Imlie 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Tripathis Refuse To Accept Imlie

Imlie 12th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aparna tells Aditya that he shouldn’t have brought Imlie home. Aditya says he couldn’t keep her outside the house. Aparna says if he was forcefully married, he should have filed police complaint against villagers; he didn’t even inform them about it when he returned home. Pankaj says he instead brought the girl here. Adi shouts he didn’t tell truth as he was afraid, but if they cannot respect his wife, he will not tolerate his wife’s insult. Pankaj says his wife his Malini. Rupali says Malini left her home with her wish as she loves someone else. At Anu’s house, Malini confronts her for exposing Imlie and Adi’s relationship to Tripathis and asks if she is happy by doing this. Anu says she knows she will not get any happiness, but whatever she did is for justice; they both forced Malini to leave the house and are happily living together. Malini says nobody forced her to leave that house and it was her own decision. Anu asks if leaving a man whom she loved for 7 years is her own decision, if she wants to say that she doesn’t love Adi and Kunal entered her life overnight. Malini asks if she thinks Adi and Malini are living peacefully, they are living separately like a boss and servant under same roof being a husband and wife, Imlie is treated like a servant in her own house.

Radha says what will society think if they find out that Adi loves a servant. Adi says Imlie is not a servant and he doesn’t’ care what society thinks and will not anyone mistreat Imlie. Aparna asks what about what he did to Malini. Adi says he apologized Malini repeatedly. Pallavi tells Aparna that she cannot mistreat Imlie for Maini. Harish says right and wrong is already proved when they hid the truth as dirt is covered and not good deeds, Imlie’s dirty intentions are exposed today. On the other side, Anu asks Malini why is she pity on Imlie as she became her sautan before becoming her sister. Malini says Imlie is not wrong and asks Dev if he will not support his daughter Imlie. Dev says what can he say when its wrong. Malini says why can’t he support Imlie being her father and hopes Tripathi’s understand Imlie.

Nishant asks Harish if Imlie got him rid off smoking with her wrong intention, supported them, got him and Pallavic married, etc.,; he always thought good for the family. Radha says Imlie trapped Adi by doing all this and asks Imlie since when she was planning all this and if her parents are involved in it. Adi warns her to stop insulting Imlie’s family. Aparna warns Imlie to stop crying as they will not fall for her crocodile tries, she remembers how she followed all married woman’s rituals hiding and continued even after Malini’s warning, and asks if her mother taught her to go to city and trap rich innocent men. Imlie says she never stayed by wish here, her amma cried when she left her home, she stayed here due to their immense love and never wanted to hurt them and Malini. Aparna says she just knows to talk, they are all unhappy because of her, her deeds revealed her intentions, they made a big mistake by showering their love on her and pitying on her as they didn’t know that they were feeding milk to a snake. All elders walk away. Rupali and Pallavi try to console Imlie. Nishant asks Adi if he is fine. Adi says he feels as if he is watching a bad dream and is unable to get out of it. Nishant says he told his life changed with Imlie’s entry and should give some time to set the things right.

Kunal/KC comes to meet Malini and asks if Dev is she is at home. Dev asks what is he doing here. KC jokes that he came to elope with Malini. Dev warns him to be in his limits. KC says he is joking. Dev asks if his daughter’s life is a joke for him. KC says he will insult him even if he humbly stands folding his hands, he came here to meet Malini regarding her case. Dev asks if he is eager to get Malini divorced. Anu sends him to Malini’s room. Dev asks why did send that donkey to Malini’s room. Anu says she doesn’t know the equation between KC and Malini, but he will keep Malini away from Tripathis and she will use him until her intentions are fulfilled.

Imlie cries reminiscing Aparna, Radha, Pankaj, and Harish’s words. Sundar offers her prasad halwa. Imlie asks him to sit with her and asks what he feels about her after hearing today’s drama, he always tells that they cannot clear the difference between a boss and servant, if he thinks she is wrong. Sundar says he always heard since childhood that one should extend their legs according to their blanket length, but seeing Imlie he realized a person decides his/her own status and fate, she should decide whether she wants to be a small villager or a talented and intelligent girl who came 2nd in the whole state; he knows he is a blazer wearing servant in a big house and she wants him to study further, but he knows he cannot; Imlie has a bright future ahead and shouldn’t ruin her life in this mess as he knows she will grow far away in life with her hard work. She gets more emotional. He cheers her up and leaves.

