Tauji tries to cheer him up saying they all will cry together. Aparna says she knows how to cheer her up. Rupal says she doesn’t need ice cream. Aparna discusses with Nidhi and Malini. They bring her gift, and Dhruv asks her to open it. She opens it and gets angry seeing her in-laws’ names on it, asks who invited them to Adi’s wedding. Pankaj says he and bhaisab invited them as a formality. She says they didn’t contact her since years and now sent her gift, Tauji should have thought about her. She tells Malini that she her husband betrayed her for another woman, so she left him; she doesn’t know how it feels when a man she trusts on and submits herself to him and takes care of his family. Tauji says he will return their gift like he invited them. Rupal walks away crying. Tauji cries that they used to think marriage forever, but he was wrong; he feels pain seeing his daughter in pain. Pankaj consoles him.

Malini thinks she should inform Adi that Rupi didi is upset. She gets a call and picks it thinking Adi called, but seeing Anu’s call wishes her. Anu asks if she is upset because of Tripathis, she should come home right now. Malini says she is angry as Adi didn’t call her yet. Anu yells that he does same every time. Dev says some distance is necessary in a relationship. Anu says she will call Adi and scold him. Malini thinks let Adi feel Maa’s wrath. Anu calls Adi while Dev tries to stop her. Mithi picks call and calls Adi. Adi takes phone from her and asks her to go. Dev hearing Mithi’s voice thinks he heard it before. Anu asks Adi if he gives phone to servants even there. He says servant doesn’t know that a VIP has called. She asks to call Malini and disconnects call. Satyakam walks in ordering his men to hide weapons and use them when needed. Adi tells him that he needs to return to his lodge by any means as he is feeling uncomfortable here. Mithi hearing that she made a lot of arrangements for him and prepared feast. Imlie says let Adi go as he feels uncomfortable here. Mithi insists. Satyakam says jami babu is upset regarding peace meeting cancellation with government and tells Adi that he will drop him to lodge once he finishes dinner. Adi agrees and asks to serve dinner then. Mithi asks Imlie to help her serve food to Adi.

Precap: Adi confronts Imlie that he saw her villager’s forcing him first and now her shamelessness by bringing him milk for suhagraat, Baba’s promise of 7 lives is lie and he cannot stay with her. She shouts to stop or else she doesn’t know what she will do.

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  1. Why is imile not focusing on her dreams and studies. Does she think this forcefull marriage to be a real one ..she should use the opportunity to study and make a name for self and then marry when right time comes.

    Why she keeps getting emotional about her marriage with aadi… file for divorce and end this matter. Malini is so nice ..i would not want the makers to show imile and aadi pair.

  2. This show is dumb, Gashmeer why did you accept this pointless role of this Mohi remake.

  3. Verma4

    Adi is such a cock sucking dick breath pillow biting wanker. Fiken hate him to the core

    1. Agreed. Oh My God…
      On one hand I’m supremely pissed at Imlie too, why is she trying so hard to be subservient to Adi, but then I get it from her perspective, she is essentially trying to save the guy’s life by acting our her script of obedient Desi wife, like all the villagers are. But whenever she logically explains things to Adi, he drops two tears and the audience is simply supposed to be moved by his heartbreak… For a guy who knows of Imlie’s circumstances, why can’t they just do everything in a logical way, there was more logic in Dil Se Dil tak and that’s an actual cliché romance. One if you do not acknowledge Imlie as a wife and she doesn’t really consider you a husband, for peace of mind just give her a pseudo-divorce. Second of all, if Satyakam has a gun to your head, take Imlie out of the village, drop her off at a youth Hostel with substantial amounts of cash (or make an account for her if she doesn’t actually take it. What with our history of Covid, can’t they just make everything Card related transactions and not cash) and get her into college. Last I checked colleges have dorms!!! For [email protected]#ck sakes…
      Presto you’ve given everything she’s ever wanted a college to further her studies, a place to rest her head and colleges do have mess halls, so food too… Roti, education, kapda and Makan… Done… Instead we have all this unnecessary angst…

  4. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Verma 🙄 wow… yes to an extent… Adi is playing with the lives of two women… he claims to love one and hate the other… but how is his love any different to his hate?? As a woman, think for one minute how you would feel finding out that your so-called husband is already married.. yes illegally… but “that” is a really big secret to keep from anyone… no matter how fragile the person might be… It’s just lie after lie after lie… 😔 Malini is innocent in one way… but Imlie is also innocent in another way… so, I will just wait and see how the writer solves this equation…

    1. Verma4

      Too right.

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