Imlie 13th March 2021 Written Episode Update: A Snake Bites Aditya

Imlie 13th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

A snake bites Adi and he stands writhing in pain. Malini gets a bad dream regarding Aditya and wakes up calling him. Family rushes to him and asks what happened to him. Nishant says maybe bhabhi saw a bad dream. Aparna asks Malini relax as it was a bad dream. Malini says she feels Adi is in danger. Aparna consoles her and takes her down. Imlie walks to Adi and asks what happened to him. He asks her to attend her exam thinking if he informs her that a snake bit it, she will miss her exam. She asks again. She shouts at her to go. She walks away. He sits on a cot unable to bear pain. Pankaj asks Malini to call Adi. Malini says she will not call him as he didn’t even call her yet. Aparna insists, but Malini denies. Nishat calls Adi, but he doesn’t pick call. He says Adi must be sleeping and will call him back once he wake up; asks Malini if he should call Adi or she will. She says she will call and scold him and hopes he is fine. Imlie gets ready for exam and sees Adi sitting on cot. Prakash takes her away. Adi collapses. Mithi and Satyakam rush to him. Imlie thinks Adi taught her whole night, didn’t even wish her good luck, and scolded her even after knowing she will not meet him again. She feels something is wrong and runs back towards home.

Malini calls Adi and finding his phone switched off thinks if he is in problem, prays god that she will not scold Adi and he should be safe. Imlie reaches home and thinks why did she return home. She enters home and finds Adi unconscious. Prakash asks what happened. Satyakam asks him to bring doctor as snake bit Adi. Imlie worried says she she will let anything happen to him. Adi murmurs he will not go without meeting her, but then reminisces him expressing his love for Malini. Mithi asks her to keep Adi awake and goes to bring herbal medicine. Adi says he doesn’t want to betray anyone and gets unconscious.

Tripathi family sits for breakfast. Malini joins them. Nishant asks if she spoke to Adi. She says his phone is switched off and hopes he is fine. Nishant asks her to call him again. She tries and finds phone switched off. Back in Pagdandiya, Dulari checks Adi’s pulse and says his pulse is slowing, he will die soon. Mithi and Imlie scold her to shut up. Prakash brings doctor. Dulari continues that Adi will die and asks Satyakam to inform Adi’s family that Imlie is becoming a widow. Satyakam warns her to shut up. Nishant suggests Malini to call Adi’s boss and find out about him. Dulari says if Adi has any property in his name, Imlie should get it. Imlie shuts her mouth with a cloth. Doctor says snake was not that poisonous, he gave antivenom injection and Adi will be fine soon Malini calls editor and asks where he has sent Adi. Editor says he didn’t send Adi anywhere as Adi told he went on some personal work. Malini asks to remember if he sent Adi on some assignment. Editor says he doesn’t hide employee’s information with his family, and if she finds out about Adi, she should inform him. Malini informs family same.

Imlie prays Seeta maiya to protect Adi. Adi opens eyes and looks at her. Satyakam says he frightened them all. Mithi asks how is he feeling. Malini tells family that Adi lied them and even boss and don’t know where he is now. Pankaj says Adi crossed his limits this time. Malini says she will not call Adi again, they should inform her if he is fine when he calls them. Aparna says Malini’s anger is valid, they don’t know why Adi lied, he was kidnapped recently and is doing something which he cannot inform family and may need their help. Malini thinks if Adi is really in trouble.