Malini gets nervous seeing KC in her house, drags him to her room and asks why did he come here. He says he didn’t come hiding via window but via a main door taking her parents’ blessings. She asks if mom let him in. He says yes. She says her mom doesn’t do anything without her benefit. He says maybe she is eager for Malini and Aditya’s divorce, asks if she doesn’t want a divorce after Adi and Imlie’s truth is out. Malini says she is worried for Imlie as she doesn’t know if Imlie’s in-laws will accept her or not. KC says she is very courageous to accept Adi and Imlie’s relationship, but until she accepts her divorce and move on, even Adi and Imlie cannot move on; asks if she wants to move on or not.

Precap: Aparna and Radha wakes up Imlie from sleep and order her to pack her bags and leave their house.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I was laughingπŸ˜†πŸ˜† seeing Senior Tripathis sided against Imlie-Aditya and Young tripathis sided with Imlie-Aditya..
    It was looking like war is going to happen and who will win it😁😁
    2. I can understand Dev’s reaction as he is unable to decide which daughter need his support, but Anu is such manipulative and selfish she want to use every conditions, every person and every happening in her favour by naming it on MaliniπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
    Like today, she exposed truth (though it was good) for her satisfaction (as she was looking calm, thinking that Imlie will be hurt) but said that she did it for malini and later when Kunal came to meet Malini, she told he will be useful till Malini is away from tripathis, otherwise i will throw him away..πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
    3. I was more surprised😨😨 on the advice given by Sundar, he reacted as per situation, neither blamed Imlie nor had sympathy… I found him more sensible than any other person..
    “He indirectly scolded Imlie as well as gave her advice to move on”
    4. To be frank, Kunal is good friend of Malini rather than Aditya.. he give advices to wash away pain but not by selfishness.. though Imlie always had doubt on Malini lies, but she stayed quite after seeing Kunal as person, but Kunal caught her liesπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» and advicing Malini to either accept love for aditya or completely move on, rather than staying in middle…
    5. Precap confuses me🧐🧐
    As they both never said her to leave house.. just said pack bags fast

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      In 3rd point, what I guessed after watching the episode is that Sundar didn’t scold Imlie, indirectly too. In written updates here, it is mentioned that way that he scolded her but he actually said that you are not equal to them now but you will leave them behind with your hard work, soon ! He didn’t speak about any mess but I don’t know why it is written in that way in written update πŸ˜‚…
      He gave Imlie more of a suggestion or rather, he gave a motivation, is what I can say I can say. But when he said the bunch of dialogues today, I thought he was saying those words to me…to us !!!!
      Heis the best version what what a human, a man should be like !!!! I think ki Imlie deserves a better man like Sundar than Aditya. For that matter, Aditya deserves none….he changes parties like the politicians πŸ˜‚

    2. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      But what is there to be confused about regarding precap ? It’s way too obvious that elder ladies are trying to send Imlie away without anyone noticing Imlie leaving ! Because more than ladies, men’s Ardmore emotional will melt. So maybe plan by elder ladies to send away Imlie before men change their mind and mood and before Aditya notices her and stops her…

    3. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      And Anu is a kind of woman whose intentions are always negative and grey shaded but her actions as a result of intention always yields truth and wonderful confrontations. She messes up the situation, so that situation gets clear faster ! She is no less than Aditya since she thinks her actions to be right always !πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Safnaa Dubbash

      So true but I love Anu. First time imlie is quiet without much talking and even after Anu told her so much she is quite first while telling imlie father name and second disclosing the marriage

  2. I hate this rupali b*t*h, at least nishanth taking sides of imlie has reasonable points, but rupi has to drag malini saying she left home by her own decision, yes she left, but if she didn’t, what would have rupali done.

    1. @Deepz Exactly. Rupali vamp is jealous of Malini n Adini from the start. I wanted to smash her face when she dragged Malini to support Imlie. I think MaNal truth will come out only after Ts acceptance of Adilie. Then Ts will give an unwanted apology lecture to Malini πŸ˜‚

  3. Loved kunal n malini scenes, sundar is sensible one, he neither sympathize imlie nor harsh on her, just gave her good advice n showing her right path as a friend, same goes to kunal giving right advice to malini.

