Imlie 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Aditya’s Rude Behavior With Malini

Imlie 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reporters ask Imlie who is her husband. Imlie says her husband is god. Reporter says for every woman, her husband is her god, what is her husband’s name. Imlie says she shouldn’t insult one’s devotion, they apply god’s named sindhoor in their village. Reporters clap for her. Janendra thinks like husband wife is also a big liar. Imlie excuses herself and goes behind stage. Adi follows her. She panics that she didn’t want to do that, she will go away from him and Malini. He hugs and calms her down and feeds her water. She stammers that she in front of everyone. He says she told truth, they cannot live in fear hiding truth for long and hugs her. Janendra records their video and thinks he will expose Adi today. Adi notices him. Janendra runs away. Imlie asks Adi to stop Janendra from exposing truth. Adi says let everyone find out truth. Janendra reaches Tripathi house and rings bell. Boss pulls him away. Nishant opens door and not finding anyone closes it back. Boss scolds Janendra for reaching his colleague’s house to vent out his personal vengeance. Adi with Imlie reaches home and noticing them sends Imlie in, walks to them and tells Janendra that he couldn’t teach him that their fight is against corruption and system and is not a liar. Janendra says he is a big liar himself who has kept 2 wives at home and is teaching him morales. Adi angrily tries to hit him, but boss stops him. Adi yells that Janendra is trying to ruin Imlie’s life who is from Pagdandiya and wants to succeed in her life with her hard work, her fate threw her in tough situations and she is entangled in problems, instead of helping her, Janendra is trying to ruin her future, etc. Janendra deletes pics and walks away. Adi asks boss not to dismiss Janendra. Boss says he is worried for him instead, today he handled situation somehow, till when he will escape. Adi says he doesn’t want to and is waiting for the right time to tell truth to everyone. Boss asks when will that right
time come. Adi says he doesn’t know and walks in.

Imlie walks in sadly. Aparna asks how she felt hearing reporters’ questions and asks if sindhoor issue got overexaggerated. She says city people don’t know about village rituals, so she shouldn’t bother about them and continue her rituals. She asks if she and Adi had food. She says she is not hungry. Aparna says food is in fridge, she and Adi can have it. Imlie thinks Malini wanted to go out for dinner with Adi, but she spoilt it. Aparna hugs her saying hits from her mother and asks her to serve food to Adi and having it with him. Imlie serves food on dining table. Adi walks in and sits for dinner saying nothing went wrong. He insists her to have food with him. She says she is not hungry. He insists. Malini joins them and says she was waiting for them and asks Imlie to sit with them. Imlie repeats she is not hungry. Adi insists her to have food and asks Malini if she filled Imlie’s admission form and submitted it. Malini says she got busy in the evening and will submit it tomorrow. He yells that Imlie may lose admission, etc. Malini says still deadline hasn’t ended, so she will do it tomorrow. Adi insits Imlie again to sit with them. Imlie walks away thinking she should let Malini have dinner with Adi.

Next morning, Imlie shows admission form to Tauji. Tauji scolds her for not filling it yesterday. Their nok jhok starts. Malini walks in and asks what is happening. Adi rudely yells at her that what she didn’t do yesterday, if she had filled the form and submitted it online, this issue wouldn’t have arisen. Malini walks back to her room. Aparna scolds Adi for his rude behavior with Malini and asks him to go and convince her and bring her back. Adi walks away yelling that only he has to apologize. He apologizes Malini for his rude words. Malini says its okay as she wouldn’t have stayed with him if she had bothered about this bitter words, she got adjusted to it and even he should learn to mind his language. He argues that he is not work and is tensed because of his job. She says its not always because of his job, he always tries to speak and stops midway and doesn’t even when she insists, they didn’t even go on a honeymoon even after many months of marriage and he gives work excuses always. He says he was really busy then. She says she always gets sorry instead of answer. He says he is stuck between commitments. She asks what kidn of commitments he has which is making him lie to her and his family, why did he marry her if he has to behave with her so rudely. He asks if she seriously thinks so. She says seeing his behavior looks like he doesn’t want to stay with her, she just wants a moment in which she can see his love for her in his eyes. He starts blabbering that he is afraid of her reaction and her repeated falling unconscious events. She says she just wants her right to be his wife and holds his hands. He says someone will see them. She says its their room and why would anyone interfere. Imlie walks towards their room and stops hearing that and thinks she doesn’t have right to enter husband and wife’s room.