Precap: Imlie performs pooja for Adi. Panditji asks her to take her husband’s name with her. Imlie thinks she can’t as Adi is Malini’s husband. Adi holds her and says her name is Imlie Aditya Kumar Tripathi.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Precap is it for real or its imli dream, well I think it’s for real, have to see how this cheater will face malini n his family for lieing to them, and to cover up that lie he will tell another big lie. He will bring imlie back to Delhi too

  2. Poor malini is going through turmoil, she is showing various emotion, she is angry, she care for adi and prays for him,

  3. Paapiyon kitni bhi pooja kar lo kam nhi hoga tum dono ka paap..u both spoiled malini’s life.. bt sumtimes i feel annoyed wid malini also,wenever her mom warns her nt to trust characterless adi n despo imli,malini never listens n even scolds her.. she never tries to knw d reason of her mom’s insecurity even her mom indirectly tells abt dev bt malini ignores.. both dev n adi r cheap n characterless.. hw shamelessly dev scolds anu.. n yesterday we came to knw dat dev is successful becoz of anu’s father.. shameless person he used anu n then betrayed her..

    1. Dev is another characterless, he spoiled both mithi n anu life,

    2. Sati. Maharaj

      Deeps this show is becoming too disgusting.Why propagate this type of life style .Imlie is worshiping Adi as if he is God he is just a cheating lying man come on .Why can’t she stand on her feet and become an independent woman is only Babu saab really fed upnow.

    3. Dev n adi is worst, dev spoiled two women’s life

  4. What rubbish they are showing setting an example for males to lie to their family and not telling the truth.
    This cheap man adi should at least tell malini and his family and still their is suspence that imlie doesn’t know that she has a father and has a sister which is none but malini itself.

    We just hope that that the precap is just imlie’s dream as it shouldn’t happen because it would be totally a cheating with malini who loves and cares for him a lot.

    1. I don’t think its dream, its for real,hope am proven wrong

  5. Can someone tell me why does this show receive such a high trp,its just insane,the trp audience of India are really pathetic,why do they like such nonsense things?

    1. @john this show is getting trp becoz of audience’s hatred towards imli n adi.. people dont enjoy their romance😏😏 they just wanna see hw low these two desperate characters can go.. people love malini n her innocence.. dats why dis show is getting trp.. if title name is imli it doesnt mean people love this overacting ki dukaan imli..🙄🙄

  6. Why are you blaming Adi and Imlie, is it their fault that they were forced to marry at gunpoint? Remember Imlie saved Adi’s life when she agreed to get married or else those tribes people would have killed Adi.

    1. Man….can’t you see that Adi is cheating Malini,if he consider imlie as his wife he should tell Malini the truth.Why is he playing with her feelings

    2. Sati. Maharaj

      Because that’s what some selfish men do play with the feelings of us women they want the cake and also want to eat it too. Adi is being potrayed as a selfish lying cheating no good two face Bastard.

    3. Well u know aditya cud hv divorced imli secretly before marrying malini or either admitted the truth to her, he didn’t, but even imli kept quiet and let aditya marry malini. they r destroying an innocent persons life on purpose nd still u think its wrong to blame them. yes, marriage was not in their hands bt atleast they cud hav kept malini away frm this mess, nd nw aditya is behaving a husband to imli while all know that he is married to malini. seriously do u think bigamy is totally fine act? ugh

    4. Everyone pls understand one thing…it would be mere stupidity if we judge the ethics of a character in the show..besides just try to understand that it is just a show…not some reality. To be clear,even if such a thing is a reality, we have no right to blame or question someone’s character and just because this is a show, we get to know that he/she is cheating someone or else had it been a reality, we would have been in situation like Tripathi’s or Malini. Also no person in the world can know about another person’s mindset or acts. Change is inevitable, and also change is ever continuous…what we are, one month ago may not be exactly same after 1 month.

      And if u ask me one more thing, you are questioning character as being ethic-less just because of Imlie and Aditya’s relation..but one thing is clear that they are not still into an extra- marital affair in real terms.