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Yes, Sundar and Kunal are the highlights of the episode today. I think that Imlie should have been paired up with Sundar and Malini with Kunal. And then both Malini and Imlie should kick out Aditya from their lives. Getting away from a strange being is the best punishment that strange person deserves !!!
      But yeah, I like the story the way it proceeds. I have no grudges against it since it is only a story !!!! And story has nothing to do with the approval of audience !!!

    2. I agree both women should kick out adithya from their life, he is chameleon, don’t know when he will change as per his convenience

    3. @Harshu I agree too.
      Personally, I don’t want T family to accept Adilie for a long time, Aditya needs to be punished in some way and if it’s the hurt of his marriage being accepted but not his wife getting senior ladies approval and respect, then so be it.
      Imlie has to face the consequences of the lies she told, because she did tell some for sure.

  4. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

    Today Sundar is the highlight of the show ! I really liked the dialogues he spoke.
    ” I don’t know what is right or wrong. I learnt from the beginning that jitni badi chadar ho utni hi payr failane chahiye. And I said the same thing to you before. But then, we didn’t know that whom we were talking to. After meeting you I understood that pehchaan khud banayi jaati hai. And now question is that what you think about yourself. Do you always want to remain as someone always chatting, peeth main kohni maarne waali ya chote se gaav se aayi gavar ladki rehna chaahti hai ? Ya pure state main second aane waali and apne college main student of the month rehne waali ek honhaar ladki.
    I am satisfied with my own identity of being a household helper. I neither have complaints about the work or my identity. You always used to tell me that you will teach me. But the truth is that I don’t want to study. Because wherever I may be, however I may be, I am fine. I don’t have high aims or goals, and that’s the reason I don’t want to learn and become educated. I don’t want to go ahead in my life. But you are different, Imlie and your goals are different. You have to go so ahead in your life. So don’t listen to anyone and don’t think about yourself as someone low. Before you is the whole life waiting, just for you ! Yes I know that now you are not equal to these people around, but you will go ahead of them. I have full trust and belief on you, Imlie. ”
    I mean though dialogue is filmy but the way Sundar gave original feel to it, I am just astonished and impressed. He will be rising star, superb acting skills is what he possesses.
    And I also liked the way he supported Imlie by telling that you are not equal to the people around you but you will soon leave all of them behind and move ahead !
    I think Sundar is the best person. I think Imlie should have been with Sundar rather than Aditya. Sundar is most better version of a man. Though not having goals is strange or impossible, but the people who don’t have goals in life are most happier, stress free and content with what they have and get in life. Kehte hain na ki zindagi se koi shikayat nahi hoti ! These type of people are one in million or billion, rather !
    But being a goal less person is a rare possibility !!!!!!!!!!
    More than the logic that Sundar is explaining Imlie, I think he explained us that we are not chota ya bada by work but the way we perceive about our own identity. Our own identity depends on what we think about ourselves rather than what others think about us ! And that we should not feel sory by people’s comments around but we should ignore these and walk way too ahead of the same people who pointed their fingers on us.
    This one episode is enough for making me a biggest fan of the serial πŸ”₯❀️

  5. I was gonna comment on Saturday’s episode too but couldn’t. So, I just enjoyed reading that SO much. And the sweet slap, wow. I think I’ll surely watch that episode. For once, I really adored Tripathi family. Their confrontation of AdiLie was so necessary and realistic. Thank God, so they finally got some sense in their hollow heads and realized that Malini was the one cheated and betrayed. Imlie deserves their wrath for all the lies she told and all the sins she supported. And Aditya, that man should be kicked out of the house for good. (BTW who’ll earn for the family then πŸ˜†) A bit disappointed with Malini. I mean, she should just understand that whatever the Tripathis do with cowards AdiLie is none of her business and she’s lucky to be rid of that cunning Adi. She should stop worrying for them or justifying them everywhere. Maybe the actual reasons of Tripathis for not accepting Imlie are a bit inaccurate, nonetheless this was coming to her. Karma gets you. Perhaps they’re going a little overboard by insulting her mum and family, but I totally wanted them not to accept AdiLie. The points stated by Aparna and elders are all valid, sensible. Coward Adi can’t keep throwing tantrums and force everyone to act according to his wish. Also, I knew Nishant and Pallavi would soon change teams after Devi Imlie helps them, but I didn’t expect them to be this insensitive towards Malini’s pain. Rupali was always cold-hearted, wishing Malini to get the same fate as her. Overall I’m liking the episodes these days. Hope Tripathis don’t flip again due to some mahaanta done by Imlie devi.