Precap: Malini sees Imlie wearing Adi’s watch and questions her. Adi says she didn’t have phone or watch to check time, so he gave it to her. He asks her to sit behind in car. She asks him to go to his job while she drives Imlie to college. Adi says he already informed his office that he would be late as he has some important work. She says he already that there are some important works apart from his job and asks Imlie to sit behind as she is sitting in her place.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Ohhh my goodness… Tripathi house was on πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ today… I was just waiting for someone to slap someone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I really wanted truth to come out today but everyone seemed so scared of what is to come…

    Imlie is on πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    1. Liz

      O yeah!!!! I too wanted the truth to come out & then life wud have been better πŸ™

  2. I don’t think many understand that showing yourself as weak in reaction to every problem in your life makes you a sad pity card. Malini, with all her past theatrics, has reduced herself to a vulnerable child that Adilie are now struggling to protect.

    1. Spot on @Erica and that is the difference between her and Imlie.
      That’s what happens when one is raised in the laps of luxury, they expects everyone to cater to them.
      Malini had a very easy life compared to Imlie.
      Imlie was forced under gunpoint to marry a stranger, leave her village, live as a servant in his house and insulted by him daily, but she faced the situation bravely and did not break.

      Malini on the other hand had her fairytale wedding, the best education etc but cries at the drop a hat. A few days she did not hear from her husband and she went back to her parents house. What a joke!

    2. @NaveenS, gr8! Imlie faced the situation bravely? lol…she went back to lick the shoes of a man who had treated her like dirt…is this woman empowerment?… your imlie has no self esteem, forget about malini…lets talk about your imlie…she is like…such a superstitious coward and low self respect kinda woman…so what if malini had a luxurious life? does it mean she deserves to be cheated on by aditya and imlie? living as a servant in the house doesn’t make imlie a victim…she could’ve rejected this injustice and went to police but she did nothing..its her own fault…she is weak and even now she’s doing nothing but crying, rona-dhona emotional drama…

    3. You are right

    4. You’re 100% right

    5. Liz

      So true …. only if Malini was little strong!, life wud have been easier !!!

  3. Imlie is on fire, cuz I really want Aditya together with imlie😍😘🀩

  4. Can’t wait for malini to finally be out of their lives

  5. Aditya is a wimp – both Imlie & Malini need to dump him & carry on with their lives without him – it’s called woman empowerment

    1. Exactly.

    2. true, they should’ve shown that a woman doesn’t need to lean on such a cheap man to survive..all this in the name of “true love” and blah blah…they will push adilie together to show that their story is so ‘pure’ and what not! but it is just trash… such a disgusting story and message for audience… why can’t they show a woman rejecting the injustices and living on her own..but the woman (imlie) is such a “bechari” irritating type of person

    3. Bislove(Roshni)

      God bless [email protected] for saying truth,why can’t imilie rejected that wedding,she still young and gat a long way to go but she was afraid of calling divorcee while ruining another person happiness,so Malini should be the one to be called divorcee,her mom caused problem btwn Malini mom and their dad, and now daughter is causing the same for her elder sister by spoiling her marriage life, like daughter like mother,I only pity Malini who was blind in love for that useless Adi

  6. can’t wait for anu’s rudra tandav on adilie

  7. okay, i hated imlie so much today, even more than aditya… i m fed of this “intelligent” human being…she is such a liar and dumbo… doesn’t know anything but wants to be a bechari and center of attraction…she’s such a cheat..can’t she even realize that the hiding the truth is hurting her malini didi only…she first wanted her babusaheb to live with two women, to hide the truth from malini and continue being 2 timer, as if that would make malini happy, now she has seen how badly her selfish and mean babusaheb is treating malini, still she’s not revealing the truth..and doing this rona-dhona…irritating dramebaaz kahiki…she has really become a home breaker now….how can a person b that dumb…why should women be with cheaters like aditya, this show proves that they shouldn’t leave their man however he may be, cheater or selfish…really bakwaas crap…ppl are dumb not to realize that the so called ‘true love’ between these cheaters is lust and extra marital affair.