      In India, do you think everyone is a crystal clear and all perfect person? Just forget about the western is spoilt beyond remedy. No one knows but there are more than 50 percent of adult people whom you should call ethic-less, characterless, deceivers…into an extra-marital affair…but do we know about all of them? Answer is a big no…There is one such quote to explain this- all glitters shine (more than gold). So what people appear are not really what they intend to do… And what our general view is ki serial makers spoil the general public to get involved into extra- marital affairs. But what we really don’t know is serial makers take the example of people who are involved in extra- marital affair and use it as a basis of their concept. And what really spoils the public is the media mainly websites which are inappropriate… I think u all understand this.. and most importantly, what spoils people is their own mentality and they themselves are a full reason of deception are are to blame if they cheat someone when into a married life.

      So first come out of the serial world and look into the reality…land back onto the earth. You will know that serial world is much, much… better than the real world packed with fake people.

      So, yaar serials ka ek hi maksat hai…to entertain general public by different and unique concepts…and as the audiences, hamara maksat and farz yehh banta hai ki we enjoy the shows and promote their trp. Ab duniya tho paison se hi chalti hai na…guys ! So give the serial makers what they intend to.😃😄.

      I am sorry if I meant to hurt someone’s feelings but yaar guys, this is the bitter truth behind serial and reality. Hope you all got me right..!
      Best is to either not getting married in life either in the fear to cheating someone or being cheated or of course get married to iklota unique one and being committed for life..

      That’s all to say…

  7. What is malini fault in these, she truly loves that jerk adithya,

  8. hauwa ahmadu both imli and aditya are at fault.It was there mistake that they were forced to marry but now whatever they are doing is completely wrong

  9. I wonder why people blame imlie or adi all of them are not at fault! Their marriage was forced and if adi would divorce her the villagers would have killed him! Adi hated imlie first that’s why he married malini and imlie didn’t have anywhere to go so he had to stay in his house! Imlie didn’t do anything abnormal to attract adi, adi started to fall in love with her himself its not like she forced him! And adi never thought that he’ll ever fall in love with imlie that’s why she sticked with malini yeah he may be a bit wrong but he’s not a bad person when he becomes sure that he’s in love with imlie he’ll ask for forgiveness and stay with her! No one is at fault here neither adi, malini or imlie that’s how the movie is and that was their fate so no one should be blamed here!

    1. So basically you want to say that having an extramarital affair is the right thing to do?

    2. My friend, either you are mad/stupid, or your mentality is very low. How can you think that whatever they did is justified. Oh, not at all!! I am not going to give u any explanation or argument, because many sensible people here have already kept their points and i totally agree with them. Just read all the comments and you should be able to understand the thing. If still you can’t, then you are either a mindless die hard fan, or pathetic person who likes extra marital affairs. Ewww this Imlie is a very cheap show.

    3. Extramarital affair is “fate”? 😹 Disgusting show

  10. This is so disturbing! They make this tipe of movies and serials with forced love, saas bahu drama and extramarital affairs because stupid people watch them and encourage. I can’t understand what is wrong with these people, crap shows like “kundali bhagya”, “kumkum bhagya”, “yeh rishta kya khehlata hai” and now “imlie” have hight trp, right now another serial “pinjira khupsurti ka” is disgusting

    1. So, it’s their business na??? You don’t watch them
      … Then if you feel these are all bad, ok??? Please comment before understanding something… People who watch have their perception, and upu have your perception…..

  11. as much I like the show but I hope it’s not another Silsila cuz Adi is cheating on Malini through hiding the truth about him and Imlie . He’s developing feelings for imli and unintentionally changing towards moo on it’s unfair

  12. Nobody is having an extramarital affair there imlie is also married to him and she’s the first wife and adi is just realizing that he’s falling for her so how is that an extramarital affair there’s nothing wrong with the show stop your negativity!!!!!!!

  13. Nobody is having an extramarital affair there imlie is married too and she’s the first wife and adi is just realizing that he’s falling in love with her so how is that an extramarital affair??!!