  6. trash …where is al the love for Imlie

    1. Yes and if there is much to blame then it should go to adytya otherwise neither Malini nor Imlie are at fault…… but anyway we shouldn’t get too emotional it’s just a storyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, Adi and Imlie’s marriage is a game of destiny……one will always get what they were destined to

    2. This episode is better than others. At least, Aditya’s family thinks his marriage with Imli is forced and has no existence. Aparna did good, showed Imli her place. But then Indian Dog ( Aditya) started barking. He is horrible person, and thinks he is perfect and honest.

  7. I too thought that Sundar gave good advice and that he has always been the right choice for Imlie.
    He’s kind hearted, level headed and good looking, he would never stop Imlie from rising higher.
    So sensible and reminded her that her goal had been to get educated.
    Rupi, a waste of space who needs to sort out her own situation. She’s probably jealous that Malini actually started divorce proceedings (whether that goes ahead is another story) without anyone’s permission. Whereas in her case, her husband left her and is with someone else and she’s done nothing!
    Aparna had reacted just like someone would if they had been lied to. Looking back at the hospital scene with Imlie, Arpana asked her directly if she was a married woman. Imlie looked at her and said NO. No one likes being lied to like that and so brazenly.
    Perhaps that hurt is making her use the ‘maid’s taunt.
    Anu really now needs to stop, but perhaps they need to continue showing her thus until Dev truth is exposed, she’ll be truly humiliated and perhaps that is when she’ll get off that high horse of hers.
    Nishant, I have no comment about as in reality, it’s none of his business, he should concentrate on his health and his wife.
    Kunal is very understanding of Malini and is giving good advice, hope she listens carefully. I don’t feel she’s using him, he knows the situation and is an adult.
    Aditya is very quick to defend and respect Mithi and SK. However, when Aparna said he had betrayed her, she’s looking at him with all that hurt and pain, his appalling response to her was not say a word and kick that table to start a fire for pehras!
    It was another slap in the face for Aparna and like saying “f**k you”.

  8. maalini get fully mad.
    if she want to unite adi & imli then she should tell clearly whole story to tripathis’ and chaturvedis’ and go to hill station for living alone.

    1. @Kuldip, yes but take Kunal with her πŸ€£πŸ’•

    2. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Ha ha ha …πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

    3. @Kuldip garg
      Y should she?malini s nt a broker fr loser imlie nd spineless Adithya
      Y should malini clear their mess which they hav created nd thrown vn malini in dat
      Adithya can show tantrum nd argue but can’t say d truth
      Loser spineless gadha reporter has no shame in saying dat he didn’t betray malini
      Ba***** adithya
      He said I’ll has d nerve to argue nd lie justify his cheap act
      Nd imlie madam ki zubaan ki door ab kyu bandh hogayi?
      Madam toh chalthi phirthi broken radio ki tarah baat karegi ab kuch bolona devi imlie
      Nd fr ur info malini already left unlike shameless imlie hiding her marriage nd having extra affair with her so called scoundrel baby saheb nd evesdroppsing wen malini nd Adithya wer doing romance
      Always says I will leave but won’t evn move an inch
      Imlie adilie fans r like their idols it seems to shamelessly drag malini nd making fun
      Malini s so much bst than their extra marital couples

    4. @Kuldip from my point it was so to get away from all those toxic people and live happily.
      I don’t give a fig about Adilie. He’s a pathetic excuse of a man.

  9. @Monalisa
    Truth where is all the love for imlie? this T elders are worse than Anu God they just kept saying servant servant which means they never really took imlie as a family at least Anu show’s her true colors not like T elders same thing they did with malini they judge her without knowing the truth am not saying they should not be angry in fact their anger is justified….