  8. i hated her too , she is hiding herself in her sita maiya game playing innocent ..i really hope the truth in both sides to come out soon and see what happens next…..i pray for malini to be brave enough to absorb it and move on she is a strong woman…..and i dont think imle will be accepted even when the truth comes out …the tripathi’s wont am sure about that.

  9. Wat does this bastard adi thinks dat malini is his despo imli’s servant dat she wl fill her formπŸ™„πŸ™„ why cant dis dog himself does dat.. he is already a vella whose only job is to wag tail n run behind dis chalu imli..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i really want to slap dis cunning imli ,she already spoiled malini’s life n still showing concern fr her in front of her vella babusaheb.. everytime she is around adi n malini.. n these tripathis r d dumbest.. no body in dis whole world shud get a faltu family like tripathis whose only job is to make a maid happy..🀣🀣 hw dare dis imli sit in front seat in front of malini, hw shameless she is.. n then she wl make malini vamp by saying “sorry malini didi humka inha nahi baithe ke chahi”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ n dis characterless adi wl scold malini.. pathetic story.. hw can sumone even think of showing these shit.. i even get angry on malini sumtimes,why she never listened to her mom n pampered dis snake😏😏 aukaad se jyaada pyaar aur respect nhi digest hota kuch logon ko like dis cunning imli.. this imli is nt realising dat if dis adi can leave his beautiful, intelligent,smart n pure soul wife fr dis ganwar imli.den he can even leave her also fr another organic love wid sum aam,angoor n santara..🀣🀣🀣

    1. Bravo Priya πŸ‘πŸ‘ I really enjoy reading your comments!πŸ˜‚ Agree 100%

  10. I totally loved adini fights. For the first time in their 7yrs relationship Malini called upon Aditya behaviour instead of just letting things go . I really hope just like she said she will be able to handle the truth. I also loved Aditya calling on Malini vulnerability due to which he always seemed to hold back himself instead of discussing their issues. It’s really sad that it’s too late now for their relationship to mend it’s broken beyond repair.

  11. Really? Every body shouting women empowerment but in real life how many of us practice it? Many women get overwhelmed by love and behave foolish even against advise in matters of the heart,it’s the same allover the world.
    I like this show because it deals with real life situation we see in relationship nowadays,I mean wether married or not ,there is always the issue of the other man or the other woman in a partners life.
    I also beg to differ from your opinion but I think Imlie is strong considering her age,lack of experience ( village girl) level of education,but tell me an educated ( professor),rich , experience and so called level headed girl like Malini can’t tell me she didn’t know for 7 years of relationship that Adi didn’t love her,even her mom knew this and tried severally to stop her from throwing herself at Adi but she refused,when there is a problem she takes the easy way out instead of facing it,she would rather remain oblivious.for instance Adi truthfully told her of this marriage with Imlie but,she fainted, doctors said no shocking news it might kill her,hmmmm.i still find that strange,poor Adi had to hold back,she woke up and made their wedding her instant priority and Adi’s compulsion.Yes Adi couldn’t stand Imlie at first but gradually started admiring her as oppose to what he was seeing in Malini, remember they had only dated not lived together,so Adi didn’t like this clingy Malini, fainting Malini, running home at every issue Malini where a sharp insulting tongued Anu was always there waiting.Believe me,it was a natural transition,I don’t know why I can’t seem to shake off that Malini knows more than she is showing us.
    Adi can’t help being disappointed,he always thought Malini was a strong independent girl but to his surprise this young village girl,not so educated or experience is more independent ,brave and selfish in helping.
    And for those who say Imlie is after Adi and wants Malini out of the way, remember she got many chances to make it happen but didn’t,she saved Malini when that bridge would have fallen on her,she gave her blood for her,left for her village for her but Adi came looking for her.My thoughts anyway,you are free to disgree.