    1. Sati. Maharaj

      Adi is a liar and a Bigamist .if his Marriage to Imlie is considered Legal.Any marriage that is not consensual is not legitimate .Very poor family values potrayed in this serial

  14. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Some people are going to be heartbroken at the end of this serial… Just like Mohsin is heartbroken that Shivangi is going elsewhere to be entertained a.k.a. her new music video guy.. Lol… that’s life folks… Just do right by yourself and these trivial things won’t matter……..

  15. Sati. Maharaj

    These writers are encouraging a shameless and disgusting life style .Marriage is being potrayed as a joke .Adi is making me feel to vomit don’t talk about Imlie she is the biggest fraud .They are depicting her as a saint a saviour and the best wife . Should a person forget many years of love and a relationship for a forced marriage to an uncivilized uneducated woman.Imlie don’t care about education all she thinks of is emotional sickness really disgusting.these serials are a mess propagating somethings that are so wrong and immoral

  16. Sati. Maharaj

    Totally disgusting Aditya is a shameless spineless poor excuse for a man .The lies I cannot stomach and Imlie don’t care for education all she thinks of is her emotion sickness.She is a fraud only wants her rights .What is Malini’s Faults doesn’t she have rights ,after all she has spent several years being devoted and loving to this shameless Adi .This show has a lot of mentally retarded people Adi’s entire family .Only sensible person is Anu she is seeing Imlie for what she really is .A big Pretender with many faces

  17. Nobody is a pretender here imlie didn’t want to fall in love with aditya that’s why she allowed him to marry malini and adi knew he’ll hate imlie forever he’ll never fall in love with her so why are you blaming them!?!

    1. Stop your dumbness. You may be stupid but we are not. I think you’re too blind to see, hear, or realize anything against your show. Wrong is wrong!! And you can’t change the fact by giving stupid justifications or arguments. Yes, all sensible people already know this is the most disgusting, disturbing show ever made! We will say whatever we like and you are no one to stop us. It’s not negativity but what we people have in our minds. Your fault, if u can’t digest our opinions
      It’s not like we are illiterate or hell bent to prove this show wrong. There must be some reason, right? If we are criticizing it so much. If u can’t still understand then go and visit a doctor

  18. There is no use of explaining to these people they won’t accept the truth.Most of the TRP audience have very cheap mentality,that’s why shows like imlie(promoting extramarital affairs)..,and nonsense shows like kundali Bhagya,kunkum Bhagya,even YRKKH upto some extent(promoting multiple divorces,wife pretending to be dead for 5years…and a lot of other crap) fetch such high trp

    1. Hollywood actors have multiple divorces and perhaps have affairs. So do our Bollywood actors. Isn’t that portraying “cheap mentality”? Why do you still have your favourites in those fields then? Or even if you don’t, why don’t you call them disgusting? TV soaps are not meant to be ideal… They are a reflection of real life.

      I’m not saying that I support what Adi and imlie are doing but your reasons for hating them are also wrong. You may love a person for years and then realise that you don’t after all. It happens.

      They made a mistake hiding their truth. He did try to tell Malini once and she couldn’t handle it. But he should have at least informed his family or someone there so that they could have given some advice to him. And he definitely shouldn’t have married Malini making him a bigamist.

      But there’s not wrong with imlie thinking that Adi is her husband. There’s nothing wrong with her falling in love with him. It is natural and she left before she could cause any more problems. And as for her education, did you focus only on your education when you were 19? Never a crush, never telling secrets about boys to your friends etc etc. Everyone goes through that phase. It’s not fair to her or yourself to judge by watching a half hour episode.

      I’m not saying this cos of this show. But I’m saying this cos of those girls who might be going through this, we never know. So stop judging or using bad words against them and instead see how they could get out of this mess.

      Also, the people who think that Anu is right. She maybe right that imlie and Adi are hiding something but she’s also a woman with very low standards for people. Ik she has reasons for that but she’s a very bitter person and that is not something anyone should agree on.