    1. @Sakeenah, she lost it. They accepted her without asking too many questions, gave her food, lodging and enrolled her in education.
      She in turn hid a big truth, when they show scenes of Aparna looking back at Imlie’s behaviour, all the lies are coming to the surface that Imlie told her to her face.
      When in hospital, Aparna asked Imlie of she married, Imlie said NO, a big fat lie, could have told half truth.
      Sindoor drama
      Kurwa Chauth drama
      Holi drama.
      So yes, love is gone.

    2. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Sooooo right, Sakeenah !
      T family is worser than Anu. Atleast Anu called Imlie, a servant from the very start, but this family is the exact term for Chameleon. Perhaps even a chameleon doesn’t change colours so faster like T family or Aditya (ye banda tho hai hi T parivaar kaπŸ˜‚) !

  10. U know what i don’t like about these show these people always forget the goodness someone do for them has soon has they hear something they don’t like what about how she get u guys out of jail and take a bullet for her husband is family cannot remember the goodness in that person what’s the sense u guys always make Anu destroy your happiness and home

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Infact world is no different, Kimberley !πŸ˜‚
      People forget thousand good things in a person or 1000 good things done by a person. Just one bad of a person burns thousand good things of a person to ashes !!

  11. All I want is for Malini to move the F*ck on already! ADITYA DOESN’T AND HAS NEVER LOVED HER like a woman wants to be loved by her man. They were just nothing more than elaborate friends in his head. And since she fit the bill, and they had a cordial relationship with many things in common, he just talked himself into marrying her. He was very irresponsible for doing that. He just used her to help wash away the fact that he married a girl “beneath” his status. Stupid man.Dating for a long period of time isn’t necessarily a recipe for success. For her sake, she needs to just move on. Whether with kunal or someone else or by herself even. Just sign the goddamn divorce papers and bid the man goodbye. He is madly into his imlie. Let them go and be happy while she finds her own bliss. Bas!

    1. Hope she moves on soon, its not going to be easy for her, but eventually she will. Its all in the hands of makers.

    2. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      So true Deepz. Everything is in the hands of writers, makers only πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™‡

  12. Aditya ki jabardast ki shaadi koi mayne nahi rakhti, Aditya pehle Malini se pyar karta hai ab imli se pyar karta hai, what a bull shit,he spoiled Malini’s life, serial s becoming bakwaas

  13. @kally
    Yeah I know they gave her all those things and she hide the truth but all am saying is the way they kept on calling her a servant it shows as if their love was fake

  14. @Shriharshita Rayapureddy
    Yeah T family change color like chameleon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Sundar πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ best friend Imlie could have met…

    Aparna and Radha πŸ˜” how quickly your so-called love turned sour… I will refrain from further comments about this but for now, both need to get off that high horse with “what society thinks/what Anu thinks (the Anu who threw your cheap jewelry back in your face, not to mention the ” jail” dramaπŸ™„) …using this as your base for argument is as useless as forgetting about humanity…

    As for the senior Tripathi men… like Dev, both need to start thinking for themselves and not coup up in the rantings of angry and rash decisions…this in my experience is absolutely pointless as these decisions often end with a wrongful judgement as well as irreversible damage… smh

    Aditya… parents are the best… I agree some come with motives (like Anu to Malini) but their job is to look after their children and the well being of their family (not necessarily in that order)… give respect where respect is due…it makes life easier πŸ€—βœŒ a wrong was done so a penalty must be given… you married twice which is against the law, and now that truth is finally out then you need to face that hurdle with the law…πŸ™

    Imlie, my darling Imlie… you have to face so many hurdles in life at such a tender age, when you should be focusing on life πŸ€—βœ¨ you are kept back by your innocence in this somewhat cruel world… see this is called life…one day you are cozy safe and happy with the whole world… but then in the blink of an eye, the unforeseen throws you into it’s abyss… my advice, go with the wind…if it pushes you to the right then take that path… so far you have learned many things about life, people and circumstances…. say thank you for this experience and move on πŸ€— Adi was brought onto your path for a reason and if he remains with you thru all of this, then this is your destiny… βœ¨πŸ’•

    I am not judging here just giving my opinion to a situation…πŸ™

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