    1. You are absolutely right and that is the truth believe me those people that are after adilie instead of them to watch the tv the television is watching them also they are after imlie cos she is not fair in complexion and a villager, strong and bold woman

  12. Wow Jummy great insight..well done.

    I love Imlie and Adi , they are great together
    Also they were forced into this but are trying their best to reveal truth and the other to scared to hurt.

    Love the show

  13. There’s more power in a good tight corner strong in a thousand meaningful words
    These two never fail to amaze us with their outstanding performance adilie forever 🀩. malini fans sorry this is our show emlie emlie emlie emlie not malini the story is about emlie not malini. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‰

    1. If the show’s name is Imlie that doesn’t mean show is about Imlie..😜 most of the shows on ITV have stupid names that don’t connect with their content in any way. Don’t you know it? Right now they are doing too much Imlie-Imlie chant, and thats all. In future, actual story for the show is about Malini only. β˜ΊπŸ˜„ Bcs there’s nothing more to show in this sickening Adilie relationship. We’ll see how Malini will do good deeds, donate for institutions, meet good people, find her true lover, and so on many adventures. I’m sorry, you’ll be disappointed but there’s no actual story about your Imlie except breaking a couple and then separation drama with Babusaheb later on. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Yes, even in the bengali version, the show was more about Malini’s life after the separation

  14. Jummy πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€

  15. You are absolutely right and that is the truth believe me those people that are after adilie instead of them to watch the tv the television is watching them also they are after imlie cos she is not fair in complexion and a villager, strong and bold woman

  16. Imlie saying her married to god is silly, that’s only for ascetics and nuns. Malini is beginning to show how spiteful she is, like her mother. Everything she says and does has an acid undertone. Imlie should wake up and accept that Malini and Aditya do not get on and now is the time to let her know the truth, that way she can also stop herself being bossed about so much by Aditya and assert her own female control. How will Pagdandya react when they find Imlie has hidden her marriage on TV? They are so close to the truth being exposed now, just get on with it!

    1. Not Malini, your Imlie is actually spiteful. Stop blaming Malini for your blind obsession for Imlie. Start seeing the truth. You’re too innocent that you are believing anything that is being shown. Use your brain and stop this silly blaming for Malini. What wrong did she do if she asked her husband the questions which she has a right to know? This isn’t fair and she’s bring cheated on. How dare they blame Malini? Such blind and dumb people.

    2. My goshness see dis one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what did you mean with this”how dare them” who are you to tell who we should blame and who not to behaving like an important living thing if you can bash adi or imlie then we can also bash your so called didi

  17. I hope imle and aditya wil do justice to malini.plz tell the truth to everyone n let malini leave the house n lead a happy life without this aditya..

  18. Please my people calm down.Don’t take it too far.Is just a show. If care is not taken hypertension can set in. Just take it cool

  19. Imlie Aditya and Malini are in such a jam really I don’t hate anybody nor do I support blindly but I can’t help but want to bang their heads together πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ€¦πŸ€¦and say get it together just out with it and stop being miserable and making others miserable with you. I feel everyone is trying to do right thing but still can’t figure out what to do. For the first time I felt Aditya agony of mess of life his life had become.

  20. I have no blind obsession for Imlie, but I can understand the reasons for how she behaves. Perhaps the Malini fans might also have a blind obsession for her as they cannot see how malicious she is – like with the sari, giving some something she has just worn is an insult, and when she says she does not blame Imilie you can tell by her words and actions that she means something else. Look carefully at her words and behaviour! I have been around long enough to have met lots of b*t*hy women, who speak sugary words but you can hear the undertones too. Don’t let your favouritism blind you to the truth. Study each episode carefully as you would a Shakespeare play, you need close study of words and deeds to appreciate the undercurrents in the story. The serial deserves just as much study as a book or play, so don’t just follow your favourite character! I am a drama graduate so perhaps I can see more as I have been trained to do so but anyone can learn the techniques if they want to, it makes the whole experience more valuable and enjoyable.

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