Imlie 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie Persuades Aryan

Imlie 15th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie asks Aryan why did he come behind her. He says he came to ask her to sleep soon as needs to attend office early tomorrow. She says yes sir and keeps her hand on table where she finds Anu’s mobile under table cloth and realizes Anu and Malini are spying on her. She thinks of teaching them a lesson and starts speaking weird. Malini and Anu hearing her conversation think if she is speaking to Aditya in a code language. Imlie talks about black magic. Anu and Malini get tensed hearing that. Imlie talks about Aditya and disconnects call. Malini gets eager to hear about Aditya, but then gets disappointed seeing phone disconnected. Anu says battery must have drained out. At PGD, Meethi thanks Chand for helping her bring Aditya home and asks him to help her remove the device in Aditya’s ear. Chand says he will remove it. She says she didn’t see him in PGD before. He says he is staying in PGD since 2 years inspired by Satyakam’s ideologies. She says he did right and walks away.

Aryan asks editor how did Aditya decide for a live interview without informing him as they don’t have packing and content ready yet, so editor should inform to Aditya that he will decide when to telecast the video. Editor says this news is very important. Aryan says that is why he will decide when to telecast it, they are thinking of going live on a news channel and without knowing Aatank’s credibility, they will not telecast his interview. He asks Vinod not to live telecast interview. Imlie enters and says it should go live as the whole world should know who the terrorist is. Aryan says she is still supporting her ex-husband. Imlie says she is not, terrorist will not let Aditya time to take any action and just wants some fame, real revolutionary is her dadda Satyakam whom whole world knows, etc. Aryan asks what if they don’t get TRP. She asks what is it. He says its a rating and if he doesn’t get TRP, its of no use.

Sundar thinks of Arpita while cooking and calls her and find out how is she now. She asks who is he. He gets nervous and with changed voice says he is calling from bank. She warns not to pester her or else she will file a complaint. Nishant takes phone and says its a wrong connection, he called her to find out how she is now. She says she is fine. He disconnects call and says Sundar’s work is done. Sundar nervously asks what does he mean. Nishant says he knows he likes Arpita.

Aditya takes Aatank’s live interview. Aatank says switches off video and says camera has a problem and says he will turn PGD lake into blood stream if his demand of 100 crores and his personal rule on PGD. Aditya says then he will be called a killer and not a revolutionary and asks his team to stop live telecast. Aryan watching it says this is exactly what he meant, they will be incurring huge losses. He orders Vinod to stop live telecast. Imlie asks not to as interview is not yet over. Aatank informs Aditya that he has a live bomb in his ear and he cannot remove or defuse it, him and his channel are under his grip.

Precap: Imlie alleges Aryan that he sent Aditya purposefully to PGD to risk Aditya’s life and fill his own pocket. Aryan asks if she thinks so and walks away when he get a call while Imlie continues yelling at him.

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  1. Shraddha

    Ig a part of episode is missing in the update..Aryan entering Imlie’s room and switching off the AC and covering her feet with blanket and then him getting a goddess idol… there was conversation btw Arpitha,Narmada and Imlie too

  2. So now they will all have to fight with terrorists.

  3. Star

    Only 3 comments πŸ˜‚

    1. Shraddha

      @Star exactly even I was surprised seeing only single digit comments πŸ˜‚

  4. Afreen jabeen

    Now a days show is all boring no story out of track now after gash sir exit no body is going to watch it may be some aryalie fans as adilie fans has stopped watching this show no gash sir no imlie

  5. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    So here we go again… πŸ‘€ our heroine to the rescue 😁 followed no doubt by her babusaheb#2 πŸ˜œπŸ‘

  6. Imlie being submissive and ridiculous, only worries about the ex who humiliated her and makes a clown of her always.

  7. It’s sickening watching Imlie repeatedly chase after a man old enough to be her daddy…somany people are happy being doormats though. Another young girl running after her re married ex/ brother in lawπŸ™„

  8. Wish Aryan would stop having a soft spot for Imlie as he’s just tooo good for her….getting bored with story now so hope it moves faster and new story….but no love story between Imlie or Aryan….that would be a disaster πŸ’£πŸ’₯

    1. @Shireen you are right

  9. Shireen,I agree but Aryan soft spot for Imilie is part of his journey to finding some sort of balance between being very private and seemingly heartless to being able to express his feelings…
    That is being done very well…

    Imilie saving Aditya life over and over again is getting boring. Change the pattern and let Aryan save Aditya life not because he has a great deal of respect for Adi, but because of Bhasker Times.
    ” damage limitations”
    PS: get rid of the orange suit – its disgusting. loved Aryan, walk, voice, dress sense until I saw the orange suit

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