  19. You yourself are dumb and you yourself are stupid! Those are just my opinions and i have not stopped anyone from saying anything! What’s wrong with you seriously just because you don’t like it you wan’t to frame those who like it as dumb and foolish you should grow up not everyone will have the same opinion as you!!!!

  20. Wooow a very good point swiss🔥u should come take your gift over here😉👍💃🏻

  21. Well my take is that when such serials are made ,it is not done to showcase evil but rather to bring the ills of the society to Frontline, because that’s the only way to touch the conscience of some of these kind of people who indulge in such,also to help people in the same situation with Malini to become wiser.
    Let face the truth because hiding it won’t stop it from being true,we have cases like these happening in homes wether by act of fate or conspiracy but it’s happening.Also did you guys notice that what happened to Imlie’s mother , is happening with her too,let me remind you all that Imlie is presented as an innocent village girl who doesn’t know better than her culture and traditions,one of which she told Adi that their believe is who ever you married stays your husband for life( I think that is wrong but I believe it is shown to educate people better about such bad traditions like the forced marriage)Now,I personally will prefer to blame Aditya more than anyone because he is educated, engaged to be married,a supposed honest journalist,what happened to his honesty when he got home? His family are potrayed as loving and kind so they obviously would have stood by him,why hide it from them? Malini loved him,she would understand eventually,though he tried to tell her and she fainted but this was because the way he went about it was wrong..
    My conclusion, Aditya takes the giant share of blame,he is playing with the lives of both sister’s because Imlie finally found the strength and did the right thing by leaving but Aditya spoiled her efforts by going after her.
    So just my thoughts please ,no curses or insults,you are free to disagree, that’s why we are different people.

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      👏👏👏 see… this is what I have tried explaining.. Imlie is so innocent in her thoughts and how she interprets situations… she also cannot decipher her new found feelings for Aditya… which is why she left…but this is a tough crowd…gnawing and gnashing of teeth 😁 swearing, degrading, bashing… I think some may be so old that they forgot their own youth…

      My thoughts… Imlie was chosen to be Aditya’s wife first… legal or illegal, its real for her… in her mind, Adi is her husband til death.. It’s what she was taught.. It’s the village rules, that’s all she knows…the end… Also, like I said many many… many times… Aditya is to be blamed because he is the adult here…he should be thanking his lucky stars that he survived the first ordeal and met his family again…there, he should have told them the truth and proceed from there with the help of the elders… I rest my case in the hope that the bitterness on this forum ends… and we get to hear constructive criticism within the limits…✌

    2. A big thanks and appreciation to some legend like you. I am happy that there is someone else like me too who is in exact favour with what you stated here. World needs optimistic people like you and me and I guess world needs to be drifted off from such a narrow viewpoint of feeling serial makers as wrong for spoiling the me if someone is wrong, it is only due to themselves, their mindset. God has given us that enough brain to distinguish between what’s good and what’s wrong… And people who can be involved in deception, extra-marital affairs, their mind is quite more sharp than innocent people like us.

      I would have still agreed to other people had they said that this show is dragging or lagging. But what I can’t accept is the narrow minded view of people blaming someone else (here serial makers) as the reason of someone being wrong and deceiver. As if serial makers have compelled them to do a crime…

      And I am not a serial lover… I never like watching shows as dialogues are either old fashioned or creamy or romance which I seriously hate but the what I like is dialogues with deep meaning. This is one out of three shows I watched- Imlie (least fav), Story 9 months ki (the best one) and pyaar ke papad (moderately favourite). Only 2 shows are running currently in what I mentioned…and I watch them in a single day at the last weekend of the month.

      So I am not even one who is in constant hunt of a serial….just an optimistic person who loves to enjoy the life to the fullest. And an academic scholar.

  22. I can see people are blaming imli for what is happening it is not her fault she is innocent too, the poor girl try to run away from him and the family but adi followed her maybe they are destined to be so please don’t blame our innocent baby girl imli, both of the girls are innocent.

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